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“Stretched to Serve. Serve with Passion! One Million Members by 2015”

Come Join the Fun! April 2011 Newsletter The Kiwanis Club of Polk City takes pride in providing continued… “Service to Children” For your viewing pleasure, we have included information in this Newsletter to help our membership be better informed as we work together. (Prepared by the Kiwanis Club of Polk City Public Relations Committee)

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time. Kiwanis defining statement, adopted October 2004. CONNECT T H ROUG H K IWAN IS- the Kiwanis family comprises more than 15,000 clubs of adult and youth members in more than 90 countries and geographic areas. Get involved today and make a difference in your neighborhood. Ordinary people performing – EXTRAORD I NARY WORK Kiwanis, through guidance and example, works to develop future generations of leaders. Every day, Kiwanians’ are revitalizing neighborhoods, organizing youth-sports programs, tutoring, building playgrounds, and performing countless other projects to help children and communities. Officers and Board of Di rectors for 2010-11: President: Regena Butler; President Elect: Al Burrows; Vice Pres. Will Thomas; Secretary: Don Hart; Treasurer: Doug McKinstry; Past President: Beth Calhoun; Directors for a (1Yr) term are: Lynn Williams, Chip Capaldo, Phyllis Wiseman, and Gary Heuertz. Directors for a (2Yr) term are: John Calhoun, Bill Sharp, Tony Caponigro, and Daryl Tapper Club Board Meeting: The Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Polk City was held at the Polk City Library on Apr 7, 2011, at 6:30 p.m. The meeting was called to order by President Regena Butler. Secreta ry M inutes: Minutes were read and approved Motion made by Chip Capaldo seconded by Bill Sharp Approved (X). T reasure r’s Report : Report was given and Moved by John Calhoun to accept, seconded by Bill Sharp, approved (X). Committee Reports: I n ter-club/s- 6 members visited Key Club. 4 members visited Creston. Bill hopes to visit Perry or Adel on the 26th. Youth ServicesMary reports that the Key Club is languishing due to lack of spirited leadership. New officers will be elected in May. She moved that the Kiwanis not pay half the dues of the Key Club in November, but to wait and pay half for those members that remain active in their club. Seconded by Chip and approved (X).

M ilita ry care packages are due no later than April 29th. Scholarship: Chip reported that we have received 8 applications this year. He proceeded to read the eligibility requirements for the scholarship. Of the 8, 3 were not members of Key Club. Of the 5 remaining only 2 followed all the instructions. It was then moved by Chip Capaldo, seconded by Tony Caponigro and approved to award just two scholarships. Old Business: Palm Sunday Breakfast. Work sheet is being passed around for signup for work at the event. Set-up at the community center will be Saturday at 10 a.m. Volunteer hours: 7 Kiwanians spent a total of about 12 man-hours cleaning up at the Ballpark. 3 Kiwanians spent about 3 man hours unwrapping the trees at Kiwanis park. New Business: • There is a card for Ward Mally to be signed. He is at the Mitchellville Care Center and needs cards and visits. • We are a sponsor of Kiwanis Miracle League Baseball ($500). It was suggested we invite the Key Club to be co-sponsors with us (for $250) again this year. • Saturday, May 7th is the date set for club officer training for the up coming year. Motion to adjourn: by Bill Sharp seconded by John Calhoun Adjourned at 7:00 p.m. Policy regarding paying of Guests meals: The club policy of paying for the meals of Senior’s of the Month and their families, but requiring visitors and speakers or their hosts to pay for their meals. Ref. Club Policy adopted 2007-08. Added, Adopted to the Policy, (Dec’2009) “ the club will pay for (one) meal for Perspective members invited.” Upcoming Events/ Meetings: Apr 13th - Kiwanis Satellite meeting will be held at the Reising Sun Cafe on Wednesday at 7:00 am Apr 17th - Kiwanis Club of Polk City Annual Pancake Breakfast at the Polk City Community Center Apr 21st - Kiwanis Meeting will meet at the West Elementary School on Broadway. Social Time/ Meal at 6:30pm Meeting at 7:00 pm (Cost for meal is $8.00 per person) Apr 23rd - Kiwanis Club of Polk City Easter Egg Hunt at the West Elementary School on Broadway at 10:00 am (Set-up time is 9:00 am) May 5th - Kiwanis Meeting /Board Meeting at 6:30pm/ Club meeting at 7:00 pm will be held at the Polk City Library on Broadway (Cookies/Coffee) May 11th - Kiwanis Satellite meeting will be held at the Reising Sun Cafe on Wednesday at 7:00 am Upcoming Conventions/Key Leader T raining: Jun 29th -Jul 3rd - Key Club International Convention in Phoenix, AZ Jul 7-10th Kiwanis International Convention in Geneva, Switzerland th Aug 13-15 - Kiwanis NE-IA District Convention in Omaha, NE Oct 28-30th Iowa Key Leader Training in St. Charles, IA

Bi rthdays:

Other Obeservances – Apr 24th Easter Sunday; May 8th Mother’s Day; May 30th Memorial Day Apr- Robert Koss; Bob Miller; Al Burrows; Connie Sharp; Denny Treanor; Scott Locker; Lee Schott May- Krista Boersox; Ramona Tapper

Apr 21st- Don Hart; May 5th - Bob & Phyllis Wiseman; May 19th - Doug McKinstry Need an Idea for a Program? As a resource- Handouts are now available- See Don Hart- Club Secretary (Please let the Pres. know who your guest speaker is at least (one) week in advance so that a Certificate of Appreciation can be prepared for them.) Should you have a conflict with your assigned program date-Switch dates with someone else and let the President know as soon as possible.

P rogram Schedule :

Kiwanis April Newsletter  
Kiwanis April Newsletter  

Here is the April Newsletter which as a list of upcoming events as well as previous meeting minutes.