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Welcome to Kapiti College

Tony Kane Principal

At Kapiti College we are proud of our past successes yet we are a school which looks to the future. Kapiti College is an exciting and innovative place, and the range and quality of opportunities that we offer our students is of an excellent standard. In a rapidly changing educational environment and society, we aim to be a school which makes a positive difference. We believe that the Kapiti College environment develops confident, positive, well-adjusted young men and women, equipped to succeed in tertiary education, employment and life. This is reflected in our very high retention rates and our excellent achievement profile (see p6). Please read our impressive 2009 ERO review ( It is important to us that Year 9 students fit into College life as smoothly as possible and our systems are designed to help with this. We understand that beginning secondary school can be an anxious time for both parents and children and that communication between home and school is vital. While we have a ‘Parent Portal’ which allows you to check on your child’s attendance, progress, and so on, the frequency with which Kapiti staff discuss issues with parents is a feature of the school. Learning is personal and it is essential that parents are part of the learning. Kapiti College is a school that actively takes care of its students. Over the last five years, the College has undergone a major upgrade and we have new gymnasium and technology facilities, with most classrooms renovated. This will be completed over the next four years with our emphasis on improvement to our performing arts facilities and the extension of digital opportunities for students. I encourage you to read this prospectus in detail and come to our Open Evening on Thursday July 7th at 7pm. If you would like further information or to visit the College, please ring or email.

Mr T Kane Principal

Kapiti College Margaret Rd PO Box 2003 RAUMATI BEACH Ph 04-902-5121 Fax 04-902-5126 Email


After graduating with a Masters degree in History, Mr Kane began teaching in Central Hawkes Bay and has been involved in teaching and administration in a number of schools since then. He believes that there is no greater investment in life than helping to shape the hearts and minds of the next generation. He is determined that Kapiti students will succeed and believes that this is most likely to happen where there is a sense of fun in learning. Mr Kane was appointed Principal of the College in 2007 having served as Deputy Principal at Kapiti for the previous four years. He has broad-ranging educational, social and sporting interests and has been involved in cricket and soccer for many years. Mr Kane is a strong supporter of the arts and has a background in classical and modern music.

Joseph Harris

About Kapiti College

Head Boy 2011 Kapiti College provides all its students with fantastic opportunities to not only further there education in the classroom, but as well rounded members of their community.. From the sports field to the stage, everyone has the chance to take part in a huge range of co-curricular opportunities Leadership opportunities such has peer mediation, peer support, school councils and youth week have introduced me to some truly inspirational people. They have helped me grow into who I am today. I have made some very special and lasting friendships. The best thing is that with the dedication of the incredibly supportive staff, the list of cocurricular activities continues to grow year after year. The 40 hour famine, Shakespeare in Schools, and new sports such as handball and multi sport have taken hold and been very successful in the last few years. I have every confidence that Kapiti College caters for everyone, and to all the new comers of 2012, all I can say is get stuck in and you’ll love college!

Where do our students come from?

How do they get here?

Kapiti College is a coeducational secondary school with a roll of over 1000 students who come mainly from the northern end of the Porirua Basin, Pukerua Bay, Paekakariki, Raumati, Paraparaumu and Waikanae communities. Kapiti College does not have an enrolment scheme and we welcome enrolments from any location.

Almost one third of our students travel to Kapiti using bus and/ or train. Mana Coach Services runs a bus service from Waikanae Beach, direct to college. Another service runs from Plimmerton collecting students at Paremata, Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki. Students from the south may also travel by train and connect directly to buses at Paraparaumu Station. Regular Mana Coach Service routes cover most of the Raumati/Paraparaumu area at times which suit students.There is a bus from Otaki that connects via Waikanae station to buses from Paraparaumu station.

Increasing numbers of “state of the art” classrooms

New sport and recreation centre

Dance studio

Film studio

Recording studio

Dedicated year 9 ICT classrooms

Student-run radio station

Four full computer suites

The Kapiti College bus stop is right outside the school. The service provided means that our students are able to get home after school sport and cultural activities are finished. This is important to us as many Kapiti students are involved in many of these activities.

Commercial kitchen facilities

Netball/tennis courts


Learning Support Centre

Careers & Guidance Centre

Our world is increasingly international and we actively seek students from overseas, whether through an exchange organisation or as private students. We want our students to come into contact with people from other places so they are better prepared for that world. This year, we have welcomed students from as far afield as China, France, South Korea, Russia, Vietnam, Japan, Brazil and Germany.


Our facilities include:

Year 13 centre

Student cafeteria

Art rooms

Technology workshops

Marae with wharenui and wharekai

Cassandra Burton-Wood Head Girl 2011

The learning environment I have encountered at college, whether subject based or co-curricular has challenged me to take hold of the a huge range of opportunities and expertise. My programme of study has been really flexible and has stimulated greater curiosities and fostered lifelong passions, particularly in the languages and Social Sciences.

Kapiti College offers

Excellence in learning through:

Sports and cultural activities promoting:

• •

Close monitoring of student achievement and well-being

Effective extension and remedial programmes

Emphasis on learning how to learn

Innovative use of

Community involvement emphasising:

information technology

Well-ordered, safe, encouraging classrooms

Recognising and celebrating achievement

Balanced, flexible programmes of study with: •

• •

Excellence and pride Participation, commitment and fair play A wide range of choices Parental and community involvement

• • •

I am very proud to represent Kapiti College for 2011. Every day I encounter students whose talent humbles me, whose dedication I am grateful for, and whose diversity I appreciate. The staff, non–teaching included, have been equally as brilliant and inspiring, providing valuable support as career advisors, event management gurus and mentors.

Partnership with parents, students, staff and wider community Service and support of those in need Interaction with other local clubs and businesses Community education programmes

This has been especially true of my involvement in leading the organising of the 40hr Famine this year at college. Though Kapiti is but one college its students and teachers are engaging with a world beyond themselves and making a lasting impact by acknowledging and developing their individual potential.

A wide-choice option structure

Creative alternative pathways in the senior school for the diverse range of needs

All senior courses linked to national qualifications

High behavioural expectations emphasising: •

Honesty and reliability, with respect for self, others and property

Self-management skills and initiative

Respect for and celebration of cultural diversity

Guidance and pastoral care featuring: • • •

Effective and committed guidance network Commitment to working closely with families Peer support programme


Year Nine

Cyan Smith I travel straight to school by bus from Pukerua Bay. We have an awesome form teacher, he is cheerful and relates well to us. I am in a form class with other students from Plimmerton which is really good. We have the best events at Kapiti such as Year 9 Trophy, House competitions, talent shows, raves and much more. I am a very artistic person and I am in the Glee Choir and Stage Challenge. Soon I am going to be painting a mural for the school. I really like the wide variety of choice of activities to be involved in. Whilst I was at Plimmerton School, I heard how friendly Kapiti College was and how it had a reputation as an excellent school. I was really keen to come here and have not looked back.



Year 9 is a very different learning environment from primary school for most students. Each subject has its specialist teachers and students change classes each hour. Everyone Studies: • English • Mathematics • Science • Social Studies • Technology • Physical Education & Health • Music • Philosophy

Students with special abilities have opportunities for advancement in subjects in which they excel. For example there are year 10 students taking subjects at year 13 level, in areas such as Mathematics and Web Design. Kapiti College is the only secondary school in the Greater Wellington region to offer Philosophy as a core subject in year 9. All year 8 students will be tested before they enter the school to determine their best placement for 2012 and beyond.

For the balance of their programme, students choose three courses from: • French • Film Making • Japanese • Maori • Art • Drama • Music • Business Studies • Graphics • Digital Media • Outdoor Education • Dance

Students are encouraged to enter the Australian Science, Mathematics and English competitions, Young Enterprise, the SELL Programme, Mathswell, Art and essay competitions.

In order to make the jump from primary to secondary easier for students, English and Social Studies are taught together as Integrated Studies. This means that there is at least one teacher who quickly gets to know each year 9 student very well. 4

Digital Class

In 2012, Kapiti College is again offering parents and students the opportunity to be in special ICT-based classes. This means that their room for core subjects will be set up with computers, smartboards and so on. The class will have teachers who are interested in pushing the boundaries of the use of ICT in the classroom. In order to qualify to be in a digital class, students will need to have a smartphone, as this will be an integral part of the teaching. There is no charge for entry to digital classes. The model we will be using for 2012 will be that trialled with good results at the new Albany Senior College.

Max Tweedie Kapiti provides for individual needs through: Learning Support

A number of year 13 Peer Support leaders work with year 9s in small groups to ensure that they have a supportive introduction to their new school. The programme runs for the first month and is integrated with the Year 9 camp. About 25 of these Peer Support leaders volunteer to be part of their Year 9 class. The school allocates considerable resources to help students who are having trouble with mainstream learning. Year 9 students with reading difficulties have access to individual help from our SPELD tutor. Others may join a dedicated literacy class. Some have teacher aide assistance in class, join the Learning Support Centre for a period of time or have help from a peer tutor in the classroom.

• • • • • • •

Streaming in Mathematics The peer mentoring programme In-class teacher aide support Learning Support Centre SPELD tutoring Keeping class sizes as small as possible (25 in Year 9 2011) 240 computers available for student use

Parents Can Expect: • • • •

Contact from form teachers who are accessible in person and via email Three reports in year 9 Regular homework Prompt assistance from teachers, form teachers, Year 9 Dean, Guidance Counsellors or school administration when there are concerns.


I live in Whitby, Porirua, and I went to Discovery School. I had a lot of choices for colleges but I chose Kapiti because it has a major focus on academic achievement. For me, it was a no-brainer. I really enjoy going to all of my classes-teachers make even ‘boring’ subjects like Mathematics and English fun while you learn a lot! Philosophy and Music are some other cool subjects. Outside class, I am in the Glee choir, a college cricket team and debating. I am a trainee on the Tech Crew and did lighting and sound at the regional Shakespeare Festival. A major thing this term has been working on the 40 Hour Famine team. I encouraged other junior students to get involved and helped organise the spray painting of t-shirts and the “shanty-town” at school. I am on the Year 9 and Executive Councils as a class representative. Next I want to be involved in helping run the school radio station. I am involved in heaps and I enjoy it all.

Katie Smith

Years Ten to Thirteen

As a young Year 9 I realised I was going to really enjoy Kapiti College and so far it has surpassed my expectations. I have found Kapiti College to be a very friendly and accepting school where there is the opportunity to pursue your interests and ideas. For instance, I was on the World Vision 40 hour famine team this year and we came up with the idea of having an overnight “shantytown” on the college field. Mr Kane and our Dean, Miss Walker, fully supported our enthusiasm and Miss Walker even rose to the challenge of staying overnight. Many of the staff are involved in extra-curricular activities, as well as being supportive and obliging towards students inside and outside the classroom. The scope of opportunities at Kapiti College is enormous; you just have to be prepared to give things a go. I have really enjoyed being a part of the team for the Get 2 Go nationals held on Great Barrier Island, our major production of midsummer night’s dream, the Hillary Challenge adventure racing team, peer mediation, student councils and even stage challenge despite the fact I’m no dancer but at Kapiti College anyone can give anything a go. I’m looking forward to my final year immensely and know it will be filled with new and exciting experiences.

Achieving Academic Success

To help students achieve their academic potential, we offer: • • • •

Kapiti College has a proud record of success in external examinations and qualifications. We expect our students to strive to do their best and to take full advantage of the learning opportunities available to them. No apologies are made for our emphasis on academic success. In 2010, Kapiti students again far outperformed the national average. We pay attention to the progress of individuals and our benchmarking system catches those at risk of failure. Kapiti girls perform at a level comparable with girls in most decile 10 schools such as Wellington Girls. We welcome comparisons with other schools.


Opportunities to study subjects at different levels at senior level Tutorials for examination students On-campus courses at Whitireia and other Polytechnics Distance learning courses from Universities, Polytechnics and the Correspondence School A dedicated teaching staff, always willing to do that bit extra.

Trent Taylor

Subjects in Years Ten to Thirteen Area

Language & Languages

The Arts

Year 10


Year 11

Year 12

English 101 or

English 201 or

English 301

English 102

English 202

English 302

Media Studies 101

Media Studies 201

Media Studies 301

















Arts Extension


The Sciences

Year 13


Film Making

Film Making














Mathematics 101 or

Mathematics 201


Mathematics 102

Mathematics 202




Science 101 or



Science 102





Science 202


Hard Materials

Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Building &

Building &



Fashion and Textiles

Fashion & Textiles

Fashion & Textiles

Fashion & Textiles

Food Technology

Food & Nutrition

Hosp. & Catering

Hosp. & Catering






Web Design

Digital Media

The Social Sciences

Text & info. Mgmt

Text & Info. Mgmt

Social Studies


Business Studies

Physical Education & Health


Info. Management



Classical Studies

Classical Studies







Tourism Studies

Tourism Studies

Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education

Outdoor Education Dance

Product Design

Outdoor Education Career-Directed Learning Career-Directed Learning

Learning Childcare


Over the years of being at Kapiti College, I have finally found my place in life and realised what it is that makes me happy – my involvement in the arts. Kapiti College has thrown me so many opportunities. I have been a member of the Arts’ Council, which lead me to becoming Deputy Arts’ Captain this year. I have been involved with the school musical production, Film Club, barbershop, Variety Concert, Stage Challenge, Shakespearean productions and Year 12 Council. Drama classes from Year 9 helped give me the confidence and encouragement to do all of these things. As well as this, I have been busy in 2011 as an organiser in the 40 Hour Famine and in playing rugby for the 1st XV. Getting involved with these activities has really made my years at Kapiti College much more fun than just doing school work. My advice is to get stuck in. I have gained hugely in skills from all these opportunities and I look forward to my remaining years here at this College, as more windows of opportunity open. The activities you get involved in will be the highlight of your College years.

Shaan Singh

Performing Arts

From the time I came to Kapiti College, I have been involved in as many music/arts activities as I possibly could. This has made me the person I am today. Since Year 9 and being involved in Smoke Free Rockquest, I found out that music and the arts was where my real passion lay. Being in a band taught me how to co-operate with others and how to lead. A special moment was placing third in the Wellington Regionals despite being one of the youngest bands there.

Film Production

Film production is a relative newcomer to the school curriculum and it is now offered as a year 9, 10 and 11 option (see page 4). Kapiti Movie Makers has been active in the school since 2005. 4 feature length films have been made in that time. With their new Film Studio operational we expect that this group will go onto greater things. The group is very conscious of the College being Peter Jackson’s old school!

The Performing Arts’ Tour, productions like ‘Grease’ and ‘Annie’, and the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare competitions have all been awesome experiences. I have competed in the Barbershop Regionals and in Chamber Music competitions. My Jazz group placed highly at the National Secondary Schools Jazz Competition and we were the best high school band at the Manawatu Jazz Festival. I have been involved with Variety Concerts and the 48 Hour Film Festival. As a balance, I play basketball for the school. Leadership in the Arts’ Council has allowed me to give service back to others and to encourage the younger ones coming through. I encourage all new Kapiti students to get into things. You’ve only got 5 years and that goes by pretty quickly.


as well as providing music for school productions.

All students are offered the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through the school. Experienced and professional tutors provide expert help in a wide range of musical instruments including violin, cello, clarinet, flute, saxophone, trombone, french horn, guitar, keyboard/piano, drums and voice.

In recent years, many groups and individuals have received recognition at a high level. Our Jazz group did well at Nationals and in 2011 won the Manawatu Jazz Festival High School title. In recent years seven bands have made it into the regional finals of Rockquest. For the last four years, our chamber groups have been recalled to the regional finals of the Secondary School Chamber Music Competition. Kapiti students have performed in the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Choir and the National Youth Orchestra. In each of the last 4 years our Barbershop girls have won selection to the National Championship Finals.

Music students are encouraged to belong to a range of music groups. These include choir, barbershop quartets, rock bands, chamber music ensembles, orchestra and jazz band. There are many opportunities to participate in special musical events during the year, such as national chamber music competitions, Rockquest, concerts, workshops and tours,


Film making offers students the opportunity to learn a wide range of academic and technical skills. It needs students interested in the technical as well as the acting side of film production. Students from all year levels have been involved and the College is fortunate in having staff with the knowledge, passion and skills to make involvement in film making a real possibility for students. For the first time in 2010 Film Making was offered as an NCEA subject.

Sally Brady As soon as I arrived on my first day of Kapiti College, I was offered and encouraged to take part in the vast amount of activities available.


We endeavour to create learning opportunities for as many students as possible to participate in major dramatic and musical events. Those who are involved make new friends and remember their experiences forever. In 2010, the school’s major production was the musical ‘Annie’. This gave students opportunities in acting, singing, set design, musical performance and the chance to be part of a very big team. Past productions have included ‘West Side Story’, ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, ‘Camelot’ , ‘Grease’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Stage Challenge and Dance

Coming from Raumati Beach school, I always watched over the fence at the College wondering what my college years would be like, I was not disappointed.

The bi-annual Stage Challenge gives students the opportunity to show their creative talents in choreography, performance, dance, costumes and set design. In 2011, Stage Challenge involved 125 students.

Kapiti College has really helped me succeed academically and excel in one of my main passions Performing arts. Already at college, I’ve been involved in Stage Challenge, variety concerts, barbershop, performing arts tour and school productions. With my involvement in these activities, I’ve been given some amazing opportunities, such as travelling to Melbourne last year and travelling to the USA next year with the senior choir, getting the lead role in the school musical and have also been lucky enough to be able to go to the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare in Schools nationals two years running.

Opportunities for performance within the school include the annual variety concert, assemblies and a performing arts tour. Dance is now taught in years 9-11 and we have plans to extend the subject to other year levels.

All these activities have really helped me grow as a person, gain confidence in myself and make life long friendships. The staff at Kapiti College are really supportive of the students and encourage us to make the most of our time here.

Each year, a number of Kapiti teams enter the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare in Schools competition. In each of the last 5 years Kapiti students have won the regional competition and performed well in the national finals, including 2 major awards in 2011. We have a wonderful depth of talent. Students in Drama classes in years 10-13 are expected to perform in public. We believe Drama is a major contributor to boosting student confidence.


Jake Allen

Sports and Outdoor Education

During my four years at Kapiti College I have competed for the College in many individual sports. These include Swimming, Triathlon, Cross Country, Athletics and Duathlon, all of them at regional and many at national level. I have also won national medals in surf lifesaving and swimming.This year I was 2nd in the Wellington Region for Triathlon Most recently in 2010 I was selected for the New Zealand Age Group Development Squad for swimming as well as gaining some top 5 finishes in the New Zealand Swimming Nationals. I also gained a 4th place in the New Zealand Surf Lifesaving Nationals and I have made the Wellington Surf League team for the past 4 years in my respective age groups.I have been in teams which have travelled to Australia and I am a member of the Mana Kayaking Club. I have also enjoyed playing team sports at College such as Water Polo and Football for the First Xl. Kapiti College has always supported and encouraged me in all my sporting activities.


Most of our students are involved in one or more sports. We cater for those with different needs and abilities by offering the widest choice possible. This includes: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Athletics Basketball Golf Netball Football Badminton Squash Cricket Rugby Hockey Tennis Yachting Table Tennis Orienteering Triathlon Cycling Equestrian Swimming Mountain Biking Lawn Bowls Waka Ama Water Polo.

School sports teams participate in local interschool competitions with senior teams having summer and winter exchanges with other schools. In many sports top boys and girls teams compete in the national competitions once a year. We are proud of the many successes of our sports men and women. They have represented themselves ably at regional, national and international level. We are equally proud of the way that our students conduct themselves on the sports field. It is important that they do their best, but equally important that they play fairly and enjoy themselves.The high level of sporting participation by Kapiti students suggests that is the case.


Kate Forster During my years at Kapiti College I have been offered so many great opportunities to excel in my sports.

Outdoor Education

In year 9 and 10 I became the cross country and swimming champion for girls. I competed at National events in triathlon and various national swim competitions. Last year I won the intermediate girls grade at the College Sport Wellington Triathlon. I also succeeded in becoming Sports Person of the Year for Kapiti College.

We believe that our outdoor education programme allows our students to develop self confidence and leadership skills in ways that enhance the teaching programme. Kapiti has an extensive and popular outdoor education programme. There are outdoor education courses available at years 9, 10 and 12. It is also a small part of year 12 and 13 Physical Education courses.

This year I competed at the National Age Group Swimming Championships and made six finals. I achieved a silver medal at the New Zealand Mountain Running Championships in the 19 and under event. Despite all my commitments to sport I have still been capable of succeeding academically with my school work in between my sporting activities.

In year 9, students have a three day camp at Otaki Forks where they experience an overnight tramp to Field Hut, rafting in the Otaki Gorge and learn important bushcraft skills. Year 10 students have the opportunity to undertake a week long camp at the Outdoor Pursuits Centre in Turangi. There are also trips for those keen on cycling, sea-kayaking and tramping.

Kapiti College is very supportive of my sporting activities and my academic studies. I look forward to the challenges I will face in my time spent at Kapiti College.

In year 12, students go to Mount Taranaki or mountain bike around the Marlborough Sounds. In year 13, students complete activities in the Abel Tasman National Park.


Xuan Pho Bui

International Programme

Two years ago I decided to come to New Zealand to study. I was nervous and tense as I took my first steps into Kapiti College. Later on, I was welcomed by teachers and friendly students at school. Life in New Zealand is different for an Asian student like me, but I have enjoyed my life with lots of new experiences. The International Department were always happy to listen and help me through any problem I had adapting to life in my new school. I was lucky to have a big host family here, they became my second family. They looked after me as a member of the family, taught me new things and did everything to support me. Kapiti College has helped me grow up and it has been a perfect place to study. I have benefited by learning from teachers who are dedicated to my success. I have made many life long friends.

There are currently 75 international fee-paying students from all around the world attending Kapiti College. They come from Germany, China, Vietnam, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia. They come for many reasons but primarily to improve their English and to gain qualifications which will enable them to enter university here in New Zealand or overseas. Students are keen to attend Kapiti because: • We have a safe social environment • We are close to Wellington, our capital city • There is very good pastoral care • The homestays are of very good quality • Our college is seen as one with good academic standards and results • We have interesting niche programmes such as golf and aviation.

All international students who need extra English programmes are placed in our ESOL classes where they are provided with intensive English work. Here they can also gain literacy credits needed for entrance to university. We operate an English Language Academy providing intensive English language courses for students who need extra help before joining normal classes. The Academy employs wellqualified staff and class sizes are kept small. All international students live in homestay accommodation which is provided by the College. The homestays are very close to the College. All are carefully checked before placements are made. Prices can be found by visiting our web site:

There are no entry requirements for international students but tests are given on arrival to ensure students are placed in courses they can cope with. Assistance is given to those who wish to sit TOEFLS or IELTS English examinations. All international students are encouraged to sit NCEA examinations.


Who’s who at Kapiti Principal Mr T Kane MA, Dip Tchg

Deputy Principal Mr A Pook MEdAdmin (Hons), PGCE

Assistant Principals Mr R Goston Dip Tchg Ms R Maxwell BA Dip Tchg Ms T Stockton MA (Hons), Dip Tchg

Heads of Departments Dr G Brunoro PhD, FTCL, LRSM, LMusA, MMus Mr S Burt BA, MCouns, Dip Tchg Ms N Coe BSc Ed Ms M Chaytor BSocSci, Dip Tchg Mr G Coleman BEng, Dip Tchg Mr G Campbell BA, Dip Tchg Mr S Cullen BEd, Cert ED Mr P Dyer BSc, BPhEd, Dip Tchg Mrs A Hamilton BEd, Dip SSTN, Dip Tchg Ms S Malley BA, Dip Tchg Ms L White BSc PGCE Mr P Ryan BA(Hons), MEdAdmin(Hons), Dip Tchg Mr W Snodgrass MSc, Dip Tchg Mr J Gloy MA, DipEd, Dip Tchg

Teaching Staff Ms L Arthur BSc PGCE Mr N Beetham BSc, Dip Tchg Ms C Beaufort Dip Fine Arts, Dip Tchg Ms C Betham BFA, Dip Tchg Mr B Brannigan BAgSc, Dip Tchg Mr P Blank BPhed, BEd, Diploma in Journalism Ms E Cato BA Dip Tchg Ms J Corlett Adv Dip Visual Arts Dip Tchg Mr T Dagger BA, Dip Tchg Ms R Ellen MA (Hons) Dip Tchg Miss M Evans BA (Hons) PGCE, Dip Drama in Education Mr M Fearon BA, MBA, GTP Teaching Mrs I Fernandes-Day BSc, Dip Comp, Dip Tchg Ms K Hainsworth B Com, Dip Tchg Mr P Hawes BSc, Dip Tchg Miss J Hill B Fashion Dip Tchg Ms K Holmes BSc (Hons), PGCE, Dip Special Ed Mr G Jones BSc, Dip Tchg Miss M Kalasih BA, BCA, Dip Tchg Ms N King BSc, Dip Tchg Ms A Kamp Dip. Tchg, CELTA Mr P Knighton BTeach, BA Ms A Leith BFA Dip Tchg Ms H Light BSc Dip Tchg Mr T Maxwell MA, PGCE, Dip Tchg Ms S Nearey BA B Teach Ms B O’Shanassy Dip Mus Ms L Orsborn BA B Teach Ms H Paulin BA, Dip Tchg Mr S Paterson BSpLs, BTchg Ms H Punton BA, Dip Tchg Miss E Reese BA Dip Tchg

Mr L Rennie BA, Dip Tchg Ms R Pellew BEd Dip Tchg Mr P Richardson MA, Dip. Ed, Dip.Tchg Mr P Roberts BA, Dip.Tchg Mr A Robinson BEd, Dip Tchg Ms S Sharpe BSc (Hons), PGCE Mrs L Sherborne Dip PE, Dip Tchg Ms F Smythe BA, Dip Tchg, MIR Mrs C Snelling BA Dip Tchg Miss E Stephens BSc (Hons) Dip Tchg Mrs C Stewart MHSC, Dip Tchg Ms N Te Riini BA Dip Tchg Ms R Taurima BA, Dip Tchg Mr P Trim BA, Dip Maori, Dip Tchg Mrs E Turver BSc, ATCL, Dip Tchg Ms S Weaver BPhed, B Comm, Dip Tchg Mr J Vickers BA, Dip Tchg Ms D Wakelin BA, Dip Tchg Miss H Walker IPS, PCT, Dip Tchg Ms D Watson Dip Ed, Adv Dip Tchg Mr P Western BA, Dip Tchg Mr A Woodhouse BA Dip Design, Dip Tchg Ms A Woofe BA BTeach Ms Y Zeng BSc M Teach

Mrs L Howchow Mrs M Jackson Mr D Jefferies Mrs S Sale Ms K Jones Mrs M Knox Ms J McLaughlin Ms M Norris Mrs C Ratcliffe Mrs C Saville Ms G Smith Mr A Taal Ms T Thorpe Ms P Tidey Mrs B Van Schooten Mrs C Walmsley

Ms M Balogh Mrs C Beale Ms T Bennett Mrs K Bradley Mrs L Cartmer Mr P Cooper Mrs S Davidson Mr J Dawson Mrs M Dixon Ms H Dyke Mrs K Ekdahl Mrs J Ellison Mrs A Fitzmaurice Ms K Hardwick Mr Alex Hanns Mr G Hunter

Board of Trustees Mr J Howson (Chairman) Mrs M Dixon (Secretary) Ms L Ruatoto Mr T Kane (Principal) Mr L Sage

July 6th and 7th

September 14th

Year 8 Open Days

Option selection forms due

July 7th

Term 4

Open Evening 7pm start in the College hall

• • •

Enrolments due • Post or deliver to the College or your primary school office • Acceptance letters posted within 10 days.

The most remarkable thing about Kapiti College is its school community. People know and like each other, and the most important thing for me as an exchange student is that they want you to become part of this community too! I made Kiwi friends on day one, and I keep on meeting new people through them.

Besides that, Kapiti College has a great International Department with people who take care of you and any wishes or problems you might have.

Support Staff

Mr W Snodgrass (Teacher Rep) Ms D Lake Mr O Tong Mr C Dyhrberg Hamish Brodie (Student Rep)

The Enrolment Process

August 5th

Johannes Walter

Senior staff visit primary schools Uniforms available for order and purchase Principal and other senior staff available for interviews

24th – 27th January Principal and other senior staff available for interviews

September 1st

January 31st

Orientation morning for all enrolled students • Information about each option subject

All students start


These two factors make me feel like I’ve become part of Kapiti College in all the time I’ve been here so far. It is probably one of the best decisions of my life to come here and there is no other place that I’d rather be. This is a lifetime experience and I will never forget my time here!

Kapiti College  

High School