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E-mail spam. Junk mail. Online banner ads. We live in an age where we are continually bombarded with messages. In today’s cluttered information age, it is more important than ever for The Arts Agency to establish an easily recognizable visual identity that positions us as a leading advertising agency on the market. As such, it is important that our visual materials project a clear, consistent, and easily remembered image that helps position The Arts Agency as an advertising agency that is unified and strong, consisting of a group of talented individuals working together to achieve success. The purpose of this visual identity guide is to explain the correct use of The Arts Agency logo and other visual representations. The goal is for this guide to serve as a resource to you as you develop printed materials. Adherence to these standards will help ensure the success of The Arts Agency visual identity. This manual does not apply to any other users of the Logo or related marks, each of whom must comply with the terms and conditions of the written agreements that grant them permission to use the Logo or related marks and other applicable graphics standards documents (which contain different standards and requirements).

Our Name

THE FOUR ELEMENTS: The Arts Agency focuses on the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water, to move their clients’ businesses to the next level. We not only evaluate the needs of business right now, but we also look into the future and fill virtually all of our clients’ needs. Each element represents one of the four services the Arts Agency offers: marketing, innovative advertising, video production, and graphic design.


EARTH Marketing and public relations is the earth of a company. Like the ground, a marketing platform needs to be the strong foundation to build a business upon. Without this element a company would be unable to survive. The marketing department focuses on utilizing experiential advertising, contributing reputation management with their clients and heightens consumer brand awareness. The experiential advertising gets people interested in a product by using freeze motion, wearing odd clothing, and other unique marketing tools. The Arts Agency can contribute to reputation management by utilizing conversation with the client’s contacts and help bridge any problem that occurs. Lastly, building the consumer brand awareness can be done with multiple methods expressing brand awareness. WIND Innovative advertising is the wind for the sails of a company and the Arts Agency will be the vessel to take a client to their next destination. By producing effective business networking campaigns, customer conversations will buzz over the Internet and sustain a viral marketing program. This will uphold brand values, fuel consumer awareness online and promote market share. We accomplish this by creating and developing a social networking front. The Arts Agency also proposes creative solutions to build stronger consumer markets, increase the number of new and recurring sales and develop a contact database. The Arts Agency is a company with a vision to turn our clients businesses into a viral market.


WATER Graphic design is the water that expands a company’s name. Water is parallel to graphic design in that both are adaptable elements. This field can transform itself into different materials to fit the clients’ needs. The Arts Agency’s designs become the river to carry a company’s name to the sea of consumers. This department does a wide variety of work from developing advanced graphics, creating print advertising campaigns, building corporate identity to package design all with a dynamic flare. FIRE The video department is the fire that ignites recognition and interest in a company. When a client receives their videos from The Arts Agency, their name will light up over the business world. Like fire, this branch enlightens clients and customers with professional video productions, motion graphics, and animations with the best quality in editing and technology. Our video production department will illuminate a company’s name with their high-quality videos focusing on the clients’ desires, message, image and attention to brand awareness.


ITC Bauhaus BT Light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Medium ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Demi ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Color Assignments

Color Assignments

The Arts Agency logotype have been designed to work together as a unit. The spacing and size relationships between the graphic and the logotype are specific so that The Arts Agency’s identity will remain consistent in all applications. Always keep the graphic and logotype proportions consistent.


The logo and logotype combined should never be reproduced smaller than 1 1/4� in width to ensure legibility.

1 1/4�

Two - Color Reproduction The only colors allowed for two-color reproduction are cyan and black. Below is the approved version of the logo with a two-color treatment:

One-color reproduction The logo may also be reproduced in one color. If one color is used, that color should be solid black or solid cyan. Make sure the background is light enough to provide good contrast so that the logo is legible. Below are the approved versions of the logo with a one-color treatment.

Reverse image The logo and logotype may also be used in reverse form. In these cases, the logo should reverse to a white, with a dark background.

It is important that The Arts Agency’s logo be presented accurately and consistently every time it is used. While this is not an exhaustive list, the following are examples of incorrect uses of the logo and/or logotype.

•Do not distort, change proportion, or redraw the design elements of the logo •Do not print the logo over a heavily textured background •Do not print the logo over a dark background so that the graphic and logotype cannot easily be read. Instead, for dark backgrounds, the logo and compass rose should reverse to white. •Do not rearrange the colors on the logo or logotype •Do not place the elements graphic to the left of the logotype •Do not use a font style other than the approved logotype, which is ITC Bauhaus BT •Do not overlap the elements graphic over the logotype •Do not outline or put a box around the logo •Do not print the two-color version of the logo on a non-white background.

Incorrect Logo Usage


When To Use The Seal The Arts Agency’s seal is to be used only in documents of a formal or official nature, such as commencement programs, diplomas, legal documents, plaques, the president’s stationery, and other presidential documents. Reproduction The seal is available for approved uses by contacting the Office of Public Relations. The seal is not to be scanned or reproduced from a previously printed version. Do not distort, change proportion, or redraw the design elements of the seal. Size The seal should never be reproduced smaller than 1” in diameter to ensure legibility. Color Assignments The seal may be reproduced in one or two colors. The only colors allowed for two-color reproduction of the seal are: Navy Blue on uncoated and coated stock and Solid Black. If one color is used, be sure the background is light enough to provide good contrast so that the details in the seal are legible.


2400 East Las Olas Blvd. Suite A Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 Office: 954.468.7407 • Fax: 954.468.7409


The letterhead with the The Arts Agency logo is designed for legibility, visual identification of the company and simplicity of address information. Letterhead paper should be used only for official external business. No other symbols or devices should appear on the letterhead of the agency. All proposed letterhead variations must first be reviewed and approved by the Office of Public Relations, which will then forward to the president for final approval. Color Letterhead should be printed in two colors. However, exceptions can be made for mass mailings. Envelopes may be printed in either one or two colors, depending on the budget available. Orders Orders for letterhead, envelopes, and other stationary must be placed with the Purchasing Department. To assure consistency in the visual presentation of the agency’s letterhead, please use the following guidelines: When formatting your document, set the left, right, and top margins to 1.5”. The bottom margin should be set to 1.5”. The recommended range for the type size is 9.5 – 12 points, depending on the font used. The suggested type for letters and memos is 12-point Times New Roman. Address information on letterhead should always appear on the right coner at the bottom,

Providing mailing address, complete phone number with the area code, fax number,and Web site address.


Business Cards The business cards have been re-designed to allow more room for personal contact information. The result is a new, two-sided business card, as shown below. Staff are encouraged to use their existing business cards. The two-sided design will be used for new orders. To order new cards, contact the Purchasing Department.


954.830.1354 SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER 2400 East Las Olas Blvd. Suite A Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

O: 954.468.7407 • F: 954.468.7409 •


Publications The Arts Agency’s logo shall be used on all publications, including brochures,newsletters, and catalogs. For ease of reading, the Futura, Caslon 540, Garamond,Helvetica, and Times New Roman types are recommended. The Office of Public Relations is available to provide advice on any concerns that this may raise. Telephone Greetings For all voice mail messages and telephone greetings. The first reference to the agency must be worded “The Arts Agency” or “Design Force” Vehicle And Signs Vehicles and signs will be developed as needed in a manner as consistent with these guidelines as possible. Slight adjustments may need to be made due to the sometimes large or unusual dimensional requirements of vehicles and large signs. Any questions should be directed to the Office of Public Relations.


Rights To The Visual Identities The names “The Arts Agency,” “Designing Force,” as well as visual identities including The Arts Agency logo, seal, graphics, and all their derivatives are the exclusive property of The Arts Agency LLC. Questions regarding their use should be directed to the Office of Public Relations.


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