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This month you will find the very sexy Theresa Ullrich in the calendar on Natanic’s bike “Assid Rain”. He told me the name is in tribute to all the amazing ladies that he has had the pleasure to shoot over the years. Natanic’s photos can be purchased at www.lyfebehindbars. com and you have to trust me that he saves the best work to sell to his fans. What we publish here are just a tease of his real work. What you can order from him are almost sinful.

August ... means that the riding season is in full swing and with that comes many events. I could write about the 110 reasons that we should all ride to Milwaukee at the end of the month but I have a feeling that you all are already aware of the celebration that will take over the South East portion of the state. Besides that little party in Milwaukee, there are many more events that I plan on attending if time and the weather allow. Two such events are the Rookie’s Run out of Plano IL on the 18th and the Dump Run the 24th in Cambria WI. Another event that you will want to check out is the weekly bike night sponsored by the great people at Steelhorse Law. The Steelhorse Lawyers are real riders and can be seen on our cover this month. Pictured are Attorney Emily Jane Bell, Attorney Lauren Stuckert and Attorney Andrew Mishlove. Check out their Facebook page to see what the next bike night theme is. See a complete list of events for both states and around the nation listed on page 32.

If this month’s calendar is a little too sinful for you please read on and enjoy the story about the Pope and follow it up with the CMA article that is sure to please. So I guess this month we go from Sinners to Saints all in one issue. At TRWINOIL we try our best to walk a fine line between the hardcore biker that wants to see more of the sin and the weekend rider that is closer to being a saint. Which one I am I will let only one person judge, but if you have a comment feel free to write to me anytime. Either way you go, enjoy the ride because you only get one.

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Kruser’s Point of View by

Don Kruse

Campin’~ Kruser-Style Well now, isn’t this the time of year? We’ve been waiting for this since last winter… bike-camping time! Lady G and I got ourselves a brand new, extra large tent so that I may stand up in it –almost- so as to save me embarrassment from putting my pants on outside of the tent. It’s even got a second compartment – the tent- where we can sit in and not get bothered by Wisconsin’s state bird, the mosquito! Granted, we won’t use it all too much since we like to mingle with others and see who’s in the area. I’m talking about the second compartment, not the whole tent. So don’t fear you won’t see my rear! Even tho we camp year in, year out we will be doing a “dry run” to make sure everything we need fits on, in and around the bike. New BIG tent = heavier load. So we must make sure all is well balanced as we know the driver –and sometimes the passenger- is in doubt; one way or another.

One year we left the party a wee bit early and packed the bike up with quite a few other people in our area sitting by their camps. Well, as we kept on a packin’, people began to turn their chairs around and watched. You see, we over did it jest a wee bit. A 3 person tent, cooler, 2 sleeping bags, leathers, rain gear, 2 chairs, usual clothes for the two of us, air mattress and pump, first aid “purse”, and a 10’ x 10’ screen tent later Lady G gets on the bike like she’s sitting in a recliner. Yes, we were a rolling AARP Sporty. Poor Paradise felt like a mule train on that trip…. Will this ever take place again? NO! It’s not safe and it’s against TYISWKAGAH/SWTYTMMOSRATTT. (Treat your iron steed with kindness and gentleness and he/she will treat you to many moons of safe rides and tales to tell). So, this year we will be re-doing our thinking and our packing.

As for camping itself? It hasn’t changed a bit compared to how we did it when we were younger…

Age 20

Age 5?

Tent on hill with rocks for mattress.

Tent on level ground with air mattress.

When cold and wet out, start camp fire by dipping sticks into gas tank.

When cold and wet out, be nice. Take the little lady to a warm, dry hotel.

When bugs are biting, remove your shirt to show how tough you are. To impress the girls even more, pour a soda down your pants and sit on the ant hills…

When bugs are biting, put an extra shirt on which has been doused with bug repellant. Then spray some more in your hair (or where it used to be), under your arms and on your belly where it’s sticking out of that just a wee bit too small “Ain’t-I-a-Sexy Biker” t-shirt.

When darkness falls, feel around without the use of a flashlight. You’ll find where you are going, eventually.

When darkness falls, go to bed.

Even if there is no music, sing at the top of your lungs like you’re a member of AC/DC.

Put in ear plugs so you don’t hear the idiots screaming.

Camp on the outside edge of the campgrounds. This way, you can be first out. Make sure there’s a tree tho, just in case you need to do a “leaner”.

Camp near the bathrooms but not so close as to have a need for nose plugs. Remember, those plugs are for your ears. OK, maybe it changed just a tad. Well, at least we ‘all still use a tent, right??? Then again, does land whale mean a thing to you? How-ever you camp, keep one thing in mind, there are others around your campsite. Keep it down when it gets to be night time or –preferably- invite them over to partake in some arthritic medicinal/ hot flash remover potions. Alrighty? ‘Til next time my friends; keep the wheels rolling. ~ Kruser



of time and effort that was put into that building. You can’t compare me to those artists. I felt like the Little Drummer Boy saying ‘here is my little humble offering.’” In fact, when Uhl presented his artwork to the Pope in front of Willie G. and Nancy Davidson, other members of the Harley-Davidson Corporate family, and several Cardinals, Uhl expressed his humility. “I said, your Holiness … as an artist you might imagine I am overwhelmed by the beauty represented here. I am humbled by the opportunity to present you with this gift. On behalf of the Harley-Davidson motor company and myself I present you with ‘Chance Encounter,’ a piece to commemorate this unique moment in history.” The Vatican loved the painting, Uhl said. The Pope smiled for the entire presentation, and greeted the legendary Harley-Davidson artist warmly. “One thing I did get, I was hanging out with Willie G. and Nancy, and as (the Pope) walked away, he turned back around at the picture and then nodded at everyone,” he said. Uhl estimated that Harley’s 110th anniversary celebration in Rome drew about 40,000 bikers, and also featured a bike blessing from the Pontiff himself. “The event itself was like a European Sturgis,” Uhl said. “It wasn’t nearly as raucous, but there were tons of bikes and people. It looked more like a big HOG convention than anything.” While he was at the Vatican, Uhl said he was struck by how genuine the Catholic hierarchy was. Uhl, who grew up as a Catholic, but who has since spent a great

ThePope Pope Francis “likes the Harley stuff.”

That’s what official Harley-Davidson painter David Uhl said about the Pontiff after he presented “Chance Encounter,” a piece that commemorated the motor company’s 110th anniversary celebration in Rome. Uhl, whose home base is in Golden, Colo., was selected to do the piece because of the classical nature of his work. The painting depicts a Vatican official curiously inspecting a 1948 Harley-Davidson FL Panhead in front of St. Peter’s Basilica. The piece was used for specialized Vatican postcards commemorating 10 Thunder Roads WISCONSIN / NORTH ILLINOIS AUGUST 2013

“Those guys (at the Vatican) were really, really genuine. They had a warmth about them that was exceptionally real. They’re still really looked at with respect in Europe. I’m not really a Bible thumpin’ guy at all, but there is an aura there that is really valid and pervasive and you can’t help but get swept away in it.” “The current Pope is really down to earth and a warm human being,” Uhl continued. “He is not pompous at all.” Overall, Uhl said he came away from his experience at the Vatican with reverence and respect for the organization. In addition to participating in the Harley-Davidson celebration activities in Rome, Uhl and his family also decided to stay a little longer and take a European tour. He started in Rome, where he visited all of the ancient ruins. Then, Uhl said he hired a driver who spoke good English to take his family to Tuscany, where they visited a tiny town with families who had lived there since 1100. There, Uhl said his daughter Bella wowed the Italians as she sang an impromptu Italian opera. “She is quite the opera singer,” Uhl said. “That took the little town by surprise. That was so cool.” Afterward, Uhl said the family visited Florence and Sienna, before eventually taking a high speed train to Venice — where Uhl fell in love. “Venice totally knocked my socks off as far as the visual experience goes,” he said. “Next time I go to Italy I am taking a month for Venice because it’s just amazing. I am hugely inspired by that.”

Official Harley-Davidson painter David Uhl presenting Chance Encounter to Pope Francis at the Vatican

Likes Harleys

deal of time researching other religions, said he was struck by the European perception of the church.

Colorado Artist David Uhl Presents Pope Francis With Painting To Commemorate Harley’s 110th Anniversary Celebration In Rome

Following their Italian tour, Uhl said his family flew to Paris, where they met up with friends and were treated to a special tour of the Eiffel Tower. From there, Uhl said they traveled to the south of France, where they were able to just relax and wind down with friends. The end of the Uhl’s tour saw them traveling to Barcelona, Spain, where they were treated to tours from a local point of view. Copies of the postcard that was created for the Harley-Davidson anniversary celebration in Rome, featuring “Chance Encounter,” will be available for sale when Uhl comes to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August. Uhl will be set up at the Gold Dust Casino in Deadwood, as well as at the Buffalo Chip Campground Gallery, next to Michael Lichter’s work. In addition to the postcards, Uhl said he will also have a large selection of his newest pieces, including this year’s Sturgis pieces and another piece he did to commemorate Harley’s 110th anniversary.

Harley-Davidson’s anniversary celebration. Uhl flew to Rome on June 10th to present the painting to the pope and to help open a Harley-Davidson gallery that featured about 20 pieces of his artwork. While there, he toured the Vatican’s art collection, and took in the ancient sites of Rome.

Wendy Pitlick

Uhl said the experience was overwhelming, and that he “felt like the Little Drummer Boy,” when he presented his piece. “This is Sistine Chapel we’re talking about!” Uhl said of the artwork he viewed on his private tour of the Vatican’s art collection. “You can’t believe the amount

At Uhl Studio in Golden, CO

See more of David’s work at: AUGUST 2013 Thunder Roads WISCONSIN / NORTH ILLINOIS 11



ny list of Wisconsin motorcycle destinations has to include Sprecher’s Bar in Leland. Besides being housed in a centuryold edifice, owned by father and son for over 100 years, its insides plastered with loads of Green Bay Packer, deer hunting, and motorcycling pictures, and tended by a colorful and charismatic octogenarian, it is also located in the middle of some of the best motorcycling roads in the state, if not the nation. A few days ago I was able to catch a rainless day and complete my annual ride to Sprecher’s. I’d been trying to find an open day in my schedule that also included good weather, but as we all know this spring has been very wet. The distance down and back—177 miles one way—and my stamina level meant that I required an entire day for my visit. And, of course, I wanted to take my time and enjoy myself once I got to Sprecher’s.

Caught ya lookin’ this could be your ad here

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One of the Very Good Things about modern times is weather radar. Once I made up my mind to ride to Leland, I watched the forecast and monitored the radar for rain anywhere near my route. On the way down and on the way back, weather radar on my new smart phone was invaluable. Two days before, Sauk and Monroe counties—areas I would be in—had been the subject of flash flood warnings and the site of water covered roads. The same thing, only much worse, happened five years ago when Lake Delton completely drained and many roads were washed out due to heavy rain over several days. Many small towns, including Leland, were stranded for weeks. When I phoned ahead I was glad to learn that all the roads were open and everyone at Sprecher’s was fine. Having the entire day afforded me the luxury of being able to avoid the interstate. I followed Hwy 53 to Pigeon Falls, cut east to Northfield on Hwy 121, then rode 16 miles on I-94 to Black River Falls, where I picked up Hwy 27 to Sparta. I tried something new by taking Hwy 71 from Sparta to Elroy, but I won’t do that again. Frost heaves rose up to jolt me every 200 feet or so. I can take a little bit of that, but 20 miles of it is too much. At Union Center I caught Hwy 33 to Reedsburg, then Wisconsin 136 through Rock Springs, County I to New Freedom, and finally County PF and C to Leland.


Darrell Broten

Eighteen glorious miles on PF got my heart pounding. High speed sweepers and tight curves let me unleash the T100, but I wasn’t up to it. Honestly, it’s been over a year since I last rode these highways, and I forgot how fast and twisty they can be. One has to pay attention to them and allow for farm traffic and the attendant mud and manure. You know you’ve been on motorcycle roads when you finally pull up in front of Sprecher’s. I’ll blame gusty winds for not doing justice to the roadways. When I entered Sprecher’s, there was Junior behind the bar, gabbing with a local customer in a red shirt. Junior Sprecher has owned the bar for decades after taking it over from his father, who bought it in 1901. They have been the only owners. It started out as a grocery store, branched into hardware, and then it became a tavern so they could make some money. One unique thing at Sprecher’s is that Junior also sells firearms. A number of rifles, shotguns, and handguns (behind glass) sit on racks behind the bar. Junior routinely takes a gun down to accommodate an interested customer so he/she can heft, aim, and study the weapon in between sips of an adult beverage. Of course, there is conversation. In the time I spent there, the customer in red went on about Triumph motorcycles old and new, hauling hay to Colorado and the Jon Benet Ramsay murder case. We also discussed the recent rainy weather. Junior said, “It’s so very green and lush this year with all the rain.” One customer cautioned, however. “We’re supposed to get 1 to 3 inches more tonight. With that we will be right back to where we were five years ago.” The locals haven’t forgotten how long it took to get all the roads repaired after the rains in 2008. Later on two more patrons strode in, had a beer, and discussed with Junior the merits of hollow point versus conventional ammunition, and the usefulness of the .22 caliber for deer hunting. An avid deer hunter himself, Junior explained why the deer are so active now. “The mother deer are moving their fawns every day to stay safe now that the babies are big enough to keep up with them,” said Junior. Junior serves the usual—and not so usual—tavern fare. There are mixed drinks and beer. But he offers a large variety of craft beers, especially Sprecher’s, both dark and premium. I don’t think Junior is related to the people of Sprecher brewery, though. I pondered whether to have a regular beer, but finally chose a Sprecher root beer on tap. I can’t find it anywhere else (The Waumandee Inn, near Alma, might have it although I am not sure). It’s delicious. With root beer I avoid impairment worries while riding the motorcycle. Safety first, you know. Junior doesn’t do restaurant food. Oh, you can get the normal chips, candy bars, and stuff like that. But he does serve his “world famous” summer sausage sandwiches. I ordered one. Junior came back from the kitchen with two thick slices of sausage between two slabs of authentic Wisconsin cheddar cheese on white bread. Maybe not the healthiest thing to eat, but it tastes good. He makes hundreds of them during the Slimey Crud Run. continued on next page





The Slimey Crud Run is held the first Saturday of May and the first Saturday of October. It’s a gathering of motorcyclists that starts at the Red Mouse in Pine Bluff (near Madison) and ends at Sprecher’s. Everyone follows their own route, takes off when they want to, and leaves when they need to. The only thing organized about it is the date, the start, and the end. The Crud Run was begun years ago by the Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang, a tongue-in-cheek band of riders composed of former University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate students. Years into their careers, the Cruds came across Sprecher’s during one of their rides, took a liking to Junior, and came up with the Crud Run to give him some business as well provide a venue for British and European motorcycles. The first year about 60 motorcyclists took part and now participation is in the thousands, with all kinds of bikes welcome. “We had a great Crud Run last month,” said Junior. “I would say there were four thousand or so.” So many, indeed, that Junior needed extra help behind the bar. I was at Sprecher’s during a Crud Run in October 2005. There had to be at least five thousand people there. All sorts of motorcycles filled up the town. Schelters, a bar across the street from Sprecher’s, also serves food, and it was mobbed. Young crotch rocketeers did wheelies, stoppies, and burnups up and down the main street. I saw a Triumph Rocket III with a Segway attached to its rear end, a bike covered in blue fur, and all kinds of other café racers. Harleys, too. It was a great time. Too soon it was time for me to head back to Eau Claire. I assured Junior I had a rain suit and, better yet, a modern cell phone that showed me where the rain clouds were. We shook hands, and off I went. On the way back I stayed on Highway 33 from Reedsburg all the way to Cashton. Now there’s a highway with lots of bends to it. Near Wildcat State Park the road is positively wicked with near hairpin turns. From Cashton Highway 27 is smooth to Sparta but merely OK from 14 Thunder Roads WISCONSIN / NORTH ILLINOIS AUGUST 2013

there to Black River. I thought I’d save some time and remain on I-94 all the way home, but the traffic was heavy. A small voice within told me. “You don’t belong here.” So I bailed out at Highway 121 and took my usual way north and back home. I hope I can get back to see Junior again this year. Make plans for your own ride there and have a brew with Junior, buy a Slimey Crud T-shirt, and enjoy a salami sandwich. Sprecher’s is a perfect biker destination. As vintage biker Jim Ransom of Duluth said, “Sprecher’s is a feel-good place without equal.” It should be on everyone’s riding A-list.


Fireworks on the Half Mile story and photos by


May 5th thunderstorm caused postponement of the Elkhorn Half Mile motorcycle races. The next track date available turned out to be July 4th, and it couldn’t have been a better choice. The weather for this day was perfect, warm and sunny. With a lot of people having the holiday off, the crowd was great.

Gordon Lunde


Dan Vrana of DVR Enterprises is the promoter of this event. He put on his first Elkhorn Half Mile last year, bringing back an event with a long and rich history. The Elkhorn event had been a tradition at the Walworth County fairgrounds for many years. The races took on the Carrol Resweber Classic name for a few years toward the end of its run in the 80s. Vrana wanted to bring the event back and hopefully restart the tradition of ½ mile flat track racing at the popular venue. Elkhorn is the only limestone track in the area and riders need to change their style drastically to do well here. The races started with a parade lap of bikes carrying the American flag around the track during the National Anthem to honor Independence Day. The classes that ran were a modified version of the normal AMA District 16 series; Lightweights, Vintage, 250, 450, Open Pro classes and more. The most popular racer classes were the 250 and 450 Amateur events. Morgen Mischler won both races, but had to fight hard in the 450 event. Charlotte Kainz came from the back row to catch Mischler on lap three. From there the pair diced for the remaining laps, but Kainz could never put her Honda out front. A great race ensued in the 80s Singles class between Germantown, WI resident Jesse Janisch and Michael Bickerton from Galesburg, IL. The pair swapped the lead several times, often on the same lap. Janisch, riding a Rotax, pulled off the win by a bike length at the finish line. Another hotly contested race was the Pro Twins class. Brad Cramblit out of Des Moines, IA led the first lap with Steve Kasten, Soren Lavalley and Mark Gibson in tow. By lap two Kasten, from Black River Falls, WI took the lead over Cramblit, who dropped out on lap three due to a mechanical failure. Lavalley then took over the number two position and gave Kasten a good battle for the lead. The pair traded places several times over the next few laps. With some serious speed through turn one, Kasten began to pull away at the end and took the win with room to spare.

William Burger – Yamaha Chuck Dickenson – Triumph Tim Roenneburg – BSA

80s Singles • • •

Jesse Janisch – Rotax Michael Bickerton – Honda Ron Williams – Rotax

70s Singles • • •

Michael Bickerton – Honda Randy Thistle – Honda Gerald Chisom – Honda

450 Amateur • • •

Morgen Mischler – Honda Charlotte Kainz – Honda Parker Lange – Suzuki

250 Amateur • • •

Morgen Mischler – Honda Morgan Momroe – Honda Charlotte Kainz – Yamaha

Senior +40 • • •

Tom Hochmuth – Yamaha Dusty Vestal – Yamaha Roger Johnson – Yamaha


Lou Gerencer – BSA Jordan Baber – Honda Alex Johnson – Honda

• • •

Brakeless Hand or Foot Shift • Terry Vestal – H-D • Soren Lavalley – H-D • Michael Anderson – Triumph

Only one injury was reported during the day. Local favorite Brock Schwartzenbacher was injured in a turn one crash when he tangled with an unidentified rider and went down hard. Brock was transferred to a local hospital then flown to Milwaukee for further tests. At press time he was reported up and doing much better. With good attendance by racers and spectators this event will become another tradition at Elkhorn. The venue is superb and the races always provide great entertainment for the fans. You can find information on all AMA District 16 events at 16 Thunder Roads WISCONSIN / NORTH ILLINOIS AUGUST 2013

Lightweight • • •

Pro Twins • • •

Steve Kasten – Yamaha Soren Lavalley – H-D Matt George – H-D

Open Pro • • •

Tyler Butts – Honda Daniel Mischler – Honda David Schultz – Honda


Theresa Ullrich

Nate Ullrich ~

Rookie’s Run Plano IL

Second Sundays Woodstock Triumph

Hog for Dogs Genoa IL

frame raked and windowed by

“Panhead Mike” of Suicycles in Rockdale, Illinois. Thanks to Little John of Xtreme Cycle for the photo-shoot location

1997 Heritage Softail

photographer and bike owner


Woodstock HD Bike Night

Dump Run Cambria WI

Reason 2 Ride Benefit Waunakee WI

August 2013

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Columbia County’s Largest Biker Event Find Our

entertainment schedule on 20 Thunder Roads WISCONSIN / NORTH ILLINOIS AUGUST 2013


Product SPotlight

Kimmy’s Corner


Kimberly Thierry

We Buy Parts too! and West or West and East early riding season in the Midwest can be very windy. On this particular day the winds were calm, and the ride east was absolutely wonderful.


is nearly impossible to t have a bad day when the plans include a bike ride. Because, no matter what, to get from point A to point B you get there on your bike. So, if your original plans to meet up and go out riding with your fellow bikers fall apart there is still the ride. If you are like me ladies, if this happens I don’t stress. Whenever I find myself without someone to go out with, I make it my own reality, get on my bike and ride! Recently, I attempted to meet up with some friends and do the Starved Rock ride. Unfortunately it never panned out. No matter how I tried I could not connect with these folks and found myself stressed out. That is when I took an assessment of the day and decided to skip it all and enjoy the ride! As I sat and collected my thoughts, I remembered the big Lucky 13 sale at Conrad Harley-Davidson in Joliet, IL. Bonus, the day got better! For those of us who often find ourselves riding East


Arriving at Conrad’s I noticed the large crowd of shoppers and the long lines at the checkout. I even ran into a few riders I knew from my way and hit a few words up with them. Lucky 13 got even luckier when I finally got to the counter and the parts department guy took me as a serious shopper. I hate to say it but as a female, it takes a while for the guys in the parts department to ask those simple words, can I help you. Now, the gals in most merchandise departments are all over me like hot chocolate on ice cream. But not so much in the parts department. In my previous article I mention the fact that female riders are one of the largest growing groups in the motorcycle community. That being said, we have bikes too. We like to take and dress our bikes up just like the guys. Clearly, Joel in the parts department knows this and also practices excellent customer service. With a store full of customers he took the time to fully explain and demo the part I was looking for and even introduced me to the service department to assist me with getting my part put on. That poor single guy Andrew in service was just as customer friendly and went above and beyond to assist me with a store full of shoppers taking advantage of the sale!

The Next Big thiNg from Rack and Pull Industries

Rack and Pull Industries features The Rack and the Straight Shooter. Allen Cagle is the Founder and President of Rack and Pull Industries, and he has designed and patented the only equipment in the world that can efficiently and effectively measure a motorcycle for frame damage and/or suspension misalignments in just minutes. This equipment is designed for professional motorcycle repair technicians only. If you own a motorcycle dealership or independent shop and you want to grow your business and increase sales and become more profitable then contact www. and ask about The Rack and the Straight Shooter! The Straight Shooter is the only “live” laser measuring system for motorcycles. It can be used in conjunction with The Rack or stand alone by itself to check for frame damage or misaligned suspension components. The Straight Shooter is a must have tool if a shop does collision repair. The insurance industry in California is already aware of the Straight Shooter and they know it can validate a bent or straight frame. This will remove any guess work for an insurance adjuster and shop owner. I’m sure the insurance companies will appreciate dealing with a shop that can show proof that a bike has frame damage or not! The Straight Shooter is a triangulation measuring system with various targets that when used with The Rack, you can actually see the frame being straightened back to factory specifications. The Straight Shooter also works as a standalone with a bike on a jack or lift. It can help a technician locate the cause of a high speed wobble, directional pull, shake or shimmy. The Straight Shooter measuring system can actually help locate a misaligned, bent or worn out suspension component. The Rack is the only ride up motorcycle frame straightener in the world, and it can also be used as a service rack. It has a rear drop panel that easily unlocks and slides off, so a technician can remove the rear wheel. If the motorcycle is too damaged to ride up the ramp, which it probably will be because 90 % of all wrecked bikes have front end damage, then you can use the winch and dolly system to effortlessly mount the damaged bike on the frame rack for repairs. It has two moveable pulling towers that can pull from any direction needed and has ten tons of pulling capabilities per tower. The Rack has a multitude of tooling and universal mounting brackets to mount any motorcycle for frame repairs without causing anymore damage to the finish of the frame. The front of the motorcycle frame can be repaired without removing the engine or any other drive train components. You don’t have to remove the rear swing arm, rear wheel and fender. Since the bike doesn’t get stripped to the frame, the possibility of breaking clips and seals on wiring connectors that can cause problems down the road are eliminated. According to the insurance industry there is an average of 52 days to

replace a frame. I’ve seen it take more than two months on several occasions. Avoid this time consuming process and start making time and money by using The Rack. You could repair a frame in just hours! There is a power up kit for every motorcycle these days. Some Harleys have 80 horse power and 95 foot pounds of torque when they’re stock. After a little work they go to 125 horse power with 135 foot pounds of torque. My point is all this horse power and torque is great! But it accelerates the wear and tear on suspension mounts, bushings and bearings, and that causes wobbles, pulls, shakes and shimmies. Now as a shop owner you have the opportunity to offer a suspension alignment with a service or when you install new tires on a bike, and as a customer, you can finally ask for one. You get an alignment when you install new tires on your car or truck right? Why wouldn’t you get an alignment on your motorcycle? Hell! You only have two wheels! How important is it to you to make sure they’re properly aligned? Mike Fahey, owner/operator of Grumpy’s Motorcycles, located at 797 San Bruno Ave East in San Bruno is the first shop to own the Straight Shooter. Call Grumpy’s if your motorcycle has any ride quality or handling issues and let him and the Straight Shooter find the problem for you. Customers feel better leaving Grumpy’s knowing they didn’t have to pay two hours labor for diagnostics, there was no guess work. The Straight Shooter can show exactly where the problem is. Article and photo contributed by Allen Cagle of Rack and Pull Industries. Email: / (650) 333-1209. Additional photos by Stan Hill

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THE AIM/NCOM MOTORCYCLE E-NEWS SERVICE is brought to you by Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), and is sponsored by the Law Offices of Richard M. Lester. For more information, call us at 1-(800) ON-A-BIKE or visit us on our website at

NCOM NEWS BYTES 10-06 Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish, National Coalition of Motorcyclists EMISSIONS TESTING NO LONGER REQUIRED FOR MOTORCYCLES The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has dropped its requirement that Phoenix-area motorcycles undergo annual emissions inspections, the last place in the country to require such testing. The federal agency has approved a request from state environmental officials in Arizona that motorcycle tests be discontinued, effective immediately. The request to drop the testing requirement came in response to a 2008 state law requiring the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to do an analysis of pollutants emitted by motorcycles and make a proposal to the federal agency.  “Our analysis has determined that the cost and inconvenience is not providing a significant environmental benefit,” said Trevor Baggiore, deputy director of air quality at ADEQ. Even though motorcycles account for 3.5% of vehicles on the area’s roads, the department’s analysis determined that they emit “insignificant” amounts of pollution, accounting for less than 1% of total emissions in the Phoenix metro area. Pima County (Tucson) and Maricopa County (Phoenix) were the only areas in the United States that required motorcycles to pass yearly emissions inspections at a cost of $19 per test, and Pima County halted motorcycle testing in 2007. Congratulations to ABATE of Arizona, the MMA of Arizona and the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ACMC) for their years of stalwart efforts to relieve Grand Canyon State riders of these unnecessary costs and burdensome time wasted in long lines.   ANTI-ABORTION MEASURE RIDES MOTORCYCLE BILL THROUGH N.C. HOUSE In controversial political maneuvering, the Republican-controlled North Carolina House recently pushed through anti-abortion legislation, using as their vehicle a motorcycle safety bill that lawmakers had stealthily gutted and turned into a measure to further regulate abortion clinics. Republicans introduced the legislation (S.B. 353) in the House Judiciary Committee the previous morning by attaching the abortion provisions to a motorcycle safety bill -- without first notifying either the public or their Democratic colleagues. “This bill came hurriedly through the Senate, rerouted through the House on a motorcycle,” lamented state Rep. Alma Adams (D). “No input from stakeholders, no public scrutiny, no transparency, no fiscal note.” The final vote was 74-41 on July 13; the bill now heads back to the GOP-led state Senate for approval, then on to Governor Pat McCrory (R) who says he will sign the measure into law if it reaches his desk.   GUAM ENACTS “LIMITED HELMET LAW” Originally, Senator Tommy Morrison’s bill called for universal helmet use for all motorcycle riders in the U.S. protectorate of Guam, but the revised version of his proposed helmet law makes it mandatory only for riders under the age of 18 and for those with less than 3 years riding experience. After a lengthy public hearing and receiving input from the community, Bill No. 87 “Limited Helmet Law” passed unanimously, and also requires new riders to first complete a defensive driving/motorcycle safety education course prior to being licensed and prohibits licensees from operating a motorcycle or scooter of larger engine size than that which they take the motorcycle exam on.  In order to operate a motorcycle with a larger engine, the operator must apply and test for a new license under that engine size.   24 Thunder Roads WISCONSIN / NORTH ILLINOIS AUGUST 2013




Changes last year in Michigan’s mandatory helmet law have had a positive effect on motorcycle riding in Michigan, according to ABATE of Michigan. There has been an increase in motorcycle travel in Michigan since April of 2012, said ABATE in a recent press release. “Motorcycle tourism is up. Motorcyclists across the country are coming to Michigan in droves. Very few out-of-state motorcyclists were seen in Michigan before the adult helmet requirement was modified,” according to ABATE.   “Cyclists from across the country are discovering the beauty of the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan. There is an increase of out-of-state participation in Michigan motorcycle events by as much as five times during the summer of 2012.” “Our members have reported an increase in motorcycle tourism since the enactment of the rider choice law,” added Scott Ellis, executive director of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association, which represents more than 1,800 restaurant, bar, party store, hotel and casino establishments across the state. “From Monroe to Muskegon to the Keweenaw Peninsula, more out-of-state motorcyclists are stopping, staying and spending money at our restaurants, hotels and attractions,” he told the Midland Daily News. Motorcycle sales also are up in Michigan, and ABATE says that 2012 was the safest riding season in 10 years for licensed motorcyclists in the state.   MOTORCYCLE CHECKPOINTS IN NEW YORK NET NEARLY A HUNDRED TICKETS More than 80 motorcyclists and their vehicles were checked by speciallytrained State Police motorcycle inspectors near Buffalo, NY in mid-June, with two checkpoints resulting in the issuance of 92 traffic tickets for offenses that included helmet and equipment violations. New York has been the epicenter for the Motorcycle-Only Checkpoint debate, which has resulted in four states; New Hampshire, North Carolina, Virginia and California, passing laws to prohibit law enforcement agencies from establishing motorcycle-only checkpoints. In addition, on the federal level Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) has introduced H.R. 1861 “To stop motorcycle checkpoint funding,” and also contains language “to force the DOT to focus motorcycle safety efforts on crash prevention programs, not national helmet mandates.”   MOTORCYCLE CLUB SUES CITY OVER DISCRIMINATION A local motorcycle club said it was just doing things by the book when it filed a permit to hold a BBQ fundraiser at a local park in Rio Vista, California, but the city and the police chief turned that simple request down.  Now, the motorcycle club is filing suit, claiming it was discriminated against. “No one other than us has ever tried to put in a permit,” Saxon Creed MC President Rob Anderson told News 10/KXTV. “We thought we were doing the right thing.” Last July, the club wanted to hold its fundraising pig roast at Blackwelder Park, the same park where dozens of other community events have been held. So, the group filed for a permit with the city.  But, the request was declined by the police chief and the city. The group held their pig roast this year without problems at a Veteran’s Hall, right next door to the park they applied to last year. Members of Saxon Creed MC say they feel like the request was denied because they are bikers. The group has filed a discrimination lawsuit, claiming its civil rights were violated. They’re suing for $250,000 in damages on behalf of their 15 members.  “It makes me very angry,” Anderson said. “This is America. We all have rights. I don’t like seeing anyone’s rights trampled on.”   MAN ON A MISSION “This will be the most important thing I have ever done.” says Tim King, founder and news editor of, in regard to his scheduled 48-state mo-




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torcycle ride for Veterans. “I am riding 48 states this summer to educate Vets through talks and media appearances about health issues that are taking lives; we’re talking about PTSD/TBI, Agent Orange and the effects of serving aboard toxic military bases.” A former Marine who has covered the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Tim and his wife Bonnie received the NCOM Silver Spoke Award for Media in 2011 for advocating on behalf of motorcycle clubs and riders and their civil rights, and they have also been recognized by the Oregon Confederation of Clubs for Excellence in Journalism. Tim is riding thousands of miles to share the information he has accumulated over his journalism career and nine specific years reporting for Salem-News. com and he’s doing it by himself, so your help can make Tim’s trip safer and more effective. Tim’s covering an ongoing war here at home where Veterans are fighting for their rights, and he’ll be checking in with motorcycle riders who are busy defending their civil rights in regard to club membership and other issues, so he’s enlisting the support of the motorcycle community to publicize and help fund his mission. Along the way he’ll be writing stories and posting photos and videos of the places and people he visits, and you’ll be able to track his progress at and also via this dedicated Facebook page at www.facebook. com/tim.king.146612?ref=tn_tnmn.   VERTICAL MOTORCYCLE LICENSE PLATE BILL CLEARS PA HOUSE Legislation allowing the vertical display of registration plates on motorcycles was recently passed by the state House and now heads to the Senate for consideration. House Bill 1060 is sponsored by state Rep. Mark Keller (R-86).  “This legislation is specific to motorcycles,” explained Rep. Keller.  “Currently, the state vehicle code does not specify how a vehicle registration plate may be mounted. However, regulations in Title 67 of the Pennsylvania Code require horizontal mounting of vehicle registration plates and do not give the option for vertical mounting. HB 1060 would also “authorize the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to produce, upon request, registration plates for motorcycles which display the identifying characters in a vertical alignment.” “Owners of custom-made or vintage motorcycles are sometimes reluctant to mount the registration plate horizontally on the rear fender because doing so interferes with the custom paint job or other custom work done on the cycle,” according to Keller.  “Many of these owners have approached ABATE of Pennsylvania, the motorcycle advocacy group, about making this legislative change, and ABATE supports my legislation.”   MORE RULES PROPOSED FOR CANADIAN RIDERS Saskatchewan is considering more requirements for new motorcycle licensees, supervision for new riders and the possibility of mandatory gear.  The ideas are among more than a dozen changes to motorcycle safety, training and insurance

(800) ON-A-BIKE

rules proposed by Saskatchewan Government Insurance as it looks for ways to reduce claims, save money and quell the roar of angry riders. One suggestion is for potential riders to pass a basic skills test or complete a motorcycle training program before they’re issued a learner’s license. New riders who don’t take the training courses could see an additional $500 a year fee or be restricted on the size of the bike they use. Helmets and eye protection are currently the law in Saskatchewan and similar rules apply across the country, but no other jurisdiction in Canada has mandatory rules for wearing gloves, ankle-covering boots or clothing that cover arms and legs, according to SGI. The review was launched earlier this year after a proposed rate increase which would have seen insurance costs for motorcycles go up by an average of 73% to cover a $9 million gap between what SGI takes in from motorcyclists in fees versus what is paid out for collisions. The public has until the end of July to comment on the proposals and SGI is to report to the government in the fall. The goal is to have the new rules in place for next year’s riding season.   MOTORCYCLE BAN LIFTED IN PAKISTAN After five years, Pakistani authorities have lifted ban on motorcycle riding in Bajaur tribal region. The ban on motorcycle riding was imposed in 2008 when the Taliban stepped up their activities in the region, and the ban was aimed at controlling insurgency and preventing targeted killings because motorcycles were being used for attacks against anti-Taliban forces. The announcement about lifting the ban was made by Brig Ghulam Haidar, a sector army commander, during his speech through the security forces-run FM radio channel (Radio Aman FM 88).  “The lifting of ban on motorcycle riding is a gift for the tribesmen on the eve of the holy month of Ramadan. This good news may enhance happiness of Ramadan,” he said. Brig Ghulam said that imposing the ban on motorcycle riding was a difficult decision but it was taken only in the larger interest of people of the tribal agency. QUOTABLE QUOTE “Success is not final, failure not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” ~ Winston Churchill (1874-1965), British Prime Minister and inspirational WWII leader


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By Dave Verlare CMA ~ Jesus Team Riders

Try Changing Directions Well, riding season is here and in full swing. I’ve been pounding out the miles, jumping from my VTX 1800 to the Gold Wing 1800. This riding stuff never gets old. I’ve talked to a lot of motorcyclists, and biker buddies over the years, and most of them have a favorite ride. It’s one of those rides where you get to go by yourself, and just clear your head, and let all your problems blow off your shoulders for a while. Well, I could tell you how I went down highway so-and-so for 25 miles, down to “Harry’s Hamburger Hut” for the best burgers around. Then I jumped into the saddle and rode 39 miles down highway so-and-so through some really great curves and turns. After that I stopped at “Sally’s Sundae Shack” for the best banana splits around. But to be honest with you, I read enough of those stories to know, one more of those and you are asleep and I totally lost you. So I’ll make mine short, for the past 9 years, my favorite run was about 85 miles, I would head west, then south, then east, and then back north again to my home. It’s a great ride with a lot of scenery and sights. I’ve done this little run probably a couple of hundred times, and just love it. Well, 3 weeks ago, I decided ‘why not try doing this run in the opposite direction’. So I jumped on my VTX 1800 and headed south, then west, then north and then went east toward home. I was seeing things I never saw before. There was a barn with a beautiful painting on it. For the past 9 years, I never knew it was there. Then I went past a house with a side yard that looked like it could have been in Better Homes & Garden magazine. It had a pond, flowers, trees, and all sorts of decorations. I was hoping to see a “Welcome” sign, so I could park the bike and just sit on one of the benches and take it all in. But no such luck. All these years, I was riding past it and did not know it was there. Then as I was heading west, I saw an 8 ft eagle carved out of a tree. It was unbelievable, an again I had missed it. So, where am I going with this one? Just stay with me.

Last Sunday, 5 of us CMA’ers went for a ride to Galena. As we sat for lunch we talked about our past, and how we thought we were going in the right direction in this life. One buddy said how he thought working hard and selling drugs on the side, was the way to go. With all that extra money, he could get the luxuries of life for him and his family. Little did he know, the direction he was going was down the road to destruction. He went on to tell us that he went to a Bike Blessing and ran into a couple of CMA’ers. That’s where, Chaplin John, from our chapter Jesus Team Riders, offered him a cold bottle of water and a chair to sit down in. They talked for a while, and John told him how easy it is to go through life in the wrong direction. If we only try changing directions and then go in the direction God wants us to go in. It really is the only way to go through this life. And yes, the Bible really is our guide book and road map to a better life. It might not always make our life easier, but it truly does help us in the ‘storms of life’. So I have to ask you, Are you going in the right direction in your life? It might be pretty good, but just suppose there’s more. Maybe this whole “Highway to Heaven” makes sense! And maybe the whole God and Bible thing is true! Do you really want to chance it? At 57 years old, I see how fast my life is passing by. It’s really just like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it comes to the end the faster it goes!! Sorry, I just had to throw that in to lighten things up a little bit. And besides, when I first read this little quote, I thought it was just so stinkin funny. OK, back to the serious stuff. So as a fellow motorcyclist, I would ask you to give this story some thought. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Thanks again for taking the time to read this story and I hope and pray I didn’t lose you. God Bless all of you, and hope to see you on the road in the right direction.

cool school

by Phil Hoffman

Panheads Panheads are the coolest motor Harley Davidson every built. They started producing them back in 1948. The 1948 Panhead is a very collectible and wanted year which is probably why Hwywoman (my wife) has one. They made 4,321 EL models, a 61 cubic inch motor or 1000 cc’s and 8,071 FL and FLH with 74 cubic inches or 1200 cc’s motors. They had aluminum overhead valve heads and were 6 volt. The 48 Panhead had a Springer front end and foot clutch hand shift. In 1949 they went to a Hydra Glide front end and that is what the newer Heritage Softails and Fatboys are running today. In 1950 they increased the combustion chambers so they ran a little cooler and faster. In 1952 they phased out the EL models which they only produced 981 of, came out with the K model in 1954 with a 1000 cubic inch motor which was then replaced with the Sportster model in 1957. In 1955 Harley went to O Ring head instead of the old plumber style manifolds. The plumbers were known to leak and have problems but then again I’ve seen them on bikes that have been on the road for over 30 years. 1957 was the last year of the rigid frame. They had been produced from 1903 to 1957. The frames were replaced by the Duo-Glide which meant you had rear shocks and a front end that would float hence the term Duo-Glide. I have a 1962 I restored, won some Easyrider bike shows with and was then featured in Easyriders magazine back in 1999. It was even photographed in Buddy Guys Legends Blues Club in Chicago for that feature. If you’re ever there check out the plaque on the wall to the left of the stage honoring the photo shoot which was a high point of my life. Back in late 1961 Harley Davidson went with the single fire set up. That meant the circuit breaker had 2 sets of points, 2 condensers and 2 cables so each cylinder fire separately. On the exhaust stroke it did not fire like the normal Harley. It was a little difficult to time the rear set of points so in 1962 (the first full production year) they started putting a timing mark on the flywheel to help time rear cylinder. In 1963 Harley went to an outside oiler on the heads which was a better way to get more oil flow and keep them cooler. 1965 was the 1st year of the electric start so they went to the 12 volt system. It made that year a very sought after bike for collectors. What made the 65 cool was the fact that it was the first year for the electric start and the last year of the panhead motor. Harley produced 6,930 bikes which was the most since 1948. I was at a bike show put on by Easyriders in Columbus, Ohio. Black Magic Customs won a first place trophy with a 1952 panhead kicked out 63 degrees running an 18” Springer front end. There were hundreds of bikes there and only 36 trophies awarded. A few knuckleheads placed but the panhead motor definitely held their own. I personally enjoy taking an old worn out panhead motor and transmission, going through it, restoring it and mak-


ing it a thing of beauty. You can ride a stock bike and go through a town on a nice summer day and no one will look. But, go down the same road on a Panhead and you see a bunch of rubber necks checking you out. People can tell they sound different than the new bikes and will most likely agree they are the coolest looking motorcycle Harley ever built. S&S Cycles in Viola, WI used to modify heads in the mid 50’s. They made between 40 and 50 sets of heads of which 12-15 have been accounted for. They flowed 190 cfm’s (cubic feet per minute) at 30 Hg’s (mercury) that many race tuners use today. George Sr started doing panhead conversions as early as 1956-1957. The exchange program started in 1958. It was a Blue Island, IL project with welding being done by Andy Petrusek. Andy did the work in his garage by heating the heads in a furnace he built and welding it per George Sr’s design. Material from the fins that were removed as well as old Harley castings were melted down and re-used in the new shapes and configurations of the heads. S&S continued the service to their customers until the late 1960’s since the shovelheads came out in 1966 and S&S then shifted it’s emphasize to the new motor. Any conversions done in 1969 and later would have been done by Floyd Baker. He was the first non family member employee member of S&S. My Bro Ray has a set of these heads. He has a true piece of racing history. A new panhead in 1948 cost $650.00. In 1953 they cost $750.00 dealer price or $1,000.00 retail price for a new bike. In 1957 the price was $932.25 dealer and $1,243.00 retail. In 1958 they were $1320.00 retail. In 1962 they were $1400.00. In 1965 the retail price was $1,590.00. A motor will cost you $5,000 and you will probably have to go through it as a rebuild but it’s worth every penny. Billy Lane bought a 1949 Panhead at a swap meet in Milwaukee at Harley’s 100th Anniversary party for $4500.00 without a front end. He sold it on EBay for $37,000.00 and all he did was make a unfinished gas tank, put on an old Springer front end and put some of his personal touches on it and wham, $37,000. Not too shabby, but it was Billy Lane. Harley had a great motorcycle with the panheads. There are companies out there that produced repops of panhead motors but they are not the same. The old ones have their own sound and personality. I look back at the 1950’s and you had Elvis, Rock N Roll, Nomad cars and Panheads so it was a very cool time for people to get out and enjoy themselves. In 1986 Harley went back to their roots and they produced the Heritage Softail. If you were to take the silhouette of a Heritage Softail and put it up against the outline of a 1955 Panhead you’d be hard pressed to tell which is which. That’s probably where Harley thought of the name Heritage for the softail. We all know they have sold a ton of these since 1986. In 1997 they introduced the Heritage Springer which looks like the 1948 Panhead. I feel Harley has done well by reintroducing their past bikes. People seem to like them better than Vrod baggers. In closing the Panheads will always be the shining star of all the Harley motors. We all know how the old supply and demand rule goes- they only made so many so the price is going up fast. I think these motors will go for

$10,000 easy in a few years. I’ve already seen a 1937 Knucklehead built by Pete Hill go way past this amount. Pete Hill was a world class top fuel drag racer who was King in the early 90’s. He also has a strong wife like mine or you all would not be reading this article. My wife of 30 years helps me put this down so it’s readable. She’s the real deal, been riding Harleys for over 30 years and yes, she has a 1948 Panhead. Til next month……………ride free! Phil Hoffman

August 29-Sept. 1—Harley-Davidson 110th and HOG 30th Anniversary Celebrations. Milwaukee WI. Custom bike show, world’s largest bike night @ Harley-Davidson Museum, and more. 800-653-8000. september

UpComing Events 2013 Send your charity events to: always Free The upcoming events page contains rides, meetings, parties and other events focused on riding and being surrounded by others that have a passion to ride. Some events listed are for members only but are listed to show you what kind of events these great organizations offer to their members. Please contact the group or business for further details on attending these events. If you have an event your organization or business is having please send the information to Thank you to Darrell Broten for his assistance in putting this list together each month.

WISCONSIN august August 3—RockerBox MotoFest and Street Party. August 2-4—Blues On The Chippewa. Memorial Park, Durand WI. Music, food, car/motorcycle show. Proceeds to local food pantry and music education. 715-647-2154. August 3—RockerBox MotoFest and Street Party. 11AM to 7PM. RiverWest, 818 E Center Street, Milwaukee WI. British iron, scooters, and all kinds of motorcycles. 414-374-3835. August 3-4—Women’s Ride. Route 43 HarleyDavidson, 3736 S Taylor Drive, Sheboygan WI. Overnight ride for women only. 920-458-0777. August 3-4—28th Annual Summer Elkhorn Swap Meet & Car Show. 9:00AM. Walworth County Fairgrounds, 411 East Court St., Elkhorn WI. $7. 608-244-8416. August 4—Ride For Kids. 9:00AM. Firemen’s Park, Lee Street, Middleton WI. Benefiting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. 800-253-6530. August 10—Reason 2 Ride Benefit Run for Justin Benes - Waunakee, WI /

August 11—Harley-Davidson of Wausau Dealer Ride. 9:00AM. 1570 Cty Hwy XX, Rothschild WI. A nice scenic ride of about 200 miles. 715-355-4464. August 13—Appleton Women’s Ride. HarleyDavidson of Appleton, 5322 Clairemont Drive, Appleton WI. 920-757-1651. August 15-17—North Central Regional Retread Rally. Dodgeville WI. Road Run, Mystery ride, 50/50, raffles, and more. Ingrid. 651-245-9106. August 15-17—Wisconsin State HOG Rally. Minocqua Park Complex, Minocqua WI. Rides, parties, fun. 715-869-6080. August 16-17—13th Annual Highground Ride To Remember Motorcycle Rally. Guided rides at 11AM and procession to The Highground at 3PM. Ceremony and picnic to follow. 715-743-4224. August 17—ALS Run. 9:00AM. Straight 8 Bar & Grill, 1361 100th St., Amery WI. 715-268-8926. August 17—Saints M.C. Cheap Thrills 2013. 11:00AM. Great Lakes Dragway, 18411 1st Street, Union Grove WI. $15. Bike rodeo, grass drags, live music, and free beer. 262-662-3377. August 17—Ride For Rover. Hal’s Harley-Davidson, 1925 S Moorland Road, New Berlin WI. 262-8602060.

August 24—Shawano Rider M.C. Annual Run For Shelter. 10:00AM. Shawano Riders Clubhouse, W7641 Cty Hwy MMM, Shawano WI. $15. Benefits the homeless. 715-280-0663. August 24—2nd Annual C.A.R.E. Ride. Hal’ HarleyDavidson, 1925 S Moreland Rd, New Berlin WI. 262-860-2060. August 24—Summer Thunder Poker Run. 9:00AM. Suburban Harley-Davidson, 139 N Main Street, Thiensville WI. $10. Ride, food, live music, silent auction. Proceeds to Saukville Fire Dept. 800-3719098. August 24—6th Annual Veterans Celebration. 10:00AM. Kutter Harley-Davidson, 3223 N Pontiac Drive, Janesville WI. 608-757-0880. August 24-Cambria, WI 10th Annual Dump Run. Poker Run, Pig Roast, Live Auction & Street Dance. Music by Oil Can Harry. Day of the event sign-up begins at 10:00 AM. Ride leaves @ 11:30 AM. Returns @ 4:30 PM. All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society, Columbia County Alzheimer’s/Dementia Alliance along with various local charities. More info visit us @ or find us on facebook. 920 3485733 August 24—British Biker Cooperative General Membership Meeting. Schlossman’s Triumph, 11011 W Silver Springs Dr, Milwaukee WI. Kevin.

September 6—SCVR Chili Feed. 12 Noon. Gas-Lite Tavern, W8945 US Hwy 10, Ellsworth WI. 715-2734839. September 6-8—43rd Annual Wisconsin Dells BMW Rally. Chula Vista Resort, 2501 River Road, Wisconsin Dells WI. $39. Seminars, door prizes, 5k run, field events, 50/50, and more. 800-388-4782. September 11-15—32nd Annual Tomahawk Fall Ride. A variety of activities in the Tomahawk area, including the Rumble Through The Woods Pledge Ride. Live entertainment, auction, vendors, and more at SARA Park. 715-612-0498. September 14—Flood Run. Ride US Hwy 35 on the Wisconsin side, Hwy 61 on the Minnesota side. Champions River Side Resort, W16751Pow Wow Lane, Galesville WI. 608-582-2995. September 28- Ridin for a Cure 19th annual Ride for Breast Cancer Research. Wisconsin Harley Davidson, Oconomowoc, WI. see ad page 5

NORTH ILLINOIS August August 2—Friday Funday Ride. 3:00PM. City Limits Harley-Davidson, 2015 N Rand Rd, Palatine IL. Every first Friday of the month City Limits Harley rides with you. 888-400-4641. August 3—Riding For A Cause, 10:00AM. Litchfield Fireman’s Clubhouse, Lake Lou Yaeger, Litchfield IL. Food, drink, raffle, live music. 217-556-8641. August 3—Showcase Classics Car and Bike Show. Phantom Harley-Davidson, 291 N Cypress St., Manteno IL. 9:00AM. Over 40 classes and trophies awarded. 708-479-6043.

August 24-25—Harley-Davidson of Appleton Demo Days. H-D of Appleton, 5322 Clairemont Drive, Appleton WI. 920-757-1651.

August 4—Hogs For Dogs. 10:00AM. DeKalb County Animal Welfare Shelter. 16173 Baseline Rd, Genoa IL. Benefits the Animal Shelter. 815-7845924.

August 25—Red Rock Bike Night. Red Rock Saloon, 1227 N Water St., Milwaukee WI. Donations at the door benefit Honor Flights. 414-412-6386.

August 4—Bush Pilots Summer Run. 10:00AM. Ted’s Motorcycle World, 4103 Humbert Road, Alton IL. 888-695-4740.

August 24—Fallen Brothers Poker Run. 12 Noon. 1715 Creek Road, West Bend WI. Food, door prizes, live music. Benefits Free S.P.I.R.I.T. Riders. Sue. 262-689-9295.

August 25—Ice Cream Ride For ALS. 11:00AM. 32288 Bushnell Road, Burlington WI. $20. 5 stops, prizes, raffles, games, and free entertainment. 262210-2568.

August 7—Hot Rods and Harleys Bike Night. 5:00PM. Andrae’s Harley-Davidson, 2010 N Lincoln Avenue, Urbana IL. 217-328-2092.

August 24—Dog Dayz Afternoon Motorcycles, Music, and Cars. 11:30AM. 1175 N Appleblossom Drive, Neenah WI. $10. All classic motorcycles. Proceeds to benefit Youth Go. 920-228-0256.

August 28-Sept 2—Milwaukee Rally. 6221 W Layton Avenue, Milwaukee WI. 6 days, 4 dealers, 1 big party. 877-518-4643.

August 23-24—Wisconsin WOW-WOW. Westby WI. State gathering of Women On Wheels members. Marguerite Clanton. 608-513-2547. August 23-25—Very Boring Rally. Duluth MN. Celebrating Aerostitch’s 30th Anniversary. Mixing Famous with the Foolish. 800-224-1994.


August 10—Camp New Hope Benefit Run. 11:00AM. Meet at Camp New Hope, Mattoon IL. $10. Live music, and more. 217-342-3494. August 10—Remembrance Ride. 4:30PM. Coziahr Harley-Davidson, 150 W Marion Avenue, Forsyth IL. 217-877-7115.

August 10—Ride To Keep Diana Running. 9:00AM. 892 S Route 59, Bartlett IL. 3 Stops. Door prizes, raffles, live music, and more. Mike. 630-408-0518.

September 7—Hooters and Scooters Run. 10:00AM. American Legion Post 5, 705 S Larkin Avenue, Joliet IL. 800-872-2283.

August 11—AMA Pro Flat Track Racing. Peoria Race Park, Peoria IL. The Peoria TT has been a staple on the racing schedule since 1947. 386-4921014.

September 7—Heroes Assemble Ride. 9:00AM. Kegel Harley-Davidson, 7125 Harrison Avenue, Rockford IL. $10. Costumed charity ride benefitting Court Appointed Special Advocates. 815-332-7125.

August 17—Charity Run for Shriners Hospital. Ainad Shrine Riders. 10:00AM. Fraternal Order of Eagles, 724 Poplar St., Mt. Carmel IL. $10. 50/50, raffles, and more. 618-262-5044.

September 7—11th Annual Durand Biker Bash and Chili Shootout. Center Street, Durand IL. Live bands, chili tasting, bike contest, and more. 815262-3137.

August 17—Brothers Motorcycle Club Annual Rock Fest. 3:00PM. 6N428 Gary Avenue, Keeneyville IL. $10. Food, door prizes, 50/50, and more.

September 14- Bikes Blues and BBQ. VFW Post 1232 Pekin, IL see ad on page 15.

August 18- Rookie’s Run- The Friendly Tap. Plano IL. This year to benefit Shriners Hospital for Children. 630-552-3696 August 18—Walneck Bike Show and Swap Meet. McHenry County Fairgrounds, 1049 Country Club Rd, Woodstock IL, $7. 630-985-2097. August 18—7th Annual FOMT Poker Run. 9:30AM. Pub Yahoo, 570 S Gary Avenue, Carol Stream IL. Door prizes, pig roast, live music, and more. 630885-3266. August 19—Bikers Take AIMM Against Drunk Drivers. 9:00AM. Woodstock Harley-Davidson, 2050 S Eastwood Dr., Woodstock IL. $25. 630-651-5069. August 23-25—17th Annual BMW Motorrrad Club Northern Illinois Campout. Palace Campgrounds, 11357 US Hwy 20 West, Galena IL. Sight-seeing, chili, and rides. 815-777-2466. August 24—3rd Annual River Valley Ride. 10:00AM. 5400 Cambrian Avenue, Rome IL. Proceeds to Wounded Warrior Project. August 24—5th Annual Sgt John M. Penich Memorial Poker Run. Stone Creek Grill, 206 Sheridan Road, Winthrop Harbor IL. Live band, food specials, raffles, and more. Nicole. 847-249-4399. August 24—17th Annual Dick Andrae Memorial Poker Run. 9:00AM. Andrae’s Harley-Davidson, 2010 N. Lincoln Avenue, Urbana IL. 217-328-2092. August 25—5th Annual Chuckapalooza Biker Bash and Music Fest. 11:00AM. Coach House Bar and Grill, 300 N Roselle Rd, Roselle IL $10. 312-6132467. August 25—5th Annual Wounded Warrior Motorcycle Run. 8:00. Pipe Fitters Local 597, 10850 W 187th St., Mokena IL. Vendors, live music, hog roast, and more. $15. 708-623-6000. september SSeptember 1—AMA Pro Racing Flat Track Racing. Springfield Mile. Illinois State Fairgrounds Race Track, 801 E Sangamon Avenue, Springfield IL. 386492-1014.

September 14—7th Annual Starved Rock Ride to Benefit the DAV. 9:00AM. Veterans Pub & Pizza, 2525 N.E. Adams Street, Peoria IL. $15. Ride, prizes, and raffle. 309-382-1115. September 15—Autism Speaks Benefit Ride. 10:00AM. Fox River Harley-Davidson, 131 S Randall Road, St. Charles IL. Raffle, silent auction, food, live music, and more. 224-567-8573. September 15—Property Of No One Ride. 9:00AM. McHenry Harley-Davidson, 2103 West Route 120, McHenry IL. McHenry’s Ladies Only riding club “tear up the countryside and leave the stress of the week behind.” 815-534-4411.

NATIONAL August July 31-Aug 4—Rally In The Gorge. Stephenson WA. Seminars and poker runs with a diversity of motorcycles and riders. On-site camping. 206-3623027. July 31-Aug 4—36th Annual National Bikers Roundup. Tunica MS. Calling itself the “largest camping rally,” this rally boasts the richest diversity in riders. 816-483-0304. August 5-11—73rd Annual Sturgis Rally and Races. The biggest motorcycle rally in the USA. It’s got everything. Sturgis SD. 605-720-0800. August 17—AMA Pro Racing Flat Track Racing. Indy Mile. Indianapolis IN. 614-856-1900. August 25-29—AMA Land speed Championships. Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. 800262-5646. August 26-30—Rocky Mountain Rendezvous. Concours Owners Group national rally. Idaho Falls ID. 608-697-1399. september September 6-8—Davis Rally. Mikkelson Park, New Hampton IA. $20. Grand poker runs, camping, evening parade, and more. 563-578-5331. September 20-22- Hog Daze, Marion Indiana. www. see ad page 12


K.I.S.S. page composed & edited by Toni McCoy Shearon aka “MaMa Thunder” of Thunder Roads Tennessee

tightly together and place on hot grill and cook till kernels tender. Have extra “whisk mix” to brush over & chow down!


LESLIE FINLEY’S POKE CAKE Submitted by: Leslie Finley of Chapmansboro, TN Prep: 40 min + Cooling * Bake: 30 Min + Chilling

Simple: In a blender, pour in: 1/2 Cup of Apricot Preserves 1 Cup of Grand Marnier 1 Cup of Orange Liqueur Fill the rest to the top with Ballatore’ Sparkling Wine Pulse gently just to break down preserves and pour into champagne flutes or in a highball glass “on the rocks”. (if you don’t know that expression, you’re too young to drink). SPICY SHRIMP...FOIL WRAPPED, ON GRILL 2 Bags of X-Large Shrimp from Grocery (these are already deveined & peeled, with tails on) In large bowl, whisk up: 2 Cups of Quality Balsamic Vinegar 1/2 Cup of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Tbls.. of Crushed Red Pepper Flakes 1 Tbls. of Dried Oregano 1 Tbls. of Basil 1 Tbls. of Parsley Place shrimp (doesn’t matter if frozen or defrosted) in X-large food storage bag. Pour whisked up marinade into bag. Seal tight and gently squeeze bag until all shrimp is covered thoroughly with marinade. Refrigerate and let marinade soak in for one hour. Use Heavy-Duty Reynolds Wrap and tear off 2 big pieces and shape into a big oval bowl with sides. Pour entire mixture of shrimp & marinade into foil bowl; add thin slices of lime is so desired and squeeze top together so that it’s air-tight. Place foil bowl on very hot grill and cook with lid down for 5 minutes and then lid up for 5 minutes. Stand back slightly when opening foil bowl. Hot! Either pour onto serving platter or place foil bowl in middle of table if picnic style. These are so packed with flavor. Can be done with chicken also. CRAZY FLAYVA’ STREET CORN 6 Ears of Corn - Pull down husks of corn but do not remove Whisk together: 1 stick of melted butter, 3 Tbls. of Miracle Whip, 1 cup of thoroughly crumbled Feta cheese & 1 Tbls. of Dried Smoked Paprika & 1 Tbls. of Southwest Seasoning. Put corn onto a platter and cover thoroughly with whisked flayva mix. Pull all husks back up over corn; press

CAKES 1 box white cake mix Follow box directions STRAWBERRY GELATIN 1 ½ cups fresh strawberries - sliced ½ cup water 1 cup plus 2 Tbsp. sugar 1 package strawberry Jell-O BLUEBERRY GELATIN 1 cup fresh blueberries ¼ cup water 2 Tbsp. sugar 1 /2 package Berry Blue Jell-O FROSTING and FILLING 2 ½ cups heavy whipping cream ¾ cup confectioners’ sugar; beat till soft peaks 1. In large bowl, combine the cake mix and prepare exactly per directions. 2. Pour into two greased and floured 8 inch round baking pans. Bake at 350° for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. 3. For strawberry gelatin, in a small saucepan, combine the strawberries, water and sugar, bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer uncovered for 2-3 minutes or until berries are soft. Strain into a small bowl; discard pulp (or refrigerate to eat later!) Dissolve gelatin in syrup, cool to room temperature. Repeat steps to make blueberry gelatin. 4. Use a skewer or end of wooden spoon to poke holes in the top of each cake layer. Pour cooled strawberry mixture over one cake. Pour cooled blueberry mixture over remaining cake. Cover cakes with plastic wrap, refrigerate until gelatin is set – about 2 hours or up to overnight. 5. In a large bowl, beat cream until it begins to thicken. Add confectioners’ sugar, beat until soft peaks form. 6. Run a knife around edge of pans. Remove strawberry cake to a serving plate; spread with 1 cup of whipped cream. Top with blueberry cake. Frost cake with remaining whipped cream. Chill for at least 1 hour before serving. Store leftovers in refrigerator. * Won’t be any. I have eaten this cake & it is truly heavenly.



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