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THE PROGRAM The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (“MMSD” or the “District”) has long supported developing businesses and workers in the Greater Milwaukee area, through goals for contracting with local, small, minority and women-owned businesses; encouraging mentor-protégé relationships among large firms and small ones; and its Workforce Development Training and Placement Program, which develops disadvantaged firms, identifies future construction managers from underrepresented populations and trains a labor force from a similar population. In 2009, MMSD added to these programs the Regional Internships in Science and Engineering, or “RISE” program. RISE seeks college students from the Greater Milwaukee area who are pursuing careers in science and engineering fields and matches them with current or prospective MMSD consultants and contractors. The students work for the firms over the summer, and in many cases, during the school year as well. RISE students may attend any accredited college or university, but must have resided in MMSD’s Sanitary Sewer Service Area (SSSA) at the time of their high school graduation. The SSSA includes Milwaukee and several surrounding suburban communities. The RISE program is managed by Prism Technical Management & Marketing Services, LLC (“Prism”), a Milwaukee-based consulting firm which patterned the initiative after successful private sector college intern talent development programs, such as Inroads, which has been listed by The Princeton Review and as one of the best internships in America. In addition to paid internships, the students receive a significant amount of training in soft and hard skills both prior to being interviewed and hired, as well as after. In its third year, the RISE program engaged ten students with MMSD and its service providers, including some students returning for their second or third year. The summer of 2011 was full of activity for the students and the employers. Interview training followed by a dynamic interviewing session between the prospective employers and students proved to be successful as all eight new students were placed at jobs. Students not only participated in training sessions focused on commuincation, eithics and workplace issues; they were also able to “get their hands dirty” and get on-the-job experience that gave them the opportunity to connect “book learning” to real-world applications. MMSD and Prism closed out the year by proudly honoring the employers and students and their families for their commitment to excellence at the RISE End of Year Celebration.


The goal of the program is to ensure that science and engineering students from the Greater Milwaukee area, especially those from underrepresented populations, get an opportunity, are connected with local firms, and show the firms and themselves their capabilities, hopefully leading to a professional relationship upon graduation.


I. Academics - Intern Candidates applying for RISE must meet the following academic criteria to compete for a RISE Internship: A. Must be enrolled full-time in an accredited college or university program in the USA. B. Must be a candidate for a Bachelor or Master of Science Degree, or as approved by MMSD. C. Must be enrolled in an MMSD approved curriculum, including, but not limited to: 1. Architectural Engineering 2. Civil Engineering 3. Construction Engineering 4. Construction Management 5. Electrical Engineering 6. Engineering Management 7. Mechanical Engineering 8. Process Controls 9. Structural Engineering D. Minimum 2.4 cumulative GPA. E. Sophomore or greater standing: Must have completed a minimum of 50% of the credits necessary for graduation. II. Residency - Candidates must be able to prove residency in the MMSD Sewer Service Area at the time of high school graduation (see map on page 4). III. Citizenship - Intern candidates must be citizens of the USA.


In addition to employment, the RISE program includes several training exercises for the students. All students who meet the program qualifications and are


selected for the talent pool are invited to an all day training session shortly after the end of the Spring semester. The event is held at the end of the school year to allow out-of-state students the opportunity to participate. Planning is underway to allow out-of-state and even out-of-country students (such as those spending a semester abroad) to participate via webcam or Skype so that the event may be held earlier in the school year to allow for the internships to start earlier. During this initial training, students are prepared for their upcoming interviews with employers. The training focuses on interviewing skills, rĂŠsumĂŠ development, first impressions and more. There is additional training that takes place after the students and employers have been matched with one another following the interview period. Two weekends of training take place, with students in training all day Friday and Saturday. Employers are encouraged to pay the students for their time at the Friday training, but it is not required. The training includes: Written and Oral Communication 10 Things Your Employer Wants You to Know Working as an Engineer Overview of MMSD Operations Responding to Requests for Proposals Contract Law Dressing for Success Project Management Advanced Software Utilization Time, Money, Quality, Safety and Stress Obtaining a Permanent Professional Position Tour of MMSD Treatment Facility Etiquette Training elements include speakers, written exercises, motivational and instructional videos and group discussion.

INTERN EXPERIENCES RISE students get a broad overview of engineered construction projects, either from the perspective of a consulting engineer or construction contractor. The interns are quickly plunged into challenging and meaningful roles. Students and employers report interns actively engaged in various aspects of project cost and time estimating; schedule management; supervision; data entry; document manipulation and control; and general project organization. Students have shown a sincere dedication to learning in their new roles and earning the opportunity for more responsibility and exposure in their fields.


END OF YEAR CELEBRATION MMSD & Prism proudly honored the students and companies who demonstrated their commitment to excellence through participation in the RISE program on Thursday, September 1, 2011 at Rock Bottom Restaurant. In attendance were representatives from MMSD, the RISE students, their parents and loved ones, each of the RISE employers, and other local business owners, executives, public servants, recent engineering graduates and prospective RISE students. The students discussed their summer experiences and the employers were uniform in their praise for the students. Each student and employer received a RISE branded padfolio and certificate of achievement to commemorate the event and the program. Many of those who spoke commented on the wealth of talent that exists locally and lauded the District for its commitment to developing the next generation of engineers and scientists from the Greater Milwaukee area. This year’s participating employers included AECOM, J.F. Ahern, GRAEF, Pieper Electric, Short Elliot Hendrickson (SEH) and WasteCap.

STUDENTS’ FEEDBACK “Thanks to RISE, I have gained more than just experience on the job, I have also gained interview techniques that I never knew about.” “This is a really great program and I am proud to be apart of it.” “Thanks again for all of your help and support this summer! RISE helped me accomplish everything that I wanted to accomplish this summer.” “Through the RISE program and working with my employer, I gained confidence that I can succeed in my chosen field of study and valuable work experience.” “I gained an understanding the contracting process, and over seeing multi-million dollar project. I got in field experience in an uncertain and complex environment. I learned a great deal about horizontal directional drilling, sewers, water treatment, and heavy duty machinary. This was a very valuable experience, and I hoped that I was a value to the company that I worked for.” “Through the RISE program I gained professional and presentation skills. This is a great work experience!” “I gained self confidence, experience and friends through the RISE program.”



P Pieper Electric has been one of the best internship experiences I have ever had. All of the project m managers did their best to keep me occupied with new material to learn from. I can easily say that I have a basic understanding of what a contracting company does and why they are important. T Throughout the summer, I contacted vendors and put together submittals. Although some tasks seemed ssmall, they were never unimportant. It was very interesting and enlightening to see that I was helping my b branch of the company out. All in all, Pieper Electric, Inc. provided me with a great summer internship i d I am completely grateful for the opportunity I had. experience and

Teresa Briggs T

W Working as an intern at WasteCap Resource Solutions has given me an in-depth understanding of professionalism, company dynamics, and the construction and demolition recycling industry. I had the p opportunity to work as a project manager on the MMSD project that is along the Kinnikinnick River. My o rresponsibility was to ensure that the contractors were following recycling initiatives to help them save money. m A Another aspect of my position was to evaluate the structures of homes to see what could be salvaged or recycled before demolition. Based on our findings, we prepared an analysis to companies to show o estimates of savings versus cost. I learned to create initial and final reports of projects, as well as, find more ways to make recycling more efficient and cost effective for companies. This organization has broadened my understanding of recycling and salvage, which has encouraged me to focus my engineering career towards helping other companies become greener. Thank you WasteCap!

John Cain J

I had the opportunity to participate in the RISE program and intern for MMSD. I couldn’t have asked ffor a better introduction to the professional world of engineering and construction management. The program addressed the issues of working in an increasingly competitive and demanding work T eenvironment. I gained experience from shadowing Resident Engineers (RE) on MMSD’s Landfill Gas P Pipeline Project and learned about the different responsibilities of the RE’s in facilitating multi-million dollar projects involving contractors, consultants, government agencies and the general public. I d cconsider this experience priceless in my education and will recommend this program to others.

Charles Green C

I Interning at Prism offered a treasure trove of experience. Soaking up all of the knowledge became priority number one for me. My notebook became filled with valuable information as I got the chance to p ssit in meetings and do site visits. I also worked with company spreadsheets, researching new projects, and analyzing data for existing projects. Working at Prism has been a whirlwind of fulfilling work that a actually utilized the skills I learned in the classroom. As I became more knowledgeable of Prism and its a ffundamentals, I was able to use my skills in more creative ways that benefited Prism and myself. This has been a great opportunity for me and I am glad I got the chance to participate in the RISE program. h

Jennifer Guzman J

I Interning with WasteCap Resources this summer has been such a rewarding opportunity, from writing many reports to conducting on site visits. The house visits is where I learned the most because it was a m great hands on experience. We conducted these visits prior to demolition to conclude what is salvageable g iin a home. I was able to see how it is decided what can be reused or recycled. Many materials which we ttake for granted can always be recycled for multiple uses. I have learned so much about recycling for cconstruction and demolition projects. I am very excited to continue this internship onto the demolition aspect. I can’t wait to see what else is in store! a


Chadd Lane C

J Jf-Ahern is a great company to work for; great co-workers, great facilities, and really interesting projects going on. This summer I worked in the Fond Du Lac office, as well as at the job site on the p UW-Stout campus. I have learned a lot more about what it takes to construct a building, the team U work and communication needed to complete the job on time, and also some key ways in problem w ssolving on site. In this type of profession it is very important to utilize these skills in order to finish on time with great results. I also was able to sit in on some company meetings, both large and small o sscale meetings, where they discussed the company as a whole as well as the various projects that JF-Ahern is a involved in. I am so glad to have been given this opportunity and I would not trade my J eexperience working for JF-Ahern for anything.

Clifton Neal C

M experience with the RISE program was an opportunity of a lifetime! I was given the privilege to My iintern at AECOM as an assistant project manager as well as an engineering technician on several cconstruction projects within city of Milwaukee and many other surrounding cities in our area. The sstaff at AECOM was friendly and welcomed me with open arms to the AECOM family. The staff a at Prism was very informative and helpful during the training sessions and showed that they care ttremendously about our career ambitions and future through their dedication to teaching us as i to t be b engineers. My internship provided me the much needed exposure to many different aspects of the we aspire construction management trade and introduced me to employers as a talented young prospective engineer in the city of Milwaukee. The skills I have acquired over this summer will stay with me throughout my career, and I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything in the world.

Rossana Rivero R

T Through the RISE program I have had the opportunity to intern for GRAEF USA, Inc., which is cconsidered one of the top companies for civil engineering in the state of Wisconsin. I was set to work within the structural team whose members are highly qualified. I felt honored to work within this group w of professionals. I gained technical knowledge, and am more confident in the skill sets I am learning o tthrough my Master of Science in structural engineering. I worked on several projects that required me tto interpret and produce drawings such as section drawings, plan drawings and shop drawings. As a Teaching Assistant for the Introduction to Structural Design Class at UW-Milwaukee, this internship gave me a better understanding of the design procedures and considerations, and I will be able to convey this improved vision to other students.

Gabriel Rosenwald G

M experience with AECOM this summer has been phenomenal. The scope of my responsibilities has My greatly exceeded my expectations, and provided me with insight beyond which I’d hoped to attain. I had g ample opportunity to learn about accepted safety procedures, differing disciplines within engineering a and it’s peripheries, and engineering practices of the past. I was allowed, and encouraged, to examine a a range of documents including health and safety documents and building blueprints. I am both happy and proud to have had this opportunity, especially so early in my collegiate career. a

Jade Woodruff J

I have interned with Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH) since the summer of 2009 through the RISE program, and what an amazing journey it has been! I have experienced a plethora of different R ttasks ranging from in office computer drafting on various projects to going out on construction sites a and seeing some of the very projects I’ve drafted being brought to life. I have had the opportunity to eexpand my computer aided design (CAD) which has, by far, been the most rewarding aspect about this iinternship. My professional development has allowed me to work on highway designs, study and do ffield work with local rivers and creeks, as well as, work on construction sites. I can defiantly say that I have truly learned a tremendous amount of valuable information at SEH and through RISE. h


CORPORATE PARTNER’S AECOM is a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental and energy.

J.F. Ahern Co. works for facility owners and general contractors, designing, building, and maintaining systems relating to people’s health, safety, and comfort. Its services include energy solutions, fire protection, HVAC, industrial/process piping, mechanical service, pipe fabrication, plumbing and water/wastewater equipment fabrication and installation.

GRAEF provides engineering, architectural, testing, inspection and other consulting services to clients in a variety of fields, including education, transportation, municipal, infrastructure, healthcare, industrial, bridges and planning / urban design.

Pieper Electric is a dynamic 60 year old electrical and mechanical company serving residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the State of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH) is a multidisciplined, single-source consulting firm of engineers, architects, planners and scientists. They specialize in civil works, transportation, environmental, and energy work.

WasteCap Resource Solutions, Inc. provides waste reduction and recycling assistance for the benefit of business, government and the environment. Its services include construction waste management, accreditation in construction and demolition recycling, and waste and recycling assessments.


CORPORATE PARTNERS’ FEEDBACK (Student names replaced by “***”)

“The experience was good and met my expectation and was overall productive.” “I FEEL IT IS A GREAT PROGRAM, WE ARE GLAD TO PARTICIPATE. “

“Rewarding and surprisingly beneficial. *** was a big part of a couple of projects and fit right in.”


“My experience with RISE is/was positive. I was pleased to participate in the program, and facilitate a postive experience for ***.” “It was rewarding to work with someone so willing to learn and contribute. It was great to have someone jump right into whatever tasks were thrown *** way and never complain.”

BECOME A COPORATE PARTNER An employer information session will be conducted in early Spring, 2011. If you are an employer who is interested in learning more about the RISE program, please contact: Keesha Sutton Training Manager Prism Technical Management & Marketing Services, LLC 6114 W. Capitol Drive, Suite 200 Milwaukee, WI 53216 414.847.0990 X 108


If you are, or know, a student interested in the RISE program, now or in the near future, please complete page one of our application on the last page of this report. If you are eligible for RISE we will send page two, requesting references. You may also go online for more information. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Formal acceptance as an intern is dependent upon the availability of Internships, interviews with potential employers and acceptance of a RISE Internship job offer. If you are interested in hosting a RISE informational session at your college or university, or would like additional information for yourself, please contact us using the information below. Thank you. Keesha Sutton 414.847.0990 X 108/Phone Training Manager 414.847.0992/Fax Prism Technical Management & Marketing Services, LLC 6114 W. Capitol Drive, Suite 200 Milwaukee, WI 53216


If you would like to use your computer to complete this application, go to: (Scroll down to RISE APPLICATION) The Milwaukee RISE Iniave APPLICATION FOR ENGINEERING INTERNSHIP

The RISE Iniave is sponsored by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD). MMSD, however, is not responsible for the management, employment, retenon, or terminaon of students. RISE was developed to assist in reducing the shortage of minories studying and compleng their educaon in the elds of science and engineering and ulmately gaining professional employment in the region. Student interns will be interviewed and employed by independent consultants and contractors, each represenng that they are equal opportunity employers, who agree not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, naonal origin, age, sex, gender, disability, sexual orientaon or any other characterisc protected by law. The purpose of the iniave is to expose students from the Milwaukee area and potenal employers to one another, in an eort to develop a long lasng, mutually benecial professional relaonship. INTRODUCTORY INFORMATION: Student Name: ____________________________________________________ Phone:_______________________ Current Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ City:_____________________ State: ____ Zip:_________ Email: _________________________________________ APPLICANT QUESTIONS: Internship types: (A) Consulng (B) Construcon (C) Administrave (D) Project Management (E) Any Internship Desired (1) ____________________________________ (2) ____________________________________ If hired, can you provide documents required to establish your eligibility to work in the U.S.? Yes No Available Summer Dates: ___________ to _________ Are you 18 years of age or older? Yes No How were you referred to Prism Technical Instute? ___________________________________________________ Have you ever been convicted of, or pled guilty or no contest to, a crime other than a minor trac violaon? Yes No If yes, please explain in detail on a separate piece of paper and include the date of nal disposion of the case and the nature of the oense. This informaon will not necessarily disqualify you from employment but false or misleading informaon will. Factors such as age, me of the oense, seriousness and nature of the violaon, and rehabilitaon will be taken into account.

EDUCATION: College or Technical School College or University Name: _______________________________________________________________________ Major Course of Study: ____________________________________________ GPA: ________ Cum GPA: _________ College Address: ____________________________________________City ________________________ ST _____ Total Credits Needed to Graduate: __________ Credits you will have earned, as of this coming June 1st __________ Expected College Graduaon Date: __________Degree/Diploma: _________________________________________ High School Name of Milwaukee Area High School:____________________________________ Last Grade Completed: ________ High School Address: _________________________________________City ________________________ ST _____ Course of Study: __________________________________________________ Year of Graduaon: ______________ Degree/Diploma area: _____________________________________________ GPA: ________ Cum GPA: _________ Dates Aended From : ____________ to _____________ Other Technical Training Name:______________________________________________________________ Credits Earned:______________ Course of Study:______________________________________________________ Years Aended:______________ Degree/Diploma area: _____________________________________________ GPA: ________ Cum GPA: _________ Dates Aended From : ____________ to _____________ 12 A


The RISE initiative is managed by: Prism Technical Management & Marketing Services, LLC Phone 414.847.0990 Fax 414.847.0992 6114 W Capitol Drive - Suite 200 / Milwaukee, WI 53216

Sponsored by:

Managed by:

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

“Investing in our future� One Student at a Time

2011 RISE Report  

Year in Review of RISE Internship program sponsored by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and Managed by Prism Techical.

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