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Eye Deep She brushed back the loose strands of hair behind her ear drawing attention to her distinctly colored eyes. One almond and the other a lavish violet, a hue most uncommon yet an indicator to her innate ability to bow the time and space around her. Those eyes peered into the man across from her, pleading and doing little to mask her impeding fear. Camille's pant was heavy and her body trembled. Placing a hand along her shoulder Anthony Evans moved to quell her anxiety. Though husky and a little on the goofy side, Anthony's presence radiated with a sense of security. "I'm gonna get you out of this," Anthony glanced back over his shoulder. "I promise." A slight smirk emerged along Camille's face. "Thanks," her smile faded. "I-I don't know where to turn. I've been on the run for days from these guys, and then all of a sudden, it's you, you pop up out of nowhere. I think I'm going crazy!" "Hey! Calm down two-tone!" Camille cut Anthony a threatening stare. "It's an organization called Hourglass," Anthony began, his tone becoming serious. "They've been on the map for some time now, working the fields recruiting Breakers left and right to some unknown cause. I'm betting on the trafficking and wet work I keep hearing about on the black-market." "So you are telling me these people that are after me have abilities like mine?" Camille questioned, glancing about as if the enemy could be anywhere around them listening and ready to pounce. "Unlikely, their Breakers tend to work alone or in pairs if the target is dangerous enough. I counted five on the way in, these are only 'do boys'." "Yea with guns and Kevlar!" "I'm moved by your concern, but hey, a hero's gotta know the rest." From within the confines of his jacket Anthony drew his pistol and peered around the corner. Clear. Then he inched slowly around the edge. "H-Hey, hey, wait. Where are you going? You leaving me here?" "Any other options two-tone?" Anthony responded. "They won't be expecting me. All I have to do is find them before they find you. If you sit put, I'll know where you're at. You beginning to see where I'm going with this?"

The husky man winked at the trembling girl, her face flushed. Truly concerned for her well being, Anthony knelt before Camille resting a hand upon each of her arms. He looked her square in the eyes and spoke softly yet reassuringly. "I'm here to help you. I lost friends of my own to people like these guys..." The sound of a roaring fire clouded Anthony's mind. A distraction, like always. He brushed the thought away. "...I won't let them hurt you, even if it costs me my own life. That's a promise... and I intend to keep it." Camille leaned her face into Anthony's chest and used her free hand to pat herself into reassurance. She gingerly pulled back and wiped away several descending tear drops. A smile accompanied her unique yet disturbing stare. Anthony began his sneak assault once more. As he rounded the corner he retrieved his cell phone from his pocket and hit the speed dial. "Charity, I need schematics of this office building's layout and also can you get me a location overlay of the Hourglass operatives tailing Camille?" "I'll do you one better," Charity's voice rang over the phone. "I hacked into the building's security system so I can give you up-to-date first hand movements. So far I've ID'd three men about two corridors down from your position the other two have gone off the radar. Not sure why though." "Maybe it's a blackout area," Anthony responded as he placed his earpiece into position and inched further down the hall. "Maybe," Charity stated. Her voice seemed less convinced, but she allowed the thought to subside. "Ok you can get the jump on one of the operatives. Take the doorway to your right, there is a connecting room there that will position you right at his backside." Anthony did not hesitate, he wrapped his fingers around the door knob and crept into the vacant room. Gun leading, he cleared the area to insurance that it was empty. Anthony moved into the adjoining room and braced himself up against the door. Charity's voice rang over the earpiece, "Anthony, you're clear the agent has his back turned." Two breaths and Anthony reached for the door. Camille's whimper was shallow but could be easily heard throughout the narrow hallways. Fear ravaged her body, sending chills up and down her spine. A tear rolled down the side of her cheek and fell to the floor. "Don't cry, we're here to help." Camille's body froze as the chilling voice reached her ears. She glanced up to see a grim faced man with dark shades on. As a gasp began to leap from her mouth, the Hourglass agent thrust out and clamped a gloved hand around her throat. In one fluid motion he slammed her head into the nearest wall and a buzz emanated from his glove. ZAP! A jolt of electricity surged

throughout Camille's body rendering her half conscious. Her body slumped. ZAP! The second shock woke her with a start. "Let...g-go.. of me!" Camille struggled to pry her assailant's hand from her throat to no avail. "Those eyes of yours are truly remarkable," the agent stated in amazement. "If you continue to squirm I will be forced to electrocute you once more." "W-wha do w-with me?" Tears began streaming down Camille's face as she struggled to speak. Her head was spinning, but Camille forced back the darkness descending upon her. "Almost as if I am seeing a one-winged angel." The Hourglass agent could not tear his gaze away. His eyes locked with Camille's and would not waiver. "Sir? Agent Tannis? We must leave, the authorities are on their way here." The other agent's voice fell on deaf ears. He was much younger than the operative who held Camille captive and clearly beneath him in rank as well. Agent Tannis did not budge just stood poised with Camille clutched within his grasp. The younger agent realizing that his words would not affect his commanding officer, quickly pulled out a small communication device from within his blazer. Camille's gaze veered off in the direction of the scrambling youth and immediately Tannis's eyes followed. Anthony Evans dashed from around the corner and bulldozed the last remaining of the three Hourglass operatives into the adjacent wall. Sensing the man was not completely out Anthony sent a massive punch to the agent's gut, then dropped him with a right hook to the face. As the agent slumped to the floor his earpiece fell out and the voice of a young man could be heard wailing out for backup. "Anthony!" Charity's voice chimed in. "We got a problem, I located the other two operatives. I think they were using some kind of cloaking device. These guys got some advanced high-tech gadgetry." "The problem Charity?" he snapped brushing aside the other comments. He began a brisk jog down the hall back towards Camille. "They've routed the girl. She's been captured." "What the hell?! Why'd you not tell me before...never mind. I'm on my way to her now." Anthony's strides increased as he raced to Camille's rescue. To his surprise, Anthony Evans rounded the corner to see Camille's body extended at every end and floating within midair. Looking past her backside, an unimaginable spiraling shift in time raged. The area before Camille swirled and formed a refracted portal. Anthony stared in awe as the remainder of the Hourglass agents were horrifically ripped into the spiral just as it

vanished with a thunderclap-like snap. Camille dropped to the floor her legs giving way to plant her upon her knees. She could do no more can sob. With the area back to normal and unobstructed, Anthony approached the whimpering female. He knelt down and placed a hand to her shoulder. Camille whipped her head around and pierced Anthony's soul with just her stare. He fell back on his hunches gasping for air. Anthony reached for his neck as if someone was attempting to strangle him. "Anthony?" Charity's voice reached out with alarm. She could clearly hear his wheezing from her end of the comm. "Anthony? What's going on there? Are you okay, reply dammit!" The husky man could feel his life slowly draining away. Camille's eyes still were flooded with tears. Her obscure violet eye illuminated the right side of her face. Anthony reached out a hand to her, his eyes pleading. Mind racing, all he could think was that he had extended a helping hand and this was his repayment. Anthony wanted to cry out and yell to her to stop or even to take her hand in support. He just wanted to help. That was always how it was for Anthony Evans, the boy shunned by even the outcast. Even by the Seven Children of Calamity, who all had perished in the fire. The mentally battered kids of Genesis Halfway Haven, a fanatical rehabilitation hospital for Breakers. Her voice specifically always seemed to play within his head. Ivy. "You're so damn weak. That's why you can't be one of us, loser!" Anthony drew in a breath of fresh air. Camille seemed to suddenly regain her mental state and with a shriek, forced her right eye shut. Camille, ashamed at her actions, stood and backed away. Anthony motioned for her to stay, unable to find his voice. Camille with tears in her eyes spun about and stormed away. "Ww-w-wait!" Anthony's cry did not reach the distressed woman, she had already gone beyond earshot. "Anthony? Did she do anything to hurt you? I swear..." "Calm down Charity, I'm fine." "Thank goodness, you know you really scared me back there." "What'd you think, I was dead or something?" Anthony poked fun at his colleague. "I mean I wasn't far from it, but..." "Don't play around Ant." "You might wanna be careful, I may start thinking you care about me after all." "Whatev!" "Anyhow, Camille's gone. I'd like to go after her but..." "You don't know if she wants to be found right," Charity exclaimed before he could get it out. "Worried about it being another one of those Chesha Bridges moments? Anthony sighed, "Yea." "Hey cheer up. You can't help everyone."

"True, but she really does need some help. She's unstable and a danger to herself." "Look at you. Mr. Captain Save-A-Ho here," Charity laughed. "Anthony, let's just get you back to HQ and after we get everyone up to speed on the recent events we'll begin the search again. As long as she's out there we'll keep looking." Anthony nodded his head while standing. He brushed himself off and glanced about the room. He did feel pretty impressed that he'd taken out three dudes. "You're right, who am I kidding, I'm much too fat to be running around and takin' on guys half my size. I'm on my way back, keep dinner warm."

Eye Deep  

The Hourglass Agents are hot on Camille's heels and their guns are drawn, but she doesn't even know why. Anthony Evans, man with a good soul...

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