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US PATENT 8,086,285

Super Mobility Week powered by CTIA

September 9, 10 & 11, 2015

Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA PRODUCED BY


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Exhibitors, speakers and FREE workshops: + + +

Attend live repair training workshops onsite Learn tips, tricks & techniques for repairing devices; mobile phones, tablets and gaming, consoles Hands-on training using industry standard repair tools

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Industry leaders and speakers present repair business models Source tools & parts from exhibitors ready to help you start your repair business today! Learn how to get your staff certified from qualified instructors


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Is Your Phone Killing You?

Antimicrobial Case + Screen


RX ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION SYSTEM Used by staff in America’s leading hospitals.

Find out more at CES 2015 – LVCC South Hall 4 Booth #36279 January 6-9 New Distributors/Dealers Receive a Discount. Contact Sales:

sales@ishieldz.com 866.323.9330




Faster. Stronger. Better.

Interested in becoming a H2O dealer? H2ODealer.com Email us at salesinquiry@H2OWirelessNow.com 6

4GLTE New Year, New H2O,


Full terms/conditions at H2OWirelessNow.com. Service not available in all areas. For more information and current rates, please call 1-800-643-4926 or visit H2OWirelessNow.com. H2OŽ Wireless is a wireless service powered by Locus Telecommunications, Inc. Š Locus Telecommunications, Inc. 2014. All rights reserved.

H2OWirelessNow.com 7


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Contact: 702-895-9300 Email: info@cellrepairtools.com Authorized Baku distributor.




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» Dedicated professional account manager for each customer » Drop shipments directly from China (China prices/USA service) » Credit on RMA and broken screen recycling within 24 hours P: 424-248-3896 E: 20info@mayacellularparts.com

Website: mayacellularparts.com

Magic is on, with MagicOn.

Great Product. Unbeatable Price.

Free Replacement Warranty OUR DISTRIBUTORS A1 Wireless 4U: (516) 547.9100 Brandsway Electronics: (516) 686.6340 NexGen Communications: (800) 310.4432 Zinc Mobility: (718) 942.ZINC FOR DISTRIBUTION PARTNERSHIPS Phone: (516) 942.2300 Email : contact@conplexamerica.com Text : “MAGICON” or “JIVI” to 96362







INSURANCE SOLUTIONS FOR A DIGITAL WORLD With the rise and accelerated growth of all mobile devices, specifically iPhones and smartphones, the need to protect these essential life tools has skyrocketed as well. Phones have become the one “can’t- live-without” item that links everyone to family, safety, business, education, and just about every facet of day to day life. How can the security and peace of mind that users desire, in order to protect these devices, be achieved? Simply stated, it is with Worth Ave. Group.

Dealers who are looking for a new revenue stream for their businesses can partner today with Worth Ave. Group, thereby giving their customers that same peace of mind they desire, when protecting their phones! Only Worth Ave. Group has Theft, Loss, Accidental Damage, and Manufacturers Defect coverage, offered directly from a Licensed Insurance Broker. If dealers have no program in place, Worth Ave. Group will create one specifically designed for them!

Worth Ave. Group specializes in providing electronic device insurance for educational institutions, businesses, and individuals. For over 40 years, Worth Ave. Group and its affiliates have provided a sense of security for thousands of individuals nationwide. Licensed in all 50 states and the U.S. territories, Worth Ave. provides the highest level of protection and accessibility for its policy-holders. With low deductibles and affordable premiums, Worth Ave. Group’s insurance products are attractive to anyone who owns a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or other portable electronic device.

Being a staunch supporter of educational efforts and institutions, Worth Ave. Group has a strong presence in the education market and takes pride in giving back to schools across the nation. Worth Ave Group sees the direct impact of technology in education and strives to foster that growth when possible. Whether offering technology grants or donating electronic devices, Worth Ave. Group seeks to afford schools the opportunity to strengthen technology in their districts.

Worth Ave. Group, a family owned business, approaches customer service in a small-town style. Each policyholder is handled with the utmost respect, allowing for pleasant interaction that allows all questions to be answered effectively, efficiently and kindly. Claims are handled in-house by our adjusters, assuring a hands-on operation to provide immediate processing.


Worth Ave. Group, founded in Stillwater, Oklahoma, maintains its Corporate Headquarters there. The company’s longstanding reputation and presence in the industry are based upon integrity, loyalty, responsibility and a strong emphasis on customer service. The underwriter, Hanover Insurance Company in Worcester, Massachusetts, has an Excellent Rating of A from A.M. Best Company, an organization rating insurance companies based on operating performance and financial strength. n






AUCTIONING IN A PRIVATE ON-LINE MARKETPLACE Huge Inventory, Reputable Sellers Wireless retailers can leverage the secondary market to bid on bulk inventory consistently being liquidated by major retailers and manufacturers. B-Stock Solutions makes it possible for small wireless dealers and retailers to purchase excess inventory and customer returns directly from the source, rather than through layers of liquidators and brokers.

To provide buyers an additional level of confidence B-Stock Solutions reviews the accuracy of its sellers’ inventory descriptions. In addition, buyers have the ability to purchase inventory in a variety of quantities ranging from a few pallets to full truckloads at liquidation prices. Because this is an online auction platform, buyers will never pay more than they want for the product.

B-Stock Supply (www.bstocksupply.com), a B-Stock Solutions’ marketplace, is one of the largest sourcing sites with hundreds of product categories ranging from mobile devices, consumer electronics, and wireless accessories. Some examples of brands on the B-Stock Supply marketplace include: HP, Apple, Xbox, HTC, Sony, JVC, Olympus, and Otterbox.

Each of B-Stock Solutions’ private-label marketplaces posts auctions on different schedules. New auctions start daily and some weekly. New listings are added frequently; the best way to stay updated is to register on the marketplace.

The B-Stock Supply marketplace has hundreds of SMB sellers that list over 200 auctions a week consisting predominantly of mobile devices and accessories. In the last two years this marketplace has become the destination for the SMB market; this includes buyers looking to source bulk inventory and retailers wanting to sell their excess product.


Upon joining a marketplace, you can opt-in to receive auction alert emails that notify users whenever new auctions begin or are about to end. Bidding is straightforward, transparent and easy. The first step to join the B-Stock Sourcing Network is to register on each marketplace that interests you. Simply fill out the short registration form and upload your reseller’s certificate. You must submit a reseller’s certificate for approval. Once your application is complete, you should receive your approval within 24 hours. Keep in mind, only approved users can bid on auctions. n

One of the largest sourcing networks for buyers and sellers

Check out the B-Stock branded private marketplace at


Background image: by freepik.com


Weekly Truckloads of Customer Returns and Overstock Inventory Directly from Top Retailers and Manufacturer

Access to inventory from a reputable seller

Verified equipment quality with accurate grading system

New Inventory is added on a weekly basis

Safe, secure, and easy on-line marketplace

It’s FREE to register For more information, please contact us at 866-993-6757 or email us at cs@bstocksolutions.com http://sourcing.bstocksolutions.com 32




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Where Mobile Happens!

September 9, 10 & 11, 2015 Sands Expo & Convention Center | Las Vegas SuperMobilityWeek.com #SuperMobility 36


Introducing Tantrum’s Retail Launch Package 15 iPhone 5 cases 15 Samsung 4 cases

(each at $19.95 wholesale, $39.99 retail)

$598.50 wholesale pricing $1,199.70 retail pricing Tantrum Cases, manufactured and assembled in the USA for both iPhone 5 and Samsung 4, are designed with protection for your phone in mind. Engineered for strength, Tantrum is built with contoured edges for a solid grip, reinforced with heavy duty hardware. This self-standing case integrates a silicone liner that secures your device de and repels debris. In fact, we are so confident, we guarantee a lifetime of durability.

7 colors per handset!

MOBILE PROTECTION. PURE FUNCTION. Contact Kurt Ludwigsen, Sales Manager sales@tantrumcases.com | (415) 505-4318 39





DEALERS WANTED! KCI Wireless is Growing


n behalf of our support team at KCI Wireless, we welcome you as our sub dealer and partner. In today’s wireless business, choosing a master dealer that can pay you the highest commission and maintaining an inventory supply you can count on is critical. That, along with a superior support staff equals a successful partnership for your business. The website www.kciwireless.com has gone through a total retooling which will allow you to quickly exchange useful information between you and us. You will find this website extremely functional as well as a critical component to your business. Once you log onto our website, you can easily link to: PCC (personal coverage check), Watson, to activate a new T-Mobile line, ICAM to do renewals / upgrade, and manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung. With a username and password, you will be able to access specific information for your account. You will be able to see the monthly commission update, your commission statement, month-to-date (MTD) numbers, news flashes, and contact information for your Market Manager. In addition, you will be able to submit updates to your account information, create sub-users, submit a dispute, or place an order online. Take your time to explore. Make KCI Wireless your homepage. Give us your suggestions, and place your first KCI online order. We realize that we are a fast growing company in this industry, however, we will not lose the personalized service that we provided to our sub-dealers that have brought us here. If you need to talk to us, we are a phone call away. If you need to see us, our Market Manager will make an appointment to come out to see you. If you are


CURRENT DEALERS Founded in 1993, KCI Wireless is currently operating with more than 450 dealers in the following markets:








NEW PARTNERS KCI Wireless is looking to add to our successful dealer base to operate in the newest and most lucrative business models:

EPP – Exclusive Prepaid Partner EDP – Exclusive Dealer Partner PPO – Prepaid Only Multi Carrier Sites T-Mobile Authorized Multi-Carrier Sites

happen to be in Houston, stop by our main office. We have learned over the years that the best customer is a referred customer. If you know anyone who is looking for the right master dealer to do business with, please refer them to us. Your referrals are greatly appreciated! n









MENGTOR MOBILE DEVICE TRAINING Launching New Wireless Repair Training Center

Lluvia Curiel, a founding partner at Mengtor Mobile Device Training, sat down with us recently to share some big news in the repair world. A new wireless repair training facility is on the horizon. The new Mengtor Mobile Device Training center will be set up by the time this issue goes to press and most certainly in full swing by the time you are walking through the convention center in Las Vegas attending the 2015 International CES! The new Mengtor Mobile Device Training locations are in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Lluvia graciously spoke with WDM about what makes this training center so special. WDM: CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THE INSPIRATION FOR THE NEW REPAIR TRAINING CENTER?

Lluvia: For 2015, we see strong growth in the repair industry. Mengtor began back in 2009 as a wholesaler of replacement parts for mobile devices. We have seen this industry segment really pick up speed in the twenty-four months. Since 2009, we have developed over 7,000 customers and have robust operations in 5 locations worldwide. We have facilitated a full support program for those seeking advice about repairs, compatibility of particular parts and have received great feedback from clientele about our efforts to support this channel. This is when we realized that training was a natural match to our existing core business. There is an enormous need to properly train technicians and storeowners on best practices in level 1, 2 and 3 repairs. Stand-alone wireless repair centers are popping up nationwide faster than technicians can train themselves on quality repairs. The reason for this is to exceed customer service while gaining daily revenue. Equally, traditional wireless retail stores continue to move more and more to a service model in store by adding repair as a featured service. Revenues are dependent upon quality repair training. Knowledge is paramount to successful revenues when it comes to repair.





Lluvia: Our training is an advanced and practical training that generalizes the material for all mobile device repairs. Our course is particularly focused on hands-on training. While most focus specifically on cell phones, we understand firsthand that there is a great deal of technology that unfortunately gets destroyed due to physical and liquid damage for various devices. Our comprehensive, in-depth training on troubleshooting various technologies that are inside devices goes well beyond just basic understanding of repair. We also pride ourselves on being a “one-stop-shop”, where our trainees have access to replacement parts, tools and equipment. WDM: IN YOUR OPINION, HOW IMPORTANT IS REPAIR TO THE TRADITIONAL INDEPENDENT WIRELESS RETAIL STOREOWNER?

Lluvia: Extremely important! When the average person breaks their device, one of the first places they go to for a solution is the company they originally purchased the product. The owners know this as a fact! I’m sure they cringe turning their customers away or worse, refer them to another company to service a repair. WDM: WHAT ADVICE CAN YOU SHARE ABOUT GETTING STARTED IN REPAIR?

Lluvia: The sooner the better. The only regret I’ve been told by former students was not attending a formal training session sooner. WDM: HOW MUCH DOES YOUR CURRICULUM COST?

Lluvia: $1,500 for a 5-day course. Your readers can see more details about the course outline and schedules at www.mengtormdtraining.com. WDM: WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT TAKE-AWAYS MOST STUDENTS LEARN FROM ATTENDING YOUR COURSES?

Lluvia: The fact that for the entire week, our students have the opportunity to physically work on a variety of devices each day is the best take-away. All trainees practice enough to truly build the skills needed to walk away with the confidence they lacked prior to class to successfully master a full range of repairs. WDM: HOW SOON WOULD YOU ANTICIPATE A STUDENT COULD RECOUP THEIR RETURN ON INVESTMENT FOR THE CLASS ONCE BACK IN THEIR STORE?

Lluvia: This depends on each individual. However, a proactive person has potential to see a return as soon as inside a week or two! WDM: HOW WOULD OUR READERS FIND THE TRAINING SCHEDULE?

Lluvia: The training schedule is under the class registration link on our website. They can view which week is most convenient to attend. All details and information will be throughout the website. WDM: We wish you great success in 2015 with the launch of the new Mentor Device Training centers!





NOTHING COMPARES Every business has its unique success story and Mengtor Inc. is privileged to acknowledge their own. Established in 2009, Mengtor Inc is a wholesale distributor of cellphone parts that started off with two men at hand; rising with time as the wireless industry advances, gradually earning its name as one of the most preeminent cell repair parts distributor. Today, Mengtor Inc. houses the largest selection of cellular parts in the market from the top cellular brand names, providing technicians the convenience of dealing with only one source. Mengtor Inc. values and acknowledges the importance of time that technicians have on their hands, which is why they focus on the availability of the products, from the smallest screw to the most complex part that no one would envision a company would hold, Mengtor has it. Although it has its flaws, Mengtor Inc maintains to stay on top, serving clients with great customer service, quality assurance and prices worth every penny.

At Mengtor Inc., nothing compares.





ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE with the NEET Cable Keeper


ave you dealt with the frustration of mobile device cables becoming a tangled mess? Whether it’s the bird’s nest in your drawer or the clutter-ball of keys, hairbrushes and USB being pulled out of your purse, the NEET Cable Keeper was developed to effectively manage your cables. The NEET Cable Keeper is designed to eliminate frustrating cable tangles. Guaranteed! The Cable Keeper is universal and simple to use with the zipper that runs the full length of the body. The installation is literally: Feed and Zip. Once you install cables into the NEET Cable Keeper the structure wire allows you to form your cables into a compact shape that is convenient and easy to organize. The fabric protects the cable by creating an extra barrier from pets and sharp objects. With the many color options available, NEET Cable Keeper allows you to easily identify your cables. The NEET Cable Keeper is in a class of its own. Everyone has seen the one-dimensional, tedious cable


management products out there. Needless to say, customer reviews are lack-luster in terms of the results they get with them. We are all familiar with gardenvariety cable ties; including the ‘flat’ cable and so on, with none of these working very well. The multi-functional traits of the NEET Cable Keeper is what really satisfies consumers. It organizes, protects and allows you to identify your cables. Plus many other innovative functions consumers are finding every day. Since the launch, public response to the NEET Cable Keeper has been very positive. Sales trends point to the Cable Keeper being viewed as a great gift idea. Consumers are not just ordering one at a time.

World’s simplest cable management solution. It is new, patented, attractive, affordable, fully-functional and easy to use.


Organize multiple cables

Images shown: NEET Cable Keeper for Mobile Device-cellular phones, tablets, and ipads.



NEET Cable Keeper is the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion! Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Stocking Stuffer, Birthdays, Back to School and more!

The majority of retail purchases have been for multiples. It makes the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. As the reliance of mobile gadgets continues to grow among consumers so has the need for a product that can help keep organized. Also, it’s fun and playful in a way that consumers like to explore its uses. Consumers have always sought after the ultimate cable management product and that is what NEET Cable Keeper is: the ultimate cable management product. For 2015, NEET will be launching different variations of Cable Keeper throughout the year. Right now, in the works they have a model that will prevent earbuds and headphone cords from getting tangled. How many times have we all gone to the gym and pulled out a wadded nest of earbuds from our bags or pockets? They also have plans for variations for home appliance use, A/V entertainment equipment, and Profession DJ setups. They are on a mission to rid the world of frustrating wire tangles. For more information about the full line of NEET products, visit NEETproducts.com. n


57 12






An Interview with Abdul Yasini at Sahara Wireless International

It’s time for change. That’s how they see it at Sahara Wireless Intl, adapt, maneuver, and grow. The wireless industry changes indefinitely, and when it comes to the demand for new mobile phones, nothing changes — well until they begin making mobile phone chip-implants in your head. We sure hope it doesn’t come to that! It seems even though cell phones change physically, the behavioral need to acquire the next best product on the market remains the constant. Since the release of smartphones, smart accessories have traditionally trailed behind a few steps following each new mobile phone SKU. This is where Sahara shines. They bring compatible accessories to the marketplace, from vintage to current models, and continuously prepare for accessories of tomorrow. Sahara Wireless International, INC., is widely known for its offices all over the US. From New York to Florida, from the East Coast to Arizona and Texas, and particularly it’s corporate headquarters in California. The Sahara Wireless International teams in all of their facilities stand ready to serve retailers’ accessories needs coast to coast.


They aren’t in this business to make a quick buck. With many years of experience in the accessories segment of the wireless industry, their teams act as consultants helping retailers plan the right inventory to support their individual business goals. The aim is to sell retailers products that their customers demand right now, thereby earning them profits to continue to grow their business for the foreseeable future. Understanding inventory management and rate of sale is the key. Why stock up on things with low or no interest at all, when you can stock up on items that are high demand and increase profitability? Top notch, exclusive products drive demand: from cases with endless options (kickstands, protective casings, designer cases, waterproofing, jewel and gems and more) to chargers for virtually any phone (dual port chargers, high amp chargers, adapters, data cables, home and car) to hands-free solutions (Bluetooth, over-the-head hands-free, designer headphones, fashion headphones) to just about anything else that you can think of that can attach to your phone!


We recently asked Mr. Abdul Yasini, CEO of Sahara Wireless International, a few questions about quality and pricing: Q If your prices are so low, is the quality low as well? A NO! We use and manufacture items the same way these other big companies do it. We have the same molding of phones, before the release date, allowing us to provide you exclusive delivery.

Q Then why are your prices so ‘Competitive’? A It takes money to make money. If you follow the trend of these big Cellular Giants, they are now offering to pay for your termination fee, as long as you switch to them, when these termination costs can be up to $600! Why? Because they know what they are doing to gain a whole new field of clients. We can beat anyone’s pricing. Period.

Q Okay, so you got me, what if the products aren’t satisfactory? A We get it, sometimes there are defects when a product comes from the factory. According to statistics, when the 5th iPhone came out, apparently 1 out of 10 iPhones were defective from release date. Foxconn reported between 5 to 8 million units were sent back. Honestly, there were customers who were obviously unhappy with the result, but as a company — an honest company — replacement and support SHOULD be given out, and that was the case with Apple. We support any defects and items “arriving dead”.

Sahara Wireless International owes its success to a handful of factors. First, their loyal client base has been with them for a very long time. Second, they constantly strive for lowest cost competitive pricing. And last, the team is completely dedicated to imparting product knowledge and providing tireless support with their retail partners. They are so confident in their pricing, they even ask retailers what they are paying for certain items and beat it.

In closing, Mr. Yasini added, “We provide solutions and not promises. From our support, warranty coverage, special services when needed, such as 3rd party shipping and drop shipping, to our in-house dedicated phone number to address concerns and technical questions, we go above and beyond.” To start saving now and experience the Sahara Wireless International Difference, visit them at www.saharawireless.com n


Your One Stop Shop for

Everything Wireless


Suppliers of fixtures, merchandising displays, kiosks, security solutions, and so much more!

Supporting All Major Carriers Retail Fixture Programs

Kiosks and Carts

Device Security Solutions


www.palmerwirelessdisplays.com a division of Palmer Promotional Products


23001 W. Industrial Drive | St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48080 | (586) 772-4225 | sales@palmerpromos.com


Sleek, contemporary unlocked GSM mobile devices. Exceptional features and affordability. Dedicated to delivering a high-end, sophisticated experience. WHO ARE WE?

verykool is a subsidary of . We are publically traded on the under the symbol “IFON” and are celebrating 20 years in business! verykool products are sold in over 28 countries around the world.


• Elegant, stylish packaging and accessories • LTE devices available • Low failure rate • Superior engineering resources, marketing support and after-sales service • No MOQs • 1 year warranty • Parts available

Smartphones To learn more visit us at

Rugged Phones

Feature Phones







or more than 20 years, InfoSonics® (NASDAQ: IFON) has expanded its business to meet the ever-evolving mobile communications demands of customers across the United States and Latin America. As a result, the company has earned a stellar reputation for delivering mobile devices that offer consumers high-end design and impressive functionality at extremely affordable price points. While competitors struggle to reduce costs so they can shave a few dollars from their price, InfoSonics continues to meet demand for high-value products by making cost competitiveness an intrinsic component of its brand promise. The majority of InfoSonics’ products are sold under the verykool® brand, which underscores the company’s value commitment with a complete line of full-featured, affordably priced products. The company has taken an uncompromising approach to product development — resulting in phones that are contemporary in design, feature-rich and on the forefront of technology. As part of its go-to-market strategy, InfoSonics adheres to strict quality standards across all aspects of product development. The results are proven in strong customer adoption and low return rates.


verykool has an extensive lineup of products that fit a wide variety of lifestyles, including basic feature phones to sleek and sophisticated smartphones, as well as a series of ruggedized phones for the most extreme users.

The interests of both consumers and mobile device dealers are a priority, which is reinforced by the company’s excellent engineering resources, after-sales service and


warranties. InfoSonics understands that a mobile device is an essential tool in today’s world, therefore it can only have value if it is made to last and remains reliable. Most importantly, the company recognizes that all its products must have a competitive feature set and offer a high-end, sophisticated user experience. verykool’s product management team is dedicated to keeping its product portfolio fresh with introductions of new mobile devices that contain all the functionality that users are looking for in innovative, attractive, industrial designs.

This means “how it looks” is often as important as “how it works.” “We pay attention to every detail of the product from the initial design to the look and feel including textures and colors - all the way through to the packaging and accessories,” said Joseph Ram, president and chief executive officer for InfoSonics. “We want consumers to have high satisfaction from the moment they are opening the product packaging to actually using their phones.



The whole experience should not differ from what someone feels when purchasing an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, except they have a lot more money left in their wallet.” verykool products are sold in over 28 countries. InfoSonics works with Tier 1 operators and retailers throughout the U.S. and Latin America. The company has the ability to customize products to meet specific operator and retailer needs. Current customers include many U.S. regional carriers, as well as retail partners including Amazon.com, newegg.com and Walmart. verykool also works with hundreds of pre-paid and independent retailers, distributors and dealers to ensure its products are available and accessible to consumers. verykool has an extensive lineup of products that fit a wide variety of lifestyles. The portfolio runs from basic feature phones to sleek and sophisticated smartphones as well as a series of ruggedized phones for the most extreme users. Always keeping current with the demands of the consumer, verykool also offers tablets and larger screen smartphones sometimes referred to as “phablets.” The company recently introduced two 5.5-inch phablets — the verykool s5510 and s5511. Both models are 4G-ready and run on Android 4.4 with a 5.5-inch qHD IPS LCD capacitive touch display, 3mm ultra-slim bezel and 8MP rear camera. Nicknamed the Juno and Juno Quatro, respectively, the phablets are lightweight and ergonomic — designed to be held comfortably single-handedly while providing the big-screen advantage. The Juno features a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 4GB ROM, 512MB RAM and 1.3MP front camera, while the Juno Quatro is equipped with a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU, 4GB ROM, 1 GB RAM and 2MP front camera.


The phablets’ debuts are well timed for meeting the consumer demands of the current marketplace. According to a study recently published by the research service BI Intelligence, the popularity of smartphones with 5- to 7-inch screens has altered the smartphone market and cannibalized demand for tablets. BI forecasts that phablet shipments will represent 50 percent of total smartphone sales in 2016 and over the next five years will rise at a compound annual growth rate of 27 percent — almost double the rate of non-phablet shipments. “Consumer preference and comfort level are gravitating toward larger-screen products, which enhance the user experience and in many cases replace the need for a tablet or laptop,” explained InfoSonics’ CEO Ram. “We have come to a turning point where the mobile device has become an all-in-one consumer electronics product and our verykool offerings are committed to delivering products that fulfill that need.”

verykool has taken an uncompromising approach to product development — resulting in phones that are contemporary in design, feature-rich and on the forefront of technology.


The company pledges continued commitment to working with dealers to deliver the ultimate user experience — affordable, stylish mobile devices that feature the latest chipsets, touchscreen technology

With verykool planning the introductions of several additional 4G LTE models in 2015, InfoSonics is poised for an exciting year. The company pledges continued commitment to working with dealers to deliver the ultimate user experience — affordable, stylish mobile devices that feature the latest chipsets, touchscreen technology and handset engineering.

and handset engineering.

The availability of LTE networks also is growing rapidly. In 2014, verykool introduced its first device to include expansive support for LTE 4G networks. Nicknamed the Quantum, the verykool SL5000 is a smartphone powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 — a 1.2 GHz quad core processor — and is equipped with Android 4.4 KitKat. The Quantum is housed in an ultra-slim and contemporary frame and features a 5-inch FWVGA LCD TFT-IPS touchscreen with full lamination, an 8-megapixel autofocus rear camera with high-definition 720p recording, LED flash and a 2-megapixel user-facing camera.

Headquartered in San Diego, the essence of the verykool brand is derived from the California lifestyle — a look, feel and voice that come from living with the sun, sand and surf. Check out the verykool website and YouTube channel and it is evident that the verykool team and products are inspired by their city’s ideal climate — one that’s perfect for creating a beautiful environment and innovative technology. This is a company that truly understands form and design are just as important as performance and speed — and is committed to delivering both. For more information, please visit www.verykool.net. n

Most importantly, the company recognizes that all its products must have a competitive feature set and offer a high-end, sophisticated user experience. verykool’s product management team is dedicated to keeping its product portfolio fresh with introductions of new mobile devices that contain all the functionality that users are looking for in innovative, attractive, industrial designs.








MAGNETIC CHARGING SYSTEM FOR SMARTPHONES Patriot’s FUEL iON Magnetic Charging system allows a simple, easy way to charge smartphones. Designed for use with the iPhone® 5/5S, Samsung Galaxy S®4/S®5/Note® 3, and now iPhone® 6, consumers can charge their phone without the hassle or unsightly mess of tangled power cords.

With multiple charge base styles available, keep as many as you need; around the house, the office, or anywhere charging is needed. There’s even a car charging mount available to make charging effortless and keeping your hands free while driving.

Once the device is equipped with a slim, protective FUEL iON charging case, simply place the device onto any one of FUEL iON’s charging bases. Its powerful set of strong neodymium magnets securely holds the device in place and connects directly it to the patent pending charging connectors. Once docked, the device immediately starts to charge as if it was directly plugged into a wall outlet. It’s easy as place and charge.

If there isn’t a charge base around, a FUEL iON Magnetic Portable Battery or Magnetic Charge Cord keeps you charged while traveling or on the go. The 2100mAh portable battery uses the same Magnetic Charging connectors so that you can charge without wires.

quarter_page.pdf 1 12/10/2014 3:08:35 PM










For more information about Patriot’s FUEL iON product line, visit www.patriot-mobile.com/fuelion n


Only The Best Trust The Nations Leading Supplier of Wholesale Replacement Parts

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Smartphones | Tablets | Smartwatches

iDROID USA – Although New but surely a darling among mobile phone outlets across America! “There is“There no doubt is nothat doubt iDROID that iDROID USA makes USA Very makes Very High Quality High Phones Quality Phones which they which back they byback World by World Class Customer Class Customer Care making Care making their Smartphones their Smartphones SmarterSmarter than thethan Smartest!” the Smartest!” says Mark says Abraham, Mark Abraham, owner ofowner Mr. Cellphone of Mr. Cellphone Man from Man Syracuse, from Syracuse, NY NY to put onthem display on every displaychance every chance you get you or as get a or as a ComingComing from humble from humble beginnings beginnings in Philadelphia in Philadelphia to put them customer customer you would youwant would to want showtoit show to all our it to all our earlier inearlier 2014 iniDROID 2014 iDROID USA hasUSA risen has likerisen a shooting like a shooting acquaintances acquaintances when your when fingers your slide fingers theslide appthe app star in the starfew in the short few months short months it has been it has around. been around. It is It is screen screen in 3D rather in 3Dthan rather page than topage page.to page. a Cinderella a Cinderella story of story instant of success instant success in modern in modern day day America, America, its trajectory its trajectory set at a set height at awhere heightitwhere is it is

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13MP Camera

Quad core

5.5� Screen

4G Ready

Dual Sim Wake & Air Gestures

/idroidusa /company/idroid-usa


overbiggest the biggest names the Smartphone industry. over the names in theinSmartphone industry. The launch in Africa wasCompany’s the Company’s biggest The launch in Africa was the biggest coupe, a market thatvery wasillvery ill coupe, havinghaving foundfound a market that was structured and chaotic the element of structured and chaotic wherewhere the element of Smartphones affordable and rarely Smartphones whichwhich were were affordable and rarely available, leaving withpricy the pricy market leaders available, leaving it withitthe market leaders as as climbing corporate who needs climbing corporate agentagent who needs 24/7 24/7

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“Investing into putting together a world “Investing into putting together a world class class connectivity withintolls the palm his hand connectivity with tolls theinpalm of hisof hand to getto get research and development ourwe labs we now research and development team team to ourtolabs now his work his work done.done. believe we everything have everything a market should believe we have a market leaderleader should Trickling from Philadelphia to Houston iDROID Trickling from Philadelphia to Houston iDROID USA USAhave and havemore,” and more,” says Jawad Qureshi, Co- Founder says Jawad Qureshi, Co- Founder is quickly becoming a household all across and Chief is quickly becoming a household namename all across and Chief Marketing of iDROID Marketing OfficerOfficer of iDROID USA. USA. America and certainly a darling on store shelves America and certainly a darling on store shelves among retailers and distributors, growing among retailers and distributors, rapidlyrapidly growing worldwide with Territorial Licenses signing worldwide with Territorial Licenses signing up in up in Canada, the Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Uganda and the evenUK. theIts UK. Its been Belgium, Uganda and even been a texta text success in ashort very short time with book book success story story in a very time with Smartphone buyer’s actually preferring iDROID Smartphone buyer’s actually preferring iDROID USA USA

He further elaborated; “our products definitely standstand He further elaborated; “our products definitely out…out… why? why? CauseCause our phones have the our phones havebeauty the beauty whenwhen it comes to feeltoand firstatsight, our our it comes feellove andatlove first sight, rangerange of color display, our phone design, our our of color display, our phone design, product and OS like 3D and product andfeatures OS features like 3Dair/ andwake air/ wake gestures as well ourasmethodical packaging can can gestures asas well our methodical packaging give any a run aforrun their givebrand any brand for money”. their money”. 78


Quad core

4G Ready

5.0” Screen

8MP Camera

Wake & Air Gestures

Dual Sim

But the thing thing aboutabout the iDROID USA USA Butgreatest the greatest the iDROID Smartphone is theisiDROID HUB;HUB; an Application that that Smartphone the iDROID an Application seamlessly connects the user seamlessly connects the with userthe withcompanies the companies interface; automatically registering their warranty, their their interface; automatically registering their warranty, App preferences and keeping them them abreast with the App preferences and keeping abreast with the latestlatest system and software updates, company’s news news system and software updates, company’s with upcoming launches and the models available with upcoming launches andlatest the latest models available in theinmarket. The HUB also hosts the latest Apps Apps the market. The HUB also hosts the latest available onlineonline for purchase or even freeadownload. available for purchase or a even free download. iDROID HUB HUB is alsoisaalso unique face to face for for iDROID a unique face to platform face platform usersusers to articulate their complaints and suggestions with with to articulate their complaints and suggestions iDROID’s worldworld class class Customer Care department, whichwhich iDROID’s Customer Care department, manymany other other brands have failed to provide at such a levela level brands have failed to provide at such or to sustain over aover period of time. or to sustain a period of time. With aWith versatile take on user-company connectivity, a a versatile take on user-company connectivity, a fresh fresh take on artfully breathtaking design without take on artfully breathtaking design without compromise on functionality and aand firmavision for where compromise on functionality firm vision for where a world class class brandbrand needsneeds to be,toiDROID USA is theis the a world be, iDROID USA next big in Smartphones for really smartsmart people. nextname big name in Smartphones for really people.






SPOTLIGHT ON AIMO WIRELESS AIMO Wireless, a large wireless accessories importer, estab-

product line consists of wireless accessories including pro-

lished in 2007, is headquartered in Los Angels, CA. They own

tective cases, leather pouches, chargers, hands-free accesso-

and manager a 50,000 square foot warehouse, shipping thou-

ries, charms, batteries, and more. Their goals has always been

sands of products daily to a loyal customer base. Providing

to create a one-stop shop environment for wireless dealers.

products and services to a growing number of wireless deal-

In addition to selling branded wireless accessories, they also

ers across the US, Canada, and Latin America, their presence in

distribute OEM products for an array of manufacturers includ-

the wireless community is well established, and they are proud

ing Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Google, LG, Nokia,

members of the Consumer Electronics Associate (CEA) and the

Kyocera, Dell, Huawei and more.

Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). To facilitate dealers’ needs for sourcing new products, AIMO Variety and range of quality product is paramount to ful-

Wireless created their FACTORY OUTLET, a platform whereby

filling inventory needs of their customers. AIMO’s primary

users browse through a list of products, which can be made available to dealers sources directly from AIMO’s to partner factories. They have streamlined imports from overseas, making it super easy for dealers. In the last sever years, they have helped many businesses build a reputation around a product that sells

The AIMO team is available to assist with the heavy lifting of imported wireless accessories to all wireless retails and dealer pratners.


with high quality standards.


Advantages of Using the AIMO FACTORY OUTLET No more staying up late contacting overseas vendors, because an AIMO account manager will do just that, so you can focus on your business operations. Also, what you see is what you get. No more experiencing the frustration of receiving products that look nothing in real life like they in a photo. The AIMO partner factories are reputable companies that have high quality standards and are carefully vetted by the experienced AIMO team. Aware of global market prices, they offer import pricing as part of the FACTORY OUTLET, in order for dealers to remain competitive and to increase profitability. Pricing structures are discussed offline, and MOQs are flexible. The AIMO team will break down production costs and take care of the lowest cost negotiations, in order to ensure the best delivery of goods possible. AIMO is committed to making quality, reliability, and affordability of wireless products available to all its wireless retail and dealer partners. n Image: by freepik.com


Super Mobility Week powered by CTIA

September 9, 10 & 11, 2015

Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA PRODUCED BY


Register Today! WirelessRepairEXPO.com Profit from Repair! Learn how to add revenue to your store Attend Wireless Repair EXPO on the CTIA 2015 show floor.


Exhibitors, speakers and FREE workshops: + + +

Attend live repair training workshops onsite Learn tips, tricks & techniques for repairing devices; mobile phones, tablets and gaming, consoles Hands-on training using industry standard repair tools

+ + +

Industry leaders and speakers present repair business models Source tools & parts from exhibitors ready to help you start your repair business today! Learn how to get your staff certified from qualified instructors


... and more! 84






A Revenue Stream for the Future


Consumers are now inclined to repair devices rather than replace – all of which present dealers an opportunity to build a new profit center through servicing repairs.

It’s no wonder why one of the biggest trends we’ve seen is consolidation in the indirect dealer market. The old mom and pop stores are giving way to multi-location dealers better able to operate within the carrier guidelines and compete against the corporate stores and national retail chains. However, beyond this, those who survive not only have bargaining power to get the right product at the right time, but have also skillfully differentiated their business through ancillary services.

Repair services are an area where we see a growing future. Mobile products are perceived as more of an investment with unique requirements. Today’s technology is more advanced, smartphones are the norm and retail prices yield significantly higher levels than in past years. Accordingly, we are experiencing a paradigm shift to bring these products to market with carrier cost structures and subsidy models for 2-year voice and data agreements changing. Consumers now have the option to receive price breaks on monthly voice and data plans if foregoing discounts on the cost of the device itself and the choice to finance/lease or purchase their hardware outright.

e get it….Indirect dealers face a harsh environment where carrier commissions are shrinking, reliance on activations is a thing of the past, product allocations are hard-to come by… and don’t even think about hero device availability in the months of September and October in general. At the same time big box retail and corporate carrier stores have exorbitant budgets and resourcefully create competitive advantages through better pricing and promotions which mathematically cannot be matched in the channel.

So what does this all mean for the dealers?





Consumers are now inclined to repair devices rather than replace them. With the reduced amount of new handset introductions and higher out-of-pocket costs to switch devices, consumers are keeping their phones much longer. However in practice, smartphones are more fragile and more likely to need repairs. They also contain more expensive parts than feature phones and inaccessible batteries. Through the natural course ownership, the inevitable happens, consumers drop their phones leading to cosmetic damage and cracked screens or place them in situations resulting in water damage or heat damage – all of which present dealers an opportunity to build a new profit center through servicing repairs.

According to IBIS World, the phone repair business is a growing industry with over $1B in annual revenues yet is comprised of just over 2,000 unique businesses actively supporting market demands.


Within the next 3 years, the industry is expected to grow to a $1.5B industry. The phone repair business is a logical fit for many indirect dealer agents because it is highly fragmented with a large number of small businesses that operate independently within small geographical regions. The industry has low barriers for entry and many dealers are interested but just need help to get started. Last year Wireless Xcessories Group partnered with Phone Surgeons to offer phone repair parts, tools, training and a unique franchise opportunity. Phone Surgeon Parts, a division of Wireless Xcessories Group, offers a first in class supply chain solution made available to not only Phone Surgeon franchisees but also our traditional indirect dealer agent customer base and other independent repair stores. We have leveraged Wireless Xcessories Group’s infrastructure and experience in distribution and Phone Surgeon’s expertise in the repair business to propel Phone Surgeon Parts to become one of the largest distributors of phone parts in the US. Together we offer repair training and access to high quality, new and A-stock parts with warranty, same day shipping and domestic support with local expertise. Phone Surgeons


Repair services provide additional cash flow for dealers to offset lost commissions and capital to reinvest in their business, purchase inventory and do better than just keeping the lights on.

Sr. Surgeon Trainers have over 25 years of device repair experience and can assist dealers on order recommendations, compatibility and other customer service questions.

1-800-233-0013 sales@wirexgroup.com store.wirexgroup.com

Dealers are looking for alternate sources of income with minimum overhead. Parts and repair services are the perfect answer. Repair services provide additional cash flow for dealers to offset lost commissions and capital to reinvest in their business, purchase inventory and do better than just keeping the lights on. The more value a dealer creates through protecting a consumer’s investment through accessory sales and repair services, the more likely they will have a unique window of opportunity to win the heart’s and minds of consumers, making industry pressures less relevant. Simply stated, we have seen that once a shopper knows he can return to his store of purchase to have his handset repaired, that’s where he’ll go when he’s ready to upgrade. Also most people who get their phone repaired also buy an accessory. If dealers are able to link their business model with differentiated services such as phone repair, we expect that will be successful in navigating through today’s market changes in wireless and beyond.

About WireX: Wireless Xcessories Group is an industry leader with over 25 years of experience providing premium accessory solutions. We go beyond traditional distribution and logistics companies by offering unique products and services specific to the wireless retail channel. Our typical customer is a multi-location indirect dealer, franchisee or master agent with relationships covering over 15,000 doors. We have partnered with leading point of sales technology providers to offer focused wireless retail market intelligence, inventory programs and sales support unmatched in the industry. n




ARE AMERICANS READY FOR BYOD? Are Americans ready to catch up with the rest of the world and reap the benefits of bring your own device? To most of us reading this magazine, the answer is a resounding yes! As wireless dealers know, when a customer uses her own phone or simply pays full price for a new one, that customer is in a position to get the best service plan value for her money on the network that is right for them. But to most Americans, switching their phone to a different service provider can be daunting. The process may include figuring out how to switch a SIM card, learning what an ESN or IMEI is and how to find it, and possibly needing an unlock code from their old service provider. To the uninitiated, all this mumbo-jumbo can be downright intimidating. Wireless dealers help guide customers through the maze of choices and technical details that pairs a phone with a wireless service every day.






Red Pocket Mobile is proud to be an American-owned business.


*Reasonable restrictions apply. Red Pocket Mobile works with the top four wireless networks to deliver the most compelling Bring Your Own Phone offering in America. See our website for details.



BYOD BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE But for the first time ever, mass-market and convenience retailers are now betting that Americans are ready to figure out Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) virtually all by themselves. Starting in late 2014, Red Pocket Mobile and other wireless operators introduced BYOD Starter Kits at major national retailers that include Target, CVS, Family Dollar, Dollar General and 7-11. Now a customer at one of these household name retailers can pick up a SIM card along with his paper towels, soda and cough drops. In these mainstream retail environments, in-store staff typically are not wireless experts, so customers usually get minimal help in understanding BYOD. The customer needs to be convinced that the BYOD Starter Kit is a good buy more or all less on his own.

Will it work? Despite obvious challenges, we see evidence that American customers are starting to get it. While many mass-market and convenience retailers have only just launched BYOD in the latter half of 2014, the sales are starting to come in, and in most cases, show strong growth.

Is BYOD going mainstream good for wireless dealers? Absolutely. The appearance of BYOD Starter Kits at mainstream national retail stores raises awareness among all Americans about BYOD. That awareness, in turn, will lead to a sharp increase in BYOD converts — or at least BYOD-curious — across the board. An apt metaphor: BYOD’s rising tide will lift all ships. After discovering the category for the first time at their favorite mass-market or convenience retailer, many of these curious customers will look to you, the wireless dealer professionals, for assistance. This fresh influx of new customers - who probably have never purchased wireless service outside branded corporate locations and without it being paired with a phone from the start - are about to start coming into your stores for expert help in exploring the brave new world of BYOD.


TOP 4 NETWORKS So wireless dealers, get ready! The next big American thing is here, and it’s BYOD. n

BRING ANY PHONE Red Pocket Mobile is proud to be an American-owned business.

RedPocket.com 92

*Reasonable restrictions apply. Red Pocket Mobile works with the top four wireless networks to deliver the most compelling Bring Your Own Phone offering in America. See our website for details.








Plus, MagicOn Smartphone and Jivi Feature Phone


onplex America, a subsidiary of internationally acclaimed Hong Kong trading house, Conplex International Ltd., began US operations in 2014 debuting at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. During this event they proudly launched their one of a kind, AYANE — Smart Projector Phone featuring DLP technology in association with Texas Instruments.

Recognizing and responding to the tremendous growth opportunity in the mobile device segment, Conplex America is now poised to satisfy expanding markets with feature rich devices at extremely competitive price points while still holding true to the Conplex International dictum; “Sourcing the best for the future”. At Conplex, topnotch quality and attention to detail are to be envied thanks to their Shenzhen; China based in-house quality control and design teams. These teams are dedicated to ensuring a quality product is always delivered to provide an optimal end user experience. Whether it’s the JiVi branded feature phones, or the MagicOn branded smartphone lineup, the superior level of quality is evident the moment you place it in your hands and experience the resounding call clarity and responsiveness for yourself. Produced utilizing state-of-art technology while offering amazing value for the price, the MagicOn and JiVi range of mobile phones are certain to impress even the most discerning users. Over the last decade, Complex has not only been in the business producing its own branded products, but they also produce white label products for many major global consumer brands. The products range from telecommunications equipment such as wireless devices, consumer electronics items such as entertainment systems, digital cameras and gaming consoles, as well as various IT products, to name just a few.



The MagicOn Smartphone line includes the sleek Hero E40 – an elegant 4” compact sized device featuring an AMOLED display and a rich picture producing 8MP camera. The Hero E40 is a world class smartphone working at HSPA+ speeds on wireless networks all across the globe. In addition to the Hero E40, Conplex also offers smartphone options in the 4.5” and 5” screen size with AWS technology on Polo E45 and Hero E50 devices. Globally capable, these MagicOn mobile phones are designed to work on all GSM Networks.

The JiVi Feature Phone line is a market leader in many countries across the world, known for its high quality materials and impeccable workmanship at a truly unbelievable price point. These Feature Phones range from 1.8” to 2.8” screen sizes while supporting Quad Band GSM frequencies. Just like the MagicOn lineup, all JiVi devices are designed to work on all GSM Networks, worldwide.

At Conplex, they constantly strive to offer products that bring value and quality to customers, and nothing says that more than their unique FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY available on their entire product line. They stand behind every device they sell with the confidence that their products will provide an optimal experience and with extended REPLACEMENT WARRANTY far beyond a generic warranty that simply protects against manufacturing defects. While most device manufacturers offer a 30-day replacement warranty, Conplex offers a full ONE YEAR replacement warranty against manufacturer

defects and workmanship, no questions asked! What’s more, if the device has any physical or water damage not covered under the standard warranty, they offer a replacement device at 50% off, the MSRP! All products are subject to strict quality control and design standards, and are backed by the best device warranty in the business. From start to finish, Jivi and MagicOn give you the peace of mind that no matter what comes your way, these devices have got you covered. n






With Integrated Kickstand – A Must-Have Case


he new Bandshell iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6 Plus compatible cases, goes where no case has gone before: battery- and cord-free amplification that improves sound volume and quality anywhere. The Bandshell secret is a patented retractable sound door. Amplifying the sound of the iPhone speaker by 2X, users will be amazed as the fashionable case is effortlessly transformed when the sound door glides from the back of the case. The resulting curvature enhances the acoustics of the iPhone internal speaker – just like how a welldesigned bandshell or concert hall magnifies the sound of live music. The Bandshell kickstand enables the iPhone to stand by itself, giving an easy widescreen view of album covers, video, TV programs, news video’s and more. Without Bandshell, it is often necessary to hold the iPhone or prop it against something to view the screen at the proper angle. In addition to improving sound quality and helping users amplify music and watch videos, Bandshell provides a convenient way to host conference calls because it can be

used hands free and will project voices to everyone in the room making it easier to hear all participants. Making live recordings is better using Bandshell, too, because its unique design allows users to capture sound better. The Bandshell inner shell is made of a non-scratching silicone gel that provides a smooth feel and comforting appeal. The outer case is made of a durable polycarbonate that will give the iPhone superior protection from falls, bumps and handling. The inner and outer case are molded together to provide an inseparable one piece construction and its raised bezel protects the screen.

About Bandshell Based in Milwaukee, Wis., Bandshell, is a woman owned business with WBE certification from WBENC. Owned by Julie and Ted McNamara. They invented the unique device after being inspired to find a convenient way to improve sound quality and amplify sound when using an iPhone. Recognizing the inconvenience of other speakers that are bulky or require multiple, detachable parts, Bandshell’s team developed a secure, convenient solution that is easy to use and carry. The McNamara’s are considering developing Bandshell for other mobile phone brands, in addition to Apple products. n Background image: by freepik.com



Get 30%-50% more recovery on your second user equipment. That’s the difference between C-Grade and A-Grade products.


Used, abused products with limited use and zero resale value.



A beautiful, sellable asset that can bring your business added revenue.


Reduce Scrap—Increase Recovery We’re not just another 3PSP doing NTF screening and basic part swap. We’re a full service end-to-end solution with cutting edge services that bring real value to your recovery efforts. NTF screening for like-new units is not enough to ensure your competitive advantage. Maximize your recovery through our state of the art facilities. We’re a complete service partner with focused initiatives that contain your costs and maximize your return.

TSSI's reverse supply chain platform increases the speed at which products can be returned to market, while improving your economic recovery and extending product life.


Technology Solutions & Services, Inc. a reverse logistics company

A true, revenue maximizing, lowcost solution with real results. We Provide Technology Solutions & Services TSSI is a full service reverse logistics company. In addition to being a true service partner, we offer a wide variety of asset recovery solutions specific to Mobile, IT and consumer electronics industries. We provide lean, low-cost solutions that allow you to focus on your core business. Our team has over twenty years of experience dealing with… • High Volume Product Refurbishment • Processing & Sorting of Customer Return Merchandise • Failure Analysis, Data Collection & Reporting • Recalls, Reworks & Re-kitting • EOL Disposition & Management • Customized IT Solutions • Scrap Management & Recycling

• Warehousing & Fulfillment • Discreet Remarketing • Excess Inventory Management • Product De-branding, Re-branding & Relabeling • Life Cycle Management of Service Parts • In-house Engineering Support • Custom Packaging Solutions

Nearly Half Million Square Feet to Meet Your Needs TSSI understands how product refurbishment costs and recovery impact your revenue. Our team is dedicated to cultivating longterm client partnerships through tailoring our service offerings to evolve with clients' changing competitive needs. Our constant, clear focus on customer objectives maximizes the value of key service offerings while containing costs. • Cutting Edge Test Systems • Complete Failure Analysis • Over 100 Skilled Technicians • Class 100 & Class 1000 Clean Rooms • Three HEPA Cosmetic Rooms

• Over 75 Cosmetic Technicians • System Driven Cross-BOM Analysis • In-house IT Development • Fiber Optic Test Network • Customized SFIS Developed In-house

• Customized Reporting • Systematically Controlled Process Flows • Focused Reuse Initiatives • Environmentally Sound Recycling • Complete Data Transparency


Focused Initiatives That Contain Costs & Provide Our Customers With a Fast Return-to-Market Advantage TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS & SERVICES, INC. Los Angeles, CA - Mexicali, Mexico - Juarez, Mexico - Calexico, CA - El Paso, TX

Call us toll free: 866-447-6872 or visit our website: www.tssius.com ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001:2004 / C-TPAT / MS-TPI

R������ L�������� S���������� P���� S����

K�� G���

(805) 630-7214 �������������.���

(661) 310-4137 ������������.���




ALL THAT GLITTERS Fashion Accessories


ccessory Export, LLC is a Riverside-based company providing a variety of 11,000 unique products across all regions offering a new way to personalize one’s style with trendy designs and exclusive textures inspired by the latest in fashion. Founded in 2003, Accessory Export, LLC began as a small resell company forging a name for itself with new innovative ideas that have changed the industry. Recognizing the importance of style and individualization for consumers, Accessory Export, LLC launched the EMPIRE® Brand in 2012. Combining fashion and functionality EMPIRE® created a thriving fashion category that caters to men and women who need more than just protection for their wireless devices. EMPIRE® offers a variety of options for men and women, personalizing their devices to their unique style. The Signature Slim-Fit Series, with Annual Collections, is designed and inspired by the hottest trends in fashion. EMPIRE® GRUVE™ Series is a tough TPU case with exterior GRUVE™ designs for helpful nonslip grip. KLIX® Klutch™ Series designer wallet cases have bold textured exteriors and stylish prints for women

who desire more functionality from their cases. KLIX® Leather Wallets for men are elegant wallet cases made of genuine leather; a great consolidation tool. The sparkling GLITZ series features various case design options such as a glitter finish that won’t rub off, a pillow design with sparkling crystals and crystal jewel covered cases. Stylish FLATZ® Headphones offer a flat, tangle-free cable design with stunning sound quality and a crystal clear microphone. The newest addition to the product line, EMPIRE® Charging Solutions, including Apple certified lightning car chargers and USB data cables. These solutions are equipped with a smart circuit design that adapts your device to prevent overcharging. EMPIRE® offers all accessories at industry low cost, living up to its slogan “Great case. Right price.” Accessory Export, LLC is a complete solution brand, pushing the industry boundaries and offering a personal touch to phone protection. As the company continues to expand its ecommerce presence, it is opening new channels in wholesale and distribution. Product Inquiries and wholesale purchasing options: (951) 687-1140 x 103 | sales@accessoryexport.com Visit us at www.accessoryexport.com n Background image: by freepik.com








IT’S OK TO THROW A TANTRUM! If it’s a Trantrum Case, Made in the USA


stablished in 2012, the first Tantrum was built when a master fabricator and ex-military professional welded himself an indestructible case to protect his phone from the wear and tear of the job. After a few weeks and few site visits, more and more tradesmen asked for what would later become the Tantrum Case. A waiter where he was having lunch, a businessman where he was overseeing a project, the teenage daughter of a friend, even a few folks working for the state wanted to have a case just like it. He quickly realized that there was a market for something stronger than anything available and went to work. After extensive research and development of both processes and materials, the current Tantrum Case was born. What started out as a single craftsman is now a team of designers and engineers working


side by side with the development and distribution staff. Based in Kerrville, Texas they have great pride in making and selling a 100% American made product. The Tantrum line of mobile handset cases has caught the attention of the general consumers, retail buyers and trade associations throughout the country. Dropped it, toss it, run it over with a truck or even thrown it out of a moving car. Due to innovative and principled design, the Tantrum takes amazing amounts of abuse and continues to protect. Today, Tantrum represents a focused group of business development and professional craftsmen who are driven to produce cool stuff and quite honestly, this might be one of the coolest. An unofficial tagline for “Tantrum” could very well be “it’s OK to throw one.” In addition to the standard cases, Tantrum has licensed the likenesses of pop culture icons from Marvel (Spider-Man, Avengers) and Star Wars (Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Jedi, Empire, etc) and is working closely with their design and distribution teams to bring a series of cases to the market riding on the strength of these established and beloved institutions. n







s MegaTel enters 2015 with the momentum of being one of the most successful Trac Master-Agents for 2014, we must ask what drove their successful strategy? In asking MegaTel, they responded stating, “Wireless distribution is an art, and as Pablo Picasso said,‘art is the elimination of the unnecessary’. ” “Eliminate complexity, create a simple program, and be easy to do business with,” says A.J. Jamal, Director of Sales. “As we see more and more master agents trying different gimmicks and failed promotions with free SIMs, bait-and-switch tactics, and new portals attempting to mimic MegaTel’s program, it only solidifies our position in the marketplace and guarantees to our agents and dealers: Receive not only the full activation spiff, but also affords our channel with a full initial airtime commission, all in one simple transaction. This is also how you eliminate your competition!” We’ve seen many MVNOs come and go in this competitive space, and its clear MegaTel has partnered with the best and solid MVNOs to protect their agent channel from any losses and disruption in business.


So what’s in store for 2015 we ask, “More SimpleMobile, PagePlus, and Net10..,” said Sameer Al-Ashari, CEO of MegaTel, “…Tracfone is the most reliable and trusted partner we have, and have had in the prepaid industry.” MegaTel has now eyed the wireless devices and handsets business as the next focus gearing up in 2014; and seems will be disrupting that space in 2015 through its e-commerce portal, www.megatelportal.com as its next push. A 24/7 live inventory search and ordering portal offering a hassle free approach to purchasing the best selected GSM and CDMA line up. It seems Picasso’s philosophy was the foundation of creating a clean, simple business and dealer model, without any unnecessary strings attached or gimmicks. Coupled with their People First ideology, its no wonder why MegaTel continues to win dealers over across the country, for both prepaid activations and wireless devices. To join the last master-agent you’ll ever need, contact MegaTel, The Trusted Source for Wireless Solutions, at 877.350-5999 today! n Image: by freepik.com


“Wireless distribution is an art,

and as Pablo Picasso said,

‘art is the elimination of the unnecessary’.

” 109






y now we should all know how dirty and disgusting our cell phones are. Countless lab tests have been conducted to find out what exactly is lurking on our cell phones and the results will make you sick, literally. Not only are some of the most dangerous and deadly microbes like e-Coli and Staph found thriving on our phones, but 1 in 6 phones is actually contaminated with fecal matter. Yes, fecal matter! Our phones go everywhere that we go so essentially they touch everything that we touch yet we don’t wash them like we wash our hands. It should come as no surprise that our phones are literal petri dishes for deadly germs and microbes. These microbes are then transferred to your skin every time you touch your phone and your phone is often next to your mouth. So what can you do to protect yourself? There are plenty of so called germ fighting solutions on the market, but do they really work? There are sprays and wipes but those just wear off after a few minutes of


actual use. Then there are those expensive UV light boxes but they only work when your phone is actually inside of them. There just isn’t anything that truly keeps you safe from these deadly microbes and that is a problem.

Luckily someone has a solution. iShieldz® has long been known for producing the highest quality screen protection systems on the market. With over 25 years in the film application industry iShieldz® has quickly become the leader in mobile protection. They pride themselves on the fact that their products are 100% made in the USA from only the highest quality, proprietary materials. It’s no wonder why iShieldz® is rapidly growing in global brand awareness. They were the first to create and patent the original screen protection system over 8 years ago and since that time iShieldz® has introduced many new and revolutionary screen protection advances.



Being the first to create innovative products is nothing new for iShieldz®. The first dry application film with easy application kit came from them as well as the first ever Antimicrobial surface protection for touch screen devices. The iShieldz RX Antimicrobial® surface protection material is so powerful that it has a medical rating and is actually used in major hospitals around the country. With a half-life of 7 years, iShieldz Antimicrobial® kills 99.99% of the common microbes found on our phones. Now the surface of your touch screen can be protected from these deadly microbes, in turn protecting you.

it protected you from germs. In order to do this, iShieldz® wanted to make sure that they worked with an experienced case company with an outstanding product. After careful consideration, the company chosen to partner with for this new product was Trident Case®. Based in Southern California, Trident Case® was founded in May 2010 with the mission to create the toughest cases available for the ever-expanding mobile device market. Trident Case® has its own US manufacturing facility and in-house design team focused on creative innovation with a determination to offer revolutionary designs.

This still wasn’t enough for iShieldz®.

These new cases will be of Trident Case® design, They wanted to create an entire phone case using the using iShieldz® proprietary Silver Seal® antimicrobial same powerful antimicrobial surface protection technology. protection. iShieldz® didn’t want Both companies are well this to be just another case. They respected for the performance wanted this new case to protect of their products, so this With everything in the modern the phone from damage as well as marriage of ideas and technology

world that can hurt us, it’s nice to know that a company like iShieldz® is hard at work helping to protect us and the devices we love.



They were the first to create and patent the original screen protection system over 8 years ago and since that time iShieldz® has introduced many new and revolutionary screen protection advances.

was something they have great confidence in. These Trident cases powered by iShieldz® will be available in the Kraken A.M.S series and the Cyclops series. Trident’s Kraken A.M.S. series, powered by iShieldz® is 20% thinner than the previous, eliminating bulk without sacrificing the high level of protection. Thanks to a new engineering design that overmolds TPE onto a PC (polycarbonate) shell, combining a cushioned interior within a hard, rigid exterior, users don’t need to worry about cracking or breaking the screen. Kraken A.M.S. series cases are independently tested to meet Military Standard MIL-STD-810F to protect damage caused by excessive vibration, dust, sand, rain or drops. That covers just about every type of “just in case” situation a person might encounter.

from overheating, waterproof mesh to cover speakers and openings to keep dust, dirt and moisture away, and protective lining to provide extra padding in case of accidents. All bio-enhanced polycarbonate is recyclable, degradable and compostable, making it entirely eco-friendly. Don’t expect iShieldz® to stop innovating anytime soon. With a broad line up of medical grade protection in the works as well as other mobile accessories planned iShieldz® is poised to change the way we look at mobile accessories. With everything in the modern world that can hurt us, it’s nice to know that a company like iShieldz® is hard at work helping to protect us and the devices we love. For more details about these and other products from iShieldz®, please visit their website at www.ishieldz.com or contact sales sales@ishieldz.com.

Known for its optimal protection, Trident’s Cyclops series powered by iShieldz® minimizes the added bulk without sacrificing smartphone security. Protective features include vent iShieldz® has long been known openings to prevent the device

for producing the highest quality

Visit iShieldz at Booth #36279 during the 2015 International CES n Image: by freepik.com

screen protection systems on the market. With over 25 years in the film application industry iShieldz® has quickly become the leader in mobile protection.





If you’re considering wireless repair as your next business venture, we’re sure you have a lot of questions… What’s the initial investment to start a repair shop? How do I learn wireless repair? What parts and tools do I need my first month? How do I spread the word about my business? What’s my first step? Free Consultation, Support and Marketing Materials are available for you TODAY. Inspired by real people who have added repair to an existing wireless operation, we offer real time solutions to challenges in this booming industry. Choose eTech Parts as your partner in repair and receive a FREE consultation to get started. We’ll answer any questions you have about the industry, offer advice on best practices, and help you with your initial stock of parts and tools. We’ll even send you a FREE copy of our iPhone & iPad Repair Field Guide! The support goes beyond a one-time consultation and supply chain solutions. Partner with eTech Parts and receive the support you need whenever you need it. Including free live tech support, customized business solutions, free marketing content and much more. Our team of experts can help you get started on your path to success. Now you know your first step – schedule your consultation with eTech Parts today! 913-839-1718

www.etechparts.com 913-839-1718 116


getting started is the hardest part but now, it doesn’t have to be.

Is the







TO BUILD A BRAND IN 2015 The speed of technological and cultural change people are experiencing today isn’t just mind-boggling — it’s disorienting and, for some people, quite scary. The old rules don’t apply in this world. New rules must be developed.


or the past seventy years, business branding has been largely guided by principles developed in the 1950s and 1960s, when there were only three television networks, messaging through advertising was easy to control, and information flowed from a few “trusted” news sources to millions of people. This one-to-many model of information flow has been upended since the advent of the Internet and social media. Now, information flows in millions of different directions at once—to, from, and by people all over the globe—in an all-to-all free-for-all for eyeballs and market share. Some of the well-established rules of branding still apply in this new, hyper-connected environment. But that doesn’t change the fact that building and differentiating a brand is harder than ever and will only prove even tougher in 2015. In the coming year, the technological connectedness of everyone on Earth will reach a level never before experienced by humanity. The old rules don’t apply in this world. New rules must be developed. Here are a few to start with...


1 Be Worthy of Your Customer’s Trust At its core, effective branding is about a consistent connection between a company, its products, and its promise to customers. No matter what physical product or service you sell, your true product is trust. On the Internet, trust in a brand can be destroyed in an instant, so safeguarding it is of paramount importance. The good news for serious brands is that, because the Internet is so full of scams, half-truths, and outright lies, people will continue to look to brands as a trusted resource. Earn their trust—then work every day, as hard as you can, to keep it.

2 Don’t Just Avoid Evil — Do Good Google’s infamous tag line, “Don’t be evil” is not the same thing as “Do be good”—and the latter is a much better motto to live by. Young people, particularly Millennials and the generation after them, Digital Natives, like their consumption to reflect their values. More often than not, they make buying decisions based on what certain brands stand for, whether it’s environmental friendliness



(Prius), fair-wage pay (Costco), LGBT equality (Kellogg), sustainable energy (3M), or whatever. Spin will only get you so far, though—at some point it has to be backed up by honest, well-intentioned action. The world is full of cheaters and liars. Don’t be one of them.

3 Fewer Memes, More Me Because messaging can no longer be controlled by the messenger, brands have had to figure out how to get customers themselves to spread the word. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a “meme” that grabs people’s imagination—such as the Ice Bucket Challenge—and goes viral. Modern marketers spend a great deal of time trying to figure out how to create successful memes. Some work, but most don’t, because the nature of memes is that they are spontaneous and unpredictable. So-called meme-marketing is still in its infancy, but it is already giving way to a more me-oriented form of messaging: the sort of super-targeted, hyper-personalized messaging that is becoming possible with the convergence of Big Data, artificial intelligence, and ubiquitous mobile and personal devices of all kinds. There will always be a place on the Internet for absurd humor, but Big Data allows companies to understand and connect with each individual customer in ever more intimate ways. In turn, each of those customers has unprecedented control over the messages they receive. Memes may work for a long time to come, but more “me” is what people really want. Learn how to give it to them.

4 Comfort the Afflicted The speed of technological and cultural change people are experiencing today isn’t just mind-boggling—it’s disorienting and, for some people, quite scary. The world they used to know is disappearing, and the world that is


replacing it isn’t always reassuring. Time-tested brands can often serve as psychological anchors in turbulent times. People are creatures of habit, and they seek out comfort, particularly when they are uncomfortable. Brands that can provide that comfort (Campbell’s, L.L. Bean), or serve as signposts to a better future (Charles Schwab, Apple) will continue to attract loyal customers even as the retail marketplace continues to fragment and choices multiply. Sometimes, the tried and true is the only thing people will try.

5 Share, Don’t Sell All social-media platforms in existence today rely upon one basic principle: people like to share. Brands, too, can benefit from sharing—but many are still too focused on selling. Sharing, for brands, means connecting customers with information, ideas, and resources that can help customers improve their lives. The “selling” is done by associating the brand with related networks of information that may or may not have much to do with the brand’s products. The term of art for this approach is “curated content,” but it’s really about offering help to people in ways that don’t feel like a direct sales pitch—because they aren’t. They’re just useful pieces of information that you gave them, with no strings attached—and for that, they will remember you, all the way into 2016.

Owen Shapiro is the author of Brand Shift: The Future of Brands and Marketing. Shapiro is a market researcher, strategist and speaker and spent more than 30 years in customer insights and market strategy. He has a career-long interest in helping launch innovative start-up companies, several of which have become well-known brands, including Staples, PetSmart, Sports Authority, Ulta and Five Below. For more information, please visit,www.brandshiftbook.com. n Image: by freepik.com

Imagine. . .

Your new wireless store.

Actify is with you every step of the way. Recognized Brand

Join Us in Boston to hear about opportunities in New England on

Jan. 15, 2015. Register for this event at actifywireless.com or call 800-220-7300 to get all the details! Check our website frequently for other events throughout the U.S.

Actify has partnered with a recognized national wireless service provider offering both prepaid and postpaid opportunities in this fast paced, profitable industry.

Lower Start-up Cost

For a very limited time, we are offering start-up assistance and credit terms to qualifying applicants.

Aggressive Compensation

You can earn commission on new activations and upgrades. Additionally earn residual income, volume incentives, and an exclusivity bonus on qualifying activity.

Additional Revenue Opportunities

This unique program allows you to carry one of several complimentary products that will attract retail traffic and drive additional revenue.


www.actifywireless.com info@actifywireless.com






The Growing Ecosystem of the Wireless Industry

Wireless Dealer Magazine had the pleasure to sit down with Rob Mesirow, Vice President at CTIA, The Wireless Association to discuss the success of the largest annual wireless industry trade show: Super Mobility Week, held this past September in Las Vegas. WDM: Tell us a little about the rebranding of the event, Super Mobility Week, produced by CTIA, The Wireless Association and what this past year’s event was able to provide the wireless industry and its category players in the wireless ecosystem. How important is this event to independent wireless retailers? Rob: Super Mobility Week, formerly the CTIA event, continues to be one of our largest attended demographics in terms of the community of people who are coming to the event. All the components that make up Super Mobility Week are or should be important to the retailers, and I’ll tell you why. Super Mobility Week is our big, marquee show, and it hosts a lot of retail components, along with a focus on consumer trends. This past year we added our enterprise event, MobileCON to the main event. Additionally, we took the top of the evolving wireless ecosystem and created the show around it – our various pavilion events brought in partners who brought in communities who in turn, brought in thought leadership, and each one of those teamed up to create an even larger representation of the ecosystem that continues to evolve with new technologies. As a retailer, if I’m attending the show, of course I want to see a new product and to see what’s launching. Now, we have a large area of the show floor, roughly a third, dedicated to retail. Also, if I am a retailer, I am interested in learning what is new in Wearables or connected home because I might be selling those products or services through my retail channels soon.



The reality is accessories are what bring people back into the stores, ensuring repetitive engagement, and it’s the number one thing consumers generally seek at retail stores. Accessories are a really important component.



Now, we’ve reached a completely different paradigm where the carriers have actually become the customers. From just the pure enterprise perspective, I’m going to be interested in how large and small companies are integrating wireless solutions to improve the efficiency and profitability of their businesses. As a retailer, when they walk in, they should be able to look any direction and find something that’s going to be of interest to them at some level.

WDM: I completely agree. We talked years ago about converging technologies and crossover products, and we feel like the ecosystem is getting larger and yet closer at the same time in terms of the amount of technology that we’re all touching in a single day. Retailers need to either sell directly or at least be able to speak to the integration of the products they are selling as part of the bigger ecosystem. Rob: Right, and another interest point from a Super Mobility Week perspective, is how I might use the wireless technology, or how I could use mobile interfaces to enhance the order experience.

WDM: What would you say were the highlights retailers should’ve taken notice at this past Super Mobility Week? Rob: With a third of the show floor dedicated to retail, we saw all many innovative accessories. The reality is accessories are what bring people back into the stores, ensuring repetitive engagement, and it’s the number one thing consumers generally seek at retail stores. Accessories are a really important component.

WDM: Yes, we completely agree with the accessories being a big retail traffic-driver. Rob: For accessories, the margins are off the charts. You get a much better margin off of an accessory than you do devices.

WDM: This year’s show felt very different. Maybe it’s because the ecosystem included the other groups or maybe it’s just because we’ve been attending this show for 15 years and we were hungry for change. Overall, the carrier world continues to change with consolidation, new business models and enhanced consumer programs. All of which, have an impact to wireless retailers. However, it felt like Super Mobility Week, or what we all used to just call “CTIA” previously, just felt different for the first time in many years. Rob: Absolutely. I’m delighted to hear you say that. I, too, have been in this industry a long time. I’ve been producing this show for 16 years. Back then, it was a very simple marketplace because the carriers would come in; they were essentially the customers. They bought the handsets and available accessories. They were shopping for infrastructure. It’s a very simple process. If there was any software there, it was only relevant to a small percentage of the attendees. That was our community. That was our marketplace. Those were the buyers and sellers; carriers and suppliers, and that was all there was.



Now, we’ve reached a completely different paradigm where the carriers have actually become the customers. Before, carriers would send have several hundred people to walk the show floor, gain knowledge and buy new products from other suppliers. Now, they’re actually in the booths selling their services to everyone else. It’s a really a complete 180 degree change, and it’s been really fascinating to watch. As wireless networks have continued to build out and as we’ve achieved a level as market leader in terms of the United States being the most advanced wireless society on the planet, LTE was really a big tipping point for that. When we switched from switched-base or voice networks, to LTE, which is pure IP-basednetworks built to carry data, everything changed. There’s so much more intelligence in the network itself now than there used to be. Networks are much, much faster, and they’re capable of doing amazing things. That’s transformative, right? That is the basis of the change really – that allows people to think about automobiles differently. That allows people to think about connected everything because all of a sudden, not only do you have the bandwidth, we’ve have the intelligence to go with it. Then because of the way the app stores have grown up, we have a huge developer community that’s able to tap into these things, tool kits, and more to really start connecting a lot of dots. It’s a fascinating time for our industry. It’s going to continue to go supernova, and Super Mobility Week is really the platform that is going to continue to create this marketplace for all of these emerging protocols inside of the wireless industry. That’s why it’s different. That’s why we did it. It was very intentional.

WDM: I think it definitely paid off. We could feel the difference on the show flow versus even just a couple years ago. The shift happened, and I think it was a good shift. Rob: Yes, definitely. I agree. We could not be happier. As I said, Super Mobility Week is the platform. We’re just going to keep building it up from here. We’re feeling very good about it. We like the timing. We like the foundation. We like the communities that have gathered at Super Mobility Week. We like the way the marketplace is coming together, and we think we’re going to see some pretty strong growth over the next several years.

WDM: We think its great too being the producer of the Wireless Repair EXPO, which we were very grateful to be a part of this past year and certainly look forward to 2015, as well. It’s always amazing to me to talk to people who attend the show for the first time ever. I think there were a lot of new people, not necessarily new to wireless, but folks who previously did not see a reason to attend. Some wireless retail veterans who still had notions this was a predominantly carrier-only show shared with us that they were

We like the way the marketplace is coming together, and we think we’re going to see some pretty strong growth over the next several years. 125


pleasantly surprised with amount of knowledge they received at this year’s event that was really helpful to their businesses. Rob: Yes, and by the way, congratulations on the Wireless Repair EXPO. That was amazing, and I was impressed with all the feedback around your workshops, particularly the soldering classes. For whatever reason, everybody wants to learn how to solder.

WDM: I know; who knew right? Well, we knew. We just didn’t know how excited they would be until we started pushing registration and sold out in less than three week’s time! We think that offering hands-on workshops, business owner workshops and opportunities for people to engage in human interaction at events like Super Mobility Week is meaningful. With the surge to online training, we cannot miss the human touch when the opportunity is right. Our industry needs to stay connected in person too. Demand for the workshops was a testament to getting training in person. Rob: Yes, for sure. Hopefully you’re planning on tripling the size of the workshops for 2015!

WDM: We have even bigger plans for the 2015 Wireless Repair EXPO that will be announced shortly. Rob: Fantastic. In fact, what was really interesting to me was seeing the interest in repair and training workshops. You and your team are right; there’s a real need for that. At the end of the day, this is a live event. You absolutely gain something from a live event that you can’t get from other digital interfaces. Research as much as you can. However, I always tell people they’ve got to see it, feel it, touch it, and smell it. You’ve got to be there. We should all be doing more of that.

WDM: Anything forward-looking that you want us to include for 2015? Rob: Super Mobility week 2015 will be held the same dates, September 9, 10, and 11 in Las Vegas. The hard part is over, combining MobileCON and CTIA into one Super Mobility Week event along with bringing in the 23 pavilion partners, in an effort to craft the new mobile marketplace. Now, we can fine-tune. Now, we can really build. We’ve have some areas that we want to work on, and we still want to continue to build on all the key vertical markets that we brought together this year. We feel like we’ve have a lot of work ahead of us, but we know it’s going to be bigger and better. It’s an important event. Definitely the largest mobile event in North America, and because of where the device industry is, again, the United States really is leading the world. For announcements about upcoming keynotes, programs, and partners at Super Mobility Week 2015 powered by CTIA, visit www.supermobilityweek.com. n


Super Mobility Week powered by CTIA

September 9, 10 & 11, 2015

Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA PRODUCED BY


Register Today! WirelessRepairEXPO.com Profit from Repair! Learn how to add revenue to your store Attend Wireless Repair EXPO on the CTIA 2015 show floor.


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... and more! 127





Valor Communication Inc., maker of the MyBat brand of cell phone accessories, was established in 1997 with a mission to deliver superb and innovative products that provide a peace of mind for users. As wireless technology continues to grow, they’ve maintained a competitive edge in the industry by thinking ahead of the market trends, understanding customer’s needs and expectations, and constantly developing innovative and competing protective solutions for the newest gadgets. They released the first iPhone 6 MyBat protector covers prior to the public release of the device. The way they stand out from other manufacturers in the market, is by providing unique, never-seen before designs


developed by their very own in-house design and engineer teams. Their experienced creative designers find inspiration from the latest trends in high-end fashion shows to the most talked about designs in social media. Their cases reflect their passion to create products that are versatile to fit every style; ranging from the lustrous diamond covers for the fashionistas to the sleek book-styled wallet covers for the working professionals. The MyBat cases are designed to combat life’s unexpected accidents and damages without sacrificing in designs and style. At a fraction of the cost, retailers can offer customers equal superior quality and craftsmanship as many other top name-brand products.

This is an ever-growing industry, with revenue of aftermarket accessories hitting $51 Billion by end of 2014.* Background image: by freepik.com



Factory-Owned Unlike many competitors, Valor Communication is a manufacturer. They’ve integrated the production, distribution and creative processes to keep the company more efficient than those who rely on multiple outsources. This enables them to decrease production lead-time, leverage capacity and increase quality to maintain competitiveness in the market by serving retail channels better and faster. Their factory in Shenzhen, China, has its very own quality control team that performs onsite product inspection and testing to ensure products are in compliance with international regulations. In turn, saving money and avoid cost defects by ensuring product imports meet Valor Communication specifications and quality standards.

Product Selection If you’ve ever stepped foot in a mall, you may already have seen the MyBat products from Valor Communication. Their products are sold worldwide through consumer electronics and wireless retailers, wholesalers and distributors. Quantity without compromising quality is their game, as they consistently carry over 16,000 active products in inventory. With the collaborative effort of their US- and China-based design teams, they’ve created on average of 100+ new products every week across 300+ different phone models for 20+ phone carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Metro PCS and more.

Patents Masterfully engineered patented designs represent their commitment to making the most stylish and one-of-a-kind products for technology users. They are the proud owners of 18+ patents that are exclusive to the MyBat brand. Their flagship products include the



TUFF Hybrid Protector Covers Most popular case in Valor Communication history! This one of a kind patented design has sold over 2,200,000 cases alone in the year of 2014. The dualmaterial, triple-layered construction balances the impact resistance hard-shell with shock absorbing rubber interior which cushions the phone from drops and bumps. The case features several anchoring points to secure the vulnerable corners and sides from impact. Constantly developing innovative variations of these popular designs; some models include built-in kickstand that folds seamlessly into the cover, while some has embedded shimmering diamonds that gives your phone a unique and irresistible edge.

VERGE Hybrid Protector Covers Also on top of the list, the VERGE Hybrid Protector Cover which has sold over 166,000 cases since it debuted in 2014. This dual-material cover includes a shock-absorbing silicone interior which fully surrounds the perimeter of the device for a more improved grip, while the durable hard-shell exterior shields the body from bump and drops. The raised beveled edge protects the screen from scratches when the phone is lying faced down. Safeguard your phone from life’s collateral damages by giving it an all-around VERGE protection.

TUFF Merge Hybrid Protector Covers Get the best of both worlds with the ultra lightweight one-piece TUFF Merge Hybrid Protector Cover — the cousin of our most popular TUFF Hybrid Protector Covers. This dual-material, one-piece design consists of a soft rubbery interior which is secured to its polycarbonate hard shell, giving your prized possession an elegant and sleek look without the added bulk. This rugged cover caresses all curves of the phone perfectly while fitting snugly over the buttons and ports. This design is merely 4 months young, but has already sold over 14,000 cases since its release.

TUFF, TUFF Merge, TUFF eNUFF, TUFF Extreme and VERGE Hybrid Protector Covers that utilize an elite hybrid design combining two materials into one rugged case. By marrying functionality with aesthetics, they’ve created an extensive selection of unique designs to bring to the market. Check out a few of their biggest sellers in 2014.

Private Label and Customization In addition to constantly expanding the product depth to meet their customers’ needs, they also offer retailers the freedom to create their own designs and packaging. They offer ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) services to build unique products for customers; help customers first by identifying the opportunity for customization that will best create value for their unique customer base. Then they walk side-by-side with them throughout the span of product planning, from design inception, to manufacturing and final delivery. They have an excellent reputation to deliver superior private label programs for some of the largest national chains in the US, allowing them to scale very easily for smaller regional or local wireless retailers. MyBat is more than just a one-stop-shop for premium wireless accessories; they are ready to help customers seek out opportunities for growth by utilizing their industry expertise to match that of each retailer’s business vision. Their goal is to earn the loyalty of their customers and thrive in parallel with them as partners in the industry. To inquire how you can join the MyBat Team today, visit MyBat Wireless Accessories at www.mybat.com. For more information, contact 877.369.2088 x 112

*Source: https://www.abiresearch.com/press/ revenues-for-aftermarket-accessories-to-hit-us51-b n





ICE FOR iPHONE 6 Ice is absolutely irresistible to the touch. It is a durable, protective and shock absorbent case, with our signature soft-touch finish. Ice is made from two materials that have been fused together to protect the device where it needs it most. This includes a shock absorbent frame, as well as a hard-shell backing and side protection. There is excellent button coverage made from the softer TPU material. While being protective, the case is still minimalistic and slim in design, enhancing the smooth lines of the iPhone 6. What’s even more impressive are the handpicked selection of colors. This case represents the SKECH brand well as the focus is always on style, protection, color and design.

Features · Dual material for extra protection · Front and back shock absorbent rim · Enhanced button protection · Soft touch finish · Full access to all ports and controls

The Difference is Clear · In a word: Price! With MSRP at $29.99 it is very affordable compared with other cases in its category. · The Ice is significantly thinner and adds very little bulk to the iPhone 6 compared with other protective cases. · The soft-touch/silky finish is addictive and you won’t want to put it down. · The beautiful, clean and simple design that maintains the integrity and beauty of the device. · Gorgeous color options.






Skech’s Ice is one of the better iPhone 6 cases we’ve seen so far. As with the company’s Glow, we consider Ice a worthy alternative to Speck’s CandyShell — but the price is slightly better. Ice comes highly recommended.

That’s the SKECH way – About Us SKECH is a design driven, colorful brand that introduces the newest developments in fashion and technology for perfectly crafted accessories for smartphones and tablets. Quality-Color-Design. That’s the SKECH way.

The SKECH Philosophy We are a group of gadget lovers that are proud to provide quality accessories for iPhones, other Smartphones & Tablets. We love what we do and that comes out in our products & service.

The SKECH Story Our story begins in 2003, as a small retail venture in Southern California, selling iPod — and later — on iPhone accessories as well. From humble beginnings, we worked hard and were always face-to-face with our customers. From this, we learned the psychology of the buyer, what products worked, what colors rocked. This brings us to today, where SKECH is sold in retail locations worldwide. We promised ourselves that however big we grew, we’d always keep the same mentality and relationship with our customers. Today SKECH is a leader in the high-end Apple/ Galaxy accessory market in the Americas and Europe for the past few years. Across the SKECH product line you will find extraordinary accessories designed with the end-consumer in mind, providing quality, protection, and style. For more information contact: 866-750-7080 info@skechit.com | www.skechit.com n


Maxtel Wireless

Premium High-end Products



maxtelwireless.net | 404.702.3599




$1.29 with display 300 pcs assorted


Accessories WITH PURCHASE OF 300 PCS










1500 MAH WITH USB PORT $3.99 2.1 AMP charges 2 phones at the same time CAMERA CLICKER $1.99





Order 300+



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Everything Seen Here is in Stock and Ready to Ship!

EAR BUD Tucker, GA


Equal (Tablets) All tablets are not created equal. Functionality, portability and connectivity are what drive the integration of the Equal series of tablets into the Posh Mobile portfolio. Starting at 7�, the Equal’s fully mobile environment is optimal for all forms of multimedia, mobile commerce, social media and gaming.

Revel The Revel engages the emerging power user with a larger 5 inch display. The integration of an 8 mega pixel main and 1.3 mega pixel front camera along with a dual core 1.2mhz processor, complete the multimedia soul of the Revel; the new standard in life size devices.

Like Us at poshmobilephones 136

Memo (Phablets) This exciting new category of Android powered phablets, with extra-large displays and optimized cameras, is designed for the power user who requires an ultra-rich, expanded multi-media experience. Starting at 5.8”, Memo delivers the full functionality of a tablet PC with the portability of a smartphone.

Orion The Orion, Posh’s premier line of dual camera, full featured Android devices is available with both W D M

dual and quad core processors. Orion offers the full power of a tablet in a diverse and colorful line of models starting at 3.5”.

Posh Mobile is available globally through a network of authorized retail outlets whose success is accelerated by the Posh in-house dealer support team. As new channels and segments are created in both mature and emerging markets, the opportunities for local partnerships are limitless. Discover Posh Mobile at www.poshmobile.com. For channel pricing and available partnership opportunities, please contact Posh Mobile today at sales@poshmobile.com. Scan now to contact Posh Mobile directly.


Quality & Design. Delivered. TITAN HD E500 5.0� HD LCD OCTA CORE 8mm Ultra Sleek Design


Complete Dual SIM Portfolio available at www.poshmobile.com

The unique fusion of New York urban chic and next generation smartphone technology has resulted in the creation of Posh Mobile. Posh blends elegant product design with integrated seamless technology. Our multi SIM devices are sold via operators, MVNOs, retailers and dealers globally. All Posh Android devices are pre-loaded with Posh Apps, a value-added service for the user. Top rated, free Apps are consolidated in a single icon making it easier for users to locate and utilize popular Apps, thereby increasing user satisfaction. At Posh Mobile we take pride in everything we produce and we maintain the very highest standards of quality, value and customer service. All our devices are backed by our 1 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. Our mission is to provide “Elegance for All” by offering fashionable and sophisticated phones that bring great value to our partners and their customers.

Smartphones • Phablets • Tablets

Revel 5.0”

Titan 5.0”

Memo 5.8”

Equal 7.0”

Orion 5.5”

Pegasus 4.0”

Lynx 1.8”





A Spotlight on Signal Booster Technology THE HOW-TO OF CELLULAR BOOSTERS 1


Signal sent from a cell tower

2 Signal received by the outside antenna

3 Signal amplified by the booster

4 Signal is broadcasted throughout indoor environment

5 Phone receives signal boost via the interior antenna




Signal sent from phone

2 Signal relayed back to the cell tower via the outside antenna.

Ever Wonder How Cellular Boosters Work? Sometimes your carrier tower just can’t reach your phone consistently due to heavy network traffic or that brick wall between you and the tower. A cellular booster can enhance your phone’s connection with your network with a booster that packs a stronger signal punch which amplifies your phone’s ability to stay connected longer, thus, dropping calls less often. This is particularly important for home office users who may not have the luxury of an office space that is equipped with a strong tower signal nearby or repeaters installed onsite. Basically, cellular boosters work like this: signals sent from a cell tower are received by the outside antenna, amplified by the booster and then broadcast throughout your indoor environment to your phone via the interior antenna. When your phone transmits, the signal is relayed back to the cell tower via the outside antenna. Depending on the model, boosters can enhance 2G 3G and 4G voice and data for all US carriers. Even competitively priced boosters can cover large areas: anywhere from 500 square feet up to 25,000 square feet with as many as 100+ simultaneous users.



SureCall Cellphone Signal Boosters


SureCall offers cellphone signal enhancement solutions for businesses, homes, and vehicles. This year, they proudly introduced their latest addition to their line of cellular enhancement solutions — the Fusion7.

SureCall, an innovation leader in cellular booster technology, specializes in the design and manufacturing of cell phone signal boosters and accessories. These systems dramatically improve cell phone reception for homes, mobile settings and businesses, wherever cellular reception is weak due to distance from towers, topography, building materials or structural design.

Fusion7 provides an all in one solution including: • SureCall’s patented 5-band cellular solution for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile and virtually all other U.S. carriers. • A built-in Wi-Fi booster along with a router that not only extends network coverage within the home but also increases the power for fast and reliable data transfers. • An HDTV booster that brings all locally aired HDTV television stations into your home. And with the built-in Wi-Fi it allows for greatly enhanced streaming video through Netflix® and other on-demand streaming media providers.

Features Include: • The highest 4G data rate in the industry • FCC approved for use with all major U.S. Carriers • Quality metal construction, durable and resilient • A best in the industry, three-year warranty • Available in kits with all necessary components For more information about signal boosters or to become a reseller, visit www.SureCall.com. n Background Image: by freepik.com






Stunning Display, Amazingly Affordable Quadcore!


KY DEVICES entered the North American smartphone market in August of 2013. Their vision was simple: manufacture high-quality, affordable phones – where the customer enjoys everything a smartphone has to offer, without having to pay a lot of money.

The company’s smartphone line is broad, with something for every consumer. The current variety starts at 4.0’’ screen phones and ends at a large-size 6.0’’ phablet with a 13MP camera. Each model comes in two or three colors; silver, white and black with the latest Android version, 4G compatibility and innovative technology features.

The SKY DEVICES brand is picking up quickly in the marketplace and distributors are rapidly increasing orders to accommodate the growing market demand. One of the main reasons that SKY DEVICES sustains such high demand is directly related to their commitment to producing high quality handsets. Distributors are more than happy to work with a brand that yields less than 2% of returns.

Two new models were introduced in the past few months — the 5.5Q and the 6.0Q – both offering the advantages of a large high-resolution screen and the comfort of a thin phone, fitting perfectly in your palm and your purse or pocket.

Sky Devices’ vision is simple: manufacture high-quality, affordable phones


For more information on how you can become a SKY DEVICES Authorized Dealer contact sales@SkyDevices.com or visit www.SkyDevices.com Don’t forget to visit their booth at CES Jan 6-9, 2015 Sands Expo Halls A-C #74358. n



Sky 5.5Q

Sky 6.0Q

Screen Size




Quad Core/1.3GHZ

Quad Core/1.3GHZ


HD IPS 1280 x 720

HD IPS 1280 x 720

Memory (ROM + RAM)


16 + 1

Thinness (mm)



Camera (MP)

13 Megapixels

13 Megapixels

145 134


The Brilliant



The Brilliant RETAILER’S PRODUCT GUIDE 2015 1 The SL5000 Quantum Smartphone InfoSonics’ verykool® SL5000 Quantum smartphone offers the style, quality and features of a high-end brand phone without the heavy price tag. The Quantum supports LTE 4G networks and is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400, a 1.2 GHz quad core processor, and Android’s 4.4 KitKat OS – all housed in an ultra-slim, contemporary frame. Features include a stunning 5-inch FWVGA LCD TFT-IPS touchscreen with full lamination, an 8-megapixel autofocus rear camera with high-definition 720p recording, LED flash and a 2-megapixel user-facing camera.

2 BASS EGG The Bass Egg is a sleek, durable, and portable audio device that transforms everyday objects into speakers. Despite its small size (fits in the palm of your hand), the Bass Egg is capable of making almost anything a full-range speaker system.

3 The Ultra Wireless Charger by Naztech Naztech has developed an extraordinary innovation in technological advances with their newly released Ultra Wireless Charger. This product is about to give you a whole new perspective on powering solutions for that favorite Qi-enabled smartphone you use on a daily basis with vital tasks in mind. “No fuss with wires” is this product’s perpetual motto providing an ideal answer for that device-savvy consumer who just can’t seem to get their worrisome wires under control.

4 TYPO Keyboard The TYPO Keyboard adds the absolute minimum additional length and thickness to the iPhone, while still providing protection to the phone and a butter-smooth, tactile typing experience using the patented TYPOTouch™ keyboard technology and one of the world’s smallest Lithium-ion battery, measuring at just 1mm in thickness.

4 3 2

1 147


The Brilliant RETAILER’S PRODUCT GUIDE 2015 5 Hisy Smart Phone Camera Remote Hisy is a tiny shutter remote control that connects to your iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth 4.0, allowing the photographer to frame a selfie before snapping the shutter wirelessly. Unlike some other remotes, Hisy doesn’t require a third-party app but works with the default camera app on iOS. It boasts a range of up to 90ft — no more setting the timer and running — and the battery last for about two years. You can also use it to shoot video and it also comes with a useful little tether that plugs into your iPhones’ headphone jack so you don’t loose it.

6 Rhythmz Headphones Rhythmz is a complete line of High Definition Audio. Consisting of Earphones, Headphones, and Speakers that have been developed and designed by professional sound engineers. Whether you like listening to rock, pop, hip hop, techno, or any other style of music, you will enjoy the sound and feel of the music you are listening to, with crystal clear highs, and super deep bass that every Rhythmz product produces

7 Linkase Absolute Signal Booster Case Boost your iPhone 5’s WiFi signal with the Linkase Protective Case. Its WiFi boosting power is fueled by EMW (electro magnetic waveguide), an advanced, signal-enhancing technology that functions through the protective case’s proprietary sliding antenna. Linkase harnesses the signal of the iPhone 5’s built in antenna and dramatically enhances performance, improving users’ WiFi signals by up to 50 percent, and providing faster web browsing, as well as quicker upload and download speeds.


5 7



The Brilliant RETAILER’S PRODUCT GUIDE 2015 8 Smart Folio by CaseCo. Flip Cover Case with App For Samsung Galaxy S5 The Smart Folio is the case of choice for Samsung Galaxy S5 users requiring quick and easy access to essential updates. The Smart Touch mirror allows users to answer calls, view weather updates and see the time. The exterior cover features a texture for added grip, while the interior is made from high quality suede to keep your phone’s scratch free. The cover also features its own home button cover allowing users to easily press the phone’s home button; waking the smart touch mirror display. While opening and closing the case will automatically wake up and put your phone to sleep, respectively.

9 Flex XT Pocket Charger by PhoneSuit The New (XT) Extended Lightning connector design allows you to keep your iPhone case attached and charge at the same time. The Flex solution can seamlessly integrate with protective cases. It also works great with no case at all. Power up anywhere.

10 Whoosh Screen Shine WHOOSH! Is 100% natural, non-hazardous, non-toxic and environmentally friendly screen cleaner safe for all screens. Never test on animals, this screen shine comes with is own ultra soft microfiber cloth that leaves your devices hygienic and miraculously resists fingerprints with their proprietary polymer formula that literally repels and resists dust, smudges and fingerprints. Dirty phones are really gross!

11 MiLi 8PIN Lightning to USB Cable Lightning to 8-pin USB cable. Ideal for data sync and charging. Compatible with iPhone 5 and all Apple devices with lightning connector: iPod Nano/iPod Touch 5/iPad Mini.


8 9

10 149


The Brilliant RETAILER’S PRODUCT GUIDE 2015 12 iGrip Universal Dock Kit The universal dock kit from iGrip offers optimum adaptation of the holder to the size of smartphones by different supporting feet. Free access to controls by turning the holder by 180°. Easy one-hand operation.

13 Empire KLIX® Klutch from Accessory EXPORT The EMPIRE® snap-on protective case combines a sleek faux leather exterior to form a beautifully crafted, double stitched KLIX® KlutchTM Series. KLIX® KlutchTM features 6 stylish patterns with bold, textured faux leather casing. The interior offers multiple slots to hold your cards and ID’s, with an additional inner pocket and a magnetic clasp to secure it all. Lined with a soft felt, preventing scratches on your device or the accumulation of dirt. Leave behind your bulky purse, KLIX® KlutchTM provides easy access to your essentials with its optional strap.

14 iShieldz iShieldz® and Trident Case®, two Southern California companies, have formally partnered to co-develop the first ever antimicrobial case. The co-developed/ co-branded cases will employ iShieldz proprietary Silver Seal® Antimicrobial Surface Protection technology. These cases will initially be available in Tridents ultra-rugged Kraken A.M.S. series. Each case incorporates an iShieldz antimicrobial screen protector for a complete antimicrobial solution. The cases have been independently tested and meet Military Standard MIL-STD-810F to protect damage caused by excessive vibration, dust, sand, rain or drops and have been independently lab tested to kill up to 99.99% of microbes that come in contact with your smart device.


13 12



The Brilliant RETAILER’S PRODUCT GUIDE 2015 15 SureCall Cellphone Signal Boosters Cellphone signal enhancement solutions for businesses, homes, and vehicles are becoming increasingly important. Meet the Fusion7 signal booster. The SureCall’s patented 5-band cellular solution for virtually all U.S. carriers. Includes a built-in Wi-Fi booster along with a router that not only extends network coverage within the home but also increases the power for fast and reliable data transfers. Includes, an HDTV booster that brings all locally aired HDTV television stations into your home. All with built-in Wi-Fi that allows for greatly enhanced streaming video through Netflix® and other on-demand streaming media providers.

16 Tantrum Cases Tantrum Cases contoured edges ensure a solid grip and reduce the risk of damage. Compatible with a wide variety of accessories. Integrated silicone liner secures your device, repels debris and provides maximum impact reduction. 360º protection in a self-standing exoskeleton design. Engineered to be strong where you need it most.

17 Wireless Xcessories Group Dog & Bone Puts Tech into Mobile Protection Wireless Xcessories Group has formed a new partnership with Dog & Bone. Dog & Bone is an Australian-based company and their product development philosophy combines case protection, design and smart technology. They offer several new and innovative product lines around extreme protection, wireless charging and battery cases. All Apple products are MFi certified and come with a 12-month product warranty. Dog & Bone has a faster time to market than competitors and better margin and earning potential.






The Brilliant RETAILER’S PRODUCT GUIDE 2015 18 Sky Devices With stunning display, this amazingly affordable quad core ultra slim smartphone offers a large high-resolution screen in the comfort of a thin phone, fitting perfectly in your palm and your purse or pocket.

19 Toast real wood cover for 5/5S Toast has been rocking gadgets since 2012. They bring clever solutions and natural materials to your high tech gadgets. All Toast products are laser-cut and hand-finished in Portland, Oregon USA. The feel of natural materials in your hand is amazing!

20 Screen DR Keep your portable electronic devices’ screens free of debris and smudges with this Digital Innovations ScreenDr Professional cleaning kit, which includes 2 oz. of solution, a microfiber cloth and a StorDry bottle for easy cleaning and storage. For use on most portable electronic device’s and most mobile phones, MP3 players and tablets for wide-ranging compatibility.


21 Strong n’Free iPhone Case Strong n’Free was formed in Toronto, Canada by a small group of friends who shared a passion for design. Inspiration derives from their world travel and backgrounds in design-oriented CE brands.


Strong n’Free merges the world of fashion with smartphone accessories creating some of the industries most unique yet practical designs. A portion of all proceeds is donated annually to the Toronto Humane Society.


21 152


More Products


1 GRUSH The Grush makes brushing interactive for kids and turns brushing into a fun game. A motion sensing bluetooth connected toothbrush and mobile games rewards kids for proper brushing technique and let’s parents track the results! Kids get a score for proper brushing technique which the parents can monitor and reward.

2 Crusta Samsung Galaxy S5 Super Protective Case The Amzer Crusta case is made of high quality material with a unique protective function. The first layer is a 0.4 mm Kristal Tempered Glass HD Screen Protector, designed to protect the GALAXY S5 screen from damage and scratches with beveled 3D edges. The second layer is a hard shell case with an integrated protective tempered glass backing. Third layer, a rugged thermoplastic rubber ring that provides a unique textured look and soft feel. And the 4th layer is its re-designed and evolved 360 degree swiveling belt clip holster. Four layers, one great case.

3 iSound PopDrop Wireless Speaker You can jam to the beat anytime, anywhere with PopDrop — the exciting mini Bluetooth speaker that packs enough power to wow music and dance fans alike with clear, distortion-free audio — right from the palm of your hand. Turn your picnic into a party, blast some beats on the beach, hold a bash on your hike…just let your imagination soar while PopDrop provides the soundtrack.

4 Sonic Wave DJ headphones with mic


The Delton Sonic Wave DJ Headphones delivers the great sound quality with super bass that makes it ideal for everyday listening. With it’s padded ear cushions you can turn up the volume without disturbing others around you. The foldable and lightweight design makes it the perfect companion for any music lover, just fold and put them into your bag or briefcase. Compatible with any device with a 3.5mm stereo jack.


3 2



More Products


5 Griffin Identity Case for Samsung Drop protection meets self-expression. With hundreds of hot looks, one of them is all you need. Protective bumper protects your phone from 4-foot drops. Hybrid 2-material frame protects edges and corners. Raised rim keeps your touchscreen clean and unscratched when lying facedown. All Identity backs and frames are interchangeable, so you can have a closet full of mixable, matchable looks that always suit you no matter what your style.

6 Gevey Box Case for iPhone The great case offers double layer protection made of durable silicone skin with high quality poly-carbonate outer shell. Access to all buttons and features. Silicone plugs provide coverage for ports.

7 GearIT Charger Pack Provides Android, Apple or other devices with more power on the go, this 3000mAh capacity battery pack fully charges an iPhone 5. Unique 2 in 1 design rechargeable battery pack, without additional cable, charges your device simultaneously. Battery life indicator and power button, detachable USB wall charger, plug-in and directly charge through an outlet. Easy and fast recharge with any powered USB source.

8 Delton LUX Flex Lightning Charge/Sync Cable Power up and sync your iOS devices with the Lightning connector. Compatible with newer Apple devices with the Lightning connector. Available in stylish-vibrant colors so you can add a touch of personality. 3ft length is ideal for charging devices while traveling. Coiled design makes it fun.


5 8

6 154


More Products


9 JET Bluetooth wireless speakers JET wireless real stereo set of Bluetooth speakers. Measuring in at 7.5cm (3”) tall, with a diameter of 5.8 cm (2.5””) they produce an awesome 20 watts of power per speaker, don’t be fooled by the palm-sized speaker set. They pack a powerful audio punch in true stereo with a right and left channel. The two speakers can be placed as far as 10-metres apart and will communicate with each other to deliver in-sync stereo audio. JET uses Damson’s Incisor Diffusion Technology which amplifies sound by using almost any surface you place it on, alongside a traditional driver to capture the mid and high range frequencies.

10 Smart Sleeves Protective Phone & Tablet Covers Use your phone or tablet almost anywhere. Protect from water, sand, food, sweat, germs, grease, and grim. Your device is still fully functional: Talk – Text – Email – Play games – Watch videos. A snug fit for almost any device crystal clear, inexpensive and easy to use.

11 Tempered Glass Privacy Screen by Amzer Are you looking for both privacy and protection altogether while working on your iPhone 6 in public places? Well, check out the slimmest Amzer® Kristal™ Privacy Tempered Glass HD Screen Protector for your device. It features beveled 3D™ edges, an Amzer® exclusive, which prevents fractures and chipping on the sides of the glass and it integrates seamlessly with your device. It provides complete protection for your iPhone 6’s touchscreen while simultaneously acting as a privacy filter, it comes with rounded borders, prevents chipping at the edges for complete protection.

12 in1Case Multi-tool Case If carrying a pocket knife seems bulky or impractical, then the in1Case may be just what you have been looking for. With hidden slots in the hard case, you have access to pens, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, scissors, and more. Your smartphone has never been so handy.







More Products


13 Evutec Ecology Wood Case The Wood S Series is a line of naturally sleek snap cases specifically made to fit the iPhone 5/5S and Samsung Galaxy S5. At 0.9mm thin it is a single layer, muti-pressed wood veneered outer shell infused with Dupont™ KevlarŽ fibers. These fibers make it 5 times stronger than steel at the same weight and will not block your GPS, WiFi or cellular signal. Each case is polished to a durable finish to protect against scratching.

14 TuneZip Tangle-Free Earbud The TuneZip is a refreshing way to tune out your surroundings with high-quality noise cancellation and clear sound. These bass boosted earphones feature a tangle free cord with a smooth zipper to seal both earpieces together for easy storage.

15 Turtleback Rugged Case Perfect for your tough every day needs, the LG Revere Turtleback HD Nylon Case is rock solid, durable and protective. It looks and feels great! The case is made of water resistant, dirt resistant Nylon and is equipped with a heavy duty metal clip.



13 156


More Products


16 Dri Cat iPhone 5 & 5S 3 in 1 Retention Kit by EK USA The EK Ekcessories Dri Cat iPhone 5 & 5S 3 in 1 Retention Kit will make your iPhone 5 completely waterproof. With this kit, your phone is easily accessible at all times and can be extended 18 inches with the neck lanyard. Text, call, take photos and video knowing your phone is protected. The kit includes the waterproof case, neck lanyard and the carabiner hang clip.

17 MVolt Micro USB cable This 3ft USB Cable creates a simple way to connect mobile devices to a USB capable computer for every day tasks such as data synchronization and file transfers. This data cable is equipped with the charging function that will enable the users to transfer data and charge their cell phone at the same time! Length of USB cord is 3ft. Input voltage of computer port is 5V. The electric current is 500mA (max).

18 Roocase Dual-View 360 iPad Case There is nothing like this rooCASE 360 Dual-View Case for iPad Air in the electronic cover market today. This patent pending design combines the easy-to-use function and high-end style you need for your newest iPad Air gadget.



18 157





the best pictures, “selfies,” and videos. With 8 Gigabytes his year, during the 2015 International CES of internal memory and expandable external memory in Las Vegas, Unnecto is proud to unveil their So what’s in store for 2015 we ask, “More SimpleMobile, s MegaTel enters 2015 with the momentum up to 32 Gigabytes, via MicroSD, users can store all the “Air collection”. These products are a series PagePlus, and Net10..,” said Sameer Al-Ashari, CEO of being one of the most successful Trac applications, music, and pictures their heart desires. devoted to the more premium aspect of the of MegaTel, “…Tracfone is the most reliable and trusted Master-Agents for 2014, we must ask what The 1.3 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor Unnecto brand’s unlocked Android line up. As always, partner we have, and have had in the prepaid industry.” drove their successful strategy? In asking and 1 Gigabyte of RAM give the phones enough power Unnecto is providing the highest quality in phones for the MegaTel, they responded stating, “Wireless distribution to run any applications that is downloaded. most competitive prices. The Air family will come in 4.5, MegaTel has now eyed the wireless devices and handsets is an art, and as Pablo Picasso said,‘art is the elimination 5.0, and 5.5 inches for a larger variety of users looking to business as the next focus gearing up in 2014; and of the unnecessary’. ” The Air collection features a beautiful HD IPS LCD upgrade from their current models. The collection is made seems will be disrupting that space in 2015 through its Capacitive touch screen for crystal clear video in an assortment of colors including black, white, and gray. e-commerce portal, www.megatelportal.com as its next “Eliminate complexity, create a simple program, and be performance. All phones in this series are super slim, push. A 24/7 live inventory search and ordering portal easy to do business with,” says A.J. Jamal, Director of especially the 5.5 inch, being only 7.9 millimeters in The Air will be running the pure Android 4.4 KitKat offering a hassle free approach to purchasing the best Sales. “As we see more and more master agents trying thickness. Air comes with Dual-SIM hardware, allowing operating system giving the user the full range of Google’s selected GSM and CDMA line up. different gimmicks and failed promotions with free SIMs, Play Store’s millions of applications, without any of the a micro SIM and a mini SIM card to be used at the same bait-and-switch tactics, and new portals attempting to bloat-ware. This also gives the user access to the Google time. The top of the line model, the 5.5 inch version, It seems Picasso’s philosophy was the foundation of mimic MegaTel’s program, it only solidifies our position comes with an impressive Li-Ion 2500 mAh battery for drive’s 15 Gigabytes of cloud storage for free. The lineup creating a clean, simple business and dealer model, in the marketplace and guarantees to our agents and extended usage. Now users can spend all day on their supports 4G Bands HSPA+ 850/1900/2100, and enables without any unnecessary strings attached or gimmicks. dealers: Receive not only the full activation spiff, but also phone surfing the internet, playing with applications, users to surf the internet and browse emails on any of Coupled with their People First ideology, its no wonder affords our channel with a full initial airtime commission, and taking all the cat/dog pictures they want. All of these the GSM carriers, such as T-Mobile and/or AT&T. For why MegaTel continues to win dealers over across the all in one simple transaction. This is also how you features and more with the Air collection are available, all social media needs, the collection comes with a high country, for both prepaid activations and wireless devices. eliminate your competition!” all while spending less than $200 retail. n quality 13 megapixel main/5 megapixel front camera for We’ve seen many MVNOs come and go in this competitive space, and its clear MegaTel has partnered with the best and solid MVNOs to protect their agent channel from any losses and disruption in business.


To join the last master-agent you’ll ever need, contact MegaTel, The Trusted Source for Wireless Solutions, at 877.350-5999 today! n Image: by freepik.com


Air Collection: Premium Androids without the premium cost



2014 - 2015



Athos - Body Suit - Personal Trainer of the Future or Batman? Finally some workout gear that batman would be proud of. These skin tight skivvies use biosignal monitoring to meassure your muscle activity, heart rate and breathing. The best part is that there are no wires. The Athos Body Suit uses woven in proprietery sensors which countour to your body, perfectly making this athletic gear just as comforatable as all of your other compression apperal. The come with a detachable core, which acts pretty much like a brain. this will allow you to interface dirrectly with their app, and track your stats. Reserve yours at www.liveathos.com



has a detrimental effect to the repair shops’

mind that the sellers of these parts are operating

bottom line and longevity can be seen in

on extremely low single-digit margins and will

a common situation where a complaining

do whatever it takes to refuse a return. In fact,

customer requires a ‘re-repair’ to a previous

most of our clients embrace the fact that our

repair of the phone again once it is noticed

company offers hassle-free returns on defective

that the parts previously used are defective

products. (We proudly boast an industry-low

and inferior. As mentioned, the customer will

defective rate of 1%.)

Your Brand. Your Industry. Your EXPO.

usually notice that the new screen’s LCD is not as bright as the original screen, the screen

As our customers know, a reality of the phone

doesn’t fit flush, and/

repair business is that by spending a couple

or the digitizer has dead spots. The technician will have to

dollars more on high quality “AAA Grade” parts, your bottom line will actually increase

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will avoid the

installs does not have the

issues described

same issues. Alternatively,

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the technician may be

mind that many

successful in fighting off the need to ‘re-repair’ the device, thus, leaving the customer frustrated, unhappy and ultimately resulting in a bad experience that customers tells everyone they know. Produced byA poor reputation for

terrible service and inferior parts that your shop provided will keep you from future business. If the technician decides to re-repair the phone

suppliers, either intentionally or through lack of knowledge, claim that their screens are of a certain grade, but when tested against the grading system we compiled above, they often fall below their claimed grade. It is crucial that a repair shop

and change the screen for the second time, they

that desires longevity only use parts that they

also lose; the shop loses time and also potentially

will be proud to stand behind.

loses the cost of the first part installed. For more information about Quality Repair Returning parts to sellers from these high-

Parts or the contents of this article please visit

volume outlets is almost impossible. Keep in



8/23/14 3:40 PM



1888-683-7306 | info@mengtor.com | www.mengtor.com 164

Go to Mengtor.com to order from our extensive list of industry leading cell phone parts. The largest cell phone parts distributor in the U.S

1888-683-7306 | info@mengtor.com | www.mengtor.com 165


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Wireless Dealer Magazine CES Show Edition  

Wireless Dealer Magazine readership is 76,000 independent Wireless Retailers & Dealers. This edition is the WDM / Consumer Electronics Show...

Wireless Dealer Magazine CES Show Edition  

Wireless Dealer Magazine readership is 76,000 independent Wireless Retailers & Dealers. This edition is the WDM / Consumer Electronics Show...

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