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Wireless Store Owners Learn How to Bond Customers for LIFE

Cash-in Holiday Sales by Upgrading Your Store’s Curb Appeal!

Find Your Niche Before BIG BOX Gift Ideas Sneak Peek - Wireless Lifestyle

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Say Hello to a New Friend in Wireless.

Independent Retail Buyers of Cellula r, Electronics and Audi o

Wireless Dealer Magazine Staff

Dear Readers,

W irless Dealer 1-800-862-2609

Seasonal sales continue to be the engine

CEO & Publisher | Kathy Katcher

that makes the biggest difference in the retail calendar. Wireless retail is no


different. A person might not necessarily

COO | Laurette Veres

buy a handset for someone for holiday,

Laurette@W CMO | Michelle James Michelle@W Art Director | Thomas Vela

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Thomas@W Advertising & Sales Deputy | Donna Early Donna@W B:11.125”



Wireless Repair EXPO

Research Analyst | Lydia Taylor Lydia@W

unless it was a close family member or someone you knew exactly what they were wanting and willing to pay the price tag for it – like the new Champaign colored iPhone5S, they would buy a case, headset, or universal travel charger as a secret Santa gift. Accessories make great gifts. Accessory gift packages for kids, executives and soccer moms are all wonderful and useful ideas to generate holiday retail sales. Overall, the wireless accessories category just seems to be getting smarter and more useful by the minute, making them perfect holiday stocking stuffers.

WDM News Anchor | Chelsea Rogers Chelsea@W

Want to become an Aio Wireless dealer? Visit

Director of Finance | Jessica Hiatt

now by stocking “gift” inventory needed for a successful Q4. Plans need to be


in place as soon as yesterday to promote and drive holiday by having the right inventory, promotional packaging and effective signage in place are all key.

Contributing Authors & Writers Jonathan S. Marashlian Seth A. Schachner Chick Ciccarelli Josh Gray Thomas Kim

Don’t miss your chance to join Aio Wireless as an authorized dealer! Aio Wireless offers its customers first-class service with no annual contracts, and unlimited plans that include voice, text and data, reliable nationwide coverage, alongside a device line-up with some of the best phones on the market.

Holiday retail sales are just a week’s away. Start now. We would like to take this opportunity to remind retailers how important it is to fully utilize their ‘silent salespeople’ – i.e. retail signage. Signage plays a critical role in the success of driving foot traffic to your store, directing existing traffic while in your store, offering information, and generating gift ideas. And, one important tip: signage starts outside the store! Inside this

W ireless Dealer Magazine Headquarters Houston, Texas For advertising or subscription inquiries, please call toll free 1 (800) 862-2609 or visit W W ireless Dealer Magazine is published quarter ly as an independent, wireless industr y publication in Houston, Texas. Written materials and requests may be mailed to: W ireless Dealer Magazine 1217 Prince Street, Houston, TX 77008 [not responsible for any unsolicited materials] For advertising or subscription inquiries, please call toll free 1 (800) 862-2609 or visit W

©2013 Aio Wireless LLC. All rights reserved. Aio, Aio Wireless and the Aio logo are trademarks of Aio Wireless LLC.

Yes, it’s not even Halloween yet. However, retailers must gear up their stores


issue, we invite you to consider some outside signage ideas and discover some early holiday gift items. Kathy Katcher CEO & Publisher

We Don’t Just Create Technicians, We Empower Entrepreneurs!

Our online courses provide you with:

Training Hands On Training ds On Han We provide the right mix of lecture material combined with the time spent developing your mechanical aptitude to accelerate your learning and help you master the course topics.

World Class Support

One Stop Solution One Stop Solution You will learn everything you need to know to be successful in this industry. You will not have to search all over the internet to find the necessary skills, tools, equipment, parts and supplies for your start up or expanding bu business.

World Class Support

Cellular Repair School is the only training organization in the world that provides REAL support. We provide multiple ways for you to receive what you need to help you continue to retain and develop your skill-set. Support is available via Online Web Portals, Chat, Email and Phone to Po answer any burning question that you may have.


No travel time or extra travel expenses. Training from the comfort of your own home. Continuing education to keep you ahead of the competition. Free Tool Kit included!

State-of-the-Art Training Facility Our facility is state-of-the-art pure training center and not an after thought tucked into the back of a retail location. Lots of thought, planning and careful execution have been implemented to create a one of a kind training center that offers the right mix of clasroom functionality, laboratory practicality and creature comfort for an optimal learning environment.

Superior training classes right to you!

ation inuing Educ Cont Continuing Education

Profession al Degreed Instructors Professional Degreed Instructors All of the instructors at Cellular Repair School are not only topic experts, they are esteemed professionals that possess advanced degrees in varying applicable fields.

Another industry first... Our continuing education allows you to be updated and refreshed on industry changes and the newest devices so you are always at the cusp of technological shifts. We ensure that all of our graduates are always the industry leaders by al knowing all of the industry trends and changes before anyone else is aware. Let Cellular Repair School show you how!

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What some of our students are saying about us...

“It’s more than paid for itself in the next couple of weeks...”

“That’s what i wanted, what i paid for, and that’s what i got”

Dan - Utah

Daryl - San Diego

“I learned an absolute ton!” Mike - New Mexico

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Editorial Index



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What’s in your pocket? By Michelle James

We may have found the most perfect pocket tool. The IN1 case is a phone case and a pocket full of tools all in one. A perfect companion for the do-it-yourself suburbanite, the metropolitan gadget geek and the executive traveler alike! 30







p. 95 ~ 97

p. 37 ~ 38

| p. 29 ~ 33


At&T Merger with Leap

Wireless Lifestyle




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Jison Case


p. 51 ~ 57

Q Wireless


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Increase Profits by Selling the Best Wireless Device Replacement Programs Available. Wireless Protection Program™

PERFORMANCE: With over a decade of successfully administering the industry’s finest wireless device programs, GWG has refined and perfected its Wireless Protection Program™ making it the “Best in Industry”. The real “performance litmus test” lies in the program results; the ability of the dealer to generate substantial recurring revenues while enhancing a positive and value added customer experience.

COMPLIANCE: GWG is backed by A.M. Best rated insurance company and full compliance means that GWG’s protocols and processes meet and exceed all government and industry regulations and standards. In addition, GWG is registered and compliant in all 50 States and Canada. Both the dealer and customer are assured that the programs will be administered properly and with absolutely no financial risk or exposure.

CHOICE: GWG offers its dealers a variety of program options all designed to give the dealer flexibility to offer programs that are tailored to their specific customer needs. The right program choices will maximize attachment rates, optimize revenues and promote enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. • 1 & 2 year prepaid and monthly options • Customized private label programs • In-store fulfillment options • Tiered pricing and deductible options

INTRODUCING FreeBuyBack™: An environmentally substainable program that allows customers to trade-in their wireless devices and receive a store credit against their new purchase. Unlike other programs that ask you to rate your device in five different categories to get a value, FreeBuyBack™ only rates the device two ways, working and TM non-working units. The unique aspect of this program is that FreeBuyBack™ locks the purchase price in for your customers for one month at a time, allowing your customers ample time to make a decision. This program will drive store traffic, increase customer loyalty and revenue.




Program success lies with complete dealer support. GWG’s Dealer Services Group, Marketing, Customer Service and IT teams work with Dealers on an ongoing basis delivering a full complement of support services including; ongoing sales training, sales and marketing support, incentives contests, cutting edge POS and IT integration, interactive and real-time online reporting and management.

Global Warranty Group is North America’s largest dealer based administrator of insurance backed wireless device replacement programs to over 8000 independent wireless retail locations.

For more information contact us at




500 Middle Country Road, St. James, NY 11780 © Copyright 2013 Global Warranty Group, LLC. All rights reserved.






winner wireless




winner wireless

COVERS | 1888.239.5864 17




$ N 12 3 [



Offer trade ins Ship devices to Get paid by at your store Technollo for FREE! mail or PayPal

Finally a buy back program that is so simple and easy. No software to download or license to buy. Itʼs FREE and you can literally get started in 20 minutes with very little training. Ask your customer one simple question about their device, “does it work?”. Thatʼs all you need to know to log in to Technollo and get an instant quote that is good for 30 days.

Register today to earn revenue today. Itʼs that simple.

19 • 888-242-1110




Dropped Calls? Slow Data? NEW Authorized Dealer Program!

See Wi-Ex at CTIA May 21st - 23rd

Booth # 2225

zBoost DataBlastâ„¢ and zBoost SOHO Bundle zBo Quad-band solution for data and voice. Qua The DataBlast Upgrade speeds 4G. When paired with a zBoost SOHO, 2G/3G signals for voice are simultaneously increased. 2G/3 The Upgrade Bundle Kit is simple to set up and includes everything you need, making it perfect for the home or office. nee Signal Antenna

Special Price DataBlast and SOHO Kit Get 10% off the dealer price of the zBoost DataBlast YX550 Upgrade (Verizon LTE & AWS OR AT&T LTE & AWS) and zBoost SOHO YX545 Kit

Signal Combiner

1-800-871-1612 x6404 or email:

For more information, visit


To order, please call:

Offer Expires 6/15/13 23

SOHO Base Unit


10% Off

Coaxial Cable

Power Supply DataBlast Base Unit

The Kit includes a complete kit for the YX545 and a complete kit for the YX550 Upgrade 22 24






What’s in your pocket? By Michelle James

We may have found the most perfect pocket tool. The IN1 case is a phone case and a pocket full of tools all in one. A perfect companion for the do-it-yourself suburbanite, the metropolitan gadget geek and the executive traveler alike! 29




Red Pen

Blue Pen

The idea was born to incorporate ‘tools’ into a smartphone case design including pens, scissors, and other sought-after tools needed in a pinch. IN1 is an innovative case manufacturer specializing in

that jump started their newest case design. “The IN1

pushing the envelope in making cases that over deliver

All-In-One Case design was inspired last year when

in our multi-tasking everyday lives.

Their unique

the IN1 team were at a working dinner in a sushi

multi-tool iPhone case, currently patent-pending, is

restaurant in Los Angeles looking for pen to sign an

possibly one of the most interesting cases hitting the

important contract. This was an important contract

market this season. All IN1 products are designed in

for our music company I

the USA, and made specifically for the US market.

was looking for a server before our investors changed

Their team is dedicated to supplying high quality

their mind but could not find one,” explained Shervin.

cases for the discerning US audience.

The idea to incorporate ‘tools’ into a smartphone case design including a pen, scissors, and other items

The company was created by Shervin Azodi and

sought after in a pinch was born. Even the coolest

his partner, Andrew Roosen. Shervin Azodi, the

smartphone application can’t cut a piece of paper or

president and founder of IN1, shared the back story

sign an important document when you need it.

Flat-Head Screwdirver Phillips Screwdirver

Kickstand Nail File Tweezer Scissors Toothpick

Patent pending. All rights reserved Azodi inc © 2013.


Scratch Resistant Inside Felt



Fast, Reliable Flashing. “Wireless Workshop is SO EASY TO USE that now all of my employees can flash phones.” - Cricket Dealer The IN1 All In One Case is inspired by top 100 inventions of all time, Swiss Army Knife. As most phone cases concentrate only on protection, the team at IN1 think customers should “demand more from your case!”

After all, smartphones

deserve smart cases. The IN1 developers think that in addition to complete protection, your phone case should contain other tools that could be useful on a daily basis.

The design team at IN1 have a few other designs in the works, and as always, they all have a specific functionality which can make everyday life just a bit easier. This case is made for iPhone5 and 5S. The cases come in 3 colors: white, clear and black. You can customize the multi-color tools as well.

Tool color options

include: white, black, pink, orange, green, and blue. They are also working on design plans for Galaxy s4, and iPhone 5C. Stay tuned. The case is TSA-approved for travel.

No worries

This new design gives customers the ability to

about taking the In1 case on your next trip!

do. They believe everyday tasks such as cutting,

Retailers and distributors are invited to call 855-446-1461

do utility tasks that applications just cannot filing, tightening a screw or signing a contract

to learn more about IN1 distribution opportunities.

Why not!

For more product information, visit

should all be facilitated from your pocket too.

Automatically flash phones to Cricket, Page Plus, NextG, nTelos and more.

Unlimited Flashing only $75/Month 33

FREE DEMO 513-795-1002 x1 sales 34



Cash-in Holiday Sales by Upgrading Your Store’s Curb Appeal! Signage starts at the curb and ends at the checkout counter.

“Signage is one of the most impactful ways to generate excitement about your store location, products and overall brand.”

By Michelle James

As retailers prepare for the last quarter push, never underestimate the power of store signage. Rising

above the clutter in our over-tweeting, multi-

tasking, email overloaded world is even more challenging with social media in full force. So

much information is coming at us at every turn. You may need to literally ‘flag’ down your customers

this holiday season. Creating a ‘retail experience’ is critical to attracting your customer’s attention, keeping them interested in-store and feeling great at checkout. It all begins at the curb.

The look and feel of each retail store begins on

the outside. Signage is meant to attract attention.

Signage is one of the most impactful ways to generate excitement about your store location, products and overall brand. The right signage can create impulse purchases. When shoppers are driving around aimlessly this holiday season in search of the perfect gift for a loved one or an acquaintance, make sure they consider your store and your wireless accessories! The University of California – San Diego published a study surveying the impact of outdoor signage in 1997, and claimed stores who added promotional signage on the outside of their buildings increased sales over 7%. Wireless retail stores can enhance revenues

Simple colorful signage with clear messaging that

by generating excitement with outdoor signage –

important that the message is short, as you have

cost-effective ways to advertise your business.

signage is the perfect silent salesperson. Reminding

ideas this season. We recommend having a look

is easy to read can positively impact sales. It is

starting at the curb. Signage is one of the most

only about 3 seconds to gain customer interest. Store

Don’t wait, add holiday flags announcing gift

customers that wireless accessories make a perfect

at the new Flags100 assortment of holiday flags

stocking stuffer, holiday office gift or secret Santa surprise seems simple. However, we took a look around last year and very few independent retailers

were pushing wireless accessories as gifts while the

branded corporate carrier stores were doing a great

recently launched and available now.

For signage inquiries, call 1.800.533.9706

job at it last season.




When unlimited is more than you need, sometimes less is more. Cintex Wireless offers customers options to buy only what they need, as they need it. By Michelle James Sometimes the “all-you-can-eat” is more than you need, especially if the all-you-can-eat price is more than what is in your wallet. At Cintex Wireless, they believe that there is a significant amount of consumers that are paying for more than they need. The days of being burned with overages are behind us, but not everyone needs “Unlimited” everything. With Cintex Wireless, enter more options to fit different customer’s lifestyles. For the budget minded, or low user, they offer plans starting at just $5 per month. Yes – we repeat, that’s five dollars per month! For the heavy text user, when unlimited is the way to go, they offer Unlimited Text Messaging (including both domestic and international) with texting plans starting at just $10 per month.

Cintex Wireless does not target a specific income bracket per se, or age demographic for that matter. Instead, Cintex Wireless has identified a need in the marketplace for more choices. Consumers are smarter than ever, but many wireless carriers continue to try to push them into plans that might not exactly fit their usage needs or available wallet. Cintex Wireless has created a unique option for the casual user, and international text user.

“Cintex Wireless is bringing great value at a low monthly cost, while also allowing the subscriber to bring their own handset. It’s back to basics, and focusing on the customers needs,” said Brandt Mensh,

Cintex Wireless, a US-based debt free MVNO established in 2008, was born out of handset distribution knowledge. Their experienced team has been in the wireless game since 1999. The Cintex Wireless executive team has more than 75 years combined telecom experience! Smart management and deployment of their services has thrust them onto the national scene with a unique value proposition. Bring your own device is the industry trend and with Cintex dealers can activate unlimited nationwide texting on plans for their customers starting at just $10 per month, and airtime is as low as $5 per month. The service includes short codes for activation, check balancing and purchasing airtime. 37

president of Cintex Wireless.

Airtime PINs are available in hundreds of thousands of locations nationwide. Retailers and dealers are guaranteed 15% commission to the door level on all rate plans. Customers enjoy easy activation with no contracts, no credit checks and no hassles. Cintex Wireless is seeking additional retail representation, so ask your Master Agent about Cintex Wireless, or contact Cintex directly by visiting www.cintexwireless. com/dealer. Cintex Wireless isn’t trying to change the wireless game. They are simply leveling the playing field for the customer to make smart choices about how much service they are actually using.




Becoming a Repair Expert Drives Customer Loyalty


BIG is Repair?

Industry Overview, Growth & Big Picture By WDM Staff

The cellphone repair industry has changed and grown immensely over the past 5 years . What was once considered a throw away or replacement

estimates are expected to exceed laptop and desktop

device has increased in complexity and cost. What has

computers combined.

emerged is an alternative to replacement: repair.  The device repair segment of the wireless industry is growing dramatically. In fact, according to a recent IBISWorld research report, the cell phone repair industry is a $1.2 billion dollar industry and is quickly growing at a rate of 11-13% per year. According to CTIA, The Wireless Association, current reports, there are 102 active mobile phones or connected tablets for every 100 Americans. We’ve noticed in our work with insurance companies that there is a rate of around 15-20% breakage for every device on the market. We have found this stat is nearly identical for tablets and iPods as well. This means for every 100 cell phones/ tablets on the market, 15 to 20 of them will need repair. In fact, according to a Pew Research Center article, during 2013 tablet shipping


There are a couple trends at work that have helped

spur the cellphone repair business, said Nima Samadi, an analyst with IBISWorld. First is the explosion

of smartphones. According to a 2012 study by Pew Research Center, 46 percent of American adults have a smartphone, outpacing ownership of feature

cellphones. Given the high price tags of those devices, especially when sold without a contract, people are

more inclined to repair their smartphone rather than replace them.

Beyond consumer demand, there are other reasons

that more people are getting into the cellphone repair

business. Startup and input costs are relatively low, especially if operators work out of their homes or on

the road, many choose this route instead of opening brick and mortar locations.



Cell Phone Repair

Replacement parts are relatively inexpensive and the

top technology enterprises Entrepreneur Magazine

labor involved in a typical repair is minimal once a

named to its Fortune 500 list, all were technology

technician knows how to properly diagnose and repair

repair businesses.

these devices. This is a booming industry for the savvy business Smartphone repairs have been touted as one of the

owner that understands how proper training and

best ventures to start in 2012, according to the UK-

planning can help them profitably position themselves

based website, Of the seven

in the bustling mobile device repair space.

THE BIG PICTURE IBISWorld research reports that cell phone repair is a

$1.2 Billion

The reasons most devices come into repair stores are varied but there are several common factors and thanks to the proliferation of touch enabled devices, broken screens lead the pack in the number 1 position.



growing at a rate of

What is the need: Top 5 reasons that customers come into repair stores Laptops & Desktops


per year!


1. Broken or cracked glass/screen thin glass and gravity can be a very profitable combination! 2. Liquid damage, from spills, splashdowns and diving into pools. 3. Battery replacement many smart phones have inaccessible batteries and must be disassembled to replace them. 4. Charging ports fragile pins and connectors combined with users that tend to be too rough on a fragile component. 5. Misc faults or issues round the pack out at number 5 with repairs such as cosmetic changes, software

glitches, advanced board issues, unlocking or flashing, etc.

According to Pew Research Center 2013 tablet pc shipping estimates are expected to exceed laptop and desktop computers combined.





cell phones out of

will need repair 44



Cell phones have become just as, or in many ways,

Learning to connect with your customers and being

amazing statement to make since the price points

key to unlocking profits in your business. A customer

more important to people than their cars. That’s an

between the two are so great. The fact that smart

phones allow people to communicate, store contacts, pictures, videos and music make them an indispensable

part of our daily lives. Because of that, customers requiring repairs can be very cautious with who they trust to repair their beloved device.

Properly trained technicians and repair centers know the importance of providing peace of mind to their customers. This involves much more than just Training onsite at Cellular Repair School

Repair = Loyalty: Why quality repairs drive consumer loyalty Cell phones have become just as, or in many ways,

Learning to connect with your customers and being

amazing statement to make since the price points

key to unlocking profits in your business. A customer

more important to people than their cars. That’s an

between the two are so great. The fact that smart

phones allow people to communicate, store contacts, pictures, videos and music make them an indispensable

part of our daily lives. Because of that, customers requiring repairs can be very cautious with who they trust to repair their beloved device.

Properly trained technicians and repair centers know the importance of providing peace of mind to their customers. This involves much more than just

twisting screws and installing new parts. Customer service is paramount, and providing comfort and trust

is the catalyst to building long lasting relationships. Listening to the customers stories and explaining technical repair jargon in easy to understand terms

can make the difference between a raving fan and an irate customer that damages your reputation.


transparent by providing honest information is a major that has broken their device and feels comfortable with

their repair shop and technician will not only create a

twisting screws and installing new parts. Customer service is paramount, and providing comfort and trust

is the catalyst to building long lasting relationships. Listening to the customers stories and explaining technical repair jargon in easy to understand terms

can make the difference between a raving fan and an irate customer that damages your reputation.

transparent by providing honest information is a major that has broken their device and feels comfortable with

their repair shop and technician will not only create a

customer for life, but they’ll become a raving fan that helps send more business your way by spreading the

word of how trustworthy and competent your shop is. An important thing many potential repair technicians

don’t think about is the repeat business that can be garnered from a satisfied customer. These customers typically have much more than just cellphones that

may need an occasional repair, they have iPods, gaming consoles and tablets that can equal large profits to a sound repair shop. Not to mention, many times they

want to sell these devices when they upgrade or even

buy a replacement device without needing a contract. A repair shop that positions itself well can benefit from all of those options.

Cellular Repair School team of experienced trainers

customer for life, but they’ll become a raving fan that helps send more business your way by spreading the

word of how trustworthy and competent your shop is. An important thing many potential repair technicians

don’t think about is the repeat business that can be garnered from a satisfied customer. These customers typically have much more than just cellphones that

may need an occasional repair, they have iPods, gaming consoles and tablets that can equal large profits to a sound repair shop. Not to mention, many times they

want to sell these devices when they upgrade or even

buy a replacement device without needing a contract. A repair shop that positions itself well can benefit from all of those options.




Cellphone Repair School provides a tested and maintained






for repair parts, tools and equipment along with accessories and other store fixtures and furnishing

Why Cellphone Repair School? Cellular Repair School was founded for the simple purpose of creating a ground breaking, affordable training

that could be useful to a startup repair business.

and support system to individuals aspiring to excel in the

What it takes to get certified:

The team is what makes Cellular Repair School a great

Time, cost, etc.

Classes are delivered via 3 different methods: Training on-campus, eLearning via online distance learning system or onsite by scheduling instructors to come to your location and provide training to a group of individuals. The time it takes to become certified can vary depending upon the training method and classes chosen; typically ranges between 2 days to 7 days in length (16 hour classes to 56 hour courses when multiple courses are combined). Online eLearning courses are self-paced which allows students to complete topics and modules at their own leisure or when traveling to the Cellphone Repair School campus is inconvenient. Individual course prices range between $500 and $999 with on campus and onsite classes including lifetime support and continuing education at no additional costs.

cellular phone and mobile device repair industries.

company, passionate about making a difference in this

industry and helping to improve the lives of others is at the heart of company. Educating and supporting the people

who are equally passionate about gadgets is important to Cellphone Repair School. “I saw a major need to provide

true solid training on more than just technical skills, but

by providing a well rounded solution for technicians to provide value to organizations they join or for companies

Graduating class of certified repair students

to understand the importance of customer service and

systemizing their businesses,” said the president and cofounder, Josh Gray.

He added, “Our instructors have years of industry

experience and either currently own and operate repair



facilities or have/owned and operated repair facilities or worked in repair shops and demonstrated the

understanding of customer service skills in addition

to technical skills. They are also Certified IPC Trainers

(CIT) who possess and demonstrate expert level skills in soldering rework and repair to industry standards.”

The company mission is to bring high standards to the repair

industry by empowering technicians and entrepreneurs to

Distributors, Master Agents, MVNE/O's, ISO's and POS Networks Start selling a superior international calling service and prepaid mobile top-up through the Vox Call Portal. No PIN No Hiddeen Fees Talk Longer for Less Easier to Make Calls Superior Call Quality 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Sin PIN Sin Cobros Ocultos Hable Más y Pague Menos Es Más Fácil Llamar Llamadas de Calidad Superior 100% Satisfacción Garantizada

truly have greater understanding, competence and service

skills in an industry that is plagued by misinformation, unskilled workers and bad business practices.

Learn more or become a Vox Call Distributor or Agent today! English: 1-877-746-6322 x116 | | | Español: 1-877-746-6322 x117 | *** Ask about our affordable, turn-key White Label solution.




50 48



Experience Luxury in Every Detail By WDM Staff Jison Case is a premier manufacturer of high-end handcrafted cases for Apple and Samsung devices. Jison Case has launched its ingenious and renowned product lines to the United States. Now consumers in the U.S. can enjoy the same high quality, protective and stylish cases for their iPads/mini, iPhones and Samsung devices that are coveted by fashion forward users across the globe. The Jison Case handcrafted product line is renowned for luxury, innovation and premium materials coupled with elevated designs that stand apart from competitor’s cases. Each product is meticulously designed to create a fully functioning, one-of-a-kind case that increases mobility and enhances the user experience. From lightweight folio cases and sleek leather executive covers, to elegant quilted or vintage genuine leather styles and premium iPhone cases made from ostrich leather, Jison Case products inspire confidence, professionalism, creativity and uniqueness. Wholesale distributors and retail dealers are invited to distribute the Jison Case fancy products. Customers will soon become big fans. Find the newest products at or email the Jison Case team at sales@ Their Los Angeles branch office can be reached at 1-626-872-0588 / 1-888-233-8880.

Vintage Series –

Genuine Leather imported from Italy The Vintage Series truly speaks to quality materials and the amount of care that was put into each case. Every case

from the Vintage series feels luxurious, yet is durable and comfortable to use. Its slim silhouette lets you maintain

the integrity of your device’s aesthetic appeal, while providing multiple layers of protection. Handcrafted by senior artisans, each Vintage case offers elegance coupled with functional design appealing to everyone from the power-

executive to the retro-loving college student. Each case provides precision cutouts for access to all ports, as well as features that are specifically tailored for each individual device.

The Vintage Series are available in 3 different colors: Black, Brown, and Red.





Classic Series –

Premium Leatherette The Classic Series for Apple and Samsung devices

The Jison Case Classic Series are available IN10 delicious

that each customer is able to find something that

yellow, and purple.

come in a wide spectrum of vivid colors, guaranteeing

fits their personality. This case is composed of high

colors: black, white, red, rose, brown, pink, blue, green,

quality premium leatherette and has a handcrafted, seamless body to create a sleek design that fits your device perfectly.

Quilted Series –

Genuine Leather imported from Italy The Quilted series features a refined diamond-

This innovative series include one Folio design

attractive. The slim silhouette of the Quilted Series,

two designs for the iPhone 5. The designs are the

stitched pattern that our customers find very

coupled with the classic quilted leather pattern, gives each of these cases a high-fashion designer look

and feel. The handmade cases add an extra layer of protection with luxe microfiber interiors to prevent

damage from dust and scratches, while integrated power and volume buttons enhance usability.

for the Samsung S4 with the smart function and Flip-Quilted version, which features an ingenious

suction-cup design, and the Wallet-Quilted case that includes a card slot in the interior. Along with the quilted pattern design for the iPad and iPad mini, it

makes matching fashion for different occasions that much easier.

The Jison Case Quilted Series are available in 7 colors: black, white, rose, blue, orange, yellow and brown.





Luxury Series –

Genuine Leather imported from Italy The Luxury Series Magnetic Closure Flip

and Wallet




practicality meets luxury. The Magnetic Closure Flip Case for iPhone 5 is a

luxurious yet practical case providing iPhone





functionality and superior protection coupled with a chic, stylish design. Made

from premium genuine leather, the case also features a striking aluminum metal strip that offers protection for all sides

of the phone. A special oxidizing process prevents rust, while a high quality, soft

interior lining protects against scratches, smudges and dust. Precise cutouts offer

full access to the camera and controls, and the magnetic closure feature stops

you from unnecessary battery waste. Stylish ruby red diamond-decorated

volume and power buttons add to this premium iPhone5 cases luxurious flair.

The Luxury Series are available in Elegant Series –

Black and Red.

Ostrich Leather imported from South Africa The Luxury Leather Smart Case is comprised of high quality luxury ostrich leather in a bright rose color, inspired by high end fashion designers. This case is for those who prefer a bold, upscale look but does not want to sacrifice efficiency or quality for style. The Luxury Leather Smart Case offers the perfect solution by providing unique style and fashion, as well as full protection for your Apple and Samsung devices. The Jison Case Luxury Series are only available in Hot Pink.




Genuine Leather Cases for iPhone, iPad/mini, Samsung, and more C


Durable premium leatherette fashion cases




Slim fit, fashion design, high quality




Battery Series – Genuine Leather covered external

Welcome wholesale dealers and distributors

batteries for mobile devices.

NEW from Jison Case: External Batteries, light

portable devices have integrated into our daily lives.

devices. The 5000mAh high capacity polyer battery,

and style?

weight/slim portal backup power banks for mobile

adopted using the Japanese advanced boost method,

Why shouldn’t we protect them with class, elegance

provides high efficiency and stability on fast charging. Wrapped with genuine cow leather to experience with comfortable hand feeling and dedicate quality.

Jison Case – Experience Luxury in Every Detail.

The Battery Series are available in Black and

contact Jison Case sales team for wholesale prices at

Red. With 13 years of experience designing and manufacturing






Wholesale distributors and retail dealers: please 1-888-233-8880 or More products are available at







Tantrum cases are made of an aluminum frame with stainless steel hardware that protects your phone from high impact and thousands of pounds of pressure. Tantrum cases are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and accented options. Included allen wrench allows you to install the case in a matter of seconds.

activation spiff BRING YOUR OWN SPRINT

D min with 300 IL

Currently available for iPhone 4, 4s, and 5. Samsung Galaxy models will be available soon. Please don’t really throw one. Our lawyers hate our tagline.

Dimensions iPhone 4/4s Width: 2 7/8 inches Height: 5 1/8 inches Depth: 13/16 inches Weight: 4 ounces

iPhone 5 Width: 2 7/8 inches Height: 5 1/2 inches Depth: 3/4 inches Weight: 4 ounces


! TA A




Branding opportunities are available, with space for both inlayed logos as well as the potential for die cutting in the back.

D min with 300 IL

D min with 300 IL


activation spiff paid upon the third top-up of the account

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For ordering and licensing opportunties contact

Kurt Ludwigsen (830) 428-0809

Wholesale pricing as well as volume discounts available for qualified re-sellers. 60


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. 204 Airline Drive, Suite 200, Coppell, Texas 75019









UNLIMITED CALLING PLANS TO MEXICO ARE EL F UEGO Next G Retailers are Booming with Unlimited ILD Plans By Michelle James Not just another MVNO. Next G, a Verizon MVNO, has its feet firmly planted in over 14 years’ experience in ILD. They own their own platform. They own their own switches. While the value proposition is clearly their prepaid wireless plans that have ILD already baked-in compared to their competition, add to that the sweet spot are competitive rates they are able to offer because they run their own switches. Next G Mobile is the first to offer an Unlimited International Plan paired with the Verizon network.

“According to NPD’s Mobile Phone Track, year-over-year prepaid smartphone unit sales doubled in the first quarter of 2013.” Having ILD already inside is what sets Next G apart from the pack. Customers using Next G can expect unlimited calling rates to Mexico, as well as all other major unlimited international termination destinations including China, see chart:



In a recent forecast conducted by Forrester, “One in eight people globally will own a tablet by 2017.”


“ the average person has 3 devices connected concurrently.” With the explosion of tablets and computers in the

is roaming. Another unique feature of the Next G

marketplace, Next G also offers dataonly plans making

service is what they call “Bridge Plans”. Bridge Plans

USB, hot spot, and tablet activations simple and

are prorated plans that allow customers to pay smaller

widely available. Internet on the go is one of the most

increments bridging them between top-ups. For

requested services at retail right now. It is good to

example, if a customer has a $60 plan, divide that by

offer a simple Internet connectivity choice customers

30 days, which equals $2 per day. If they pay only $10

can activate multiple devices at an affordable price.

the following month, their service stays on for only

After all, today the average person has 3 devices

5 days helping customers make the bridge between

connected concurrently.

top-ups who may be waiting for payday to pay their full amount.

For retailers, doing business with Next G is easy. They are already on every major payment platform inside

The seasoned wireless team at Next G is focused

wireless retail stores such as QPay, ePay, Emida,

on building ‘fans’ of their service. They sought out

Lopeds, Prepay Nation, Preway, and many others.

a major footprint partner, and a signal that doesn’t

BYOD has been the trend this past year, and Next G

require customers to hold their phone over the head

is onboard with this trend. Customers can activate any

or pressed against a window to get good reception.

Verizon device with Next G service, and topping up is

When we asked the sales and marketing team at Next

easily done over the phone, online or at a participating

G about their customer promise, Johnson Tran said,

retailer. Roaming is available anywhere a Verizon

“Every day we are committed to connecting businesses,

roaming agreement is present wherever the customer

people, and communities with the coverage on one of

“...Next G is focused on building ‘fans’ of their service.” 65




“Our focus is to give everyone the power to choose a “No Contract & No Commitment” wireless plan...” America’s largest CDMA networks through Next G Mobile. Our focus is to give everyone the power to choose a “No Contract & No Commitment” wireless plan, and at the same time ensuring our subscribers enjoy an actual network signal to their phone in the majority of the nation.” He also reiterated that, “Unlike some of the other prepaid wireless providers that penalize their customers with a smaller coverage area just because they chose a “No Contract” plan…we at Next G Mobile will provide the same great service and coverage that you deserve with no contracts, no cancellation fees, and at a lower cost than a two year contract would get you. Test our coverage against the other prepaid wireless providers and we will not let you down…that’s a promise.” Next G is building a worry-free option with a simple payment structure so people can just get onto the business of communicating whenever and wherever they need. They understand the world is small, even if you need to call all the way around the world.





Procuring High Quality Mobile Phone Parts

Repairing with integrity builds customers for life By WDM Staff Q Wireless Solutions LLC is based in Los Angeles, California and is part of the CPD USA growing

family of wireless distribution companies. The primary focus of business for Q Wireless is to assist wireless dealers throughout US, Canada, Mexico and

abroad to procure high quality mobile phone repair parts and accessories.

but the ever present risk of not knowing what you will get makes people nervous to buy anything overseas. Q Wireless Solutions is not just a sales company; we are a FULL service solutions-based partner for your repair business. We guarantee everything we sell and ensure full quality

The Q Wireless motto is “Quality, Integrity, and

control checks on everything we sell. Cheap parts are

allowing them to succeed in the growing repair

only sell high quality products that will not let you, or

Service”. This motto serves as their operating principle market. It is reported that the mobile phone repair segment is approaching a $1 billion dollar business in

the US. Quality parts and superior service is critical. Quality is what keeps Q Wireless on the forefront as a leading repair solution for wireless retailers.


“Most people are able to buy products from Asia these days,

available in America, but we do not deal with them, we your customers down....”

Kyle Williamson, Head Technician & Service Support Q Wireless Solutions


For the remainder of this year and into next year, their key focus remains to be repair of Apple-based products as well as Samsung. They do offer services for the other manufacturers including Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Motorola, and HTC as requested by clients. However, repair for Apple product continues to be the most requested. With the current market saturated with Apple iPhone’s 4, 4S, 5 as well as the 5S and 5C coming soon, consumers continue to drop their phones and crack the front glass (digitizer) or back covers. Q Wireless uses top quality replacement parts available on the market, and they follow these items up with a 6-month warranty. They not only cover the most basic repair items, they offer a full range of internal parts such as cameras, antennas and an array of flex cables. Q Wireless also sells tools and other repair equipment to other certified repair centers as needed. A full list of available tools and parts can be found on their website Q Wireless Solutions has also begun to offer retailers special device warranty services, which are available for resell to the end retail customers. “Consumers need peace of mind to know that their expensive device is covered should the unexpected unfortunate breakage occur,” according to Yair G., Q Wireless Solutions Director of Sales. Again, the primary focus at Q Wireless is to ensure that the quality products are available which in turns


helps their customers reduce the overall return rate of defective products. This lowers the bottom line and increases retailer’s profits ultimately delivering customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty. Dealers, retailers, distributors and repair shops are encouraged to register online to inquire about all the Q Wireless services at All new registered users will receive 2500 Q Wireless Reward Points just for registering, no purchase required. They welcome all repair shops, regardless of size, and refurbishing centers nationwide. Further inquiries, please reach out to the Q Wireless team at: • 310-806-2694

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A Wireless Lifestyle Smart products. Enhancing lives.

There is an app for almost anything you can imagine. For ever ything else, there are cool accessories that defy imagination. You can’t cut a piece of paper with an app on your iPhone, but you can now with the IN1 case for your iPhone that comes equipped with scissors, pens, a screw driver and other things that would make a secret agent like Angus MacGyver jealous! Accessories continue to push the envelop of c lever inspirations that enhance our ever y day wireless lifest yle – wherever our adventures take us! Did someone say ‘bigger is better?’ Big headsets in are still the rage: Big sound, big comfort – all with super easy Bluetooth synching. Choose between funky or fancy colors, headsets are wearable accessories. Wear them loud! In contrast, we see big performance coming out of small packages when it comes to speakers. The technolog y in wireless speakers continues to break new sound barriers. We like the speaker that even comes with it ’s own ‘mood lighting.’ W hether it ’s a part y for one, or a part y for all – jammin’ sound accessories are hot. As retailers gear up for Holiday shelf stocking, consider a few of our early favorites.




Multi-tool utility case by IN1

Moto X

iPhone case that comes packing tools! The

Want to make your own smartphone? That’s

case from IN1 comes with a pair of scissors,

make your own. Moto X is ready when you

multi-tool utility iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S

what makes the Moto X exciting! You

tweezers, nail file, small Phillips screw driver,

are. It responds to your voice—no touching

slotted screw driver, red pen, blue pen, small

necessary. Twist your wrist twice, it becomes

pick, and even a toothpick! Case colors

your camera. Information quietly appears

include black, white or clear. And, you can

on the screen—it doesn’t interrupt and it’s

even customize your tool colors, available in

battery friendly. Moto X runs on Android,

Availability coming soon for Galaxy S4 and

wherever you go. You’ll have access to more

white, black, pink, orange, green and blue.

which lets you take Google with you

iPhone 5C.

than 975,000 apps and games on Google

Play. It’s the world’s most popular platform,

and it’s always getting better. Moto X is also

the first smartphone ever to be designed and

assembled in the U.S.A.

ACCESSORY POWER Blue Vibe EXS Fitness Headset GOgroove BlueVIBE EXS

Casual yet sophisticated. This case brings

Stunning Bluetooth Audio

with the sophistication of a premium leather

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The BlueVIBE EXS headphones combine

Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP connectivity &

SonusMAX technology to wirelessly stream

crystal clear audio - enjoy rich lows and

sweeping highs from up to 60 feet away!

Integrated microphone & range make

for terrific wireless handsfree calling as a

bluetooth headset around the house, in the

car, or at the office! There’s even a MicroSD

slot to directly play mp3 files from!


JISON CASE Vintage Leather Smart Case for iPad Mini

the comfort and simplicity of a daily journal case for your iPad mini. Each case has been handcrafted from a selection of the finest

genuine leather, sourced and imported from

regions across the world, including Italy and Australia. Driven by a passion for design

and craftsmanship, Jison Case is dedicated

to creating premium products that enhance and protect the technology that is essential to our daily lives. Jison Case has offices in

Los Angeles, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Sydney.




Simple Sucker The Simple Sucker is the latest innovation in mounting devices —a flexible, suction cup smartphone mount. The Simple Sucker makes mounting a phone or music player to a desk, treadmill, windshield, counter top, or any smooth surface quick and easy. Simply bend the Simple Sucker, with phone attached, into a comfortable viewing position, and start playing videos, podcasts, or music. The Simple Sucker is made from a single piece of high-quality silicone, with a flexible piece molded inside to hold the phone securely in a bent position.

ACCESSORY POWER GOgroove Move L3D Rechargeable Speaker Take the party with you! This speaker is loaded with

adjustable mood lighting – PULSE, FLOW or OFF.

Supports 3.5mm, SD, and USB Flashdrive MP3 playback. Packs a 6-hour run time, is rechargeable using the

included USB or AC adapter. Wireless remote controls

LED lights and music settings. Weighs just 12.5 ounces.


“Boots in seconds. Nothing complicated to learn. Comes with your favorite Google apps. Built for everyday use and perfect for sharing with others.” –Google Chromebook Sometimes you need something more than a tablet, something with a keyboard. Chromebooks were designed to make computing speedy, simple and secure. Applications are accessed via the Internet versus stored on the device. For many, they have become the perfect, additional computer and an alternative to a tablet. While there are good, better and best price range options depending on desired pixels, RAM sizes and storage capacity depending on usage needs – and amazingly affordable with some Chromebooks starting as low as $200! Samsung Chromebook has been #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list for laptops for many months and retailers are seeing Chromebooks replacing PC sales in various retailers.


GOgroove BlueSYNC BR2 For the home office aficionado, this portable, rechargeable desktop speaker is universally

compatible with A2DP Bluetooth to

control music wirelessly and make calls.

Comfortable operating distance up to 30 ft,

for those who enjoy pacing while conference calling! Stylish, sophisticated construction

compliments any room.





SmoothTalker Pro Series Custom Cellular Cradles

PureGear DualTek Extreme Shock Case + Shield for iPhone 5

New SmoothTalker Pro Series Custom

When bump, smack, strike, hit, whack, knock,

Cellular Cradles with maximum RF

bang unexpectedly come into play, DualTek

performance provide a superior mobile

provides the best in extreme shock protection.

experience for iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy

Shock absorbing corner impact protection

S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Rugby 3,

controls shock by isolating vibration. Durable

Blackberry Q10 & Blackberry Z10 and are

layered materials combine strength, toughness

designed to connect to SmoothTalker cellular

and flexibility. Slim and sleek design provides

signal boosters.

stylish impact protection without any added bulk. Ergonomic grip designed for a secure

yet comfortable grip of your phone.

TYLT ACTIVE GELS™ Thoughtfully designed to the actual contours

of the human ear, Active Gels™ provide a secure and comfortable fit. From extreme

athletics to everyday wear, the fit difference

is as dramatic as the sound quality of TUNZ. Includes extra small and large eartips.


PureGear FOLIO WITH KICKSTAND FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 Go in style with the Folio with Kickstand.

Slim profile design that protects without the adding bulk. Convenient kickstand leans

device at the perfect angle for great viewing. This folio has soft elegant microfiber on the inside with slots for ID and credit cards as well as grip support on the outside.



PureGear CHARGE-SYNC CABLE FOR APPLE LIGHTNING DEVICES 4 FT. When your device is on its last battery

bar, these most certainly come in handy.

Works with USB car or wall chargers to

help keep you connected. USB 2.0 for fast synchronization. Works with all USB car

and wall chargers. Compatible with iPhone

5S/5/5C, iPad 4Gen, iPad Mini, iPod Touch

5Gen, iPod Nano 7Gen. 48� length and they come in cool colors!

Discover how to permanently bond your store with your customers for LIFE. Pre-Register NOW For Your Wireless Repair EXPO Kit at: 1 (800) 862-2609 ext. 222

Produced by

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Legal & Regulatory Analysis of the AT&T-Leap Wireless Merger Earlier this summer, telecommunications giant AT&T announced its agreement to acquire prepaid wireless provider Leap Wireless International at a purchase price of $15 per share, roughly $1.2 billion total. This comes less than two years after AT&Ts ill-fated

One unique facet of the AT&T-Leap merger is

All signs indicate the deal will be approved by

base. By and large, Leap Wireless is a “pay as you

attempt to acquire a much larger rival, T-Mobile. government regulators. However, on the heels of its

failed T-Mobile bid, AT&T knows better than anyone that the acquisition is far from complete.

The AT&T-Leap merger is subject to review by two



agencies, the


Communications Commission and Department of

Justice. These regulators nixed AT&T’s attempt to

merger with T-Mobile due to concerns that such a deal would result in decreased competition in the wireless market and an excessive concentration of spectrum

in key markets. The AT&T-T-Mobile merger would

have resulted in 2 companies, AT&T and Verizon

the nature of Leap’s service offerings and customer go” prepaid service provider.

Prepaid wireless and

wireless broadband services have gained in popularity over the past several years and AT&T’s acquisition of

Leap marks the first encroachment by a major wireless

carrier into the prepaid wireless market. To date, this niche market had been the one area of the wireless

industry not dominated by the retail arms of the

“big three,” AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. When one

considers T-Mobile’s recent acquisition of MetroPCS, also a strong player in the prepaid niche, this proposed

merger demonstrates that prepaid wireless services are not only legitimized, they are here to stay.

Wireless, combining for over 75% of the wireless

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, however, as the

with Leap does not carry the same potential for broad

must first pass through the regulatory approval

market. Unlike T-Mobile, AT&T’s proposed merger

market consolidation or spectrum concentration, which should provide AT&T a far greater likelihood of withstanding both DOJ and FCC scrutiny.

AT&T-Leap merger is far from a done deal. AT&T gamut that proved fatal to its last attempt to acquire a smaller rival.

“One unique facet of the AT&T-Leap merger is the nature of Leap’s service offerings and customer base.” 87



FCC screens the spectrum holdings of the parties to

Ultimately, this transaction is likely to be permitted

a merger and identifies overlaps in any geographic

by both the DOJ and the FCC. When the DOJ

markets. If a merger would result in a 33% or greater

opposed the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile,

concentration of the available, comparable, and

the DOJ cited to a need for four major wireless

substitutable spectrum in a particular market, there is

carriers to ensure competition nationwide. Though

potential harm to the public interest. To combat such

Leap Wireless is the 5th largest wireless carrier,

a situation without necessarily quashing a potential

the disparity between its market share and the four

merger, the FCC has sometimes instituted conditions

largest wireless carriers is too great to seriously

to the merger, such as divestiture of spectrum, to limit

impact the balance of power among those four

the excess concentration of spectrum in a particular

carriers. Thus, this merger should be approved, at


least on antitrust grounds.

If the merger between AT&T and Leap

Wireless were to be found to be generally in the

Path to Regulatory Approval

indefiniteness of the standard, a few key elements are

Any merger agreement between companies holding

the FCC is also interested in defending against an

consistently factored into the analysis. Like the DOJ,

licenses issued by the FCC is subject to review by both the FCC and the DOJ. Although both agencies ultimately review the merger, the focus and scope of each agency’s review are unique. The DOJ reviews mergers to safeguard against the resulting company from infringing upon the competitiveness of the free market. The FCC, on the other hand, analyzes the

considerations such as whether the merger accelerates private sector deployment of advanced services, promotes diversity of license holdings, and generally manages spectrum in the public interest. The FCC also evaluates the direct impact a merger may have on the consumer: namely whether the merger would

merger to ensure that it is in the “public interest.”

result in lower prices, superior coverage, new services

As the description implies, the FCC’s “public

the consumer. Ultimately, the potential benefits are

interest” standard is very amorphous and malleable. The Supreme Court has confirmed the wide degree of latitude in the FCC’s public interest standard, saying that it “no doubt leaves wide discretion and calls for imaginative interpretation.”


anticompetitive market. Further, the FCC examines

Despite the

or any other consideration that would directly impact weighed against the potential harm to the public. One key issue in the analysis, a recent development that came into play during AT&T’s failed attempt to acquire T-Mobile, is the Spectrum Screen test. The

public interest but fails the Spectrum Screen test, the

As is usually the case, the equation becomes more

FCC may opt to attach such a condition but otherwise

complicated when determining whether this merger

approve the acquisition.

complies with the FCC’s public interest standard. However, this merger should be approved even from

The FCC aims to complete this evaluative process

that vantage point. The acquisition should immediately

withIN180 days.

However, it should be noted

result in faster speeds and improved coverage for

that the FCC goes out of its way on its website to

Leap Wireless customers, as they will have access to

reinforce that their timeline is “informal” and that “all

AT&T’s superior network. This scenario has taken

dates are approximate.” Assuming that the targeted

place with the T-Mobile acquisition of MetroPCS,

timeline is followed, the public may file Petitions to

with MetroPCS users gaining access to T-Mobile’s

Deny the merger or any Comments regarding the

broader network, while paying the same prices on

merger within the first 30 days following the public

their current MetroPCS plans.

notice of the merger application. Any Oppositions

valuable to the public interest, as the prepaid wireless

to the Petitions to Deny or Comments must be filed

market is overwhelmingly targeted towards lower-

withIN15 days, and Replies to these Oppositions

income customers. At worst, the merger may cause

would be due a week after that. The FCC analyzes

an overconcentration of spectrum in some market.

the complete record from this point until the end

As mentioned earlier, this would likely result in a

of the targeted 180-day timeline, though again, the

divestiture of spectrum or another condition that

180-day mark is informal and this analysis can take

addresses any issue the FCC may have, rather than a

however long the FCC staff desire.

scrapping of the entire merger.

This is especially




Implications of Merger on Prepaid Market Segment

Predictions for the Prepaid Wireless Market

This bold move marks the inevitable result of both

The DOJ and the FCC will most likely approve

the maturation of the prepaid wireless market and

AT&T’s acquisition of Leap Wireless. This merger

the DOJ’s takedown of AT&T’s last attempt at expansion. In refusing to allow AT&T to merge with T-Mobile, the DOJ affirmed the need for at least four major wireless carriers to maintain an adequate level of competition in the marketplace. Assuming that a smaller wireless carrier does not achieve a meteoric rise to that elite top tier overnight, consolidation between two major carriers was going to be impossible for the foreseeable future. Instead, AT&T wisely looked to the burgeoning prepaid wireless market.


previously considered a “niche” market populated exclusively by resellers, AT&T, and to a lesser extent T-Mobile previously, has signaled that the major carriers will now directly compete in this market. The maturation of this segment of the industry should not

does not elicit the same antitrust concerns as AT&T’s failed T-Mobile bid, nor does there seem to be any compelling public interest bar that might impede the transaction. We also predict the FCC will likely adhere to its 180-day timeline goal. T-Mobile’s recent acquisition of MetroPCS was approved by the FCC in less than five months (144 days); there is no reason to believe that this merger would be materially different in terms of issues or complexity. Since the onset of the financial crisis several years

with unavoidable regulator/tax burdens -- enter niche

After governmental approval is obtained and the deal

ago, prepaid wireless has gained in popularity and

markets where regulatory/tax compliance may be

closes, we anticipate additional M&A activity in the

has rapidly become the fastest growing segment

spotty among the existing, smaller and more diverse

of the wireless marketplace. The combination of

participants, this activity shines a light on an area

a maturing prepaid segment and increased M&A

that may have been overlooked and ignored by the

activity involving industry heavyweights does carry

regulators. Companies like AT&T and T-Mobile will

certain negative implications for existing market

not sit quietly while their competitors are undercutting

participants. For instance, regulatory scrutiny and

their prices through spotty compliance. Instead, these

enforcement of regulations, taxes and 911 fees by

industry leaders are likely to wield their influence to

federal, state, and local regulatory and tax authorities

persuade regulators to enforce the rules and regulations

is likely to increase.

that are on the books. And as the regulators and tax

prepaid wireless market, with two factors driving consolidation.

First, the maturation, popularity

be surprising. The recent recession and slow recovery

and potential future growth of the prepaid wireless

certainly make the prospect of a prepaid plan more

segment is validated by the recent spate of mergers and

appealing. Further, the ubiquity of wireless technology

equity will continue to flow into this particular niche.

today makes it almost impossible to operate without a

Second, with the entrance of “Major” service providers

mobile phone. For the large segment of the population

into a space previously occupied by numerous, diverse

suffering from bad credit, a prepaid phone is the only chance to be connected to this increasingly wireless society. If the DOJ and the FCC were to approve this merger, and it is difficult to imagine a scenario where they fail to do so, it may be sign of more consolidation ahead in the prepaid wireless segment of the industry.

and dispersed service providers of all shapes and sizes, we anticipate increased regulatory and tax pressures to be imposed on the masses of existing market participants. These regulatory pressures may become a factor that leads to consolidation.

“...we anticipate increased regulatory and tax pressures to be imposed on the masses of existing market participants.” 91

auditors perk up, this increased enforcement activity The entrance of large, well-established corporations

will likely lead to increased compliance, increased

such as AT&T (through Leap Wireless) and T-Mobile

costs, increased mergers & acquisitions of companies

(through MetroPCS) marks a turning point in the

looking to get out before the liabilities rise to the

prepaid wireless marketplace and a sure sign that the

surface, and so forth. In short, the entrance of major

niche has matured into the “mainstream.” And when

players into the prepaid niche will accelerate the pace

major service providers – all of whom are strapped

of enforcement, compliance and consolidation.



CALL TO ACTION! Companies currently operating in the prepaid wireless marketplace should be aware of the

peripheral ramifications of industry consolidation. Companies with questionable regulatory and/or tax compliance histories should prepare for increased enforcement now. By the time your receive a notice of audit or investigation

by a federal, state or local governmental authority, it is often too late to rectify and remediate. The time to act is now. Jonathan S. Marashlian is the Managing Partner at Marashlian & Donahue, LLC, The CommLaw Group, a Washington, D.C.-area law firm specializing in federal and state telecom and technology matters, with a

concentration in wireless and prepaid services. Mr. Marashlian is the winner of two 2013 Lexology / International

Law Office (“ILO”) Client Choice Awards, named overall winner in the Telecommunications Law-U.S. category;

his firm was recently named Leading Customer Service Law Firm of the Year in the U.S. by ACQ Global Awards. Daniel Kim, Law Clerk, assisted in the preparation of this article. Mr. Marashlian can be reached at jsm@

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only and is not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should not act upon the information in this article without seeking professional counsel.

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Blackberry: Is there still value? By Seth A. Schachner, Managing Director, Strat Americas

Lost in the coverage of Blackberry’s appointment of a committee to seek strategic options: the notion that there is still real value in the company, both as a vehicle for content and for the enterprise. Blackberry also has ongoing potential to hold on to market share in emerging markets, where it is traditionally strong. Blackberry has clearly had its lunch eaten by Samsung and Apple smartphones in developed markets. While its handsets led in some emerging markets like Argentina, Venezuela, and parts of Asia and Africa, this may have camouflaged the company’s longer term issues. Blackberry’s market share has now started to erode globally, too, even in Canada, its home. Behind this is the continued growth of Android, new local smartphone competitors in big markets like China, and the promise of a lower priced Apple handset. The smartphone market is neither easy to penetrate nor sparse: there are roughly a dozen major smartphone brands available in developed markets, but some say Apple and Samsung usurp more than 95% of the profits in smartphone handset sales. Competitors like Sony Mobile, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Chinese brands like ZTE are left with crumbs. Imagine how these competitors try to plot new product road maps in such an environment. And beyond the US & Europe, top of the line smartphones are unaffordable for many consumers, so lower priced “feature phones” or newer classes of “social phones” make up the bulk of the market. (These mimic some, if not all, of the features of a top of the line handset like the iPhone.)


A key challenge for Blackberry will be to play to

this part of the market. Its BB10 is too high priced, though, so the company must look to its new, lower

priced Q5 (which comes with a traditional keyboard)

as a vehicle to retain or grow share in emerging markets.

One example of this is Blackberry’s 8520,

an “entry level” smart phone released four years ago, which is still strong in some emerging markets.


The obstacles are daunting, though. For one, the user experience with content and traditional Blackberry services like email may not please hard core Blackberry consumers: Blackberry 10 sends data and email to the mobile operator network, rather than through Blackberry’s servers. This can have huge business implications for Blackberry—the company may forgo the fee it charged to operators in the past for the use of its vaunted, secure network. And Blackberry’s app environment trails those of Apple and Android by a big margin. Its current app environment requires developers to build apps from scratch for the new Blackberry operating system—a real cost consideration for many companies who would prioritize building apps for Apple, Android, and perhaps even the Windows Phone 8 environment first.

Blackberry definitely cannot afford to give up on content, either, so the app environment supporting its new devices will remain a priority. Over the last few years, it’s been estimated that the company dismissed as many as 7,000 employees. But some say Blackberry’s teams working to develop apps have been untouched and currently remain intact with plans to grow. And more broadly, Blackberry does have some elements working in its favor: the company has a large cash reserve (roughly $3 Billion), it is debt-free, its enterprise network is strong and valuable; and the company sits on patents that some estimates value as much as several billion dollars. Coming months should tell how Blackberry weaves these assets together, or breaks them apart. Either way, it needs to answer the considerable challenges in front of it. For now, we’re not jumping to count them out.




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