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Find Out How Going Green Can Save You Green!

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We started Peak1 Administration in 2002 by serving a select group of employers who were looking to offer innovative benefits while managing costs. By helping them reduce the costs of benefits, we also helped them grow and prosper. Word spread, and the number of clients we serve has grown exponentially. In 2007, we found a technology partner, Lighthouse1, whose vision matched our own. By adopting the Lighthouse1 OnDemand™ platform with its built-in green capabilities, we were able to automate more processes while keeping administrative costs low. We didn’t want to stop there. With further automation enhancements from Lighthouse1, we’re now able to launch Peak1 Green. And, we’re excited to pass along significant savings to you, our valued clients.

If you factor in time, paper and postage, each paper-based communication costs your company $1.85.

Choose your Peak1 Green tier today so you can go green and save green! Receive a 15% discount!

Counting statements, receipts, warranties, and notices, it’s easy to estimate that many companies send at least 1,000 pieces of mail every month. At $1.85 each, that’s more than $22,000 a year. And, that’s only the half of it. In the U.S., it’s estimated that many businesses generate at least a pound of paper per day, per person. If you have 100 employees, that’s 22,000 pounds of paper a year, and with 9 trees going into each 1,000 pounds of paper, that’s more than 2,400 trees. Clearly, it’s important for all of us to reduce, reuse and recycle to reduce costs and protect our environment.

Receive a 35% discount! Tier 3 • Automatic Employer Funding and Bill Payment Required

Tier 2 • Direct Deposit and Debit Card or Claims Ex/PTP Required • Electronic Claims Submissions (online, fax, email) • Electronic Employee Communications • Reporting • File Enrollment

(Requires Tier 2)

Tier 1 • Electronic Reporting • File Enrollment

(Requires Tier 1)

(Requires Tier 1)

You can choose from one of three Peak1 Green tiers, which offer discounted rates on administration fees. Each higher tier includes the benefits and process requirements of the lower tier(s). We’ll help you through any process changes required to get you to the level of automation and savings you desire.* You’ll continue to get superior, responsive service from us, you’ll save on administration fees, and together we’ll save thousands of trees from the paper mills. *Maintaining your discounted rate requires contractual commitment to processes that enable achievement of automation levels.

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If you factor in time, paper and postage, each paper-based communication costs your company $1.85. We didn’t want to stop there. With furthe...

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