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MARCH 21, 2012


A Biweekly publication of the Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana

Chucklings Lives On. . . . This time of the year brings many significant events: Daylight Savings Time messes up our circadian clock; baseball season, with the Angels looking like winners, gets under way; Larry the Tortoise comes out of hibernation and, most importantly, our search for our KiwaniScholars commences. This has been the greatest program of our Kiwanis Club for over a half century. We have helped hundreds of deserving, needy scholars reach their dreams. Headed by Mad Dog Means, the KiwaniScholar committee reviewed over 100 applications from Santa Ana College Students. From that group we have selected persons to interview. We will also enable those students continuing at SAC and working for their AA to make use of our lending library. On May 23, we will present this stellar group to our members in the best meeting of the year. Our KiwaniScholar program is funded by a separate endowment we have built with gifts from members and friends. The money raised by Strike Gold and See’s Candy doesn’t go for scholarships, but for all our other programs. With college costs going through the roof, we need full support from our members. Unlike other programs, a donation doesn’t give a chance for a prize, a fancy dinner or any other tangible item. What a gift to the KiwaniScholar endowment does is help us make a difference for some deserving young people and in the long haul make a difference in our community...It hasn’t been mentioned in quite a while, but for many years members made memorial gifts to the KiwaniScholar program. If you wish to honor the memory of a loved one, your contribution will go for the benefit of the future . . . You’ll be hearing from the Scholarship committee shortly. Please be generous in your support. Amazing (truncated) Clint Hopson

WELCOME DR. GAVRILA! The Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana proudly welcomes Dr. Alexander C. Gavrila as a new member. Dr. Gavrila has a dental office in Santa Ana and another in Chino. Dr. Gavrila, 33, has lived the American Dream. He hails from Romania and came here as a boy, wideeyed as he saw large, box retailers and a place he learned was Disneyland. While his father worked three jobs, he marveled that there was a park (continued on page 4)

UPCOMING PROGRAMS March 21 - "The Legacy of the Kiwanis Rose Float", Speaker, Reid Allen.  Chairperson of the Day:  Bob Barnes   March 28 - "The Importance of Preplanning", Speaker, Lou Carlson, Chairperson of the Day: Mary Ellen Lohnes

MEETINGS EVERY WEDNESDAY, 12:00 NOON at THE EBELL CLUB, 625 N. French St, PO BOX 1256 Santa Ana, CA 92702

Meeting Highlights From the “Greatest Kiwanis Club in the Hemisphere” MARCH 7, 2012

A nominating committee headed by Past President and Lt. Governor Rocio Brooks has been formed for the 2012-2013 officers. Dick Ressler asks that donations in honor of his wife Virginia should be made to First Presbyterian Church of Santa Ana or The Salvation Army. The March fine free badge will be auctioned next week with President Les Washington absorbing the cost. The Governor visits the district March 17 at a Laguna Woods luncheon meeting. The Scholarship Committee needs interviewers for April 3 and 5. The newsletter needs stories, profiles of members and local businesses. See’s Easter Candy order forms are available. We need the names of the new officers for the sponsored clubs and volunteers to help assemble cribs. We enjoyed a brief video in thanks for donating $4,000 to the Santa Ana Unified School District to purchase cribs. Happy/ Sad Bucks: Dennis Parrett, Herb Michel, Don Gilchrist, D a v i d Hartman, Dan Oldewage, Clint Hopson, C h a rl i e Fox , W i n s t o n Covington, Rocio Brooks all contributed to the administration coffers. Program Speaker: Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana told us that 11 of the best schools in Orange County identified by the Orange County

OFFICIAL KIWANIS KALENDAR 03-22-12 Scholarship Committee Meeting, 9:30 AM Knowlwood Restaurant 03-25-2012 Anaheim Ducks Hockey Game – See John Karpierz for Tickets 04-01-2012 Kiwanis One Day 04-03-2012 Scholarship Committee Interviews continuing students, 8:30 AM - SAC 04-04-2012 Board of Directors, 11:00 AM - Ebell Club 04-5-2012 Scholarship Committee 5th interview Transfer students, 8:30 AM - SAC 04-09-2012 Division 4 Council Meeting - Knowlwood Host by Greater Garden Grove 04-11-12 - SAC Awards Night, 6 PM - SAC Gym 05-02-2012 Board of Directors, 11 AM - Ebell Club 05-13-2012 Mother’s Day 05-14-2012 Division 4 Council Meeting, Knowlwood Host by Greater Stanton 05-19-2012 Armed Forces Day 05-23-2012 - Kiwanis Awards Luncheon, 12 Noon Ebell Club 05-23-2012 Bailey’s Steakout Event, 6 pm- Ralph & Joyce Allen’s house. 05-28-2012 Memorial Day 06-06-2012 Board of Directors, 11 AM - Ebell Club 06-11-2012 Division 4 Council Meeting – Knowlwood Host Fountain Valley 06-14-2012 Flag Day 06-17-2012 Father’s Day 06-27-2012 to 07-01-2012 Kiwanis International Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana 07-04-2012 Board of Directors, 11 AM - Ebell Club Register are in SAUSD. Even so, the district needs more high achieving schools, and to do a better job with internal and external communications. 50/50 Winner: Winston Covington 50/50 Amount: $25 March 14, 2012 Guests included Dan Oldewage’s gracious wife, Barbara and David Hartman’s elegant wife, Miko. Members’ Health: Dr. Ana Jimenez-Hami’s 100-year old grandmother suffered a broken shoulder. No other reports, but don’t forget to stay in contact with Scott Connelly, Rueben Martinez, Ivan Joulain, and Meeting Highlight (continued on page 4) (Continued on page 4)


Dispatches Letters from our scholarship recipients ... and from our members MARLON AVILES: “STRESSED OUT.” “This semester I am taking four classes, 15 units at Cal State Long Beach: Child Development Family Stress and Coping 319i, Policing 302, Criminal Theory 304, and Criminal Research 320. My favorite is policing because it shows how policing started and what goes on behind closed doors. The workload is a bit heavier than last semester although I am taking one less class. I spend a lot of nights and weekends writing endless papers. Although school is going well, I continuously find myself stressed out just trying to manage work, school, and living on my own. It definitely gets complicated, but of course the Kiwanis Club continues to be supportive and helps get stress off my shoulders.”


AMBAR CASTEÑEDA ATTENDS CONFERENCE “This past Friday I volunteered at a conference at Santa Ana College on the importance of education in Hispanic children. There were different speakers, some of them came all the way from Washington D.C. I even met Mrs. Erlinda Martinez, President of Santa Ana College. The speakers gave me the strength I need to not give up but to keep on going with my education.” SAYRA CRUZ PREPARES TO GRADUATE “Recently, I learned I am only two classes away from graduating after this semester! I can’t believe obtaining my Bachelor’s in Psychology is around the corner. I have gotten so far in my educational career but I could have not done without awesome people like the KIWANIS!” CYNTHIA MEJIA RECUPERATES “I am doing much better since my accident. I am slowly but surely making a full recovery. Thank you very much John for helping me with the lawyer and support. I have been going to the chiropractor three times a week for my neck and back pain. Things

seem to be going back to normal and I am very thankful about it. I am trying my best to stay on top of all of my assignments and projects. I am looking forward to the end of the semester. My family has been very supportive through all the good and bad times and I cannot wait for them to watch me at the graduation ceremony.” (Continued Page 4)


Welcome Dr. Gavrila . . . (continued from page 1)

across from their Anaheim home. In later years, he played varsity football, track and swam on a varsity team. He earned a dental assistant license, worked part-time as a dental assistant and then earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in endocrinology and physiology at Cal State Long Beach. He then attended USC dental school and later completed an advanced prosthodontics program at UCLA. His wife, Bianca has just finished her master’s degree in architecture. Wow! We are fortunate to have Dr. Gavrila in our organization! Meeting Highlight (continued from page 2) Ken Woodworth. Anouncements: DCM-Interclub on March 12 had 6 SA Kiwanians. Division 4 Special Needs Bowling Event scheduled for March 23 at Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley - 9 AM. Sign-up on K1 website. Cal-Nev-Ha’s Governor to visit on Saturday, March 17 at the #5 Clubhouse in Laguna Woods. Christmas Party at SA Country Club is to be December 11. Scholarship Committee has over 100 applications to process. Culling set for Thursday, March 15, Interviews: Continuing- April 3, Transfers-April 5. Contact Larry Means with your interest. Lew Bratcher has scheduled Friday, March 30, 1-4 PM for Crib Construction/De-construction at Loren Griset School. Need for power drills/with charged batteries. Hockey Stanley Cup Brackets has goal to raise $160 for Project Eliminate. Happy/Sads: See - Par Hofferbert for interesting tale of George Upton’s Irish background, Bob MacMahon paying for birthday, and Ressler for jokes. Program: KidSingers Program presented by Paul McNeff. Choir began in 1997 to

compensate for lost public school music programs. There are now 120 students in 4 age level choirs with students ages of 8 -18. Costs are $1,500 per child. They are trained in Music, Performance, and Esteem. They instituted a scholarship program (2002) with $70,000 foundation. Evelina Galvan (joined the choir in 1996 from Garfield Elementary School) joined Paul in a duet of ”The Prayer”. Future performances are May (Spring Concert) at First Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana, and a Benefit Concert on June 30 at Crown Plaza.


Special Events and Committee Reports BAILEY’S BAILEY’SSTEAK STEAK OUT OUTEVENT EVENT MAY 23, 2012 6 pm at Ralph & Joyce Allen’s house 1002 River Lane, Santa Ana, California

$35 dollar admission fee includes 10 Raffle tickets. For more information contact Mary Ellen Lohnes at 714/633-1442.

COMMITTEE UPDATE Young Children Priority One/Handicap Youth Committee

Members of the Young Children Priority One/Handicap Youth Committee recently visited the Shea Center in San Juan Capistrano, which improves the lives of people with disabilities through therapeutic horse-related programs. The committee learned about the center and shared information about the Barrier Free Park, created by the Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana to help the same population. Each organization promised to share information with its members about services and publicize these on Facebook pages and newsletters. We hope our visit was the beginning of a new friendship with the Shea Center!

INSPIRATION: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson



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March 21 Newsletter  
March 21 Newsletter  

March 21 Newsletter