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Air Canada Vacations A Buyers Guide - Air Canada Reviews _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Graely - So winter is upon us, you can run from it and you can even hide from it, with a winter vacay that is. If you got the itch to get out of the cold and into your bathing suit you're not the only one and the good news is there is a relaxing trip with your name on it.Air Canada Vacations, a subsidiary of the airline, offers a plethora of travel destination options for all budgets. Whether it's a weeklong getaway to the Caribbean or a two month Euro trip, they have an option for everyone. Partnering with all the largest hotel and resorts in the world, Air Canada Vacations can present you with some of the most memorable trips at some of the lowest costs.

What are the advantages? Plenty is the answer in brevity. Everything from bonus points to travel perks. There is a mountain of reasons to fly and stay with Air Canada Vacations.If you collect "Aeroplan" points then you are a step ahead already. Air Canada actually created the program in 1996 at their head office in Montreal, QC and it offers some sweet incentives for using the service, free trips, cheap flights and much more. Variety is the spice of life and Air Canada Vacations is the spice rack. With over 205 planes in their fleet and flying to over 104 separate countries.

An eclectic choice of destinations means you never have to see the same place twice and why not, there is plenty of world out there to explore.To help sift through all the destinations that they offer, they have an immense team of destination specialists who deal with a specific vacation hot spot and are capable of delivering highly accurate and helpful booking information and advice.

Book your vacation and save on your flight, think of it kind of like amalgamating your phone and cable services. When you combine the two aspects (flight and hotel) you save on both. There is no specific price point but you will find dramatic savings when you book one with the other. One last tip to help you find the best deal for the best price, try booking with a travel agent or agency as they can offer extra discounts that Air Canada Vacations cannot. The reason for that is they look to smaller agencies and agents to help sell their packages and to help incentivize these agencies they give an extra discount which can often be passed on to you.

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