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Red Hot Runway Designer Rules &Protocol 1. The only rule regarding your design is that it needs to be a red dress Keep it tasteful, as you are representing yourself & the Columbia College Chicago fashion department

2. All designs must be original and created within the next 3 weeks 3. Dress must be completed by Monday, March 28th Model fitting will be March 28th- a sign-up timesheet will be sent to you by Monday, March 14th.

4. Agency Galatea will provide professional models Your sign up time for the model fitting determines which model you will be paired with. Agency Galatea will oversee hair and makeup, which will be uniform for all models.

5. You will be briefly interviewed and filmed 2 weeks prior to the event The filming sign-up sheet will be sent to you by Monday, March 14. See next document for filming consent form.

6. Designer contract and filming consent form must be signed and turned in by Friday, March 11th Please turn in these forms to the Marketing Communication Office (624 S. Michigan Ave., 8th Floor- to the left of the elevators). Tell the person at the front desk that you are turning in forms for PRSSA- there will be a folder for you to put them in.

7. Media will be present at the Red Hot Runway fashion show You and your red dress are subject to be photographed and filmed by members of the Chicago media

Designer Protocol