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Flow line products used in oilfield applications

KKD Marine is a reseller of API 6A Wellhead Equipments, Hammer Unions, Gate Valves, Mud Valves, Chokes, Casing, Tubing and Line Pipe Couplings. These products are manufactured by internationally recognized and API certified companies. Each product is API monogrammed and is offered at competitive prices. We will be your complete source for flow line products used in oilfield and industrial high‐pressure applications. KKD Marine offers a complete line of hammer union seals, 100% WECO compatible hammer unions are readily available and in stock ready for fast shipment, high‐pressure API flanges and related ring joints as well as high‐pressure and low‐pressure valves and fittings are also in stock with our supply sources. We offer unions from figure 100 (1,000 psi) up to figure 1502 (15,000 psi) in both threaded and welded styles. The hammer unions are built strong with forgings of XXH and SCH 160 steel and made for the demanding oilfield applications. All hammer unions are WECO equivalent and fully compatible with WECO* and FMC* brands as well as all other brands of hammer unions available on the market today. We will also be your complete source for low and high pressure threaded and welded API flanges. API‐ 6A Wellhead Components Blind Flanges Bottom Hole Test Adapters Chokes Companion Flanges Crosses Crossover Flanges Flanges by Union Adapters Flow Tees Goat Heads Landing Bases Seal Subs Secondary Seals Tees Tree Caps Valve Removal Plugs Weld Neck Flanges Gaskets and Seals Flange Gaskets Nuclear Spiral Round Ring Gaskets Spiral Round Standard Round Bull Plugs Casing Bull Plugs Gauge Bull Plugs Lifting Bull Plugs Tubing Bull Plugs

Consumable Items API‐6A Ring Gaskets Bull Plugs Fittings Gate Valve Replacement Parts Hammer Unions Mud Valve Replacement Parts Needle Valves Nipples Pressure Gauges Spiral Wound Ring Gaskets Studs and Nuts ‐ B7, L7, B7M,  L7M Swivel Joints Wellhead Replacement Parts Manual Valve Ball Valves Butterfly Valve Check Valve Gate Valve Globe Valve Knife Gate Valve Pipeline Valve Actuated Valve Control Valves Switch Control  Valves

PLEASE SEE THE STOCK LIST ATTACHED TO THIS MAIL FOR STOCKS IN HAND IN INDIA READY TO SHIP; * All brand names used are registered trademark of their respective companies

Pumps for Oil & Gas Industry Anti‐Corrosion Pump Anti‐Gas Lock Pump Anti‐Sand Sticking Pump Centralizing Sucker Centrifugal Pumps Charge Pumps Forced Mechanical‐Valve Pump Long Plunger and Anti‐Sand Sticking Pump Long Plunger Injecting Long Plunger Pump Rod Pump Rotating Plunger Pump Sand Controlling Sucker Series Connection Pump Sucker Rod Pump (Rod Type) Sucker Rod Pump (Tubing Type) Sucker Rod Pump for Deflecting Wells Suspension Pump Traveling Barrel Anti‐Sand Sticking Pump Triple Action Pump Valve Type Injecting High Pressure Fittings Coupling Cross Elbow Flanged Hammer Union Manifold Nipple

Api flowline products from kkd marine  
Api flowline products from kkd marine