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African Mango has become one of the latest "superfoods", and is being promoted everywhere, but what is it, and can it really help you to lose weight? Let's start with what it is - a fruit, also known as bush mango, that is grown in West Africa, although it's an extract of the seeds (irvingia gabonensis) that is actually used. So how does an African Mango weight loss program work? What properties does this fruit have that make it so unique? To answer that, we need to go back in time, because it was originally used by the natives (e.g. of Cameroon) to increase their energy when they went hunting. Simple enough, but things got interesting when they discovered that not only does this fruit boost your energy, but it also increases your metabolism too. And that, of course, is a really useful property to have when you're trying to lose weight. But there are other ways in which African Mango can help with your weight loss diet, and almost all of these revolve around a protein called leptin. It turns out that this recently-investigated protein hormone plays a crucial role in both appetite and metabolism, and research has recently shown that a leptin imbalance is largely responsible for obesity (as well as chronic inflammation, which in turn leads to all sort of other issues). By reducing appetite and increasing leptin levels in your blood, African Mango delivers a double knock-out blow - not only do you eat less, but with an increased metabolic rate, you burn off those calories faster as well. Some research also indicates that this extract may inhibit production of body fat - more good news for the would-be dieter. That all sounds very good and very plausible, but the question still remains - does it actually work? Well, unlike many other "diet pills", this one has been scientifically studied, with impressive results being reported in the Lipids In Health And Diseases journal. In this clinical trial, 102 people took part, with half of them being given African Mango and the other half being given a placebo.

The study showed that significant weight loss, fat loss and waist circumference were experienced by those taking the real deal. There is one small caveat, however: although there are no side-effects, the fiber content is relatively high, which means that some people may suffer from loose stools, but only until the body gets accustomed to this dietary change. If you've been struggling to lose weight, then that seems like a small price to pay for something that has been proven to help.

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==== ==== Find out more about The Best Weight Loss Pill African Mango Extract ==== ====

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