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myHRdesk Assessments Why Use Assessments?

 Accurate, Reliable

and Scientifically Validated  Non-Discriminatory

and Legally Defensible  Detects false re-

sponses  Customized Job

Analysis available  Built in validity inter-

pretations  Available on a per-

Using even a single validated assessment can significantly improve workforce quality. Compared o random selection, use of an assessment can prevent the hiring of 40% of poor performers and increase the number of top performers who come through your organization by 40%. myHRdesk provides the opportunity to utilize web-based assessment technology to measure work-relevant traits in prospective candidates. These assessment surveys quickly generate powerful, in-depth reports presented in plain English — all from individual surveys that take between 5-10 minutes (each) to complete. All assessments provided through myHRdesk are accurate, reliable and scientifically validated. Each assessment has been carefully developed according to the national Standard for Educational and Psychological Testing. myHRdesk provides a suite of surveys and assessments that can be tailored to your specific needs! Each candidate will be prompted to complete the full suite of assessments when completing an application via the myHRdesk candidate portal. A simple transaction within myHRdesk will make all candidate scores available to you, without the need to reassess candidates.

job basis or in an unlimited package  Assess unlimited

candidates for each

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Assessment Suite 

Basic Qualifications Survey — Quickly assesses general position qualifications and can be customized to your unique hiring needs.

Integrity Survey — Identifies counterproductive work behaviors in prospective employees.

Sales Inventory Survey — Predicts candidate potential for success in sales roles.

Work Attribute Survey — Measures 8 work related factors and 21 attributes and provides the Candidate-to-Job Matching, Work Attributes and Behavioral Traits reports

Tenure Survey — Estimates the relatively likelihood of voluntary separation by recently hired employees.

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myhrdesk Assessments Overview  

 Detects false re- sponses  Accurate, Reliable and Scientifically Validated  Built in validity inter- pretations  Customized Job Analysi...