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Cleaning in God’s name Church members clean highway twice a year

Church members have been cleaning up around Peace Lutheran Church in Adel.

By Matt Miller f you’ve been reading news headlines or turned on the TV lately, you know that much attention is devoted to “going green” and taking care of the environment. Although many people may not pay attention to the concerns voiced by researchers, members of Peace Lutheran Church in Adel are playing an important role in cleaning up nature. “We’re taking the opportunity to take care of God’s house and his world,” says Pastor Drew Gangle, speaking on picking up trash along Highway P-58. “We want the beauty of God’s creation to shine out, and there’s nothing worse than having a ditch full of trash to ruin a picturesque scenery.” Peace Lutheran Church cleans approximately two miles of Highway P-58 (the road the church is located on) twice a year after church. The last cleanup was Oct. 5, and Gangle says turnout was good. “We had 15 members show up to help,” he says. “We had all ages helping out, so that was nice to see the interaction among all of them.” Besides cleaning up the highway, Gangle sees the opportunity as a time of fellowship and a time of growing in each other’s faith. A church meal usually accompanies the cleanup. “We use the time out on the



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highway as a time of getting to know each other and to learn about what’s going on in each other’s lives,” Gangle says. “It’s a good time.” Gangle says the group tends to “find a little bit of everything” while out walking the highway, but believes the effort is worth it. “I think cleaning up the highway relates to the Bible because we are taking care of the creation that God has made for us,” he says. “We are called to be good stewards, and hopefully it’ll make you think twice about throwing something out.” The energy and efforts put into cleaning up the highway have also spilled into the church itself. Members are taking care of the building that was dedicated a little more than one year ago. “I’m so glad that everyone is pitching in and helping out cleaning up,” Gangle says. “The highway cleanup is going well, and the same can be said for the church. It makes it more comfortable and welcoming.” AL Peace Lutheran Church 34128 L Ave. 834-2527 Pastor Drew Gangle Worship schedule Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday school: 11 a.m.

Adel Living Nov. 08  
Adel Living Nov. 08  

Peace Lutheran Church 34128 L Ave. 834-2527 Pastor Drew Gangle