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Advanced FSA extends tax-advantaged dollars

An FSA with Advanced Benefits allows an employee to set aside a portion of their pre-tax earnings to pay for qualified medical and/or dependent care expenses. Employees will see a significant tax savings as the account is funded with pre-tax dollars from their paycheck. By setting aside pre-tax money from their paycheck, employees will also end up with a lower taxable amount and as a result, have more take home. The types of FSA accounts that are available are: • Medical Spending Account - reimburses for medical expenses not covered by insurance. • Dependent Care Spending Account - reimburses for dependent care for children and/or a disabled dependent so you and your spouse can work or be full-time students. • Individually Owned Insurance - this account is to help employees whose spouse or children have individual health insurance benefits from pre-tax reimbursement of health premiums paid at home. • Limited Purpose Spending Account - this account helps employees who are enrolled in an HSA put additional pre-tax dollars aside for vision and dental services without disqualifying their HSA Plan.

Advanced Benefits

Maximize Benefits

• Increased employee satisfaction by providing quick and accurate claims reimbursement. • Real people ready to answer questions. You will not have to go through multiple layers of automated menus on the phone to talk to us. • An increased participation level with easy to use debit cards and online enrollment tools. • 24-hour online access for employees to monitor their account. • The entire funds are available to the employee on either the first day of the plan year, or the first time they make a contribution into the plan.

More Money, Added Benefits Advanced FSAs let employees increase their take home pay while providing additional benefits 800.664.3482 | 208.664.3482


Some of the benefits of an FSA with Advanced Benefits include:

ABC Company has 150 employees each contributing $75/month to their Flexible Spending Account on a pre-tax basis.

Number of Participants ............................................150 Average Employee Contribution/Month ...........$75

Annual Employer Savings .....$10,328*

FSA plan reduces personal taxable income

* This amount (7.65%) of total Employee Contributions represents Employer FICA savings -- State and local tax laws vary 800.664.3482 | 208.664.3482

FSA Tax Savings Calculator


FSA_Flyer Advanced FSAs let employees increase their take home pay while providing additional benefits 800.664.3482 | 208.664.3...