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“Stretched to Serve. Serve with Passion! One Million Members by 2015”

Come Join the Fun! August 2011 Newsletter The Kiwanis Club of Polk City takes pride in providing continued… “Service to Children” For your viewing pleasure, we have included information in this Newsletter to help our membership be better informed as we work together. (Prepared by the Kiwanis Club of Polk City Public Relations Committee)

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time. Kiwanis defining statement, adopted October 2004. CONNECT T H ROUG H K IWAN IS- the Kiwanis family comprises more than 15,000 clubs of adult and youth members in more than 90 countries and geographic areas. Get involved today and make a difference in your neighborhood. Ordinary people performing – EXTRAORD I NARY WORK Kiwanis, through guidance and example, works to develop future generations of leaders. Every day, Kiwanians’ are revitalizing neighborhoods, organizing youth-sports programs, tutoring, building playgrounds, and performing countless other projects to help children and communities. Officers and Board of Di rectors for 2010-11: President: Regena Butler; President Elect: Al Burrows; Vice Pres. Will Thomas; Secretary: Don Hart; Treasurer: Doug McKinstry; Past President: Beth Calhoun; Directors for a (1Yr) term are: Lynn Williams, Chip Capaldo, Phyllis Wiseman, and Gary Heuertz. Directors for a (2Yr) terms are: John Calhoun, Bill Sharp, Tony Caponigro, and Daryl Tapper Officers and Board of Di rectors for 2011-12: P resident, Al Burrows; P resident elect, Will Thomas; Vice-P resident- None at present; Secretary, Don Hart; T reasurer, Doug McKinstry (2 Yr) te rm as Di rector: Mark Burdt; Denny Treanor; Chip Capaldo; Mary Treanor (1Yr) term as Di rector: John Calhoun; Dennis Dietz; Daryl Tapper; Tony Caponigro Club Board Meeting: A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Polk City, Iowa, was held at the Polk City Library on August 4, 2010, at 6:30 p.m. The meeting was called to order by President Regena Butler. Secreta ry M inutes: Minutes were read and approved. Moved by: Al Burrows, seconded by Bill Sharp. Approved (X) T reasure r’s Report : Monthly report was read and approved: Committee Reports: Youth ServicesKey Club is gearing up for its membership drive in September. Mary also said we should consider getting a magnetic sign for our Queen Candidate’s participation in the Festival parade. I n terclub’s: We will visit Johnston on Tuesday August 9, at 6:45 am Old Business: • We received a letter of appreciation for our $500 sponsorship of Miracle League. We have not yet received $250 payment from the Key Club for their half of the sponsorship. • BBQ/ food stand: final figures are yet to come in, but the meal count may have been down about 50. Meat usage was about the same as last year. Pop and ice costs were down about $400. Beth reported a deposit of $2500, with several more items yet to deposit • Webssite. Al Burrows invites you to visit our website New Business: • District Convention: Al Burrows to attend. • Fall Festival: Jeanie, Bill and Krista will meet with Dustin to begin planning. • Our August 18th meeting will be a progressive dinner (at no cost to members). Jeanie will send an e-mail with instructions for participating, and directions. • Miracle League is having a Fall Season and needs our help Sept. 24th 1:45-4:15, and Oct. 8thfrom 11:15 to 2. The Sept. date is in conflict with our Pasta Dinner and will possibly have to be changed. • Al Burrows said if we sell tickets for the Pancake Breakfast at the Fairgrounds in October, what we raise, up to $500, will count against our sponsorship cost for the Miracle League. • The president has requested that the finance committee hold the annual financial audit / review this month. Motion to adjourn: Motion made by Phyllis Wiseman, seconded by Bill Sharp Approved (X). Adjourned at 7 pm Dates to Remember Aug 10th - Kiwanis Satellite meeting will be held at the Reising Sun Cafe on Wednesday at 7:00 am (second Wed of each month) Aug 18th - Travelling Supper- Capaldo; Wiseman; Butler (for details call Pres. Regena at (515) 984-9194) Sept 1st - Kiwanis Meeting /Board Meeting at 6:30 pm/ Club meeting at 7:00 pm will be held at the Polk City Library on Broadway (Cookies/Coffee) Sept 14th - Kiwanis Satellite meeting will be held at the Reising Sun Cafe on Wednesday at 7:00 am (second Wed of each month) Sept 15th - Kiwanis Meeting will meet at the West Elementary School on Broadway. Social Time/ Meal at 6:30pm Meeting at 7:00 pm (Cost for meal is $8.00 per person) Upcoming Conventions/ Key Leader T raining: th Aug 5-6 - Kiwanis NE-IA District Convention (Cornhusker Marriott Hotel - 333 South 13th Street Lincoln, NE Oct 28-30th - Iowa Key Leader Training in St. Charles, IA

I n te rnational Conventions Beyond 2011-12: 2012, June 27- July1 2013, June 26 - 30

New Orleans, Louisiana Vancouver, British Columbia

Bi rthdays: Aug- Ward Mally; Beth Calhoun Sept- Regena Butler; Jeanine Caponigro; Julie Burdt P rogram Schedule: Aug 18th - Travelling Supper (see details listed above) Sept 1st- Steve Wiederin; Sept 15th - 2011-12 Officer Installations Need an Idea for a Program? As a resource- Handouts are now available- See Don Hart- Club Secretary (Please let the Pres. know who your guest speaker is at least (one) week in advance so that a Certificate of Appreciation can be prepared for them.) Should you have a conflict with your assigned program date-Switch dates with someone else and let the President know as soon as possible.

August Newsletter  
August Newsletter  

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