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Guatemala Literacy Project The Guatemala Literacy Project is a partnership between North American and Guatemalan Rotary clubs and the non-profit organization Cooperative for Education. This initiative provides badly needed textbooks, library materials, and computer labs to underprivileged children in Guatemala. The Guatemala Literacy Project matches Rotary clubs in North America with needy schools in Guatemala. These clubs raise funds to purchase textbooks, library materials and/or computers. Contributions typically range from $1,000 to $5,000. 100% of funds collected go to the hard costs of the project. Not a cent goes to administration or fundraising. 2010 is the tenth continuous year that the Leavenworth Rotary Club has made contributions to this project. In addition to our financial contributions, four Leavenworth Rotarians have been on six book and computer delivery trips to Guatemala. In addition, two of our friends have been on three such trips.

Birth Defect Project in Guatemala Guatemala has one of the highest birth defect rates, including spina bifida and cleft palate, in the world. Since 2004, Leavenworth Rotary has been involved in programs aimed at reducing the incidence, saving the lives, and improving the quality of life for those born with these defects. This project is a multi-faceted effort to decrease the incidence of these birth defects and to treat those who are born and survive with them. Education of midwives, nutritional supplements for fertile women, mobility assistance, education and training of those with these medical issues are all beginning to have results. One major source of defects is mold which forms on poorly stored corn. This issue is now being attacked.

Rotarians from Cashmere, Leavenworth and Indiana recently visited with these grateful women from Guatemala who were happy to receive help.

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