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Whether you need a power and light source to accompany you into the legs of an oil platform miles out in the Mumbai High, or you need to ventilate a cargo tank on an FPSO off the coast of Kakinada, we can help. Our principals have produced portable ATEX solutions for some of the largest offshore structures and the most awkward confined spaces in the world. Our Intrinsically safe and ATEX product range are extremely rugged, highly reliable, low maintenance, long life solutions that make work safer, easier and much more effective. No one has a more exhaustive range of ATEX range of lighting and portable power solutions as we do. From world’s leading brands with the expertise in what they do. Be it an ATEX Transformer or hand held task lighting products, or be they plugs, cables and splitters, we can source them all for you. Is Air Dangerous? Sometimes, even air is dangerous. More often than one imagines, mixtures of air and inflammable substances, such as gases, vapours, mists or dust arise under atmospheric conditions. If a potential ignition source such as friction, electrical discharge or heat is present, there is the risk of an explosion. These atmospheric conditions are summarised in the acronym “ATEX” standing for “atmosphères explosibles”. Atmospheres which can become explosive (ex‐atmospheres) may be present during normal operation or in case of accidents or failures. It may be present during normal operation in cases where inflammable substances are stored, conveyed, processed, filled, decanted, used for cleaning, production or are generates in the production process. Ex‐atmospheres may arise where adhesives or paints are drying out, in the vicinity of fermentation tanks or where substances are being grounded. In breakdowns, explosion atmospheres can arise where defects occur – for example in case of defective gas lines, unprotected openings of an outlet valve or leaks in a boiler.. How are you ventilating your ATEX Areas ?

PORTABLE HEATING SOLUTIONS Low temperatures slow you down. And when work is restricted or stopped by the cold, you lose money. That's why an efficient, reliable, safe heat source can pay for itself in no time. We can provide a comprehensive system of EX certified heaters and pipe heating jackets, together with all the accessories and ancillary equipment you'll ever need to put them to work. For painting, coating, curing, composite repairs and other temperature‐critical jobs, in temperatures as low as ‐20˚C. As for pipework and instruments, EX Jackets provide near‐instant protection, precisely where you need it. About us – KKD Marine started in 2016 with a focus on bringing in equipments and products that will be required for the upcoming KG Basin Installation projects. Started by a team that handled over a million dollar supply of critical supplies for Helix Energy in Reliance KG‐D6 Phase I in 2008‐10, KKD Marine aims to be the best services and solutions provider to expedite your projects in Kakinada.

Atex equipments from kkd marine  
Atex equipments from kkd marine