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The clock is ticking. Very soon, you'll be attending Christmas parties with friends, family, colleagues, celebrating the festive season through the New Year. That means you'll be wearing your party clothes and all the excess flab would be hard to hide. Sounds depressing doesn't it? Not if you get up on your feet and whip your body in shape. To lose weight, you have to burn more calories and consume less calories. That way, you'd force your body to burn the fat to make up for the short fall. Get out your notebook and take note of everything that goes into your mouth. How many calories did you consume today. The snacks you take, the extra large portion of food, they all add up. Think before you order your food. If you eat at a fast food restaurant, don't upsize your meal no matter how much savings you might get. You don't need those extra calories anyway. Better yet, cook your own meals and avoid deep fried food. Even salad has its pitfalls. The vegetables alone are good but those creamy salad dressings pile on more calories than you realize. Switch to plain water, with a twist of fresh lemon juice if you can't stand its flat taste. Water has zero calories. Compare that to the number of calories in drinks [] we take for granted. Just switching what you drink makes a major difference. Another trick I learnt from a friend who shed twenty kilos was to drink ice water. Your body burns calories just raising the temperature of the ice water to body temperature. Next you need a workout program that whittles down the flab fast, yet doesn't make you drop dead. I personally like Billy Blanks Elite []. You see results after one workout. At least my highly critical husband noticed a difference after my first workout and was the one who bugged me to stick to the workout plan that came with the billy blanks package. The measuring tape agreed with him as did my clothing. With a disciplined combination of diet and exercise you'd be able to get in shape in time for Christmas. The keyword here is discipline. Motivation. If you are not motivated enough, it wouldn't last. Who do you want to get in shape for? You have to do it for yourself. For you own self esteem and for your health. Do yourself a favour and give it a shot. Make the Christmas party season your goal and see the results for yourself. Take note of your improved stamina, health and the way you look and continue your fitness program for yourself.

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==== ==== Find out more about Billy Blanks newest workout videos PT 24/7 ==== ====

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