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Best Book I Have Read: The Abs Diet by David Zinczenko This book is amazing. David does a great job of keeping things very simple and easy to read. The reason it is called the Abs diet is that he wants you to focus on ab exercises (A), big muscle groups (B) and speed intervals (S). The book itself it pretty long but that is because most of it is actually filled with different workout routines. About half the book is filled with different circuits you can try to keep things different. The best part of his circuits is that he gives you tons of options so you never have an excuse to not work out. You are on the road and stuck in a hotel room? No problem. He gives you an intense workout where you only use your own body weight for resistance. Only have dumb-bells? Again, no problem. He gives you a workout that fits there too. He gives you complete plans for bands, exercise balls, medicine balls or if you have a full gym. David tries to keep things as simple as possible as well by providing you with a list of 12 "power foods" that are very healthy and contain either either tons of nutrients or natural fat burners or protein or something else that your body needs. His recommendation is to include some of these power foods in every meal that you have. Again, he just tries to keep things as simple as possible so you do not feel like you are drinking from a fire-hose. He asks you to work your abs 2-3 times but he really makes sure you work them hard. You don't just need to do 1-2 exercises each time. He shows you how to work your lower abs, upper abs, back and internal muscles to really strengthen your core. He stresses the importance of hitting the large muscle groups like your legs, chest, shoulders and back when you exercise. It is tough to find the time to do long workouts so hitting the large areas in the body can help keep your sessions shorter. Also, when you exercise your larger muscles you typically work the smaller ones at the same time anyway. For example, doing a bench press also works your biceps, triceps, forearms and shoulders. Finally, the workouts you do are intense. You are constantly moving from one muscle group to another with very little rest between them so your heart rate is elevated and your muscles will be on fire. If I could only have one book, this would be the one. The Abs Diet also has some other books that you can buy that provide you with some healthy and fast recipes that you can cook that are tied back to the power foods mentioned above. Best Workout Video: Pretty Much Anything from Billy Blanks Billy has a ton of different videos on the market today and I own one set of his Elite Boot Camp

videos from a few years ago. The set I have has 7 videos in it - 2 are focused on cardio, one is a lower-body workout, one is an upper-body workout, 2 are a mixture of cardio and resistance training and the last is an 8-minute cardio blast. I also purchased his resistance bands which has a couple pound weight in them to add a little extra to the videos. In my opinion, the best thing about the videos is that everything is done for you. You just pop in the DVD you want to do and away you go. There is no need to move between machines or find different sized dumb-bells or other free weights. Also, because he has different videos that focus on different things, it is easy to plan your workouts for a whole week. For example, you can do his lower body workout one day, his upper body workout on another, and 2 of his cardio ones on two other days. And you can do them anywhere - all you need is a DVD player. So there really is no excuse to miss a workout which is great. His videos do an excellent job of making you sweat and keeping your heart rate elevated. In a 30 minute video, you are probably using about 300-400 calories in total. If you do decide to buy his videos, I would just make sure you get at least 5 of them so you have a variety to keep things interesting.


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==== ==== Find out more about Billy Blanks newest workout videos PT 24/7 ==== ====

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