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Editorial Index Wired in to Wireless Retail Success Guide If you are thinking of opening a wireless retail location, you probably have a million questions running through your... pg. 35

BIG Announcement! eTech Parts signs premier sponsorship for the upcoming Wireless Repair EXPO, a special wireless retail exhibitor pavilion... pg. 59

Research Analyst | Lydia Taylor

eTech Parts, LLC is the USA's leading wholesale supplier of parts for iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®, MacBook®, and Cell Phone Parts. New

Lydia@W irelessDealerMagazine.com

dealers, please read our Dealer Information page. We carry a full line of Apple service products and the most popular repair kits

WDM News Anchor | Chelsea Rogers

for Apple electronics. With more than 33,000 parts in stock and a purchasing department constantly looking for new deals and

Chelsea@W irelessDealerMagazine.com

large quantity purchases, we are committed to providing our customers top quality repair parts at rock bottom prices. For further information or to locate a part just stop by our commercial location, send us an email or give us a call!

Director of Finance | Jessica Hiatt Jessica@W irelessDealerMagazine.com

Cash-in Holiday Sales by Upgrading Your Store’s Curb Appeal! Signage starts at the curb and ends at the checkout counter. pg. 25

Contributing Authors & Writers

History of Rokform

eTech Parts, LLC | 19937 W 162nd St | Olathe, KS 66062 Phone: (913) 839-1718 | Fax: (913) 324-1544 |


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“Rokform is an ordinary group of people with an extraordinary passion for creative and functional technology accessories...” pg. 47

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Balaji Trading, Inc.: two generations in the trade, years of accessories experience and infinite passion for smart design at affordable pricing... pg. 65






Just in time for the holidays THE best 4g plans **




40 50 60




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sim. Change your


*Includes a fixed amount of high speed data per 30 day cycle as set forth in the Plan descriptions available at SimpleMobile.com. If you reach the high speed data threshold, your data speed will be reduced for the remainder of the 30 day cycle. High speed data is restored once a new 30 day plan is redeemed at the end of the 30 day plan cycle. Other limitations, terms and conditions of service apply. Simple Mobile reserves the right to terminate your service for unauthorized or abnormal usage. Always refer to the latest Terms and Conditions at SimpleMobile.com. **4G High Speed Data available only on HSPA+ compatible phones and in certain locations. Š2013 TracFone Wireless, Inc. dba SIMPLE Mobile. All rights reserved. SIMPLE Mobile is a registered trademark and BYOP is a trademark of TracFone Wireless, Inc.



Increase Holiday Profits by Selling the Best Wireless Device Replacement Programs Available.

PERFORMANCE: With over a decade of successfully administering the industry’s finest wireless device programs, GWG has refined and perfected its Wireless Protection Program™ making it the “Best in Industry”. The real “performance litmus test” lies in the program results; the ability of the dealer to generate substantial recurring revenues while enhancing a positive and value added customer experience.

COMPLIANCE: GWG is backed by A.M. Best rated insurance

Wireless Protection Program

company and full compliance means that GWG’s protocols and processes meet and exceed all government and industry regulations and standards. In addition, GWG is registered and compliant in all 50 States and Canada. Both the dealer and customer are assured that the programs will be administered properly and with absolutely no financial risk or exposure.

CHOICE: GWG offers its dealers a variety of program options all designed to give the dealer flexibility to offer programs that are tailored to their specific customer needs. The right program choices will maximize attachment rates, optimize revenues and promote enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. • 1 & 2 year prepaid and monthly options • Customized private label programs • In-store fulfillment options • Tiered pricing and deductible options

INTRODUCING Product Payment Program:

Your customers want to get the latest brand-name wireless devices, but not sure they have the budget? Welcome to a new, more flexible way to buy: The Product Payment Program from Global Warranty Group. With the Product Payment Program, your customers can be approved to buy the latest new wireless devices as long as you are 18 years old, have at least $1,000.00 a month income, an email account, social security number, and an active bank account with a debit card.


Program success lies with complete dealer support. GWG’s Dealer Services Group, Marketing, Customer Service and IT teams work with Dealers on an ongoing basis delivering a full complement of support services including; ongoing sales training, sales and marketing support, incentives contests, cutting edge POS and IT integration, interactive and real-time online reporting and management.

Global Warranty Group is North America’s largest dealer based administrator of insurance backed wireless device replacement programs to over 8000 independent wireless retail locations.

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Rokform v3 Mountable Cases Multi-tasking at its best. Rokform cases accomplishes max protection and style, all while keeping your hands free to go about your busy life.

Features: ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣

High-impact polycarbonate frame offers six-sided protection Removable, rubber protective outer bumper Easy-stick adhesive mount Elastomer non-slip grip insert Optional magnet kit for metallic mounting Works with all v3 accessories

Available for:

Apple: iPhone 5/5s/5c 4/4s iPad/iPad Mini Samsung: Galaxy S3/S4 S4 Mini

Come Visit Us At CES! Booth: 6025 Contact us now for new dealer promotions: resale@rokform.com (855) 765-3676


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Cash-in Holiday Sales by Upgrading Your Store’s Curb Appeal! Signage starts at the curb and ends at the checkout counter.

“Signage is one of the most impactful ways to generate excitement about your store location, products and overall brand.”

By Michelle James

As retailers prepare for the last quarter push, never underestimate the power of store signage. Rising

above the clutter in our over-tweeting, multi-

tasking, email overloaded world is even more challenging with social media in full force. So

much information is coming at us at every turn. You may need to literally ‘flag’ down your customers

this holiday season. Creating a ‘retail experience’ is critical to attracting your customer’s attention, keeping them interested in-store and feeling great at checkout. It all begins at the curb.

The look and feel of each retail store begins on

the outside. Signage is meant to attract attention.

Signage is one of the most impactful ways to generate excitement about your store location, products and overall brand. The right signage can create impulse purchases. When shoppers are driving around aimlessly this holiday season in search of the perfect gift for a loved one or an acquaintance, make sure they consider your store and your wireless accessories! The University of California – San Diego published a study surveying the impact of outdoor signage in 1997, and claimed stores who added promotional signage on the outside of their buildings increased sales over 7%. Wireless retail stores can enhance revenues

Simple colorful signage with clear messaging that

by generating excitement with outdoor signage –

important that the message is short, as you have

cost-effective ways to advertise your business.

signage is the perfect silent salesperson. Reminding

ideas this season. We recommend having a look

is easy to read can positively impact sales. It is

starting at the curb. Signage is one of the most

only about 3 seconds to gain customer interest. Store

Don’t wait, add holiday flags announcing gift

customers that wireless accessories make a perfect

at the new Flags100 assortment of holiday flags

stocking stuffer, holiday office gift or secret Santa surprise seems simple. However, we took a look around last year and very few independent retailers

were pushing wireless accessories as gifts while the

branded corporate carrier stores were doing a great

recently launched and available now.

For signage inquiries, call 1.800.533.9706 www.Flags100.com

job at it last season.

35 25

36 26

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Quality parts and superior service is what keeps us on the forefront as a leading repair parts distribution solution for wireless retailers, repair centers, refurbishers and smart phone recyclers.


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by WDM Staff


Wired in to Wireless Retail Success Guide If you are thinking of opening

You must also look at wireless

trends and advertising. It is up

a wireless retail location, you

retail from a different angle be-

to you to stay up-to-date on the

probably have a million ques-

cause it has unique challenges

latest technology and trends.

tions running through your

and obstacles. The Wired in to Wireless Retail

head. If you have one retail location, there are tips you can

We put together the Consumer

Success Guide will be available

learn to improve what you are

Electronics Association’s (CEA)

for download in December

doing. If you have 100 wireless

Wired in to Wireless Retail

2013 at CE.org/training/wired-

retail locations, you can still do

Success Guide using experience


more. Whether you are a veter-

from partners, vendors, retail

an or brand new to the wireless

owners and executives. From

Wired in to Wireless Retail

retail business, there is always

basics to details, the guide is

Success Guide is organized into

something more you can do,

filled with real world practices

four different categories of tips

something new to learn and

to create a knowledgeable team,

and success stories: “Your Cus-

questions to be answered.

sound wireless retail strategies,

tomer,” “Your Team,” “Your

tips from the field, true life ex-

Store,” and “Your Business.”

You can pull lots of research

amples, best practices and ways

Broken into quickly read tips

from other successful business

to add more to your bottom

and actionable articles, you can

ventures, experiences, schools

line. The wireless industry is

use the guide to help you cre-

and research. To be successful

constantly changing with evo-

ate the right approach for your

in the wireless industry, howev-

lution of smartphones, tablets,

customer, your team, your store

er, you must set yourself apart.

data, mobile devices, marketing

and your business’ success.




A special, sneak peek of information you will find in the “Your Customer” section of the guide: YOUR CUSTOMER Start thinking like your customer. View your store, team and products through their eyes. Without them, there is no business. The customer has the final say in what does and doesn’t work for them. It’s all about the customer’s individual needs and wants.

To do: Walk in from the parking lot or the entrance of the shopping plaza and observe your store and team from a customer’s point of view. If you do not find at least 5-10 things that can be improved, you are not looking hard enough. 37

Wired in to Wireless Retail Success Guide

Customer POV Walk Through Checklist


Posters and Displays

_____ Sign(s) visible from the road

_____ In good repair (torn, creased)

_____ Signs lit and in good repair

_____ Professionally printed

_____ Parking lot/entrance easily accessible

_____ Framed (frames in good repair)

_____ Current to promotions

_____ Level

Parking lot

_____ Garbage-free (litter, cigarette butts, dead limbs/leaves, etc.)

Promotional Devices

_____ Proper lighting

_____ Live and working

_____ Parking spots visible/painted

_____ Clean

_____ Plants/foliage healthy

_____ In good repair (cracked screens, scratches, discolored, etc.)


The Customer’s Point of View The first thing to do is get out of the mindset of selling to a customer, or being there for the customer. Sell for the customer, not to the customer. It is about finding the right product for the right person, not necessarily what has the highest profit margin or what is your favorite. Walk them through the benefits based on listening to their needs. Present what you think will work best specifically for them and let the customer make the decision. Every day, look at your store and your team through a customer’s glasses. What does your customer see? What impression are you making? It’s easy to overlook something when you see it every day. You could be missing important details.

Tear out this list and use as a starting point for your Customer POV Walk Through. This is a good way to look at your store through the eyes of your customer. Be honest and objective.

_____ Signage highlighting current promotions

_____ Signage in good repair

_____ Signage easily be seen from road


_____ Signs evenly spaced and level

_____ Clean

_____ Signs don’t wallpaper the window (signs

_____ Painted

_____ Follow color/branding scheme

should be an accent) _____ Inside of store visible from outside

_____ Free of fingerprints/dirt

Accessory wall(s)

_____ Door welcoming (good repair, non-chipped

_____ Stocked

_____ Clean

_____ Evenly spaced

_____ Current to devices in stock


_____ Clean (including corners and thresholds)

_____ In good repair (chipped tile, discolored, torn, pulled)


_____ Clean (including corners and underneath lips)

_____ Free of clutter

_____ In good repair (chipped, discolored, torn, pulled)

Understanding Different Types of Customers The guide provides insight and research on some of the types of customers you will encounter at wireless retail stores, including: the mobile workplace customer,

To do: Armed with the knowledge of different types of customers, work with your team and explore questions and answers provided in the guide that will help lead to

_____ Point of sale marketing material stocked and current

_____ Visible drawers, cabinets, shelves clean and in good repair

_____ Personal items removed from sight

Team members _____ Uniform pressed and tucked

_____ Lights on and working

_____ Dress code proper

_____ Well lit and comfortable lighting

_____ Out from behind counter

_____ Ceiling tiles/cover clean and in good repair

_____ Smile

(watermarks, chips, discolored)

Improvement Notes Bathroom(s) _____ Fresh scent

_____ Mirror clean

customers. To understand their

_____ Stocked (toilet paper, hand towels)

priorities, you must expand the

_____ Handicap handrail secure

_____ Hand washing sign clean and in good repair

details of their usage.

_____ Counter clutter free

conversation and listen to the

Ceiling and Lights

_____ Clean (floor, sink, toilet, walls, ceiling, floor)

bination of multiple types of

_____ Register clean and in good repair

_____ Clean

customer type. Most are a com-

dealing with. No customer can be categorized in just one


_____ Marketing material stocked and current (pamphlets, cards, etc.)

the type of customer they are


handle, self-closing hinges)

innovator/cool customer, the mobile entertainment customer and basic technology customer.

_____ Spec and price cards in good repair and cur-

Download the entire Retail Success Guide at CE.org/training/wiredintowireless




needed and what the customer will do with it. Build the relationship. People buy from people they like. When the customer feels important and treated properly, they are more likely to purchase from you and spread the word of their great experience. They become an advocate for the store.

the real life Gimbles closed its doors in 1987, while Macy’s is still going strong. To survive, you must go above and beyond the typical, put-it-on-the-shelf-and-waitfor-the-customer-to-pick-it-up and say “I’ll take it.” In Miracle

example, offer workshops for customers to learn more about their devices. Wireless devices are becoming more and more advanced. Providing workshops on their use builds legitimacy to the team’s expertise and offers the opportunity to continue the relationship with the customer.

Why a Retail Store?

Be sure your team is well-

is having experts available.

You can either battle or embrace the online shopping world. Customers, when asked,

Customers have questions.

will rather shop at a traditional

tional store is to ask questions,

They have multiple choices

retail location. Your store must

the team must know the fea-

in devices, operating systems,

be prepared to reward them for

tures and benefits of the devices

apps and accessories. Having

that decision.

and how to qualify, present,

into a traditional retail location

trained. If the main reason a customer comes into a tradi-

close and handle objections.

an expert in the store to ask, demonstrate and review is

Have live handsets and devices

Websites only offer a list of

essential to most customers’

in the store. A customer can

features—hertz, megapixels,

There are three main reasons customers still prefer to go to a traditional retail store to purchase wireless devices.

buying decisions.

go online and find a picture

processors, screen resolution.

of a device that doesn’t do

Customers may have done

A recent CEA study found 69

anything. Having something

their research, but the store’s

percent of U.S. adult consumers

in the customer’s hand gives

team are the experts. Practice

• Nothing beats the opportunity to touch, feel and try a product, electronics especially. Customers want to see a product in action, see how it fits in their pocket or purse, and see if it does everything they need it to do.

prefer to actually make con-

your team the opportunity to

translating the features into

rience in their flagship London store. They have renovated

sumer electronics purchases in

answer questions and show

how they benefit different types

the store. Be the store they want

applications the website

of customers. For example, the

to go to and buy from.

doesn’t provide. A picture is

team should know how the

not the same.

speed feature translates into a

• The product is available for them to take home today. Nothing is more satisfying in a shopping experience than finding exactly what they want or need and carrying out the glossy bag today. 39

Contending with Online How do brick and mortar stores contend with the convenience online shopping offers consumers?

benefit for the business cus-

their traditional store to reflect the experience customers get in their award-winning online store. Large screens display the models’ images from their online marketplace next to the physical products. If the item is not in stock, the customer can order it right there from the website to ship to their door. Burberry broadcasts their runway shows, concerts and special events across the website and on a large screen in the center of their store. Instead of battling the online experience, they have embraced it. The full Wired in to Wireless Retail Success Guide provides actionable activities to help you

In the classic holiday movie

contend online as well as with

Miracle on 34th Street, Macy’s

carrier stores.

department store’s Santa proved in the movie he was the real Santa Claus—would send customers to competitor Gimbles for better prices and selection. Macy’s built customer loyalty by providing better

clothing and accessories brand fully embraced the online expe-

Some customers will use the store as a showroom and still order online, sometimes while in the store. Do not show any disdain for their activity, even if they are flaunting it. Be prepared with a response. Will you match the price or explain how the online store does not have your continued assistance?

Claus—spoiler alert: the courts

The iconic British luxury Burberry, founded in 1856, has

Know the prices online. The first time an online price, sale or special is heard should not be from a customer. Customers understand there are more expenses associated with running a traditional store, but it’s important that you know your policy for pricing and discounts beforehand. • The biggest reason to go

fundraisers, festivals, etc.— should be broadcast across your website. The store’s presence becomes more than a one-location event but available for ever yone.

Customer Retention

on 34th Street, Santa did the

Build your own website. Use

shopping for them. He knew

the technology available.

where to find the best benefits

Answer common questions on

and prices. If your store cannot

your site and update it with

provide the same or better price

specials, sales and events.

Contracts end. Devices break

than online stores or the dealer

Websites add legitimacy to a

or get outdated. Accessories

locations, the benefit of your

business. Even if you are not

are added or swapped for the

team must be vastly superior. If

able to activate and ship phones

latest fad. Customers may add

Stock the store. The customer

tomer, the technology deficient

wants to take the product home

customer service and product

customer, the entertainment

today. If they wanted to wait for

knowledge. You may not send

centric customer, and the

you get close to the price and

online, invite the customer in

to their family and need to add

the product, they could do that

people to another store, but

student. The online list won’t

understanding price is a large

provide superior service and

to the store for personalized

on to their plan. You want to

at home and answer the door

tell them. Only a salesperson

deciding factor in the online

added benefits, your store will

service. Every event your store

be their choice. You also want

when the mail carrier arrives.

can probe whether a feature is

store difference. Incidentally,

win more often than not. For

is involved in—rallies, concerts,

them to tell others about you. 40


THEY SAY THE FUTURE DOESN’T FIT IN A BOX. Tuesday, January 7 through Friday, January 10, 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada • CESweb.org • #CES2014

GOOD THING LAS VEGAS IS FAR FROM SQUARE. The customer has choices: in devices, plans, carriers, and location (online or in stores). By forming a relationship and continuing to keep them as a VIP, retaining the customer when they need to add-on, upgrade or renew becomes easy. Returning customers become a rotating value to your business and you become more of an asset to the carrier. The full Wired in to Wireless Retail Success Guide provides to-dos and arms you with specific customer retention strategies. 41

The The full, full, Wired Wired in in to to Wireless Wireless Retail Retail Success Success Guide Guide provides provides expanded expanded information information in in the the “Your “Your Customer” Customer” section section and and covers covers additional additional topics topics such such as as contending contending with with the the carrier, carrier, the the customer customer relationship, relationship, the the importance importance of of techtechnolog nology,y, insights insights into into the the different different customers customers you you will will encounter, encounter, how how to to deal deal with with commitment commitment contracts, contracts, information information about about carrier carrier stores, stores, how how to to make make your your store store aa comfortable comfortable place, place, and and

additional additional exercises exercises and and examples examples to to bring bring all all of of these these topics topics to to life. life.

Over four days, those who shape the future gather in a city built on reinvention. Here, brands, markets and economies converge in what’s far more than a tradeshow. And in 2014, there’s more opportunity than ever to connect with those who matter. The only question now, why wouldn’t you fit it in your future? Register today at CESweb.org.

In addition to “Your In additionother to “Your Customer,” Customer,” other sections of the guide sections of the guide include: “Your Team,” include: “Your Team,” “Your Store,” and “Your “Your Store,” and “Your Business.” Business.” The The Wired Wired in in to to Wireless Wireless Retail Retail Success Success Guide Guide will will be be available available for for download download in in December December 2013 at at CE.org/training/ CE.org/training/ 2013 wiredintowireless. wiredintowireless.








The History of “Rokform is an ordinary group of people with an extraordinary passion for creative and functional technology accessories. We aim to improve lifestyles through developing unique and protective cases, mounts, stands and accessories.” – Jeff Whitten, CEO of Rokform At Rokform, they love what they do, love how they do it, and want to share that love with the world. You won’t catch a Rokform team member who doesn’t have multiple places to mount an iPhone, iPad or Galaxy around the house, office or car. They also love where they we do what they do. Nearly everything from concept to completion is done in Santa Ana, California, ensuring the highest level of control over quality and timing. Made in the USA still rocks! 47

Rokform was founded by veterans of the power sports industry, allowing them to draw on their expertise of high tech materials and manufacturing that would normally be found in aircraft and high performance racing vehicles. These methods and materials are what have earned them multiple design awards for their phone cases and accessories in their robust product lineup. The philosophy at Rokform is simple. They believe in improving the lifestyles of

individuals through designing and manufacturing the most versatile, unique and protective technology accessories. The daily mission is to exceed every customer’s expectations for quality, innovation and service for all items they produce and sell. Not only are Rokform products engineered and produced in the USA, they also utilize local manufacturing partners and local vendors to ensure they are always in stock with fill rates exceeding 99%.



Their packaging is as innovative as their product designs, making them easy to spot on retailer shelves with their orange and white color scheme and active brand imagery. The Rokform website is a training ground in itself. They have over 50 high-quality product videos and tutorials which have instructed and informed more than 850,000 viewers!

Among their hottest products this season is... ...the Mountable Case for

Rokform is also the title

iPhone and Galaxy. Each case

sponsor of Team Rokform/

kit comes with an easy-stick

VeloSport, which is one of

dashboard mount for use in

Southern California’s largest

your vehicle, or virtually any

cycling organizations. Other

flat surface. Optional accesso-

active lifestyle mounts

ries include an integrated mag-

include solutions for

net for metallic mounting, and

motorcycles, strollers, golf,

over 15 compatible mounts and

and so much more.

accessories for any lifestyle.

With their line of protective, mountable cases, your customer’s options for securely and easily keeping their phone within arm’s reach are pretty much limitless. With an integrated mounting system plus optional magnetic mounting feature, your customers will have versatile options for a hands-free experience in the car, at home,

Rokform remains committed to design and engineering, and is continually looking for ways to bring technology and active lifestyles together. Many members of the Rokform team are avid cyclists, which lead to the creation of their number one selling accessory – the Bike Mount.


on the trail, in the office or anywhere life leads.

Check out the full lineup of Rokform cases, mounting systems and other award winning designs at rokform.com. 50


The company is also very engaged in being environmentally responsible. In August 2012, Rokform partnered with American Forests to plant one tree for every v3 mountable case sold. Rokform has planted over 60,000 trees in the first year of the program.

Call (855) 765-3676 | resale@rokform.com





5c Accessories that sell!

Compatible with: Apple iPhone 5/5s/5c

Our new Soft Color glass is color matched to the new iPhone 5c!

Contact a sales rep today! 801.571.5678 | reseller@znitro.com 55


Wholesale Distributor

Your Source for Mobile Products

Quality Brands

Trusted Reputation

Worldwide Service

Auction Site Launching January 1, 2014 PCS Wireless, LLC is a global leader in the open market distribution of wireless devices and accessories. PCS specializes in aftermarket procurement, reverse logistics and the responsible re-distribution of wireless products to over 2,500 global distributors. The company serves OEMs, carriers and channel partners by creating markets for overstocked, discontinued and returned merchandise. PCS provides a host of additional services including buyback, custom kitting, software programming, inventory management and logistics. Our warehouse is fully stocked with large inventories, and we are able to fulfill your orders promptly and efficiently.

• Mobile Phones, Tablets, Accessories • Laptops, PC’s & Gaming • 3G/4G/Wifi

P urcha s i ng whol e s a l e mobi l e produc t s by compe t i t i ve bi ddi ng


• New, Refurbished, & Used • 7-14 Day Stocks & Used • Celebrating 12 Years in Business • ISO 9001, 14001 & R2 Certified • 60 Day Warranty • Flexible Payment Terms Available • Same Day Shipping Available

PCS Wireless, LLC | 11 Vreeland Road | Florham Park, NJ 07932 | +1 973 805 7400 | www.pcsww.com 57






by WDM Staff

eTech Parts signs premier sponsorship for the upcoming Wireless Repair EXPO, a special wireless retail exhibitor pavilion and workshop event to be held during CTIA 2014 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, September 9-11, 2014 eTech Parts, LLC is a US-based

Repair is becoming one of

certified in repair. The goal

wireless retailers about

leading wholesale supplier of

the fastest growing customer

of the Wireless Repair EXPO

sourcing parts and tools for the

service segments in wireless

is to bring forward education,

repair side of their business.

retail. During the Wireless

networking and sourcing

Repair EXPO, workshops and

between retailers and suppliers

Jeff Boster, General Manager

hands-on training plus level

of repair parts, tools, and

1 certification will be offered.

services in a single event where

service tools and accessories

eTech Parts will play a key role

retailers can walk away with

for the most popular electronic

in content development for

new revenue opportunities and

devices on the market. Whether

this industry-leading event.

customer service solutions they

Retailers are already signing

can take back to their stores

up for workshop information,


Parts to help lead the repair

how to get into the repair

This strategic sponsorship will

standard for quality parts and

cover orders from businesses of

business, what business models

allow eTech Parts a platform to

repair methods that consumers

all sizes.

work best, and how to become

speak directly with independent

can trust.”

repair parts for iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®, MacBook®, and other Smartphones. They carry a full line of top quality repair parts,

you need one screen or one thousand, eTech Parts has enough inventory on hand to


hungry to know more about

of eTech Parts, is looking forward to the event and the benefits it will have on the repair community. “Partnering up with WDM and CTIA is an exciting opportunity for eTech industry towards a common


About eTech Parts

Experienced Repair Team

Dedicated (Coffeefueled) Support

Round-the-Clock Convenience

Repair Shop Experience Members of their staff have run some of the most well known iPod, iPhone and Mac Repair companies in the country. They have been in the shoes of the retailer and know what is needed from a wholesale distributor.

Customer Service - Their

Same Day Shipping - FedEx orders placed by 3PM Central Time will be shipped the same day provided they are not temporarily out of stock; 99% of products are in stock each day.

Vendor Relations - They have been cultivating relationships with parts vendors for more than 10 years. Boasting a large buying power and 10-year ordering history makes them a preferred customer among their vendors. They are able to pass through special pricing and often get first dibs on hard to find parts. Repair Experience – With over 50 years combined technical experience, they are highly knowledgeable on repairs and experts on the parts. 61

customer service team is available to assist with any questions Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CST. Customers even have the option to call, chat online, or email their customer service representatives. Automated email updates - Their sophisticated website delivers auto-email throughout the order process, including shipment tracking information. 90-Day No Hassle Return Policy - If, for any reason, customers are not satisfied with a purchase, returns can be made within 30 days for full refund. No ‘nickel and dime’ restocking fee for items returned in their original condition. After 30 days and up to 90 days returns can be made for an exchange or a store credit.

Online Wholesale Pricing Wholesale customers gain access to a private (dealer only) website that allows for wholesale orders online. The prices on their website are retail prices. Once approved for a wholesale account, wholesale pricing in addition to the retail price are listed. Quality Parts – Solid vendor relationships and experience allows the team to control the quality of the parts they supply. Fewer defective parts will save you time and money!! Professional Packaging - For convenience, each part is individually packaged and labeled with the description, part number and barcode label. For customers who are reselling eTech Parts products, they intentionally leave

their name off of the product labels. Products purchased from eTech Parts are ready to resell right out of the box. No Minimum Order - They stock the parts in mass quantity so you don’t have to. Customers get the same price whether they spend $1,000 in a day or spread orders out over the month. You get to keep your operating capital instead of tying up your money buying 30 days worth of parts. If you are a dealer looking to purchase products or parts at discount pricing, you have found the right place. The minimum opening order for dealers is only $300. Subsequent orders will have no minimum. If you are a repair shop or purchase repair parts regularly, it is recommended to sign-up for a dealer/wholesale account. Customers love the savings and increase to the bottom line. To become a wholesaler or purchase parts, sign up at www.etechparts.com 62

ACCEPT PAYMENTS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Dealer & Merchant Advantages No Credit Checks: In-House Payment Plan You Decide the Contract/Payment Terms Automatic Conversion to Your Account More Payment Options for Customers Advantage Over the Competition Up-Sell Better Services/Products Sell More Products/Services

Give Your Company The Edge Over The Competitors! This program is designed for today’s economy, giving the ability to make the purchase your customers need and want, but allowing them an option to pay over a 90-day period - While walking away the same day with the product they want or service they need. This gives your business the advantage by offering a NO CREDIT CHECK service with a simple and easy repayment plan. This service works for industries across the board. 63

Preferred Rates 2.59% Universal Rates 3.49% No Transaction Fee


PCI DSS Compliant & Secure Accept Checks & EZ Payment Plan Anywhere Store & Forward Option Real Time Management & Back Office Support Affordable & Convenient Easily Upload To Your Quick Books/Quicken System

More Options. Better Service. Earn Residuals. 1-800-863-5995


Sales@eps-na.com 6472 S. Quebec St Englewood, CO 80111 64



The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Balaji Trading, Inc.: two generations in the trade, years of accessories experience and infinite passion for smart design at affordable pricing. by WDM Staff The line of Balaji Trading, Inc.

at Balaji Trading, they echo

products in search of the right

Balaji Trading, Inc. provides

products including their BOLT

this to be true. They are a

product at the right time.

exclusive designs with top-

and Zizo brands are sold in

second- generation family

The website experience is user

notch quality. In a recent

attractive, durable packaging

company founded in 2006, an

friendly and supported by a

making them easy for retailers

entire extended family literally

dedicated team constantly

survey, subjects tested

to sell. Their lineup boasts over

brought up in the accessories

working to improve the

17,000 products, and they have

trade. The Zizo brand, is a

wholesale buying experience.

one of the largest selections of

perfect example of what it

Time is money, especially

rubberized design covers in

really means to draw upon

for retailers, distributors

the industry.

years of experience over two

and wholesalers moving

generations combined with

products. Therefore, they

Balaji Trading is a family

their passion for creating an

fully understand the need to

business spanning two

ideal brand of accessories

order inventory efficiently in

generations. “An apple does

meeting the needs of retail

order to keep up with customer

not fall far from the tree, “ a

customers. Their products

demand. The Balaji Trading

quote that has been stated for

are top quality, at competitive

team is extremely organized

years by people. The saying is

prices. With over 17,000

when it comes to just-in-time

apparently of Eastern origin.

products available, you could

inventory as well as processing

at just $100.00 anyone

It is frequently referred to

say they reinvented the term

orders. Quality control

can join the Balaji trading

the continuity of family

“having a tremendous variety”

matters, providing the tools to

family. The best way to order

characteristics, or that kids are

adding tremendous value

buyers to source accessories is

wholesale is by going to www.

like their parents. Everyone

for retailers, wholesalers

paramount to their success as a

balajiwireless.com registering

has heard of this saying, and

and distributors of wireless

trading partner.

– it’s that simple.


unanimously voted Zizo to be one of the most attractive brands in wireless accessories. The products speak for themselves. Balaji Trading has been brought up as a family, and value family more than anything. People do business with people they know and trust, why not become a part of the Balaji family? With the minimum order for wholesale



BOLT Cover with Kickstand, Holster, Screen Protector, Hook, Lanyard, and Accessories in Retail Packaging

Heartception Rubberized Design Cover

Zizo Wireless’s first in the

Rubber stoppers (screws) to

in the TPU to make it easy

perfect phone case for all of

act as grips and stoppers to

to press.

your consumers’ needs. The

keep your phone case clean

Bolt Cover, is truly attractive,

and from sliding everywhere

Lean, lightweight, accurate, and

iPhone 5c / 5s/ 5

protective, sleek, and most

when set down on flat surfaces.

ultimately elegant.

of all exclusive. Comes with

The interior is a Thermoplastic

Striking box packaging

Sam Galaxy S4 i9500

a screen protector, Branded

polyurethane material that

Feel the power of the Zizo’s Bolt

holster clip, kickstand, key

snuggly hugs the phone, while

Cover and let the product sell

Reinforced to the sides to

ring, belt clip, I.D. holder,

a multiple-layered rubberized

itself. Marketing campaigns,

ensure the durability of

Rubberized ‘Heartception’

charm holder, and a lanyard.

coated hard-shell tightly snaps

social media marketing, and

the case.


Perforated to provide a better

and protects the phone itself.

eye-catching displays are

grip for your phone

All buttons are strict clear-cuts



COMPATIBLE WITH: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000

Protect your phone with style

Precise openings on the

through this sleek cover case.

protector case to allow access to

Provides ultimate protection

all controls and features on

from scratches and its perfect

the phone.


mold keeps the phone trim and trendy.

Packed in high quality poly bag packing.



ZIZO Premium HEX Cover with Anti-Scratch Screen Protector - Metallic Red/Black HEX

Produced by

Sponsored by Protect your phone with style

Precise openings on the

using this sleek protector case.

protector case to allow access to all controls and features on

Provides ultimate protection

the phone.

from scratches and its perfect mold keeps the phone trim

Packed in high quality blister

and trendy.


Reinforced to the sides to

With anti-scratch screen

ensure the durability of


the case.


COMPATIBLE WITH: iPhone 5 iPhone 5s

For more information about the BOLT COVERS please visit: www.ZizoWireless.com For WHOLESALE inquires please visit: www.BalajiWireless.com

Discover how to permanently bond your store with your customers for LIFE.

Pre-Register NOW For Your Wireless Repair EXPO Kit at: WirelessRepairExpo.com 1 (800) 862-2609 ext. 222


Wholesale Distributor of Top Brands

Super Pad • • • • • • • •

Pa d & S m a r t P h o n e Dual SIM 7.85" HD (1024x768) OS Android 4.2 CPU 1.5G Quad core 3 M P Fr o n t C a m e r a 8 MP Rear Camera W i fi & 3 G


iPro Magic

iPro i3200

iPro i7320

iPro i3181r

iPr o F8

iPro Venus



5.5 Note



S4 Mini S3 Mini

PARTS In House Repair Service


iPro Retina i15260



5001 NW 72ND AVE MIAMI FL 33166

5001 NW 72ND AVE MIAMI FL 33166

info @ewirelessusa.com | phone: 305-888-2882 | fax: 305-888-8383 | www.ewirelessusa.com

info @ewirelessusa.com | phone: 305-888-2882 | fax: 305-888-8383 | www.ewirelessusa.com

FA C E B O O K PA G E : FA C E B O O K . CO M / E W I R E L E S S U S A | I N S TA G R A M : E W I R E L E S S

FA C E B O O K PA G E : FA C E B O O K . CO M / E W I R E L E S S U S A | I N S TA G R A M : E W I R E L E S S









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Global Warranty Group . . . . . . . . . Pg. 9, 10

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Wireless Dealer Magazine  

Wireless Dealer Magazine has an audience of 76,000 independent wireless retail buyers.

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Wireless Dealer Magazine has an audience of 76,000 independent wireless retail buyers.

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