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LARGE STOCK KJ carries one of the best and largest stock in northen Europe of fish pump hoses, hydraulic hoses specialized for the pelagic industry.



KJ has one of the largest stock of fish pump hoses in sizes from 4� to 20�. The warehouse exists of fish pump fittings, adapter flanges, rail bends, quick release couplings stainless and rubber, bolted split couplings, connecting pipes, and hose clamps.

KJ is the leading supplier in the Faroe Islands of hydraulic fittings for hoses and pipes. The fittings can be found in all sizes and unions, both chromated and AISI316 acid-free stainless steel.

KJ also provides fish pumps, hose reels, and fish reels for all sizes and needs.

KJ has large stock of hydraulic hoses for the pelagic industry. The hoses are custom made with a special layer of rubber that makes the hose both stronger and more flexible without any hardness.

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FOR US, SERVICE IS NOT JUST A STRENGTH, BUT A LIFESTYLE P/F KJ Fagragil 1 FO-530 Kambsdalur Tel +298 40 70 00 Fax +298 40 70 0 1

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