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==== ==== Learn how to make money with simple wordpress blogs that take a few minutes to set up. ==== ====

Creating a blog is not as difficult or as complicated as most people will have you think. When thinking about how to create a blog you might often ask yourself what do I blog about? Well the answer to this question can be both simple and complicated. For instance if you are a person who likes to write about the latest gadgets a blog is probably the best thing that ever happened but if you are a stay at home mom who doesn't have interesting to write about then it can be difficult. When thinking about starting a successful blog you need to have a passion to write a post almost everyday. This post can be anywhere from a few hundred words long to a few thousand words. It goes to say that the more time you have the better your blog will work. Once you have decided upon what you are going to write about your next step is actually getting started with blogging. If you are looking to use a free blogging platform then be aware of the fact that they are many websites out there that offer free blogging. However blogging on these free platforms does have its drawbacks i.e. advertisements, and the fact that you cant have your own custom domain name which means that you might not be able to pull as many visitors to your blog as you otherwise would. If you are looking to take control of your blogging you can register a domain name and purchase a domain space. Once you have done that you can download and install 'word press' which is a free blogging software that allows you to blog. There are a number of free tutorials that explain how to use an install word press and because it is not difficult almost anyone can use it.  

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==== ==== Learn how to make money with simple wordpress blogs that take a few minutes to set up. ==== ====

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