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Disconnecting & reconnecting docking stations Disconnecting your docking station / workstation: 1. Shut down your computer. 2. Unplug any wall outlets that are connected to the docking station or its accessories. 3. Please put all computer peripherals into the large plastic bag provided ensuring the bag is correctly labeled. As our SAS resources will be incredibly busy working on connectivity issues, employees must be aware that they are responsible for disconnecting their computer equipment prior to packing and reconnecting after the move into the new office. Make sure you note exactly what cables you remove and where they belong so that all cables are plugged back into the correct places. All network cables will be at your workstation and your phones will be working.

Reconnecting your Docking Station: 1.

Place your Docking Station in a spot that works best for you.


Retrieve all your cables that are used for your Docking Station.


Docking Stations generally have one of the following layouts which have certain ports circled for convenience. * 

See illustration above

4. Start connecting items using the pictures above as guides if you need to in any order or as follows: 4.1. Never force in connections if they do not fit. 4.2. Red Circle – Power Supply. 4.3. Orange and Yellow Circles – Video Display such as monitors. 4.3.1.Check to see if the number of pins and pin configuration on the back are the same. 4.4. Green Circle – Ethernet Port or internet connection. 4.5. Blue Circle – USB Ports for devices such as mouse, keyboard, webcam, etc. 4.5.1.If it does not fit, flip it over and try again. 4.6. Purple Circle – Sound Ports for your speakers (green port) and/or Microphone (Pink/Blue port). 4.7. Anything not circled just find the correct size and shape connection and plug it in. 5. Connect your laptop back into the Docking Station. 6. Turn on your computer and check to make sure everything is working properly. 7. If you need further assistance after following these instructions you can call SAS @

x38403 or email from GOOD on your mobile device and someone will be by to assist you as soon as possible.

Disconnecting and reconnecting docking stations  

A help guide showing how to disconnect and reconnect your docking station

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