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1. What is CNH KIWIN'S Key Club & what is Emerald Division? 2-3. Emerald Lt.G Letter of Introduction 4. Say hello to your Club Presidents! 5-6. Say hello to your 2018-2019 DLT! 7. May Reconition 8. DCON Recap 9. May DCM Recap 10. Upcoming Events 11. Key Club Prefered Charities, Partners, & Co-sponsors 12. General Resources 13. Emerald Division Social Media Handles

What Is CNH KIWIN'S Key Club? We are a District of Key Club International. We are located in California, Nevada, and Hawaii. There are over 50 clubs with approximately 2,500 members and growing. We promote good citizenship through service. CNH KIWIN'S perform service deeds with fellow members to improve their schools and communities. Local service gives KIWIN'S members the satisfaction of seeing the results of their efforts. In most cases, CNH KIWIN'S clubs are based on a high school campus under the guidance of their Faculty Advisor(s). Some clubs may function off campus under the authority of their Kiwanis Advisor(s).

What Is Emerald Division? Emerald Division is one of the nine Divisions that make up the CNH KIWIN'S Key Club District. Emerald Division covers all San Diego County and currently has three schools- Rancho Bernardo HS, Otay Ranch HS, and Olympian HS. Our Divisional mascot is an otter! 


Lt.G INTRODUCTION LETTER Hello everyone! I would like to introduce myself, I am Julianna Pantoja the 2018-2019 Emerald Lieutenant Governor for CNH KIWIN’S. I am a incoming senior attending Otay Ranch HS. Before taking on the role of Lieutenant Governor, I was the Kiwanis Family & Foundation Chair for the CNH KIWIN’S District. Working closely with the District last term, I had a chance to learn a lot from the other Lieutenant Governor’s. I have seen what has worked, what hasn’t, and what I can take from these different divisions and adapt it to better serve my Division. One of my main goals this term is to increase communication with all of the clubs within the Division. I will be reaching out directly more consistently to all the Club Officers, increasing activity on our social media accounts, along with hosting more Divisional events to allow members from any club the opportunity to meet other members throughout the Division. I am excited for what this year has in store for Emerald Division!


Along with this, I would also like to expand our division to more schools in San Diego County. I am currently in contact with two new schools that we can charter for in the future. I also, hope to bring back schools we have lost in the past few years. Finally, I hope we can all work together to get more people to participate in community service projects and plan more fundraisers! With that being said, if you ever have sort of questions or concerns through out the term, feel free to contact me! I am here to support YOU! Julianna Pantoja 2018-2019 CNH KIWIN’S Emerald Lieutenant Governor (619)942-1805


Meet Your 2018-2019 Club Presidents! RANCHO BERNARDO HS KATHERINE HUMMLER My name is Katherine Hummler. I go to RBHS and I'm a junior. I love to cook and bake. And I'm very excited to be president of kiwins at RB. I'm looking forward to an increase in communication with everyone. And to have a more unified club! 

OTAY RANCH HIGH SCHOOL LARA KRISTINE BACASEN Hiya, I am the President of Otay Ranch KIWIN’S for the 2018 2019 term. I have been a member throughout high school and I’m excited to lead a club that has made such a large impact in my high school experience. Otay will continue to further the mission of KIWIN’S and give support to our schools and communities. I wish to fundraise and donate more money to the causes that the district supports and also build more relations within the club and with other clubs in Emerald. I have a wonderful team of officers and under our new LTG I know Emerald will accomplish many things. Live Life Otters! 


Hi I’m Lauryn Edwards and I go to Olympian High School. I’ve always been involved with sports like track and soccer and in my recent years of high school I joined many leadership programs; such as link crew, which is a freshman mentoring program at my school. I often volunteer at my elementary school, being an assistant for their theater program. This year I went to the Youth Rotary camp and when I came back I wanted to do even more for my community so I’m excited to join Kiwanis.


Meet Your 2018-2019 Divisional Leadership Team! EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT KATRINA MAI Hi, my name is Katrina Mai and I I am the secretary of Rancho Bernardo High School KIWIN’S!Some fun facts about me are that I play the saxophone and lacrosse, and next school year I will be a sophomore. I’m looking forward to meeting new people in 2018-2019! 

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT NAOMI TANAKA Hello! My name is Naomi Tanaka, I go to Otay Ranch High School. I enjoy doing community service and helping others out! I can't wait for this upcoming year and all the new amazing opportunities our division will have!

TECHNOLOGY CHAIR FREYA MEDINA Hi! My name is Freya Medina and I’ll be your new tech chair for the upcoming term. I’m an incoming junior at Otay Ranch High, I’ve been a part of KIWIN’S since freshman year, and I’ve been an active member since. I look forward to working with Emerald Division as the year goes by!


Meet Your 2018-2019 Divisional Leadership Team! SPIRIT CHAIR DLYAN KARKAINEN My name is Dylan Karkainen and I will be the new Kiwins Emerald Division Spirit Chair. I am so excited to have this position because during my summer camps I always love to participate in the fun songs and chants that I know I will be able to adapt, and create new ones, for KIWIN'S. I want to encourage and spread joy to all of the KIWIN'S, and through what I hope to create, want to inspire them to continue celebrating what this club does for each of our communities as well as how it creates a whole new community of dedicated individuals who all have a goal similar to what I want to promote as Spirit Chair:  spreading kindness and togetherness through helping one another to foster a healthy and kind community. 

Thank you to everyone who applied! I am so impressed by all of your passion and dedication. I am so excited to see what we can achieve this year together!


MAY RECOGNITION Officer of the Month// Katherine Hummler (RBHS President) Katherine has been super consistent with communication and updating those around her. She has shown a lot of passion and dedication.

Member of the Month// Emiliano Rivera (RBHS) "Emiliano comes to all our events and helps come up with new awesome Ideas and he always is really polite. " - RBHS President

Club of the Month// Otay Ranch High School Otay Ranch HS through out this past month has consistently been connecting with their members and planned a end of year banquet. Keep up the good work!



On May 20th we held our first Divisional Council Meeting of the term! We had representatives from two out of the three schools attend! There we discussed clubs updates, divisional updates, and upcoming events! Along with that, we worked together to make blankets to donate to a local shelter! Although we didn't finish all the blankets we plan on completing the service project at the next DCM! Thank you to everyone who attended !



On April 6-8th we had seven representatives attend our 42nd annual District Convention in Woodland Hills, CA. Everyone attended different workshops through out the weekend where we learned about leadership, position based training, and so much more! AND GUESS WHAT... WE WON THAT SPIRIT STICK!!! Special shoutout to Krisitine Bacasen for creating the cheer that helped us win the lunch session spirit stick!



Divisional Fundraiser Bake Sale June/July

Officer Training Conference July More information to come!

June DCM & Ribbon Lei Making Event June 16th, 2018 Serra Mesa Library | 2-4PM Sign Up!! --> 1 10



PTP & YOF GRANTS: Manual: air/docs/grants_manual_1 Pediatric Trauma Program Grant: Youth Opportunity Fund Grant:






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  Julianna Pantoja 2018-2019 Emerald Lieutenant Governor email:

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Emerald Exclusive | May 2018-2019  
Emerald Exclusive | May 2018-2019