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Logan Park High School

Dunedin New Zealand

International Prospectus 2011

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Learning for Life Welcome Logan Park is often seen as Dunedin’s performance arts school, but it caters for all talents and interests—academic, sporting and cultural.

We produce as many scientists, historians, mathematicians, business people, lawyers, film-makers, technicians and athletes as we do actors, artists, dancers and musicians. Logan Park is co-ed and multi-cultural. It’s the real world. We all enjoy the colour and vibrancy this brings to the school, and our students often make new friends from around the world. With about 40 different nationalities of students, we personify the idea of the educational “global village”.

Logan Park High School students have a proud record of academic, sporting and cultural achievements. All students have the opportunity to select six optional subjects from a wide range of Arts, Technology and Language areas of learning. The breadth of subjects offered is also reflected in the range of sporting and cultural extra-curricular activities available.

Imagine arriving at school to be greeted by a chorus of bellbirds …. Period 1 doing PE or Sports at the Caledonian athletics track right across the road … joining the Robotics, Climbing, Chess or Maths clubs … playing in a rock band, or the award-winning LPHS Jazz Band … … enjoying healthy and tasty canteen food … and having one of your paintings hung in a hallway for future generations to enjoy. Do join us. I invite you to enrol at Logan Park High School and look forward to having you and your family become part of our friendly and dynamic school community.

Jane Johnson Principal

OUR MISSION STATEMENT Logan Park High School is committed to the highest standards of achievement for all students. We provide excellence in secondary co-education within our unique natural environment, close to the tertiary Education resources of Dunedin North.

Logan Park Logan Park High School aims to provide the best possible education and pastoral care for its students, offering excellent opportunities for them to develop academic, cultural and sporting strengths. The school has a friendly and caring atmosphere and staff are experienced in providing education and care to overseas students.

Logan Park is a five minute walk from the University of Otago in Dunedin, the “student city” of New Zealand. Close to all student facilities, it is surrounded by trees, hills and a park. Dunedin is a clean, safe and beautiful city with a sense of history. It is situated on a spectacular harbour with superb beaches and is famous for penguins, albatrosses and seals.

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Logan Park is a co-educational school and is proud of its well deserved reputation for academic excellence. Well-known as Dunedin’s performance arts school, the school has modern classrooms including a well equipped library and computer suite. Logan Park has a strong sports programme and is highly competitive in basketball, football, ice hockey and boy’s field hockey. The school has a climbing club and the city’s only indoor climbing wall.

Academic Programme Logan Park is strong in English, Art, Social Sciences, Music, Drama, Science, Maths and Languages, including Maori, French and Latin. There are numerous opportunities for musical students, including two choirs, several chamber music groups, an orchestra, an award-winning jazz band and an after-school rock music academy. There are active robotics, chess and maths clubs, as well as an enthusiastic Environmental Group.

Entry to New Zealand Universities Logan Park High School prepares students for further education at universities and polytechnics. The school offers a wide range of courses and has a reputation for academic excellence, with many students going on to university. Students will be offered preparation classes for a variety of tertiary requirements, including National Certificate of Educational Achievement [NCEA] and IELTS , TOEFL or Cambridge Mainsuite examinations as required. Students will also enter New Zealand Speech Board Examinations. ESOL Classes Students are offered extra English support at each year level. They can benefit from up to 12 hours of ESOL per week which will include general English and support to gain NCEA English credits.

TOP SCHOLARSHIP RANKING Logan Park is the top co-educational secondary school in Dunedin with 19 New Zealand Scholarships awarded to students in 2009 and 14 scholarships in 2008. Top-Scholar in NZ awards have also been achieved in Maths with Statistics, Physics and German with a second place in French.

Subjects Available Students are placed into the appropriate year level based on their age, however subjects can be taken at a level suitable to their academic ability and previous experience. For example, a student studying in Year 12 may study some subjects at Year 12 and some at Year 11. In Year 11 students take six subjects with English and Mathematics compulsory and Science highly recommended. Students in Year 12 take six subjects with English compulsory. Year 13 students take five subjects. Year 11 NCEA Level 1

Year 12 NCEA Level 2

Year 13 NCEA Level 3

Compulsory Subjects English English (applied) Mathematics Mathematics (applied) Science Science (applied) Â Yr 11 Options Art Graphics Food Technology Materials Technology (Metal) Materials Technology (Wood) Materials Technology (Fabric) ICT Drama Music French Latin Maori ESOL Accounting Geography History Physical Education Career Pathways

Compulsory Subjects English English (modular) Â Yr 12 Options Mathematics Mathematics (general) Mathematics (applied) Biology Physics Chemistry Graphics Food Technology Materials Technology (Metal) Materials Technology (Wood) Materials Technology (Fabric) ICT Drama Music Art French ESOL Latin Maori Accounting History Media Studies Physical Education Gateway Career Pathways

Yr 13 Options English English (UE) Maths with Calculus Maths with Statistics Biology Physics Chemistry Graphics Food Technology Materials Technology (Metal) Materials Technology (Wood) Materials Technology (Fabric) Automotive Engineering ICT Drama Music Painting Photography French Latin Maori Accounting History Media Studies Physical Education Gateway Career Pathways

Supportive Environment Logan Park is proud of its welcoming and friendly school environment.


Logan Park understands the importance

The curriculum is designed to:

of a successful homestay

• Provide equally for girls and boys

• Offer the widest possible subject choice to students

Homestay families

• Enable students to reach their potential and to experience success in national or local examinations and qualifications

and caring attitude

experience for

• Focus on students and their needs


• Encourage the development of a broad range of essential skills

are selected for their friendliness towards students as well as the good standard of accommodation. The homestay coordinator assesses the suitability of all homestay carers and is available to support homestay families and students.

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Sport Excellent on-site sports facilities, including a sprung wooden-floored Gymnamsium, an indoor climbing wall and bouldering facility, and a strength and weights room are offered. The school has close and strong links with many Otago Teams and Associations, including Otago Highlanders Rugby, Otago Soccer, Otago Climbing, Otago Touch, Otago Basketball, Otago Hockey, Otago Rugby League and New Zealand Futsal.

Logan Park has a very strong commitment to sports, fitness and recreation for all students. All major sports are available, including: Summer


Summer Hockey Volleyball Touch Tennis Futsal Golf Sailing Rowing Athletics Cricket Cross Country Orienteering Harriers Climbing Fencing Mountain Biking Equestrian

Hockey Soccer Rugby Basketball Netball Badminton Ice Hockey Skiing Squash Harriers Climbing Fencing Cross Country Mountain Biking Equestrian

Cultural Activities Music Logan Park has numerous opportunities for musical students and has an itinerant music programme where students can learn a musical instrument. The following musical groups are also available:

Choir - Jazz Band Chamber Music - Rock Quest Orchestra - Rock Bands

Drama Logan Park has had teams representing New Zealand overseas for 24 years and have on many occasions been the winner of the Best Youth Play in competition work. A highly dedicated lighting/sound team and involvement in choreography, costuming and directing are some of the opportunities available, as well as:

Stage Challenge - Senior Show One Act Plays - University of Otago Shakespeare

Outdoor Experience Logan Park is committed to providing a range of outdoor experience opportunities for international students, with two activities per term. A sample of possible activities is outlined here.

A weekend tramp in the Silverpeaks Join the Logan Park High School Tramping club for a weekend trip into the rugged Silver Peaks Range. We will carry all our gear and tents for a camp on Saturday night.

Otago Peninsula Day Trip A day spent exploring Otago Peninsula and the features it has to offer. Will include short walks, penguin spotting, albatross, seals etc.

Rafting Trip on the Taieri River We travel by jet boat up the nearby Taieri River and spend a fun and picturesque few hours rafting back down. Training and lunch provided.

Skiing and Snowboarding near Wanaka Cardrona is one of the ski fields within easy reach of the township of Wanaka. Excellent skiing and snowboarding facilities exist and there will be lessons provided for everyone. Accommodation will be in cabins in a holiday park where cooking skills will be developed in the evenings, while discussing the day’s highlights and enjoying the company of new friends.

Train trip through the Taieri gorge 1 Day Enjoy the spectacular views (and heights) as you travel on the historic Taieri Gorge Railway to the town of Middlemarch and back. See some of Otago’s most rugged countryside and get an idea of nineteenth century gold-miners life in the Otago region.

Bush and beach adventures in the Catlins 4 days From our base at a lodge near Tautuku Beach we enjoy bush walks, games, an overnight camp at the beach, a rather ‘muddy’ time and trips further afield to see waterfalls and other natural wonders.

Kayaking and Cycling at Mavora Lakes 4 days The Mavora Lakes, near Te Anau, are surrounded by spectacular mountains. We will camp next to the northern lake, then explore both lakes in double sea-kayaks (training is provided). Short tramps and cycling are included in this adventure.

Multi Day Tramp in November 5 days A 5 day tramp into the mountains in the headwaters of Lake Wakatipu. A round trip up the Caples River, a bit of a climb over McKellor Saddle, and then back down the Greenstone River. Note: Students will be advised of the costs of each trip.

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Logan Park High School has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Minister of Education. Copies of the Code are available on request from this institution or from the New Zealand Ministry of Education website at

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