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English PLUS

A new day in Auckland - where exciting city life meets beautiful nature

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Auckland - a wonderful place to study Welcome to English PLUS at Crown Crown - for more than thirty years one of New Zealand’s leading private education groups. Locally owned and proudly independent, we know New Zealand and its people. Our style is professional and friendly. Our aim is to help you succeed. English PLUS - a wide range of study options and a level of service unique to Crown. Learn new skills while you make new friends. Widen your world here with us in Auckland.

Jennifer Goulder - Director

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Alan Chisholm - Director

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English PLUS

English PLUS Pronunciation Writing



Further Study




Crown - an official TOEIC test centre

Business English


WorksUP - HandsUP

New Zealand





EAP "X" Class


"X" Class





TOEFL Working Holiday



IELTS Working H

TOEIC Cambridge Activities option - learning by doing

Study hard and improve your English quickly “X” class option - English College

Preparing c.v.s in the Working Holiday option Internet suite - English College

Pronunciation option - communicate in English Language Lab - English College

Individual Study Programme (ISP) - study at your own pace

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English PLUS options and opportunities


ake the most of your study time with English PLUS course options. Pronunciation Activities

Enjoy a short holiday course ... or plan a programme of serious long term study.

Business English ISP Skills

A historic building in a quiet, tree-lined street near the university, close to Auckland city centre.

Combine options for a study path that is just right for you. Change options during your course for more variety and enjoyment.

Conversation king Holiday

Earn an internationally recognised English qualification like IELTS, TOEIC or FCE. Follow new interests or choose the skills you need for your future. + Sample English timetable - Business English option Time






10:50 12:15 1:15 3:30 - 5:30






Individual study in the Self Access Centres Introductions: Phone calls; Making small talk; Word Linking; formal and Job Application Reported speech Product informal descriptions

Friday Vocab test; Interviewing a guest speaker

Coffee break Polite phrases; Telephone messages

Pronunciation in Language Lab; Job interviews

Business letters; Phrasal verbs

Computer Room: Modal verbs; Writing emails Giving your opinion

Lunch break Travel problems; Air Travel

Role play: Meeting a client from abroad

Vocab. quiz; Cross-cultural contacts

Cultural advice; Individual presentations

Crown - leaders in quality training since 1972 Activity or Individual study (Self Access)

Individual study in the Self Access Centres

“I chose Crown because it had serious course options with lots of homework. My counsellor recommended the “X” class so I could make fast progress. It is hard work but really worth it.”

Ms Natalia Zhizhko (left) with counsellor Robert Miernik

Self Access room - English College

“I want to go on to university I’m taking an ”X” class and later I’ll take the IELTS preparation option. Next year I’ll start my NZDipBus course at Crown.”

Mr Mohammed Ashemaimry with counsellor Ahmed Kadasah

Self Access room - English College Location : Self Access room - English College

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New Zealand

Vocational Courses

VSA VYA Internship

English PLUS

Travel Agent Care



Earn your degree in only two further years University graduation ceremony


University Credit

Flight Attendant

Tourism Diploma

Further Study

City & Guilds Unilink


NZDipBus Hotel



Beverage Food Management



Certificate Skills Flight attendant option Aircraft training facility - Business College

Crown students have over 100 broadband computers for research, projects and email Study lounge - Business College

Practical training you can use right away Southern Cross travel agency - Business College

Study in modern spacious facilities

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English PLUS further study ... achieve your goals

Take home more than just English language skills.

+ English language levels and pathways

Crown courses can give you national and international qualifications for a career in business, hospitality or travel and tourism. Or help you gain New Zealand university admission with credits from your Crown diploma. New courses begin each term, and it’s easy to transfer fees from your English course to any other Crown course. From English Level 5 (IELTS 5.0, TOEIC 550) you can build on your English skills with English PLUS further study. Employers support and recommend Crown Training

“I enjoy studying with New Zealand students. You get a great course and a fantastic cultural experience as well.” Ms Yen, Shih-Ju (centre), and Ms Joanne Cusack with counsellor Kim Ong

Study lounge - Business College

Recruits from Crown prove to be some of our best, and as a result of this my first approach is always to Crown ... QANTAS New Zealand

“I thoroughly recommend English PRO. When I graduate with my NZDipBus from Crown, I’ll get degree credits so that I can enter the second year of a BCom and I’ll be able to apply for a one-year New Zealand work permit.” Mr Juan David Castano with counsellor Juliana Trujillo Student internet area - English College

“I started at Crown doing TOEIC, followed this with an IATA course, and now I am travelling the world for KAL as a flight attendant.” Ms Kyoung-Mi Kwon (left) with counsellor Hye-Ran Baek

Student common room - English College Location : Hospitality class - Business College

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Further Study


English PLUS Advice New Zealand


Teachers Friendly



Career counselling and job placement Crown Career Centre - Business College



In-House Visa Service Caring Advice


Support Your Language



Family Home


Kind Caring Safety Great food, great service Crown cafe - English College

Your teacher - with you all the way FCE option - English College

Friendly service from the Crown team Student common room - Business College

Crown counsellors - we speak your language and are here to help you. Our admin team - extend or change your course and renew your student visa right here at Crown.

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English PLUS the great team at Crown

Experience the kind heart of New Zealand and enjoy great service and support while you study. Your teacher - a friendly guide in the classroom. Our teachers are all professionals and they are here to help you succeed. Your counsellor - personal and academic advice at any time ... from your first day in New Zealand. Your homestay - become part of a New Zealand home and lifestyle. Practise your English while you enjoy living with a warm, friendly Auckland family. Our admin team - extend or change your course and renew your student visa right here at Crown.

Our wonderful homestays

“I was so happy with my homestay - they made me feel like part of their family. They were just what I dreamed of.”

Ms Anotai Roongruang (left) with counsellor Jinda (Im) Naruemitmongkonsuk

Sun deck - English College

“I was nervous about my class, but my teacher was so friendly she was kind and helpful and I felt really relaxed. I learned a lot from her.”

Ms Liya Pusbaliyah (left) with counsellor Whinnie Santosa

Student common room - English College Location : Student common room - English College

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New friends from New Zealand Crown party

Beauty and adventure Tongariro National Park

Happy memories of your classmates Mt. Victoria, Auckland

Exciting activities Sailing on Auckland harbour

Central Auckland

Two schools, one unique opportunity

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The road to your future

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English PLUS a new adventure in New Zealand

This is you. Taking on new challenges. Achieving.

“I have really enjoyed my time here at Crown in Auckland. New Zealand is great - friendly people, fabulous landscape and plenty to see and do. After my studies I will travel around New Zealand and I have already decided to return to Crown.”

When you study at Crown, the world gets smaller and your circle of friends gets larger. You can meet people from New Zealand ... or from the other side of the world. And in today’s world of English, business, hospitality and travel, your classmate today is your international business contact tomorrow. You will never be the same as you take home a treasure more precious than gold - new friends, new language and new life.

Mr Tiziano Parpaglioni with counsellor Marion Schoenenberger Location : Chancery, Auckland

“I love New Zealand! When I came to Crown I could hardly speak English. English PLUS changed my life. It gave me confidence and skills and I now have a great job in Auckland.” Manabu Nakashima (left) with counsellor Kyoko Crannitch Location : Queen St, Auckland

Location : Bastion Point, Auckland

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Crown students (left to right) : Michael, Pierre and Sang-In

Representative Stamp

10 Eden Crescent, PO Box 1094, Auckland 1140, New Zealand Ph. +64 9 357 3191, Fax. +64 9 357 3199, Design : Sung-Hak Cho, Photography : Masaya Ohara

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Crown Institute of Studies  

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