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It will be tough to find a better workout than Tae Bbo training, inspired by kick boxing training moves. Billy Blanks started the craze back in the 90s in an effort to do his part to help rid America of its obesity problems. He had already enjoyed success as a kick boxing champion, martial arts movie star, and self-defense instructor before even thinking about making his first tae bo instructional video. The rest is history. Tae bo is now one of the biggest fitness crazes to hit the globe. Blanks' ability to motivate participants and put them through the paces puts him right alongside the popular Tony Little franchise. Humble Beginnings A look at Billy's website shows a complete evolution from humble beginnings, to a diverse workout system filled with videos, workout gear and tae bo club memberships. Since Billy is an extremely success-driven human being, he focuses on the mental aspect of success and physical condition, to tap into your "Power Within." Lots Of Variety New programs like the "Amped" program and "Boot Camp" instructional videos show you intense fat loss exercises and diet plans that are used by many celebrities to get fit quick for movie roles. In the early days back in the 90's Blanks' customers could only order his programs from phone-in call centers, when his infomercials were on television. Nowadays, you can go to the website, look through the various packages and if you sign up, you will get a free 30 day membership to the "Billy Blanks Web Club" forums. Global Product The tae bo name also has a reputation for exceptional customer service and support. All customers are guarantee to be satisfied with the product for up to 30 days after purchase, or you receive a refund. Since the products are popular on the global level, anyone can get started on one of the many programs offered with confidence.

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==== ==== Find out more about Billy Blanks newest workout videos PT 24/7 ==== ====

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