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We can source and supply the following from OEM spares parts stockists worldwide - Gilmore Hydraulic Regulators I Pneumatic Fail-Safe Actuated Regulators I Remote Pilot Regulators I Shuttle Valves, MK-III Dampened Shuttle Valves Valves, Control Pod spares I Relief Valves, Check Valves, POCVs I Repair Kits, Seal Kits, spares for above Valves.


BOP Cameron Type U Pipe Rams I Variable Bore Rams (VBR) I Shearing Blind Rams (SBR) I DS/ISR SBR’s I Packers, Top Seals, Rebuild Kits I Shaffer Model SL/LWS Pipe Rams, I Multi Rams I SBR’s I Ram Rubbers, Face Seals, Top Seals I Hydril Ram BOP I Shaffer Spherical BOP Sealing Elements I Seal Kits I Hydril Annular BOP I GK,GL,MSP Packing Elements, Seal Kits Cup Tester Cups - 5-1/2” up to 20” Casing Size I Standard Casing weight ranges I Uncommon Casing weight range I 15K PSI WP Cups Koomey Koomey Type Unit spares I Accumulator Bottles I Bladder kits, charging kits I Air Operated Pumps I Repair Kits I MK Regulators I TR4 & TR5 Regulators, Repair Kits I SPM Valves, Repair Kits I Control Pod spares, Pod Packers, Retainers I Needle Valves, Check Valves, Toggle Valves, POCV I Flowmeters & Counters I Air Filters & Lubricators I Gauges I Pressure Transmitter, Switches and Transducers I Barton Chart Recorders and Accessories Reset Relief Valves Type B I Type C I Type C Titan Class I Type RX/M2 I Type RX Titan Class I Repair Kits & Seal Kits I Mud Gauges - Type F Threaded / Flanged / Nutted I Type D / Model 8 Mud Gauges Pulsation Dampener Diaphragms – Buna-N (NBR), Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) I Stabilizers I Repair Kits I Charging Kits Choke & Kill Cameron F/FC/FL/FLS Manual & Hydraulic Gate Valve I Cameron AF/DF Actuated Subsea Gate Valve I T3 Type HPT Gate Valve I Foley QF / Flocon BW/BWH Gate Valve I Full range of spares - Gate, Seat, Stem, Retainer Plate, Seals, etc I Cameron H2 Adjustable Choke I Cortec NH1/MH1M/NH2/NH2M Adjustable Choke I T3 HXE Chke spares I Cameron Hydraulic Drilling Choke 10K/15K I Swaco Super Choke & spares I Control Panels I Cameron Type R/MS Check Valve and spares I QVM 33 Gate Valve spares Mud Pump Fluid End Expendables Liners I Pistons – replaceable, bonded urethane, high-temp I Seats – Full Open, 3-web, 4-web I Valves – replaceable, urethane, high-temp I To suit various Mud Pumps – National, Oilwell, Gardner Denver, Continental Emsco, OPI Gist Connector Gaskets Cameron AX/CX Wellhead Gaskets I Cameron Collet Connector Gaskets I Vetco VX/VX-2 Gaskets I 3-1/16” X 10,000 / 15,000 PSI I 18-3/4” X 10,000/15,000 PSI I Low Carbon Steel or 316 Stainless Steel I Plain or with Resilient Seals I Silver plated or Xylan coated available Mud & Cementing Manifold TSI Plug Valves I 2” & 3” I Fig. 1502 Male X Female Union connections I API Flanged connections I Standard & H2S service I connector I Demco 5000 PSI WP Gate Valves I XXH Weld ends or Flanged ends I Repair Kits, e.g. – Seats, Gates, Gaskets Mud Screens Derrick PMD / PMD+ Shaker Screens I Derrick PWP Shaker Screens I 48X30 series I Various API mesh sizes I SCG series Clamp Woodco Thru-Bolt 4-Bolt Style Clamp I Cameron Style I Various sizes, #5, #6, #27, etc I Clamp Studs, Nuts and Washer I Lifting Eyes

These are non-stock items sourced against specific requirements and will have a lead time. Extend your coverage by sending a RFQ to us and let us assist you in getting the products to your rig asap to avoid a downtime. For a no-obligation quote, send us an enquiry today. It costs nothing to send an enquiry when you are looking for a difficult to find part, but can save you thousands of dollars of downtime. Mail us at All brand names are registered trademarks of their respective owners, used here for reference purpose only. KKD Marine makes no claims of sourcing directly from the manufacturers listed above. The source of these parts are stocking agents for these manufacturers and we warranty that all parts supplied will be OEM Genuine as offered..

Pressure control rig parts from kkd marine  
Pressure control rig parts from kkd marine