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High Heat kill Bed Bugs Heat offers a solution to eliminating every insect that populates a space including bed bugs and flour beetles. THERMOCLAVE™ heat kills bed bugs where they nest using convection heating for a nontoxic, chemical free solution. Austin, Indiana - Bed bugs are one of the most stubborn insects around. Part of the problem with chemical irradiation is getting insecticide to all the tiny crevices that house eggs. As with most infestations, if you don’t kill them all, they just come back. Chemical treatments that effectively coat an entire area with a substance toxic enough to kill bed bugs will also affect other items like flour storage or food machinery. Heat offers a solution to eliminating every insect that populates a space including bed bugs and flour beetle’s. High heat kills bed bugs, but the temperature requirements make damage a real hazard. The key is to find equipment that offers bed bug exterminating without putting everything else at risk. Exterminators and industry specialists are turning to a company that has already made a name for itself in the power and temperature control business. On Site Manufacturing offers a product for chemical free exterminating that is powerful enough for bed bug heat treatment. THERMOCLAVE™ heat kills bed bugs where they nest. These systems use convection heating for a non-toxic, chemical free solution for homes, factories, commercial warehouses, dorms, hotels, motels, bakeries, vehicles, and self-storage units – aywhere bed bugs and other types of infestations cause havoc. Exterminate with THERMOCLAVE™ to rid the area of insects and other contaminants in an environmentally friendly fashion. Sizing Solutions and Power Equipment On Site Mfg. offers a THERMOCLAVE™ right for any size space. For example, the LTM™ 3 kW THERMOCLAVE™ works best for small surface areas such as trucks or SUV’s. The LTM™ 6 kW unit clears an entire room and can be used for larger vehicles as well. On Site has a solution for multiple dwelling properties and large commercial warehouses, as well. The THERMOCLAVE™ is too powerful for the average wall outlet. Larger units run on 480 volts, 3phase power supply. Smaller systems such as the THERMOCLAVE™ LTM™ 3 kW or LTM™ 6-1 operate at 208/240 volts. A THERMOCLAVE™ heater kills bed bugs, but the electrical force necessary is beyond what is available at most sites. The THERMOCLAVE™ equipment requires a generator, transformer or service entrance to get the right power distribution. The good news is power equipment necessary for bed bug exterminating is available from On Site, as well. They have power output panels able to connect to the buildings electrical system with a suitably rated circuit breaker. On Site offers three different distribution panels for use with the LTM™ 20. Whatever the power needs for the bed bug heat treatment, On Site offers an answer. Pricing Options Heaters kill bed bugs but the process is not cheap. On Site offers a pricing module right for every commercial application. Residents can turn to a professional exterminator that utilizes the THERMOCLAVE™ solution. Companies that go from job to job eliminating the bed bug menace will find the equipment pays for itself over time. Businesses that require the occasional application can rent

a heater system right for their needs. The professionals at On Site will help find the pricing grid appropriate for any service. Chemical treatments cannot possibly cover every space that becomes home to bed bugs. Just killing the insects is not enough. Treatments must deal with eggs that nest in clothes dryers, tiny cracks in the floorboard or the rafters of a warehouse. To eliminate the infestation without the toxic side effects of pesticides, you must kill bed bugs with heat. Homeowners and business professionals face a problem that is hitting headlines regularly, how to kill bed bugs. The answer is heat available with dry, convection processing. The heat produced by On Site Mfg’s THEROMCLAVE™ systems. To learn more about bed bug extermination, visit or call 1-866-9356764. Press Contact : THERMOCLAVE Austin, Indiana 1-866-935-6764

High Heat kill Bed Bugs  

Heat offers a solution to eliminating every insect that populates a space including bed bugs and flour beetles. THERMOCLAVE™ heat kills bed...

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