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Billy Blanks! He is like Jack Lalanne, a bit of a hero among certain folks. Although I don't get into actual Tae Bo itself, I think it is fantastic. I do train in Kyokushin Karate and kickboxing, which are also great workouts. Getting your body moving, learning a new form of exercise and a type of self defense. Flexibility, new muscles getting worked out and an all over intense cardio routine add up to one kick butt program. Tae Bo comes out on DVD and is quite practical for people who are at a loss to come up with their own cardio workouts. I think it can be good for some people, but for others it will be a total waste. I would rather go and sign up for a light contact martial art than watching a video and kicking and punching the sky in front of my TV, but that's just me. The main reason that Tae Bo will help you lose weight, is not because it is specially formulated for optimal fat loss, Billy Blanks bad ass reputation or the fact that everybody on the DVD is in fantastic shape. It will help you lose body fat because it gets you sweating, huffing and puffing and makes you work. Anything you do that does this to you will give you the same effect, but just remember that you can't neglect your nutrition, nutrition is almost more important than working out. So you can buy Tae Bo DVDs, you can go and chop wood in the backyard for half an hour, go out and carry a tractor tyre up a hill, do body weight workouts until you are leaving pools of swear behind you or whatever.

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==== ==== Find out more about Billy Blanks newest workout videos PT 24/7 ==== ====

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