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RIG SPECIALTY PRODUCT NOW IN STOCK 115-00 Mud Balance with carry case Rs.24500 Each

Aurand Deck Scaler MP6E Pneumatic 12" Surface Scaler - heavyduty surface prep tool used for surface preparation, scale and rust removal. Rs.125000 Each

20 litres refill pails

Martin Decker W15 Quart from MD Totco

Tea Tree Oil evaporates into the air to eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi everywhere the air circulates.

Rs.2400 per quart (0.943 litre) 4 Quarts = 1 Gallon

Rs.72000 Each

Marine, Oilfield and Subsea Lubrication Products from One-Source – All from stock • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mobil Polyrex EM Electric Motors and XHP222 Bearing Grease, Vacuum Pump Oils Cameron Choke & Manifold Grease Triplex Mud Pump Gear Oil Additives Halliburton and FMC Plug Valve Greases Quincy PG Synthetic Compressor Oil Sweeney 503 and TS-70 Riser & BOP Bolt Lubricants Thermyl-Tuff 200 Open Gear Lubricants Lubriplate 630-AA Lubricant Bridon Brilube 70 Wire Rope Lubricant Nils High Speed Dimension and Lithoplex Greases Bestolife 3010 & Copper Supreme Dopes Mystik, Belray and ZX1 Marine Greases Aquasheild underwater ROV O-ring Grease Tapmagic Cutting Fluids

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Pressure Recorder Charts Lifeboat Chargers Sola HD Transformers NOV Spares Kittiwake Sample Bottles Fuelstat Fuel Quality Test Kits Rheem Elements Strip Heaters Pyrometers Gas Sensor Spares Pressure Washers Accessories And any difficult to find spares for your FPSOs and oil rigs

KKD Marine is a specialty marine and oilfield products company with customers including McDermott, Seatrench, G8 Subsea, etc. operating in KG Basin Region in the East Coast. Reach us at or call on us at +91-9866467276

Kkd marine rig specialty  
Kkd marine rig specialty