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June 2013 Issue No. 6

Supplementary Issue CONSULATE GENERAL OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA, MUMBAI, INDIA GATHERING WITH INDONESIAN COMMUNITY : Mumbai, 11 May 2013 : The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI), Mumbai has organized a gathering and an informal meeting with diaspora/ Indonesian citizen in Mumbai. This event was held as a regular working agenda at city and/or states in KJRI's jurisdictions for maintaining communication and interaction with Indonesian community. On this occasion, attended by 55 (fifty five) Indonesian students, professionals/ expatriates and who married with foreigners together with their family. At the same event, KJRI Mumbai has hold a warm welcome to 2 (two) new Homestaff for Mr. Hariyanta Soetarto (Head of Chancery/ Consul of Economics) and Mr. Sandy Alexander Katuuk (Consul of Economics and Socio-Cultural) also to farewell Mr. Dicky Fabrian who has completed his tenure in India.

SPORTS AND GAMES COMPETITION IN CELEBRATION OF THE 68TH INDEPENDENCE DAY OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA :Mumbai, 25 May 2013 and 1 & 8 June 2013 : The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI), Mumbai was held sports and games competition between staffs and Indonesian citizen. The said competition stated in May until June 2013 for badminton, table tennis, carom and domino (single and team match). During the 3 days competition, more than 100 (hundred) Indonesian have participated in Gymkhana Mumbai (Badminton on the 25 May 2013) and KJRI Entertainment & Sport Hall (Table Tennis, carom and Domino on the 1st and 8th June 2013). With this events, KJRI Mumbai would like to keep up the warm relations and sportivity between Indonesian citizen in celebrating the 68th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia on the 17th August 2013. ACHIEVEMENT BALI HAS RECEIVED TOURISM AWARD 2013 FROM "LONELY PLANET MAGAZINE INDIA" :Mumbai, 7 June 2013 : On the occasion of "Travel Awards 2013 Winner" conducted by The Lonely Planet Magazine India on 7 June 2013, Consul Economics and Socio-Cultural has represented the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) Mumbai to receive the award. During the event, also attended by Foreign Representative Officer (Consulate Corps) in Mumbai, Representative of Local Administrative Office, Tour Agents & Tour Operators, Journalists from Mass Media & Television, Supermodels and Bollywood Actress/ Actors. Bali has awarded as "Best Destination for Relaxation and Banyan Tree Ungasan Resort as "Best Travel Facilitators : Hotel for by the travellers' favorites.

GATHERING WITH INDONESIAN COMMUNITY : Chennai, 30 June 2013 : The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI), Mumbai has organized a gathering and an informal meeting with diaspora/ Indonesian citizen in Chennai. This event was held on 30 June 2013 as a regular working agenda from the Socio-Cultural Section at city and/or states in KJRI's jurisdictions for maintaining communication, nationalism, and interaction with Indonesian community also socialization for the coming Election in 2014. On this occasion, attended by 43 (forty three) Indonesian spa therapists, students, professionals/ expatriates and who married with foreigners together with their family also representative officers from the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Chennai. Cristiano Ronaldo : Save the Mangrove, Save the Earth : Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid has joined the campaign for earth's sustainable environment through his appointment as Ambassador for Bali Mangrove. On Wednesday, 26 June, Ronaldo - popularly called CR7 joined Indonesia's President and First Lady, Ani Yudhoyono in planting mangrove seedlings at the Hutan Raya, - or the Great Forest of Ngurah Rai at Tanjung Benoa in Bali. The campaign is the initiative of the Bali Mangrove Forum led by businessman Tomy Winata of Artha Graha. The Forum aims to plant a billion mangroves across the Indonesian islands. On the occasion, President Yudhoyono said that Indonesia has 3.7 million hectares of mangrove forests nation-wide. Mangroves have proven to be most important to prevent coastal abrasion and are buffers against the onslaught of eventual tsunamis. Aimed at increasing public awareness on the importance of mangrove forests, the President galvanized the public to act and save Indonesia's mangrove forests, restore the coastal ecosystem and biodiversity towards a sustainable environment for all. On his side, Ronaldo thanked the President, adding:" I am very happy to be in Indonesia. I hope my role in Bali can strengthen the message to save the mangrove", Ronaldo said. Ronaldo is most popular in Indonesia and has a huge following of football fans around the archipelago. In his speech , Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan informed the audience that Ronaldo first "fell in love" with Indonesia's mangroves when during the 2004 tsunami that wiped out a large part of Aceh in northern Sumatra, a boy named Martunis was found alive saved by the mangroves after

Supplementary Issue (June 2013)

having been buffeted at sea for 19 days. The event that was widely broadcast around the world through tv and social media showed Martunis wearing a T-shirt with the words "CR 7 Ronaldo" on his back. Ronaldo, who saw the clip came to Aceh, met Martunis, who was then in 3rd grade primary school, and gave him a scholarship. In his report Minister Zulkifli also said that Indonesia used to have some 9 million hectares of mangrove forests around the archipelago. But 70 percent of these have been now converted to plantations, agricultural land and human settlement. Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Bali by private jet accompanied by girlfriend Irina Shayk, They also took time to enjoy Bali, and were reported to be entranced with Bali's dramatic kecak (monkey) dance, that depicts an episode from the great Hindu Ramayana epic poem. If, like Ronaldo, you wish to join the Save the Mangrove campaign, log on to : (Source: Antaranews) Medan's New Kuala Namu International Airport set to operate 25 July 2013. Posted on 8 Jul 2013 at 12:44 : Medan's much awaited Kuala Namu International Airport is set to begin operations starting Thursday 25 July 2013, said Airport Director of PT Angkasa Pura II, Salahuddin Rafi to the press. The first aircraft to take off from Kuala Namu is expected to be a Garuda Indonesia plane, leaving Medan , capital of North Sumatra, at 06.0 am West Indonesia Time. Kuala Namu Airport will be the second largest airport in Indoneisa after the Soekarno-Hatta airport in Jakarta to replace the present Polonia airport, which is already the fourth busiest airport in the country after Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya. Medan is the main gateway to the tourist wonders around the magnificent, huge Lake Toba. Built on the former plantation of the PT Perkebunan Tanjung Morawa in Deli Serdang, the Kuala Namu International Airport, has a runway of 3,750 meters by 60 meters to allow landing and take off of wide-bodied aircrafts. The airport is built to serve 9 million passengers in its first phase, and 16 million passsengers in its second phase, catering to 4.5 million international passengers and 2.6 million international transit passengers. The terminal covers a 6.5 hectares area, with 3.5 hectares for commercial use. Simulations and airport technical and navigational checks have been meticulously made since January this year and all are confirmed ready. The airport is 100 percent ready to operate, confirmed Salahuddin to Bisnis Indonesia, although the toll road and highway to the airport from Medan are at the moment as yet 98% completed. The delay in construction has been caused by difficulties in land acquisition. During the transition period, Medan will be served by two airports simultaneously, as Polonia airport will continue to operate, while Kuala Namu undergoes its initial operations. Meanwhile, access to and from the airport must still be made through the old road between Medan and the town of Kuala Namu, some 19 km. north east of Medan and the present Polonia Airport. Passengers will be able to take Damri buses and Trans Medan mini buses between the airport and the city. An airport train line will carry passengers to and from Medan 15 times a day, with a capacity of 172 passengers. The trains and equipment are made in South Korea, the first set is to arrive in early August and the second in December this year. Meantime, INKA, the Indonesian Rail construction company will support the route with Indonesian-made carriages. This will be the first airport train in Indonesia. Construction on the Kuala Namu International Airport has


been delayed a number of times. Originally planned I 1991, it was postponed as a result of the Asian Economic Crisis. Nonetheless, today, since the airport is key in the country's Accelerated Economic Plan (MP3EI), and an important hub in the ASEAN Open Sky 2015 accord, the Kuala Namu Airport has been the focus for the economic development for the whole of Sumatra. Medan's present Polonia Airport, which is located on the outskirts of Medan, and built some 70 years ago, is already over-congested. Its location too near to the city endangers both airplanes as well as local residents. Medan has a very busy domestic air traffic. Its airport receives many international flights. SilkAir and ValuAir fly fromSingapore to Medan, while Kuala Lumpur and Penang are served from Medan by AirAsia, Malaysian Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Firefly, Mandala Airlines (through Tiger Airways) , and Srivijaya Air flights. AirAsia Indonesia flies to Medan from Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Hong Kong. (Source : Bisnis Indonesia, Antara News, Angkasa Pura II) Beautiful Belitung Island now easier accessible from Batam : Starting Wednesday, 26 June, Wings Air, subsidiary of the Lion Group, launched its BatamColouredfish Tanjung Pandan from Gili flights onBelitung island, announced Trawangan the airline, flying three times weekly, flights depart Batam in the Riau Islands Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 16.15 hrs local time.Return flights leave Tanjung Pandan Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 06.40 hrs Western Indonesia Time. For these flights Wings Air will use ATR72-500 aircrafts with a capacity for 72 passengers, said PR Head of Lion Air, Edward Sirait, as reported by Bisnis Indonesia. Beltung island in the province of Bangka-Belitung has risen in popularity since the staging of the popular musical drama which was also made into a film : Laskar Pelangi, or the Rainbow troops. The story tells about hardships experienced by village school children when the lucrative tin mines on Belitung ceased production, but how through perseverance they managed to survive and made it into a creative and succesful career. Belitung is has become a popular tourist destination for its pristine beaches decorated with huge granite rocks. The location where Laskar Pelangi was shot has also become an attraction, besides the island's delicious seafood, served with unique Belitung blended spices. While Batam is popular for its magnificent golf courses and succulent seafood dishes, Batam lies only half an hour by ferry from Singapore. UNESCO adds two historic Indonesian manuscripts to Memory of the World : The autobiography of Indonesian hero Prince Diponegoro entitled "Babad Diponegoro" and "Negarakertagama", a eulogy written by the poet Empu Prapanca to King Hayam Wuruk and Prime Minister Gajah Mada of the great Majapahit kingdom, are now listed in the UNESCO Memory of the World, announced the organization in its website at recent signing of the list by Unesco Director General, Irina Bokova. The two Indonesian manuscripts are part of 52 documents included this year in the collective Memory of the World. Prince Diponegoro was a prince of the royal court of Yogyakarta who waged war against the Dutch between 1825-1830,

Supplementary Issue (June 2013)

in the largest-known war ever held by the Dutch on Java. The war was, therefore, also called: the Java War. Diponegoro was lured by the Dutch to a meeting in Batavia, where he was captured. He was first jailed in the dungeons of the Stadhuis inOld Batavia, then exiled to Manado, in North Sulawesi, and further kept imprisoned in Fort Rotterdam in Makassar, South Sulawesi, where he died on 8 January 1855. During his exile in Manado from May 1831- February 1832, Diponegoro wrote the Babad Diponegoro, the first ever biography in Indonesian literature, said Peter Carey, expert on Indonesian history. Submission to Unesco of both the Babad Diponegoro and the Negarakertagama were made jointly by the Indonesian National Library and the Koninklijk Instituut for Taal,-Land,en Volkenkunde (KITLV) - the Royal Institute for Language, Lands and Anthropology in the Netherlands, since the original manuscripts are kept in Holland, and a copy in Indonesia. Babad Diponegoro was written by hand in the Arabic script by Prince Diponegoro himself, reports Kompas daily. While, the Negarakertagama was first determined in 2005 by Unesco as Memory of the World for the Asia-Pacific, but only this year has it been included as Memory of the World globally, explained Peter Carey. Negarakertagama itself is an epic poem written in the ancient Javanese language by the poet Prapanca in 1365. During the reign of King Hayam Wuruk (1350-1389) and his exemplary Prime Minister Gajah Mada, the kingdom of Majapahit, which had its seat in East Java, reached its golden age in power, extensive territory, culture and welfare of the people. Majapahit is said to have held sway over the present Indonesian islands from Sumatra to Java, Bali, Lombok, Borneo, Celebes to Papua New Guinea and beyond, that included Singapore, parts of Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and the Sulu Islands in the Philippines. Riau Islands: Batam builds Botanic Gardens, Anambas plans Airport : To further green Batam, the Batam authority plans to build an 86.5 hectares Botanic Garden on the islands, equal in size to the one in Bogor near Jakarta. Batam island is only half an hour by ferry from Singapore. The area allocated is around Nongsa. The Science Institute of Indonesia (LIPI) has already given their support to the program and will assist with the necessary expertise. The total budget of Rp. 865 billion will be borne jointly by Batam, the provincial government of the Riau Islands, and the National Budget, and is planned for a number of years' development. Preparations have been started, and LIPI experts have begun to make an inventory of endemic flora and fauna on Batam. Forests have also been scoured to find economic value wood such as the gaharu, pulau, keruing, meranti, pelawan and bintangor, next to finding rattan seeds. LIPI will also study infrastructure needs, with expenses to be borne by the Ministry of Public Works, while Batam authoritieswil be in charge of clearing the land from illegal settlers. The Batam Botanic Gardens wil have a number of functions. For the natural environment, the gardens will be a center for the conservation of the various flora and fauna found in the Riau Islands. The gardens will also serve as water catchment area and become the lungs for Batam. Furthermore the botanic gardens will become an area for education and tourism. Meanwhile, from the Anambas


Islands it is reported that the government has allocated Rp. 230 billion to build the Letung Airport on the island of Jemaja in the Anambas archipelago. The airport is expected to jack up the economy and attract tourism to these remote islands. At present many travel writers have already raved about the beauty of the Anambas seas, which they call as the Sea Gardens of the South China Sea. However, because of limited access, the number of tourists have also been curtailed, said M Sani, Governor of the Riau Islands province. Right now, Anambas can only be reached by ferry from Tanjung Pinang on Bintan island, which takes 9 hours. From Batam there are flights availabe but only on a number of days per week with planes carrying a maximum 48 passengers per flight. Therefore, Anambas needs to construct the Letung Airport on Jemaja, that will have a 1,650 meters long runway, an apron, a terminal and a parking area. Letung Airport is expected to be operational by 2016. Additionally, the local government plans to operate ferries to connect the many islands with the airport. (Source: Kompas daily) International Science and Art Festival 21st 28th September 2013 : ISAF 2013 - International Science and Art Festival in Indonesia is the student festival that organized by IAAS (International Association of students in Agricultural and Related Sciences) Local Committee UGM and UNDIP. There will be hundreds participants from Indonesia and many other countries in the festival that will be held in a week and two places. The festival will take place in Semarang and Yogyakarta Indonesia , on 21st - 28th September 2013, two city with strong education and culture touch. The theme of this festival is The Spirit of ArtGriculture in Achieving "Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi", means we have to integrate agriculture with all of the aspect of our life to reach the peaceful and prosperous life. One of the aspect that will be highlight of this activity is Art that very close to our social life. So we call this as ArtGriculture, how to do agriculture with artistic way. By this festival we want to promote the culture of indonesia and how that culture can influence the agriculture sector of a country. We also want to promote IAAS to the students in not only ASEAN but also Asia, so that the brighter future of agriculture can be materialized through the colaboration of students among the countries. This festival will cover a lot of interesting activities such as : 1. International seminar with the international speakers 2. Cultural show and exhibition that will show you the richness of Indonesian culture 3. Agriculture and city tour 4. Gala dinner 5. and many other activities As the agriculture and related science student, we want to make people understand that agriculture activity is not just an job activity, it is a life activity that have done by our ancestor to make a prosperous civilization. It is a part of a culture which respectfully we said as an Art. Curious? Come and join us at ISAF 2013, and we will make you amaze with what we have prepared for you. (source :

Tourism Indonesia Mart & Expo (TIME) 2013 PASARWISATA 2013 18 - 21 October 2013 Padang, West Sumatra, Inndonesia Visit : |

The Indonesian annual travel mart, the Tourism Indonesia Mart & Expo (TIME) or 'Pasar Wisata Indonesia' will this year take place in Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra after being held for two years in Bandar Lampung. This premier tourism event is scheduled to be held on 18 - 21 October 2013 at Grand Inna Muara Hotel & Convention Centre. Entering its 19th year of conduct, TIME is organized to promote Indonesia as a tourist destination in the international market and at the same time raise the country's image as a global travel destination. As every year, top industry policymakers, sellers and buyers of Indonesian tourism products and services will be participating. TIME accommodates the interests of local industry players seeking to introduce their tourism products and services to the international markets. The event will feature the best of Indonesia's tourist attractions, including exciting destinations and special interests as well as top tourist facilities in the country. The annual mart is run on a yearly rotating basis to promote as much provinces to the world as possible in the future. TIME 2013 is organized by the Indonesian Tourism Council together with the Provincial Government of West Sumatra and is fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy of Indonesia and the entire tourism components in Indonesia. Buyer’s Info HOW TO REGISTER (BUYER) : Buyers invited to attend TIME 2013 are those operating in the main travel markets of Asia, Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, Middle East and many others. They represent travel wholesalers and retailers, incentive organizations, tour operators, meeting planners, destination management planners, etc. http:// Visit :


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