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Our years of experience enables you to rest easy

COBRA is burdensome and complex. It changes so often, most employers are just implementing the last round of updates when a new round of requirements comes their way. The scary part is that if even one piece of your compliance puzzle is missing, it can cost your organization literally tens-of-thousand of dollars in fines and litigation. With more than 20 years of COBRA knowledge and service experience, Advanced delivers solid liability protection.

BENEFITS • Reduced risk exposure • Lower administrative costs • Protection from costly litigation and federal regulatory fines • Ability to prove compliance, if challenged

Advanced Benefits

Simplify COBRA

AT A GLANCE; Your COBRA Administration Process: YOU: • Notify Advanced and insurer of insurance additions and deletions

• Send all required notices via First Class mail with proof of mailing for Election, Extension and Unavailability Notices • Receive COBRA Elections and Premium Payments • Notify Insurer or TPA of COBRA additions and deletions • Notify you when to add/delete COBRA participants • Provide simplified online submissions or Electronic Data Transfer (EDT specifications available) • Answer your COBRA questions • Satisfy the four required TAMRA criteria • Monitor COBRA regulations and legal opinions • Update procedures and notices as required • Track all required COBRA dates • Maintain proper documentation of notices • Become your advocate in a COBRA dispute • Provide reports for events submitted and notices sent • Provide toll-free customer and participant support • Provide HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage

Let us help you navigate the COBRA Compliance maze We provide the road map to COBRA compliance 800.664.3482 | 208.664.3482