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eavy Metal Thunder stroke into freedom of the youth. The song of Steppenwolf became one of the first moments when the term heavy metal was used, however in 1968, it wasn’t used in terms of music. Heavy Metal Thunder was a motorcycle model, the same that was seen in the film Easy Rider starring Peter Fond as Wyatt vel. Captain America and Dennis Hopper as Billy, who travelled across America tasting the freedom. Easy Rider is an iconic movie. Soaked with marijuana, LSD, cocaine and the idea of freedom, it takes us for a ride across southern states: from West to East, where the freedom is challenged by social barriers and society. It’s hippie time: their manifest, life and resistance have became one of the most popular and interesting film themes. Easy Rider, however, is not interested in Vietnam war, politics or Woodstock. He seeks freedom, 1960’s lifestyle and counter-culture confronting intolerance, perfectionism and lack of acceptance. This is a road movie embracing one of the biggest conflicts existing in many cultures and religions.

The characters in Easy Rider are not Americans who live accordingly to the common social rules. Billy and

Wyatt are unshaven, have long hair and they question American culture. Wyatt wears leather jacket with huge American flag on the back. Billy has a more cowboy style: brown suede jacket with fringe and cowboy hat. They got money for their road trip by smuggling cocaine from Mexico to Los Angeles. Their Choppers can be seen on the horizon. They are riding through the wilderness of America to arrive at New Orleans where they can chill out at Mardi Gras. Every now and then they stop to smoke a joint. They meet a farm family, and stay a bit longer with a hippie community. However, the farther East, the rarer the sighting of friendliness is. They land up in jail and are not treated like human beings. Their freedom is contagious and they are joined by a young lawyer George Hanson (Jack Nicholson). Dialogues are improvised, but taking into the account the number of smoked joints... one can even believe in aliens that are the topic of the longest discussion in the film. A long sequence of scenes during narcotic flush at New Orleans cemetery is the most known part of the Easy Rider. After reaching their destination, Billy is content about their road trip. However, Wyatt says that they fucked that up. There is a lot of music in Easy Rider. Music makes an important background to the journey of Billy and Wyatt. From Steppenwolf to Jimi Hendrix, the music is en-


graved in the memory. Bod Dylan did not agreed to use his music in the film. This low budget film, being a Fonda’s idea inspired by Wild Angels, changed the perceptions of many Americans. It redefined the culture and society. For example, Fonda said that the idea of the American flag on the back of the jacket was inspired by John Wayne. When he had been wearing this jacked in Los Angeles he was always stopped by the police. However, a year after the film première police included American flag on it’s uniforms, equipment and cars.

Even today, Easy Rider provokes discussion, admiration and nostalgia. And it still defines a lifestyle.


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Born To Be Wild / Easy Rider publ. Rock Axxess Int'l 03.2012


Born To Be Wild / Easy Rider publ. Rock Axxess Int'l 03.2012