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Growing to better serve you! In 2002, Advanced Benefits Management, seeing a need to provide their clients with a superior level of service in the adminstration of their employee benefit plans, started our division dedicated to Third Party Administration (TPA). In the 8 years that has followed, we have grown as the regions leading TPA of Consumer Driven Healthcare products. Our reach has expanded well beyond a division of Advanced Benefits Management. As we have grown in the industry, many new companies have come to rely on our services and recognize us as one of the industry leaders in TPA and employee services. As the landscape of Healthcare changes, so do we. We have always been proud of our dedication to Leading the way in Employee Service. With that dedication to lead and provide our clients the best level of service we have become more than just a division of Advanced Benefits Management. It is with that in mind that we are excited to announce that beginning August 1, 2010, we are enhancing our dedication to our existing clients, and expanding to provide our superior level of service to new and existing clients. In doing so, we are stepping out of the role of a division and into our own shoes as a stand alone company, Peak Adminstration. For our existing clients, we are sure you will find this change exciting. Not only will you continue to experience the same level of superior service, but you will now be able to tap into new services such as payroll and consolidated billing. To our new clients, we are looking forward to demonstrating just what has made us an industry leader in employee service.

While our name is changing, our dedication to our clients never will.

ABM 2 Peak Transition Flyer Spec