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MARCH 7, 2012


A Biweekly publication of the Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana

President's Message From Les Washington

This article has two goals: to inaugurate a new newsletter format and put forth a "Who Are We" club statement. Publication of the club’s newsletter is now in the hands of the club’s Publicity Committee, and I wish to personally thank Alfredo Amezcua, Jennifer Delson and others for their insight and commitment to this project. Next, as president for almost 18 months, I’ve developed a club description as we sought at last year’s SGFK committee to create our brand and purpose: “The Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana is a member of Kiwanis International, a global organization dedicated to serving the children of the world. Our club, the Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana, is dedicated to serving the children of the Santa Ana community through the club’s four pillars of service, which are; (1) Our Barrier-Free Park Project,(2) Our Scholarship Program,(3) Our Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies Program, and (4) the Community-wide Committees funded by our SGFK and Sees Candy Projects.

Editorial Message Extending a tradition with a new newsletter

For many, many years, Kiwani News’ chief asset has been Larry Means, who spent more than 20 hours each week creating a newsletter that we have greatly enjoyed. Sometimes, good things come to an end. Larry felt it was time he passed the baton along and we’re trying to make a bit of lemonade out of lemons. We figure we’d take his departure as a cue to change our look. With more people inclined to see us online, we’ll try to make a newsletter made for quick, easy Internet reading. We’ll also try to use our biweekly newsletter as a piece of publicity. We’ll continue to recount our meetings, provide reminders of upcoming meetings and share

the stories of our students and traveling Kiwanis members. But we’ll also use these pages to give other folks an idea of why they should be members of “the Greatest Kiwanis Club in the Hemisphere.” You’ll find new features in our newsletter, about club members, local businessmen and more. Tell us what you think. UPCOMING PROGRAMS March 7 - Speaker: Thelma Meléndez de Santa Ana. Topic: State of Santa Ana Schools. Chairperson of the Day: Alfredo Amezcua March 14 - Kid Singers   COD:  TBA   (MUST wear GREEN for St Patrick's Day!)

MEETINGS EVERY WEDNESDAY, 12:00 NOON at THE EBELL CLUB, 625 N. French St, PO BOX 1256 Santa Ana, CA 92702

Meeting Highlights From the “Greatest Kiwanis Club in the hemisphere” February 29, 2012 Correspondent: Herb Michel President Les welcomed everyone to “…the greatest Kiwanis Club in the Hemisphere!” Guests included Vince Cleveland’s favorite banker, Dan Oldewage’s gorgeous wife, Barbara, David Hartman’s elegant wife, Miko, and the Present Circle K President Victor, and the new President Elect Sergio Ruiz. Ivan continues to exercise his back, and Glenn Schwartz continues residing in a Cerritos C a r e f a c i l i t y. C o m m i t t e e Announcements had the Program Committee list future programs and Alfredo Amezcua talked about the new format (every two weeks) for KiwaniNews. Happy-Sads: A plethora of jokes raised the level of attention. For details on the jokes see Dennis P., Dave H., Clint Hopson, and of course Dick Ressler (speaking without the permission of the Spiritual Aims Committee). Program: Ali Bayrami, Chair of this year’s Strike Gold for Kids Ali’s informative presentation presented the plans for the 2012 Strike Gold for Kids Gala. Contact letters for sponsors and advertisers are ready . members were asked to envision possible contacts. The goal of the Gala is to raise $40,000. The date is set for August 25, at the Anaheim Hilton. Honorees are still being considered: Erlinda Martinez of SAC, suggestions from the Gonzales family of Northgate Markets, and the CEO of First American. Closing: Gordon Niedringhaus won $17 and we were deservedly dismissed.

OFFICIAL KIWANIS KALENDAR 03-11-2012 Daylight Saving Time Begins 03-12-2012 Division 4 Council Meeting – Knowlwood Host Garden Grove 03-25-2012 Anaheim Ducks Hockey Game – See John Karpierz for Tickets 04-01-2012 Kiwanis One Day 04-04-2012 Board of Directors – 11:00 AM Ebell Club 04-09-2012 Division 4 Council Meeting – Knowlwood Host Greater Garden Grove 05-02-2012 Board of Directors – 11:00 AM Ebell Club 05-13-2012 Mother’s Day 05-14-2012 Division 4 Council Meeting – Knowlwood Host Greater Stanton 05-19-2012 Armed Forces Day 05-23-2012 Bailey’s Steakout Event 05-28-2012 Memorial Day 06-06-2012 Board of Directors – 11:00 AM Ebell Club 06-11-2012 Division 4 Council Meeting – Knowlwood Host Fountain Valley 06-14-2012 Flag Day 06-17-2012 Father’s Day 06-27-2012 to 07-01-2012 Kiwanis International Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana 07-04-2012 Board of Directors – 11:00 AM Ebell Club PHOTOS FROM OUR FEB. 22, 2012 MEETING



Dispatches Letters from our scholarship recipients Claudia Ventura begins an internship “I am only taking two classes this semester due to financial problems. On the other hand, I had the opportunity to get an internship at an accounting office. I am really happy to be interning at this office because this will give me some experience in the accounting field and making more sense of the classes I am taking at school.” Maggie Dominguez perseveres despite troubles at home “ The courses I am taking are Accounting 101, Business 105, Business 150 and Economy 121. This year all my professors required new books for their courses and the books were too expensive ... my mother and father are having marital disagreements and the fighting continues as they throw around the word “divorce.” But as the oldest in my family I realized that no matter what happens between them, I will be here for my siblings and won’t stop pursuing my academic education.”



Sayra Yaneth Cruz broadens her perspective “The semester has started again. This time around I will be taking Psychology 331: Theories of Personality, Psychology 310: Psychology of Gender, Psychology 461 Psychological Testing and Psychology 495: Field Placement. one. My teachers keep me intrigued with all the information they have to share. My classes are making me more aware of the differences in society among people and my family. This information I am able to apply to my internship with the youth program I'm with. An exciting thing from my internship is, I have been assigned a desk for me to do the work. So far, my semester is looking good.”

Itʼs hard to find a more established and longtime member than the venerable George Upton, member of the Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana since 1980. Born in Tampa, Florida, he and his family moved to San Bernardino where he grew up and attended to school. In 1942, George went off to war in the U.S. Navy until discharged in 1945. George then returned to school and earned a B. A. Degree in Business Administration. George had a very successful Santa Ana business. Almost immediately after becoming a member of the Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana, George found his passion was working with the kids of Carl Harvey School. As a Kiwanian, George served as: Chairman of the Handicapped-Underprivileged kids, Young People Priority One, Special Olympics, and the BarrierFree Park project. His prize achievements, the Carl Harvey Carnival, is still held each year. George and his wife Jean have been married for 64 years, they have three children and six grandchildren.



TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS Gonzalez Northgate Markets recognized by First Lady and Kiwanis Santa Ana It was heartwarming to read about First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit to Southern California recently because she met with members of the Gonzalez family, who own Northgate Gonzalez Supermarkets. There are four stores in Santa Ana, plus 30 more in California. The first lady visited the supermarkets to affirm the work of the $264 million California FreshWorks Fund, which finances grocery businesses willing to open in areas spurned by traditional supermarkets. One Oscar Gonzalez, co president of of the fund's first Northgate Gonzalez Markets, with projects was a $20 First Lady Michelle Obama and million loan to Los Angeles City Mayor Antonio Anaheim-based Villaraigosa. Northgate, which was honored by our Kiwanis Club at the Strike for Gold Kids Gala Fundraiser in August, 2011. Northgate was founded in 1980 by Mexican immigrant Miguel Gonzalez, who came to the United States after his shoe store burned down in Jalisco state. After working for several years in various jobs, he had saved enough to buy a small grocery store in Anaheim. He saw the need to sell food to fellow immigrants and expanded with help from his 13 children, who are still involved in the business and meet every Wednesday for lunch.

SANTA ANA SCHOOLS SUPERINTENDENT TO ADDRESS KIWANIS OF SANTA ANA We are honored to have at our March 7 meeting the new Santa Ana Superintendent of Schools,Thelma Meléndez de Santa Ana. She will give us a “state of

School District, where she garnered numerous awards including California Superintendent of the Year. She has worked as a director of instruction,

the schools,” update. Meléndez was previously the Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education at the United States Department of Education, serving as the principal advisor for Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education. Prior to that,

assistant principal and teacher in the Montebello and Pasadena Unified school districts. She earned her Ph.D from USC and a bachelor’s degree from UCLA. Meléndez is interested in community input to improve our schools. Welcome to Kiwanis, Dr.

she was the superintendent for the Pomona Unified




Special Events and Committee Reports Strike Gold for Kids Gala Committee Imagine that after one fun night, you could take home an Ipad or a free trip to a resort. The Strike Gold for Kids Gala Committee is working to make that dream a reality. The committee’s dozen members meet every two weeks to plan for the annual Strike Gold for Kids Gala scheduled for August 25, 2012 at the Anaheim Hilton. Among the committee’s current tasks are to find exciting prizes to offer ticket holders in g ames of chance. In addition, the committee is looking for entertainment. “We want to make this evening memorable and fun,” said Committee Chairman Ali Bayrami. The committee is also selecting community members to be Kiwanis honorees. “We have a short list we are working with and will soon announce who we will honor that evening.”


MAY 23, 2012 6 pm at Ralph & Joyce Allen’s house 1002 River Lane, Santa Ana, Calif.

$35 dollar admission fee includes 10 Raffle tickets. For more information contact Mary Ellen Lohnes at 714/633-1442.

Bayrami said the event will help “introduce Kiwanis to the cor porate world, to community leaders and to the business sector so that they can see the good work we are doing. We don’t want Kiwanis to be the best kept secret in Santa Ana anymore.” Last year’s gala raised money for Kiwanis s e r v i c e p ro j e c t s t h at h e l p l ow - i n c o m e students attend college and assist youth with physical challenges. “Our goal is to continue the legacy and lay a foundation for future events,” Bayrami said.


“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.” Lewis Cass MEETINGS EVERY WEDNESDAY, NOON at THE EBELL CLUB, 625 N. French St, PO BOX 1256 Santa Ana, CA 92702



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