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Kamil Jasiński Scouting . Foreign Affairs . News . Portraits

Seachange Seachange project created thanks to collaboration between our London College of Communication and Seachange. Project focuses on changes on a local level. My work is a review of student living in Southwark, they come from variety of backgrounds. Idea of the project lays in details of what makes their flats feel like home. This is why they show us their space and items.

Syrian Private Scouts Syrian Scouts is a 15,000 organisation in Istanbul, SouthEast Turkey and some areas under Free Syrian Army occupation. They are un-officially recognised by Turkish government and work under Turkish Scout Federation wing, with their help they participate in free camps and can use their facilities. Within their work they focus on self-dependence, openness but also national identity, which becomes harder every day with PICTES Syrian Kids Integration Educational School Programme funded by EU to help their assimilation with Turks. Currently they work on development of leaders.

Palestinian Orthodox Scouts, Bethlehem Tradition of British army participating in all the events as a parade band, after they left, has been a privilege and great tool for scouts. Regular practise to work together within music gives them opportunity to spend time creatively in a team. Then, in the day of celebration whole town is echoing of loud drums and Scottish pipes, in a variety of songs - depending on a group playing.

Kenyan Parlamentar Elections, Kibera Slums, Nairobi Scout work is not only fun but needs very important decisions. On National level those are conversations about future of scouting, partnership programme and regulations like in any other organisations. They are prepared by the headquarters but decision making is a matter of whole country, and the leaders chosen within districts. so that they can represent the voice of their area.

WHY TO DEFY GRAVITY? Within shapes of climbers project is focuing on capturing balance between strength and ambience of the sport. Creating an idea of work out and athletic way of life but also an aesthetic lifestyle and connection to the world.

Polish Navy Ceremonies News Assignments for Polish Gazeta Wyborcza Newspaper related to Polish Navy Ceremonies.

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