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Waimea College Prospectus

Welcome Welcome to Waimea College Nga mihi nui kia koutou. A special welcome to you all. Waimea College is committed to providing a high-quality education for its students and emphasises the importance of achieving personal standards of excellence in academic, sporting, cultural and recreational activities. There are several key features of Waimea College that make it a successful school as well as a busy and friendly community.

The Curriculum We have the resources and staffing to provide a wide range of courses. At junior level the curriculum has a number of compulsory subjects from the eight learning areas of the National Curriculum. In addition students have the opportunity to select from a range of option subjects to complete their programme. In the senior school, students select more specialised subjects in preparation for a career, further training or tertiary study. We aim to have our students leave school with a nationally-recognised qualification. We also cater for different individual abilities and needs through our extension, support and special education programmes.

Student Support Waimea College has established an excellent reputation for its commitment to student support provided by teachers, tutors, guidance and support staff. Every student has the opportunity to receive guidance to plan their course of study, set short and long-term goals and receive assistance in achieving them. The College adopts a firm, fair and consistent approach to managing students’ behaviour, and emphasises the importance of self-discipline, commonsense and respect for others.

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The Staff Our teachers and support staff are this school’s most valuable resource. It is the quality of our staff that is the most important factor in determining that successful learning takes place. At Waimea College we have professional, well-qualified and trained staff with whom I am proud to be associated.

The Facilities Waimea College occupies attractive, park-like grounds that provide a relaxed and spacious environment for our students and staff. The school has excellent facilities and has developed a long term programme to maintain and enhance the buildings, equipment and environment as well as allowing for expected roll growth in future years. In recent years we have built a new gymnasium and eight new teaching classrooms. In addition we have upgraded and expanded a number of specialist facilities including Food Technology rooms, Science Laboratories, our Special Education Unit, Music, Performing Arts and Visual Arts suites. Our school also has extensive Information and Communication facilities available to students and staff.

Co-Curricular Opportunities We provide a wide range of co-curricular sporting, cultural and recreational activities that create additional opportunities for all students to experience success in individual and team pursuits. At Waimea College we are proud of what we offer and of what our students achieve. I invite you to join us.

Larry Ching Principal

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The Curriculum Our aim is to encourage and assist our students to develop their academic potential and to provide opportunities for them to enjoy success. This will help them to develop positive attitudes that will encourage further study, training and life-long learning. The College offers all students a comprehensive range of subjects from Year 9 to Year 13 leading to the national qualifications of National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Levels One, Two and Three. Waimea College students have a very good record of success in national qualifications. The school places a strong emphasis on academic achievement and believes it is our responsibility to provide every student with the opportunity to reach their potential. Considerable emphasis is placed on ensuring that our classrooms are stimulating, well-managed environments. There are additional opportunities to accelerate and extend students with special abilities. Students in need of additional assistance with their learning are provided with specialised support through our guidance network.

A Broad, Balanced Curriculum Students at Waimea College enjoy a broad, challenging and stimulating curriculum. At junior level, all students are required to study in the eight learning areas of the National Curriculum. In the senior school we encourage more specialisation in preparation for national examinations and qualifications.

04 The Curriculum

- An Academic Focus In Year 9 Students will be required to study English, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. Students will also study a number of other subjects in short courses (called units). These include Arts, Languages and Technology units.

In Year 10 Students continue with English, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. They will select three or four optional subjects. Languages are full-year courses, and all other subjects offer half year courses.

In Year 11 Students must study English, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education and three other subjects earning credits towards NCEA.

In Year 12 Students must study English, Resource and five other courses earning credits towards NCEA.

Our Headstart programme allows a reduced

number of subjects and provides work experience placements.

In Year 13 Most students will select five subjects. Depending on their abilities and goals, some students may wish to do a combination of academic courses and others that lead to more vocationally-based qualifications. The Headstart programme is also available at Year 13.

Multi-Level Study Multi-Level study is encouraged, particularly for senior students, who may select a combination of Year 11, 12 and 13 courses in any one year of study provided they meet the necessary prerequisites to do this.

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Co-Curricular Opportunities Visual and Performing Arts Each year we aim to provide opportunities for a large number of students to participate in acting, singing, dancing, instrumental music, drawing, painting and design. Our students also play a key part in the technical production of special events by assisting with stage make-up, lighting, sound systems, set design, construction and stage crew. The College is very active with students taking part in Stage Challenge, Shakespeare festival, competitive drama, public speaking, and creative design competitions. A highlight of the school year is our Arts Festival Week which features many of the creative talents of both students and staff.

Kapa Haka Tama Tu Tama Ora, our Maori Culture Group performs at a variety of school functions. It also represents the school at other events and has achieved high performance standards, gaining several successes at both regional and South Island competitions.

06 Co-Curricular Opportunities

- Waimea College has strengths in a wide range of co-curricular activities

Music The school offers a variety of musical opportunities for students at all levels. There is an excellent tuition programme available in a wide range of instruments and there are opportunities to participate in a number of specific interest groups. • vocal and instrumental • specialist groups (concert band, solo vocals, rock and jazz groups) • musical productions and tours • orchestra • nationally acclaimed choirs

Outdoor Education The College has made a major commitment to education outside the classroom and has an outstanding outdoor education programme for Year 11, 12 and 13 students which includes a variety of outdoor pursuits such as kayaking, rockclimbing, tramping, alpine skills and mountain biking. Year 9 students have the opportunity to attend a five-day camp at Rotoiti Lodge in Nelson Lakes. The focus of the camps is personal challenge and working as a team and includes activities such as tramping, skiing or rafting, canoeing or sea-kayaking and a confidence course. Special Education and International Students also experience Outdoor Education activities.

Co-Curricular Opportunities 07

Sport We encourage students to take advantage of the wide range of sporting activities that are available to them. Waimea College has an excellent record of achievement at regional and national level in a number of sports, and is represented by teams and individuals in many codes including cricket, athletics, swimming, tennis, rugby, soccer, hockey, netball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, touch rugby, bowls, squash, sailing, golf, mountain-biking, cycling and multi-sport. The school continues to build on its strength in these and other sporting codes through a system of development squads. Emphasis is placed on participation in sports for social as well as competitive reasons. We have a very popular lunchtime sports programme that includes inter-house and inter-form competitions. There is a Sports Committee consisting of senior students who promote sport within the school through involvement in such activities as the inter-house sports. The school supports the Fairplay Charter. A strong emphasis is placed on team loyalty and teams taking pride in their appearance as well as their performance. Our achievements in sport are the result of skilled coaching and management by staff, parents and members of the wider community and the energy, enthusiasm and support among the students.

08 Co-Curricular Opportunities

Student Development Student Leadership The development of leadership is regarded as very important at Waimea College. An innovative programme that provides opportunities to gain leadership skills and experience in a wide range of activities is available to students across all year levels. Board of Trustees Student Representative: Students elect a representative to the Board of Trustees. The representative attends all Board meetings and reports on student activities, achievements and suggestions to improve the operation of the College. Head Students: There are four senior student leaders who are selected through a process involving their student peers, teachers and senior management staff. They have a significant part to play in leading school assemblies, representing the College in the community and as role models to the wider school. Houses: The four Houses are Cooper (Red), Hillary (Yellow), Rutherford (Green), and Sheppard (Blue). Each of the four Houses has two elected leaders who take an active role in organising and supporting inter-house activities and competitions such as House Song, House Sports, House Quiz and Lipsync. Leadership: There are leadership positions including academics, sports, performing arts, culture, environment, international student support, visual arts, community services and student welfare.

Support Systems

Peer Support: Senior students are selected and trained as student contacts to assist junior students who have concerns and to act as mentors where appropriate. Others provide assistance as peer tutors and work in class or at other times helping junior students with their learning and homework.

Support Systems 09

Support Systems Contact Between the College and Parents The College makes a special effort to provide a caring and supportive environment which encourages the best possible achievement and personal development for our students. We place a strong emphasis on working with parents and believe that a partnership between school and home is essential to creating a positive and effective learning environment. The tutors and teachers will generally initiate contact if there are concerns about a student’s progress. At the same time the College encourages parents to contact the appropriate tutor or form teacher if either the parent or student has concerns about progress.

Student Support Guidance is provided to help students choose which pathways to follow to achieve their personal, educational and career goals. Our support network is wide and includes guidance and counselling services and extension opportunities, careers advice, remedial assistance, second language support, a special education department and a learning support centre. We have two tutors at each year level who provide excellent pastoral care

Support Systems

for our students.

10 Support Systems

- A Partnership with Parents

Special Education Waimea College has a modern Special Education facility that is well resourced and staffed by energetic, enthusiastic teachers and teacher aides. The curriculum is based on individual education plans that are developed in consultation with students, caregivers, whanau, teachers and specialists and where appropriate, students are included in mainstream classes and activities.

Celebrating Achievement We are proud of our students, their positive attitudes and of what they achieve. The College acknowledges and celebrates their achievements in a variety of ways. These include school assemblies, newsletters and special prize-giving ceremonies that recognise academic attainment, leadership, service to others, and success in sporting and cultural activities.

Support Systems 11

Careers Careers support for students begins at Year 9 and progresses each year through to Year 13. Career concepts are integrated into classroom programmes and students can receive individual assistance from the Careers Advisor and Guidance Counsellors.

Parent Teacher Interviews and Student Reports The College runs interviews each year, during which parents and students can meet with each of their teachers. Students are encouraged to attend these interviews. Students are issued with two formal reports each year. Junior Graduation reports are issued at the end of each term for Year 9 and 10 students. These reports cover such things as attitude, having the correct equipment, use of class time, homework and attendance. Students need to gain 75% to graduate to the next year level. Year 9 and 10 students receive a report at the end of each term that records their progress towards junior graduation.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) The Waimea College PTA is a very important group of parents and teachers who meet on a monthly basis. Some of the areas within the school that the PTA is involved in are fundraising, support for parent teacher information evenings. Details about PTA meetings are published in the term calendars and College newsletter and participation by parents is welcomed.

12 Support Systems

International Education International Students Waimea College offers a limited number of places to overseas feepaying students who add another dimension to the diverse nature of our school. Specialist teachers provide both an extensive English language and academic support programme for these students who are fully integrated into normal classes after a period of orientation. Our International Programme provides: • Experienced and committed staff dedicated to supporting our students • Teacher assistants who support students in their mainstream classes • High academic standards • ESOL classes from elementary to upper intermediate • A safe environment which allows our international students to reach their full potential • A wide range of sporting, cultural and recreational activities

Overseas Exchanges Each year the College accepts a limited number of exchange students from overseas countries and offers its own students the opportunity to participate in a number of internationally recognised exchange programmes.

International Students 13

So, what makes Waimea College special? We offer our students... • A co-educational learning environment that is safe and supportive • Enthusiastic, committed, caring teachers and support staff • A strong academic focus • An extensive leadership programme • Challenging, diverse courses of study • Modern facilities and resources • Extensive landscaped grounds Innovative programmes and approaches to learning that include: • The development of modern thinking and learning techniques • A Learning Support Centre • Pre-employment training and personal development programmes • Emphasis on information and communication technology skills • Opportunities for students with special abilities • A modern, well resourced Special Education Unit • Guidance and support to set personal, educational and career goals • A wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities • Flexibility to study at different levels

Why Waimea College?

Other documentation included with this enrolment folder: • Application for Enrolment • Enrolment Scheme Information Sheet • Curriculum Information • Student Handbook

14 Why Waimea College?

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Salisbury Road, Richmond 7020, Nelson, New Zealand Phone: +64 3 544 6099 Fax: +64 3 544 1052 Email:

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