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A Guide  to  SoHo      


Come visit  the  trendiest  neighborhood   in  Manhattan  and  experience  all  that  it   has  to  offer!        

History SoHo  never  stays  the  same  for  very  long-­‐  check  out  a   timeline  of  how  the  area  has  changed  over  the  years!     1600’s-­‐  SoHo  is  covered  in  grassy  hills,  streams,  meadows,  forests,   marshes  and  farms.         1700’s-­‐  SoHo  maintains  rural  character  until  the  late  1760’s  when  farms   began   dividing   into   smaller   units.     Urbanization   began   to   make   its   mark  on  the  area.     1800’s-­‐   The   wealthy   began   settling   in   SoHo   and   the   area   attracted   businesses,   hotels,   theatres,   stores,   mansions,   and   more.     Private   homes   gave   way   to   cast   iron   architecture.     Then,   textile   industries,   warehouses  and  factories  begin  setting  up  shop  in  the  late  1800’s.     1900’s-­‐   SoHo   is   no   longer   the   place   to   be   and   the   quality   of   the   area   has  declined.    The  area  is  known  as  “Hell’s  Hundred  Acres”.  In  1973,  26   blocks  of  cast-­‐iron  architecture  are  designated  a  historic  district.    The   area  becomes  a  haven  for  artists,  and  then  revives  itself  as  a  ‘chic’  place   to  be.     Today-­‐   SoHo   is   one   of   the   hippest   places   to   be   in   the   city   offering   a   wide  array  of  attractions  including  shopping,  dining,  nightlife,  theatre,   art  and  more!      

Shopping The  options  are  endless  for  shopping  in  SoHo-­‐  so  we’ve  made  it   easy  for  you  to  navigate  the  busy  streets  in  search  for  the  perfect   new  purchase!  

You’ve come  to  the  right  place  if  you’re  looking  for  the  most  diverse   shopping  experience  of  your  life.    Step  into  the  beautiful  cast-­‐iron   buildings  anywhere  along  Broadway,  West  Broadway,  Spring,  Broome,   Grand,  Prince  and  Greene  St.    You  will  find  everything  from  high-­‐end   retail  flagship  stores  to  one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind  boutiques,  and  street  vendors   where  you  can  find  the  best  deals.  There  is  something  for  everyone   when  it  comes  to  shopping  in  SoHo.  

Dining After  a  long  day  of  shopping-­‐  take  a  seat  at  a  French  bistro  with   outdoor  seating,  or  grab  a  slice  of  that  famous  NY  pizza  you’ve  heard   so  much  about!    We’re  giving  you  a  few  options  but  whatever  you   choose,  you  won’t  be  disappointed.  

Balthazar 80  Spring  St-­‐  French  Bistro    


Lure Fish  Bar  142  Mercer  St-­‐  Seafood/Sushi    

Café Noir  32  Grand  St-­‐  Spanish/Tapas      


Mezzogiorno 195  Spring  St-­‐  Italian/Pizza   ***Check  websites  for  pricing,  menus,  dress  code,  and  reservations***  

Attractions SoHo  can  provide  a  thrilling  cultural  experience  aside  from  dining  and   shopping.    We’ve  provided  you  with  a  small  sampling  of  ideas.    Check   out  the  attractions  mentioned  below!     Museums   The  New  Museum  of  Contemporary  Art-­‐  235  Bowery  St.   NYC  Fire  Museum-­‐  278  Spring  St  .  


Joyce Theatre  SoHo-­‐  155  Mercer  St.   Blue  Man  Productions-­‐  599  Broadway  

Art  Galleries      

AFA-­‐ 54  Greene  St.   OK  Harris  -­‐  383  West  Broadway  

Transportation Whether  you’re  staying  for  an  afternoon  or  a  week,  SoHo  is  worth  the   trip!     How  to  Get  Here:   It  is  extremely  easy  to  get  to  SoHo  from  other  areas  of  the  city  by   subway.    Below  are  some  possible  options.     To  Canal  St.  Station         6,  N,  Q,  R,  W,  A,  C,  E,  1  to  Canal  St.     To  Prince  St.  Station         R,  W  to  Prince  St.             To  Broadway-­‐Lafayette  Station   B,  D,  F,  M  to  Broadway-­‐Lafayette    

     To  Spring  St.  Station          6,  C,  E  to  Spring  St.          To  Houston  St.  Station          1  to  Houston  St.  


      ***visit  for  schedules,  maps,  and  more  information***    

Lodging Where  to  Stay:   There  are  a  number  of  notable  hotels  in  SoHo,  which  are  all  within   walking  distance  to  the  amazing  attractions  that  the  area  has  to  offer.     Courtyard  Marriott-­‐  181  Varick  St.    

Hampton Inn-­‐  54  Watts  St.  

60 Thompson-­‐  60  Thompson  St.    

Azure-­‐ 120  Lafayette  St.  

SoHo Grand-­‐  310  West  Broadway    

The Solita-­‐  159  Grand  St.  

Holiday Inn-­‐  138  Lafayette  St.  

The James  NY-­‐  27  Grand  St.  


  No  matter  where  you  stay,  we  hope  you  enjoy  your  time  in   SoHo,  NYC!    Visit  our  website,   for  more  tips  on  what  to  do  during  your  visit.  

A Guide to SoHo, NYC  

This is a comprehensive guide containing information pertinent to SoHo, NYC. It includes information on the shopping, dining, attractions,...