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Christchurch Boys’ High School Prospectus 2012

Christchurch Boys’ High School Prospectus

Headmaster’s welcome Our vision is to be “a community educating each boy to be a fine young man.” Welcome to that community. We have 130 years experience in supporting the boys who enrol here to become fine young men. They excel across a wide range of academic, sporting and cultural pursuits. We honour tradition, we value excellence, we teach values and we celebrate success in a school environment that cares for student welfare, recognises cultural diversity and meets the learning needs of a wide range of students. We have a long record of scholarship that has been enhanced in the last few years by top Scholarships results and excellent results in the Cambridge examinations. NCEA results are on average 5-10% above the normal mean for boys at similar schools. We have in place very successful programmes that support the learning of all our young men no matter what their abilities. Personal development is an emphasis of the school. Students are encouraged to develop the personal qualities necessary to participate in society. Good dress, good presentation, good attitude, good manners, good communication skills and a good balance to life are constantly reinforced. Many leadership opportunities and team activities develop self-esteem and confidence in working with, and reacting to, others. Respect for others is expected. Our school is a very energetic place with staff, students, parents and Old Boys committing an enormous amount of time to ensure that the students have the opportunity, teaching and guidance to make them active and valuable members of the Global Society. Trevor McIntyre Headmaster

CBHS Prospectus


Board and Staff Board Of Trustees Members


Mr M. Jordan Mr B. Keen Mr H. Matthews Mrs R. Williams Mr T. McIntyre BAgSci DipTchg (Headmaster) Mr R.J. Taylor BPhEd DegSocSci DipTchg (Staff Trustee) Mr J. Miller (Student Trustee) Mrs A. Johnston

Academic Staff Headmaster Second master Senior Master Senior Master


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Mr T. McIntyre BAgSci DipTchg Mr P.R. McWilliam BSc DipEd DipTchg Mr S.R. Fraser BA PGDipArts DipTchg Mr C. Philpott BA PGDipEdLead DipTchg Mr S. L. W. Aldhamland BA DipTchg Mr J. Andersen MEd (Admin) BSc DipTchg MNZIC HOD Chemistry, Timetabler Miss S. Andrew BEd Grad DipTchg Mr R. Archibald BA DipTchg PR Geography Mr W. G. Armstrong BSc DipPhysEd DipEd PR Mathematics Mrs S. Bailey BSc PGDipEd DipTchg part time Mrs J. Bellamy BA LTCL DipTchg Mr A. C. Bennett BSc DipEd DipTchg part time Mr G. J. Bird ATC NZCB DipSS PR Materials Technology Mr D. J. Blee TC ATC TechCert DipSS Mr D. Bone BEd DipTchg Dean Year 10 Mr M. Boomer BA(Hist) DipTchg HOD English Mr C. J. Borg BBusSt DipCom DipTchg PR Junior Commerce Mr S. Brouwer BSc DipTchg Arts Coordinator Mrs D. A. Burrowes BA DipTchg Dean Year 9 Mr M. M. Burtt BSc(Hons) DipTchg HOD Science, Biology, Agriculture Mr T. Chang MCom Mrs S. Chaplin BNur DipTchg on leave Mr P. Comery MA(Hons) DipTchg Mr A. W. Cox BSc DipTchg Mrs R. Cox B Ag PGDip BusAdmin DipTchg Mr S. H. D. Dacre MA(Hons) DipTchg ICT Coordinator Mr M. K. Drury BA DipTchg HOD Social Studies Mr C. Dunnett BPhEd DipTchg Mr G. D. Ellis AdvTC AdvDipTchg DipTecEd PR Materials Technology Miss E.P. Ellison BSc(Hons) DipTchg Grad Dip Mr M. Fairhurst MusB DipTchg Ms H. Feng BTL MTchLrng DipTchg Mr J. Fowler BA DipTchg on leave Mr K. Giles BSc MSc(Hons) DipTchg Mrs A. L. A. Gooding BSc on leave Miss E. J. Gormack BA DipTchg PR English Mr R. Gower BSc HDE DipTchg Ms T. A. Hames BA DipTchg DipSLT CertSM(Sydney) Director of International Students Mr Q Hamilton BA BEd Dr B. E. Harding PhD MA(Hons) DipTchg part time Mrs B. Higgins BA DipTchgLrng Mr W. Hutchings BSc DipTchg Mr M. Kahukuranui Te Reo Mr T. K. Kato BA DipTchg Ms S. M. Kirk MA(Hons) DipTchg GATE Coordinator, Dean Year 11 Mr S. J. Lamb BA BPhEd DipTchg DipBS PR Accounting Mrs M. R. Lanyon DipFA DipTchg BA TIC Art History Mr A. T. McCarthy BA(Hons) DipTchg Mrs A. H. McConnochie DipTchg SLDDip PGCEDS PR Learning Support Ms M. J. McCormack BEd DipViscom DipTchg HOD Art and Art History Mr L. R. McEntee BA DipTchg PR Computer Studies Mr D. R. McLauchlan MSc DipTchg HOD Commerce Mr S. McLeod MSc(Hons) DipTchg TTC Mr G. McNaughton BPR&T DipTchg Assistant Dean Yr 9 Dr J. W. L. Martin PhD MSc(Hons) DipTchg MNZIC Mr T. Matthews MEd BSc PGDipBus PGDipTchg CertCounselling Guidance Counsellor Mr G. T. Mehrtens BSc MCom(Hons) TTC PR Mathematics Dr N. W. Mehrtens BSc MSc(Hons) PhD GDipT&L MNZIP HOD Physics Mr R. Meikle BSocSci DipTchg Mr I. Millar BEd DipTchg Mrs A. Milner SRD. HCIMA FRSH(UK) RD(NZ) Mr E. Mouhica BA (English Lit) part time

Mrs S. Mowat Mr E. J. Murphy Mrs K. A. O’Connell Mr M. Parr Miss L. Pears Ms J. L. Pearson Mr G. Pickering Ms L. E. Price Mr C. Quinn Mr D. A. Ralston Mr P. D. Robson Ms C. Sandford Ms M. Satterthwaite Ms J. M. Sharman Mr O. Shrimpton Mr I. A. Simson Mr R. J. Taylor Mr B. D. Thomas Mr K. Thomson Ms V. Timperley Miss C. M. Todd Mr J. C. J. Van Oyen Mr W. Waller Mr N. Walsh Mr N. Ward Mr P. Watson Ms M. Webb Mr R. Webster Mr P. Weggery Mrs C. Welsh Mr D. Whelan Dr H. J. E. Williamson Mr C. Woolley Ms E. E. Wright Mr P. Wyatt

BSC DipTchg on leave BPhEd DipTchg HOD Physical Education BA DipTchg BPhEd Grad Dip Ed (Sec) Asst. Dean Year 9 BSc DipTchg CertGiftEd(NSW) Specialist Classroom Teacher BA DipTchg Teacher Librarian BSc BA(Hons) MBA DipTchg part time BDesign DipTchg TIC Photography & Design BA DipTchg BPhEd BSc DipTchg PR Outdoor Education BA DipTchg Gateways Programme MEd GradDipArts DipSpecEd HigherDipTchg part time Guidance Counsellor MBS BSc BA DipTchg BSc(Hons) DipTchg ATCL PR Mathematics BA(Hons) PGCE PR Languages MA(Hons) BPhEd AssDegSocSci DipTchg Hostel Manager BSc DipTchg HOD Mathematics, NZQA Liaison JP MA(Hons) DipTchg CPANZ Careers and Transition Education BFA DipTchg part time, Arts Assistant BSc(Hons) MEd DipTchg DipSP&M PR Sports Director DipTchg ATC DipSS HOD Technology BA BSW DipTchg HOD Languages, Dean Year 13 BPhEd BCom DipTchLng PR Health & Physical Education BEng(Hons) PGCE BEd DipTchg BA DipTchg BSc DipTchg BA BSc BCom DipTchg BTchLrn MNZM MA(Hons) MusB DipMus, DipTchg FTCL LRSM LMusTCL HOD Music PhD BSc(Hons) DipTchg PR Yr11 Science BMus(Hons) BSc GradDipTchgLrng BA DipTchg PR French, Spanish BA(Hons) MA DipTchg PR History, Classical Studies

Mrs D. M. Arnold Mr K. Beckett Mr M. Coom Mr J. A. Davison Mr S. Dods Mrs S. Eustace Mrs R. Fussey Mrs R. George Mr B. J. Green Mrs L. Griffith Mrs H. M. Haggitt Mr C. Harris Mr T.C. Harris Mr T.W. Harris Mr W. J. Hutt Mrs J. T. Larter Mrs L. E. Lochhead Mr S. McFarlane Mr R. McLean Mr M. McMillan Mrs L. J. Mears Mr K. Newlands Mrs C. S. Nicholas Mrs J. C. Parsons Mr K. G. Ryan Mrs A. L. Sellars Mr J. R. Sinton Mrs W. K. Somerville Mr M. C. Stokes Mr B. Tichborne Mrs A. S. Uren Mr R. Vignaud Mr M. Warr Mr S. Wilson


Support Staff


BSc (Hons)

BA LLB(Hons) MSc PhD

MSc MA DipTchg Fitness Cert.

Librarian Technology Technician Assistant Sports Director Network Director Rugby, Cricket Coordinator Gateway Coordinator Learning support School Secretary IT Technician Food Technician, Staffroom Personal Assistant to the Headmaster Asst. Caretaker Asst. Groundsman Hall Technician Book Technician Computer Operator Learning Support Senior Groundsman Archives Assistant Pilates Transition Assistant Caretaker Desktop Publishing Bursar. Nurse Science Technician Library Assistant Database Manager on leave Fitness Centre Library Assistant Executive Officer Language Assistant Archivist Workshop Technician

Itinerant Music Teachers Mr C. Henderson, Mrs E. Schwanen-Lilley, Mr G. de Lacey, Mr S. Nichols, Ms K St.Guillaume, Mr I. Thorpe, Mr G. Oliver, Mr R. Chandler, Mr C. Hiku, Ms A. Harrold, Mr J Thin

CBHS Prospectus


Altiora Peto To challenge each pupil to realise his potential in the pursuit of academic, cultural and sporting excellence. Our Aim. Christchurch Boys’ High School, founded in 1881, has a number

The School believes that its main function is academic (in the

of distinctive features which taken together give the School its

broadest sense of classroom learning), but it also believes that a

particular character. It is an all-boys state school with 1337 pupils,

boy should be involved in and exposed to a range of sporting and

and it has fine buildings and grounds. Through the years its

cultural activities. These the School positively encourages. It also

pupils and former pupils have established strong traditions and a

accepts the responsibility to help each boy to grow in self-respect

reputation for high achievement.

and in concern for others.

In its facilities and in the learning opportunities it offers, Christchurch

The School believes in high standards and in the pursuit of

Boys' High School is a modern school with a rich past. It aims to

excellence - in academic work, in sport and culture, in discipline

provide education of quality for boys of today in an environment

and behaviour and in service to others. It has strong links with the

which preserves the best traditions and values of the past.

community, particularly through the many active groups of Old Boys. The School is aware that its pupils are going to live their

The School believes that individuals are important and values each

lives in a world that is rapidly changing. For Christchurch Boys’

pupil whatever his abilities and his interests. While the School

High School, there is the challenge to establish in its pupils a love

continues to expect the highest of academic standards from the

of learning, and to encourage the humanity, the tolerance, and

able, it works to increase the efforts and lift the attainment of all

the sense of service which their country and the world is going

its students.

to need.


CBHS Prospectus

The School Christchurch Boys’ High School opened on 18th May 1881 in a building which is now a part of the Arts Centre in Worcester Street. In 1926 the school moved to its present site in Straven Road. The School was established to prepare boys for the University. It continues to provide boys with a sound academic programme as a basis for future work and further study. As well as this academic emphasis, the School believes that boys benefit from tradition and discipline. It also considers that it is important for all boys to take an active part in school sport and to have the opportunity to participate in a range of cultural activities. At the same time, the School aims to help each boy grow to become an educated man who can take his place as a thinking, responsible member of a family and a community. In recent years the School has developed strong international links, in particular with schools in Asia, South America and Ireland.

Board of Trustees The Board of Trustees is the controlling authority. It meets regularly and has wide powers and responsibilities. It comprises the Headmaster, a staff representative, a student representative, and parent representatives.



While recognising the need to meet new challenges, the School

In 2011 the School has a roll of 1337 which includes 131 boys who

provides through its traditions, stability, continuity, and a sense

are boarders in the school hostel. The total is made up as follows:

of identity. On ANZAC Day the School family commemorates the

Year 9 - 264, Year 10 - 284, Year 11 - 290, Year 12 - 266, Year 13

sacrifice of Old Boys in war, while the annual School versus College

- 233. As the figures indicate, the senior school is large, and few

rugby match maintains the intense but friendly rivalry between old

boys leave before completing a fourth year. The boys come from a

adversaries. Such occasions promote a school spirit that spans

wide geographical area and from a wide range of backgrounds. The

generations and reminds current pupils of standards to which they

School’s success stems from the varied talents and experiences

should aspire. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than at the

which its pupils bring. The vast majority of these pupils share the

annual Leavers’ Dinner.

desire to succeed.

CBHS Prospectus


Grounds and Buildings The School is fortunate in its location and in the quality and spacious

The purpose-built Music Suite, sited near the river, provides a

nature of its surroundings. The site has historical significance with

large teaching room, two smaller studios, a “rock” practice room,

the grounds originally being farmed by Canterbury’s pioneer

and has an attractive courtyard.

settlers, the Deans. The old buildings by the river, including the bike sheds and baths buildings, were part of the original farm

The Centennial building, which was given to the school by Old

buildings and remain as a reminder of that past.

Boys and parents in 1981, is a valuable asset. It includes a modern tuck shop run by parents, and houses the Big Room.

The extensive playing fields occupy more than half of the 11.5

This large carpeted area provides an additional open space for

hectare site and the Avon river flows through the School’s grounds.

class activities during the day and is also used for a wide variety of cultural and social activities and meetings. A Food and Nutrition

The buildings reflect the balance of old and new which

block was built next to this facility in 2005.

characterises the School. The Main Block, including the clock tower and impressive central entrance was opened in 1926, but

The Science and Technology blocks both provide outstanding

its interior has been refurbished. This has enabled the School

accommodation for the respective subject areas.

to provide modern facilities while retaining the familiar attractive brick facade. Attached to this block is the completely rebuilt

For Physical Education, the School has two gymnasia. The Te Kura

Assembly Hall, opened in 1997 and refurbished in 2008, which

gymnasium is big enough for an international - sized basketball

provides a modern venue for drama and music performances.

court. A modern Fitness Centre was added to this complex

Below the hall is a large Library/Information and Communications

in 2002.

Technology Centre, opened in 1998. The most distant of the School buildings is Kidson House. This The Caddick Wing, one of the earliest additions to the School,

is situated in the Arthur’s Pass National Park and is available for

houses the Mathematics Department. Nearby, the Caldwell Block

outdoor education and recreation.

includes the Guidance, Careers and Transition Suites, refurbished in 2004, three Science laboratories, Computer Rooms and the Languages Department, refurbished in 2006.


CBHS Prospectus

Facilities The School is well provided with modern facilities and equipment. Much of this has been acquired through the generosity of parents and Old Boys. The Wilson Library has a large collection of books, information files, magazines and electronic information services. Recreational reading and materials for information research are both catered for. Through the School computer network pupils are able to access the Internet and email on six of the Library’s machines. The Library has space for three full classes as well as comfortable seating for relaxed reading and desks for individual student study. The Library is normally open between 8.15 and 4.30 each day. Library staff are available to help individuals and classes at these times. The Barnett Room in the Hall complex provides a good space for drama rehearsals and small productions; while the Music Department has a wide range of instruments for pupil use, including a set of electronic keyboards and state of the art computer programmes. The visual arts are well-served with large work spaces, specialist rooms, and modern teaching dark rooms. Extensive computer facilities are provided for pupils. The School’s four computer rooms are networked. Laser printers and a wide range of software are available, as are colour scanners and printers for Graphics, Music, and Desktop Publishing. Computers are also located in all departments. The Transition Department has its own workstations with specialist careers/transition software. The Science and Technology blocks allow the School to provide courses relevant to the needs of the pupils. Computer-controlled lathes and electronic data-measuring devices are examples of the specialist equipment used in these areas.

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Learning Extension Activities Additional tuition, as appropriate, is available to all students both

In the senior school, the Transition Studies Programme provides

within and outside normal classroom hours. These opportunities

opportunities for pupils to explore interests beyond the normal

which support and encourage students as they work to achieve

curriculum and develop independence and creativity.

their potential include Reading Assistance, English for Speakers of

Such opportunities include studying additional subjects, participation

Other Languages (ESOL), Mathematics Tutoring, Writing Support

in internal and external award schemes and competitions, and

and Instrumental Music Tuition.

multi-level studies.

Gifted and talented pupils are identified and invited to participate in

A system of Peer Tutoring, where senior students assist juniors

activities designed to challenge them and develop their abilities.

with their learning, adds to the support given by staff.

Curriculum The curriculum at Christchurch Boys’ High School includes all the activities planned for the boys both inside and outside the classroom. It thus includes not only the classroom subjects but also the sport, the cultural and the recreational activities which the school provides. Course Structure The course structure reflects the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum Framework and associated national qualifications. The learning programme is designed to provide all boys, whatever their level of ability, with a broad general base as a foundation for later choice and specialisation. Special attention is given to those boys who, by virtue of very high ability or learning difficulties, have educational needs not met by the normal programme. All boys are prepared for the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) in Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13. Multi-level studies are offered in the Senior school. The School also offers Cambridge English, Mathematics and Thinking Skills in the senior school.


CBHS Prospectus

Class Organisation Classes in Year 9 are arranged into groups or bands. Streaming is introduced in Year 10 and beyond as boys’ abilities and needs become more apparent. Year 9

Year 12

All boys take the same subjects but have a choice of the language

All boys take five subjects, one of which must be English. NCEA

that they study (Japanese, French, Chinese, Te Reo.) See chart on

Level 2 is based on a mixture of internal and external assessment

pages 10 and 11 for subjects.

of the year’s work. Boys with special strengths may take a Year 13 subject or another Year 12 subject in addition to their normal

Year 10

course. Students who do not meet the full entry requirements to

All boys continue to study a common core but they are also able

Year 12 may be required to take a combination of Year 11 and Year

to choose two additional subjects from a list of options. Options

12 subjects. See chart on pages 10 and 11 for subjects.

are designed to allow pupils to try out subjects which they are considering for Year 11. Other subjects may offer the opportunity

Year 13

to gain Level 1 credits. Boys in the top Mathematics and/or English

Year 13 is seen as preparation for university and other tertiary

classes may be offered the opportunity to join the Year 11 course in

courses. There are no compulsory subjects so any five may be

that subject. See chart on pages 10 and 11 for subjects.

chosen. See chart on pages 10 and 11 for subjects. Course details for Year 13 students are described in full in the

Year 11

Studies Guide published later in the year.

All boys take English, Mathematics and Science. Boys choose

Students who do not meet the full entry requirements to Year 13,

three additional subjects from the option list. See chart on pages

or who wish to extend their range of Year 12 courses, may be able

10 and 11 for subjects.

to do so in multi-level programmes after discussion with the Year 13 Dean.

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Curriculum Outline Level



Year 9

All pupils study a common core designed to provide a broad range of knowledge and skills.

English Mathematics Science Social Studies / ESOL Language# Phys. Ed. Music* Health Materials Technology* Art* * One third of year each # One of Chinese, French, Japanese or Te Reo Maori


Year 10

All pupils study a common core but also select 2 optional subjects. Subjects may offer the opportunity to gain Level 1 NCEA credits.

English Mathematics Science Social Studies / ESOL Physical Education Health Technology

Year 11

Pupils study 6 subjects.

English / Communication Skills / ESOL English Cambridge Maths / Mathematics Applied Mathematics Cambridge Science / Science Applied

Year 12

Pupils must study a minimum of 5 subjects. It is possible to study a combination of Year 11 and 12, or Year 12 and 13 subjects. Minimum Year 11 standards govern entry to Year 12.

English / ESOL / Communication Skills English Cambridge Transition / Life Skills

Year 13

Pupils must select a minimum of 5 subjects. It is possible to study a combination of Year 12 and 13 subjects. Minimum Year 12 standards govern entry to Year 13.

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Personal Development


Banding of top classes Small group activities Reading testing and tutoring Maths testing and tutoring Writing support Maths, Science, English, Computing competitions

Health – Lifeskills Peer support Outdoor Education Compulsory Sport Study Skills

Art Chinese Economics French Graphics History/Geography

Japanese Materials Technology – Wood or Metal Music Te Reo Maori

Streaming of top classes Small group activities Reading testing and tutoring Writing support Peer tutoring Maths, Science, English, Computing competitions

Health – Lifeskills Careers Outdoor Education Compulsory Sport Study Skills

Accounting Art Chinese Design Technology Economics French Geography Graphics

Health History Japanese Music Physical Education Physical Science Te Reo Maori

Streaming of top classes Maths and English tutoring Multi-level programme Maths, Science, Computing, Writing, Speaking, Performing Arts competitions.

Careers Work Experience S.T.A.R. Courses Optional Sport Study Skills GATEWAYS Programme

Accounting Agriculture Biology Business Management Chemistry Chinese Classical Studies Computer Studies Design Economics Electronics Food Technology French Geography Graphics

History History of Art Japanese Materials Technology Mathematics NCEA Maths Applied Maths Cambridge Music Outdoor Pursuits Photography & Design Physical Education Physics Practical Art Te Reo Maori

Subject streaming of classes 6 subjects Transition Studies programme Multi-level programme Maths, English and Science tutoring Maths, Science, Computing, Writing, Speaking, Performing Arts competitions.

Health – Lifeskills Careers Work Experience Job Search S.T.A.R. Courses GATEWAYS Programme Optional Sport

Accounting Agriculture Biology Business Management Chemistry Chinese Classical Studies Communication Skills Computer Studies Design Economics Electronics English / ESOL Food Technology French Geography Graphics History

History of Art Industrial Technology Japanese Materials Technology Maths with Calculus Maths with Statistics Maths Cambridge Music Outdoor Pursuits Painting Photography Physical Education Physics Printmaking Sports Science Te Reo Maori Thinking Skills Cambridge

Level 4 scholarships examination Some subject streaming Multi-level programme Study at University level Transition Studies Programme Writing Support Maths, Science, English tutoring Maths, Science, Computing, Writing, Speaking, Performing Arts competitions

Leadership opportunities Peer Support training Tertiary Transition Programme Work Experience S.T.A.R. Courses Job Search Optional Sport GATEWAYS Programme

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Cultural Activities The School actively promotes the participation of boys in cultural activities and expects a high level of involvement and performance. Boys will attend performances by visiting musical and theatrical groups. A small charge may be made for such activities. Music New entrants will be assessed for musical aptitude. Boys have the opportunity to learn a wide range of musical instruments through the Itinerant Music Teacher programme. The School has an orchestra, chamber groups, jazz band, dixie band, concert band, choirs and rock bands. Drama The main drama activities in the school are the major productions, both Junior and Senior. These are often produced in conjunction with Christchurch Girls’ High School and include plays and musicals. Shows staged recently have included “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Gypsy” and “West Side Story”. Further opportunities for participation include Theatresports competitions, Shakespeare and One-Act Play Festivals, play-writing, and student-directed productions. Boys can participate in all aspects of theatre, including acting, directing, singing, dancing, set design and construction, scene painting, lighting and sound and all backstage and “front of house” activities. Debating All Year 9 students are introduced to debating in English classes. Interested boys from all levels can take part in debates with other Christchurch schools. Senior debaters represent the School in interschool competitions.


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Outdoor Education All boys in Years 9 and 10 take part in some outdoor activities during school time. In Year 9 time is spent introducing some of the skills of outdoor living and each Year 9 student is also given the opportunity to go skiing for a day. As part of the Outdoor Education programme, each Year 10 Form Class has a four-day Outdoor Education camp. Senior students may take Outdoor Pursuits as a subject with an emphasis on kayaking, rock climbing, orienteering, mountain biking and snowcraft.

Field Studies As part of the curriculum, field studies are offered in many subjects including Geography, Science, Art and Languages.

Careers and Transition Education The major objectives of Transition Education centre on life skills such as communication, inter-personal relationships, life-coping, decision-making, self-learning, self-management, problem-solving and career choice. Programmes to develop these skills have been integrated into Years 9 and 10 subjects. Comprehensive careers advice and guidance information is available through the Careers Adviser. Boys are also able to test their career ideas through courses run by the Christchurch Polytechnic and other tertiary training providers as well as work exploration. Community service and peer tutoring are other programmes that assist students to gain skills and confidence and contribute to the lives of others. Boys and parents should feel free to approach the Transition/Careers staff at any time.

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Clubs Some popular group activities offered include : Chess Club

Environment Club

This club meets regularly at intervals and lunch times. The school

An active group which works to enhance the natural environment

enters teams in The Press Chess Competition and boys are

of the school, and beyond.

encouraged to participate in local and national tournaments. Some further opportunities: Weight Training and Scuba Diving Clubs These are very popular with pupils training for sports and those

Duke of Edinburgh Award

keen to try a new experience and learn new skills.

This is open to all pupils. There are three levels of award – Bronze,

Rock Climbing

and physical recreation.

Silver and Gold. Areas of activity are skill (hobby), service, expedition This group regularly meets to improve their skills at indoor and outdoor venues.

Spirit of Adventure Opportunities are available for Year 12 students to spend six days

Tramping Club

as a crew member on a sailing ship – a coastal voyage with pupils

This club meets regularly and organises day and weekend tramps

from other schools.

around Canterbury. American Field Scholarships Young Farmers’ Club

Just one of many travel opportunities that students may apply for.

Boys meet to discuss agricultural matters and develop practical

The AFS programme provides Years 12 and 13 students with a

skills. Regional and national competitions are entered.

year’s exchange living with families in other parts of the world.


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Sport Sport plays an important part in the life of Christchurch Boys’ High

Boys select one sport for each season from the following list:

School. The School believes that all pupils derive benefit from

Year 9 Boys In Winter

exposure to both team and individual sports. The School has a

Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country, Fencing, Golf, Hockey, Road

proud record of sporting excellence with a large number of teams

Cycling, Rugby, Football, Squash, Table Tennis.

and individuals gaining both regional and national prominence.

Year 9 Boys In Summer

Staff make a large commitment in both coaching and administration

Archery, Athletics, Cricket, Golf, Kayaking, Lifesaving, Rowing,

and are proud of the standards reached. The facilities are outstanding

Softball, Squash, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo, Yachting.

and include large playing fields, all-weather cricket wickets, an allweather athletic training track and tennis courts, a heated filtered

Boys select one sport for each season from the following list:

swimming pool, two excellent gymnasia and a fitness centre.

Year 10 Boys In Winter Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country, Fencing, Golf, Hockey, Road

Boys are normally encouraged to take part in one winter and one

Cycling, Rugby, Shooting, Football, Squash, Table Tennis.

summer sport and are expected to play for the School.

Year 10 Boys In Summer

In most sports some form of inter-school competition is available.

Archery, Athletics, Cricket, Golf, Lifesaving, Rowing, Softball,

Practices are usually held after school with most competition being

Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis, Tramping, Volleyball, Water Polo,

on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


In addition to the sports listed opposite, teams are formed to

Years 11, 12 and 13 Boys may take one sport in each season

compete in Swimming, Triathlon, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Bowls

if they wish.

and Skiing. The School has also been represented in Equestrian and Shooting events.

“The School has a proud record of sporting excellence with a large number of teams and individuals gaining both regional and national prominence.”

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The Guidance Network

Peer Support

All boys are encouraged to seek help in personal, academic and

New Year 9 pupils are introduced to and welcomed into the School

vocational matters from the Guidance Counsellors who work

through an active and interesting Term 1 programme run by Year

closely with the Deans of the various year levels in overseeing

13 pupil volunteers. These senior students are trained to provide

the general welfare of the students. Parents who have concerns

guidance and support for the newcomers during the period of

about their sons should contact the appropriate Dean or one of

adjustment to their new environment.

the Guidance Counsellors. The Guidance Counsellors have a wide range of contacts with health professionals and outside support agencies to whom they can refer boys when appropriate.


Form Teachers, coaches and managers of sports teams and club

Interviews can be arranged with Form Teachers and Deans when

co-ordinators also play an important role in the guidance network.

parents are concerned about any matter affecting the work of their son. Parents may phone the appropriate Dean for an appointment.

International Students The school has a very strong International Student programme. The Board of Trustees has determined that a maximum of 80 International Students will be accepted each year. We have students attending from Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Italy, Chile, Germany, Ireland, England and Argentina. The school has special ties with schools in China, Japan, Thailand, England and Ireland. There are International Students spread evenly across each year level from Year 9 to Year 13 and all are fully integrated into mainstream classes. The School offers International Students internationally recognised qualifications that provide clear pathways to universities in New Zealand and overseas.

Exchange Programme Exchange programmes operating include A.F.S., Youth for Understanding, E.F.Foundation, STS (Student Travel Schools), Rotary Matched Exchange (N.Z.-Australia) and Rotary International Exchange. Information is available from the start of each year from the International Student Office.


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School Donation

Financial Liabilities

The current school donation of $575 per boy should be paid by

Parents will be held financially liable for damage or losses to

every parent /caregiver unless special exemption is obtained from

equipment, textbooks and buildings etc. resulting from negligence,

the Headmaster. The maximum fee payable by any family is $1150

vandalism or theft by their sons.

for two or more boys. The donation provides for educational, cultural, sporting, and social

Financial Recoveries

activities (including capital expenditure), prizes, break-up functions, the School magazine and sundry expenses on behalf of the pupils.

Pupils are charged for the materials that they use and keep in

The donation is due at the beginning of Term 1 and will be included

practical activities such as art and technology. Pupils may also be

in the Student Debtor Accounts sent to parents/caregivers.

charged for materials that are supplied to them in other subjects.

Hours The school hours are from 8.40 a.m. to 3.15 p.m. On sports afternoons boys may be engaged until 4.30 p.m. or later. Detentions may require boys to stay later than normal hours.

Attendance Regular attendance of boys is required. Parents are requested to allow nothing except illness or other unavoidable cause to interfere with attendance or the preparation of work. Notes explaining the reason for absence are to be given to the Bursar immediately upon return to school.

School Activities Boys are expected to take part in school games and other compulsory school activities unless specially exempted by the Headmaster.

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Financial Assistance A. Secondary school students who are obliged to live away from

A.N.V. Dobbs Memorial Scholarships

home to attend school may be able to apply for the following

These are available to boys who are about to enter university.


Preference is given to those studying for the Bachelor of Commerce

i) Secondary School Bursaries and Secondary School Technical


Bursaries in cases where the local school is unable to provide a desired course of study. ii) School Boarding Bursaries in cases where distance from transport and/or nearest school is at least 4.8km.

Sir Arthur Sims Scholarships Sir Arthur Sims Scholarships are available to boys attending Lincoln University and may be continued in subsequent years provided satisfactory academic performance is maintained.

These Bursaries each have a value of $2,725.00 p.a. Application forms are available from the School Office. Applications close for

John Wilson Memorial Scholarships

Secondary School & Technical Bursaries on 31st March with the

These were established by Mrs D.M.F.Wilson in memory of her

local manager National Operations, Ministry of Education, P.O. Box

son, John. They are available to boys who are proceeding to a

2522, Christchurch.

degree course in Science at the University of Canterbury.

Maori and Pacific Island students are able to seek financial

J.F.Moffat Scholarship

assistance from the Maori Education Foundation and the Pacific

This is available to a student who intends to major in Chemistry

Island Polynesian Education Foundation (PIPEF). For information

at the University of Canterbury.


The Secretary, Maori Education Foundation, P.O.Box

11255, Wellington. Applications close on 31st March.

A.D. Tench Awards These awards are available to boys intending to take a Science

B. Academic Scholarships: An Academic Scholarship is awarded at

course at university.

the end of Year 9 to the top Year 9 student. Dunns Scholarship C. Tertiary Scholarships: The following awards are some of those that students who attend Christchurch Boys’ High School may

Awarded to a University of Canterbury or Lincoln Accountancy student.

apply for: Clark Boyce Scholarship Bickerton-Widdowson Scholarship

Available to a student studying Law at university.

Several Scholarships for boys attending the University of Canterbury to study Fine Arts, Arts or Science are awarded on the results of

Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School Rugby Scholarship

the University Bursary/Scholarship examinations.

Each year this scholarship allows a 15 year old to attend a Japanese High School, with all costs covered, for up to three years.

Parent-Teacher Association

Student Behaviour

This association of parents and teachers was formed to assist

Boys will not consume, possess or be under the influence of

the school. It provides parents with opportunities for keeping in

alcohol, tobacco, volatile substances, prohibited or unprescribed

touch with the school and for carrying out projects which help the

drugs while:

boys. One of its many activities is to run the school canteen, and

1. at school

parents are encouraged to join the team of helpers. The annual

2. in school uniform

subscription is $10 per boy, and is paid at the same time as the

3. on any school trip (including camps and sport)

school subscription.

4. present on any occasion as a representative of the school.


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When wearing the school uniform, boys are to be properly and

Pupils in Years 12 and 13 may, on presentation of a permission

tidily dressed. Jewellery, extremes of hair style and non-uniform

slip signed by a parent or guardian, drive or ride to school by car

items of clothing are unacceptable.

or motorcycle. It must be stressed that the school considers this a privilege and

Years 9 and 10

approval may to be withdrawn where the behaviour of the driver

All boys wear the same uniform throughout the year: grey school

or passenger is considered unacceptable.

shirt (long sleeves), clerical grey shorts of approved material

The following rules must be obeyed:

and style, plain royal blue jersey with “V” neck (with school


monogram), black leather (non-suede) shoes and approved jackets. All are available from the Uniform Shop.

motorcycles and permission is required for passengers in cars sVEHICLESMUSTBEUSEDFORTRAVELLINGTOANDFROMSCHOOLANDNOT for “joy riding”

Years 11, 12 and 13 Senior Uniform The approved uniform is the black CBHS Blazer, long trousers


(charcoal grey), long sleeve white shirt and School tie. Black leather

The school cannot be responsible for the safety of vehicles

(non-suede) polished shoes are required – traditional school style.

parked at school.

The royal blue monogrammed jersey or vest may also be worn. Blue walk shorts and school walk socks may be worn as the alternative to long trousers.


N.B. A blazer and tie is required to be worn in both summer and

Boys are required to study at home as a follow-up to work done


during the day at school. Parents can help by providing suitable room conditions and giving support to this regular home study.

Physical Education – Monogrammed t-shirts that are also used for

Every boy shall have a homework diary and do the homework set.

many junior sports must be worn. These are available from the school. Black shorts, white socks and suitable footwear are also required. Outer coats – approved school jackets.

Text Books These are issued by the School and are returned to the School

Uniform Shop

at the end of each year. Boys are responsible for maintaining the books in good condition.

The P.T.A. runs a uniform shop for the selling of new and second hand School uniforms. Details can be obtained from the School Office or website.

Stationery All stationery can be obtained from the school’s stationery shop.

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The School Hostel The total redevelopment of Adams House was completed in 2001.

the hostel ten school weeks' notice should be given, otherwise

The latest in building materials and design is complemented by

fees for that time must be paid. Government bursaries and

modern fittings and equipment. The new boarding school is

allowances are available for boys from country areas.

one that all students very much enjoy and are proud to come

include Remote Travel Allowance, Boarding Bursary, Secondary

home to.

School Bursary, and Technical Bursary. Information is available from


the School Office. Adams House is situated in Harakeke Street just a few minutes

Applications for a place in Adams House will be considered one

walk from the school. Years 9 and 10 students share spacious

year prior to entry.

rooms in groups of four, Years 11 and 12 boys have double rooms and Year 13 their own rooms. Study areas, separate common

To enable the Headmaster to consider your application please

rooms for each year level, tea and coffee making facilities, Sky

provide the following:

television, videos and computers with full internet access are

1. A personal statement outlining why you want your son to attend

available to all students.

our school and board at Adams House. Please include details of any association with the school i.e. relatives who have attended

Enrolments for the hostel are taken at the School Office. The boarding fee for 2011 is $11,512.50. The fee is reviewed each year, and the Year 2012 fees will be set in August. If a hostel place is

school etc. 2. Details of distance to the nearest local secondary school and any difficulties of access that may be experienced.

offered, a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required. This deposit

3. Copies of your son’s most recent school reports.

is credited against later boarding payment.

4. Details of any sporting or cultural interests outside the school. 5. A testimonial from your son’s present school.

All fees are due and payable at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3

6. Details of any medical condition your son may have. The

and must be paid not later than the middle of each term. Fortnightly

confidential Adams House Boarders' Medical Sheet must

payments can be arranged. Before the removal of a boarder from

be completed.

“The new boarding school is one that all students very much enjoy and are proud to come home to.”


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The School Family Christchurch H.S.O.B. Association The school is fortunate in the strength and vigour of the Old Boys’ Association. The Association, which has branches throughout New Zealand, supports the school in a great many ways. The interest and generosity of the Old Boys continue to be a strong feature of the School. Te Kura Trust The Trust administers funds which have been given and bequeathed for the benefit of the boys. Grants from the Trust have provided such varied items as library books, computers and video equipment, along with substantial financial assistance towards establishing the Wilson Library and completing the new School Hall. It supervises the finances of the various scholarships. On the Trust are representatives of the Board, the Old Boys Association, the P.T.A., and the Staff. Old Boys Sports Clubs There are a large number of sports clubs that have an association with the School. While most are open to the general public, Christchurch Boys’ High School old boys are particularly welcomed by them. These include H.S.O.B. - Old Collegians Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, Squash and Hockey Clubs, the Te Kura Tennis Club, and the H.S.O.B. - United Athletics Club.

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Christchurch Boys’ High School P.O. Box 8157, Straven Road, Riccarton, Christchurch 8440, New Zealand. Telephone: 03 348 5003; Fax: 03 348 8121 Email:; Website:

Christchurch Boys' High School  

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