2019-2020 CNH KIWIN'S Key Club Grants Manual

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GRANT BASICS The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF), provided by the Kiwanis International Foundation, helps fund Key Club International. YOF supports CNH KIWIN’S Key Clubs and their members by awarding grants for service projects and academic scholarships. The Basics: »» Only clubs or individual members can apply for the YOF grant. Divisions or Districts are not eligible. »» Grants between $100-$2,000 may be requested. »» The committee typically funds those clubs who are asking for a portion of the total cost of the project, and clubs who are working with other organizations to fund and complete theproject. »» Notification of the Key Club International Board’s decision will be emailed to all YOF applicants the first week of January. »» A YOF Final Grant Report is due at the end of the grant cycle on January 1, 2021. »» Make sure you check out the application and guidelines online! (Application opens September 1, 2019) Application Deadline: October 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST (8:59 PM PST)

SUGGESTED TIMELINE 1. Stay Woke - Be sure you know what you are getting into! Learn all about the YOF grant and application process between September 1st - September 15th. 2. Brainstorm - Now that you know all about this grant, start thinking about what changes YOU want to make through service. How will you use this to help your community? Have an elaborate plan on how you will use these funds between September 15th - September 20th. 3. Start Application - Now that you have a brilliant idea and know the steps needed to take to start the process, begin your application before September 30th. 4. Keep Going! - Keep working on your application to put your best work forward. Remember to revise your application. Aim to complete the application by October 10, 5 days before it is due. 5. Turn It In - Remember to turn in your COMPLETE application. It is crucial that you do so, failure to turn everything in, will lead to being denied. 6. Patience is Key - All you have to do now is wait. 7. Selected - If selected, you will receive a YOF Grant notification in the first week of January 2020. On the third week of January, YOF Grant recipients will be posted on the Key Club International Website. 8. Letter of Agreement - Complete your letter of agreement by April 15th. Official due date is May 1st. 9. Final Report - Fill out what you have accomplished with the grant funds on section F in the letter of agreement. Give yourself time! By December 15, complete your final report (due January 1, 2020) It is important to showcase the hard work you have put in.


APPLICATION WALKTHROUGH STEP 1: APPLY Click “more” for detailed descriptions of the YOF grant. Click “apply” when you are ready to apply.


STEP 2: ACCOUNT Create an account or log in to an existing account if you already have one.

STEP 3: GENERAL INFO This section asks you to fill out general information about you and your club. Fill out each box completely and honestly.


STEP 4: YOUR PROJECT The next section asks you about the details of the project you are planning to receive the grant for. Make sure to be as detailed as possible, while also not exceeding the word limit in small font under each box.



STEP 5: SUBMITTING Upload the the YOF Letter of Agreement/Release Form before the application submission deadline. Click “apply” when you have thoroughly reviewed your application and have at least one adult advisor also review it. You do not have to complete your application in one sitting. To pick up from where you last left off another time, click “save draft”.


PROJECT IDEAS »» »» »» »» »» »»

Buy a new shelf for your local library/hold a book drive. Make “care kits” with shampoo, toothbrushes, combs, etc. to donate to a homeless shelter. Organize a community pancake breakfast at a school or park for charity. Buy or make food to deliver to a local soup kitchen. Build a community garden. Create your own idea--look around and identify what needs to get done in your school, community, or world!




GRANT BASICS The Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP) Grant, provided by the Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation, assists Service Leadership Programs (SLP) clubs in financing new service projects which address pediatric trauma and injury prevention. Grants will be given for service projects which seek to prevent and/or treat pediatric trauma – defined as sudden, unintentional physical injury. The Basics: »» Application is open all year. »» The project cannot be a fundraiser. »» You can be granted up to $500. »» The application process takes around 4 weeks. »» Think of an original idea for your project. »» Make sure you finish the entire application and include the projected budget. »» Once the PTP Grant is approved, a follow-up Grant Report (with photos of the project) and a Funds Expenditure Report must be submitted. Application Deadline: The PTP Grant is open all year.

SUGGESTED TIMELINE 1. Formulate an Idea - Create a service project “which seeks to prevent and/or treat pediatric trauma defined as sudden, unintentional physical injury.” For sample ideas, see (page with PTP project ideas). 2. Propose and Write a Project Budget - List all sources of funding needed for the proposed project. This includes funds committed by the club, “in-kind” donations, and outside funding. “Inkind” donations are donations of materials, labor, and/or discounted merchandise as part of the total project budget. Grants or financial contributions from outside agencies are considered “other sources of outside funding.” 3. Set a Start Date - The project should take place at least 30 Days after you plan to submit the application due to the processing time. 4. Complete and Turn In the Application by Mail - Make sure that it is turned in at least 30 days before the project’s proposed start date; since the CNH Foundation will take approximately 4 weeks to process your application. Include the written project budget alongside the application. 5. Enact Your Project - Make sure to document your project by taking pictures and/or videos. 6. Submit a Follow-Up Grant Report and Funds Expenditure Report - This is due within 30 Days of the project’s end. Include photos and/or videos taken in order to prove how the grant money was used and how providing this funding recognized the Kiwanis Family.




STEP 1: SPECIFY WHO Specify who is requesting the grant. Only select one of the following boxes, and be sure to include the EIN for IRS purposes.

STEP 2: IF THIS IS NOT... Only fill out the section above the grey box if this is NOT a Kiwanis division-wide or multi-club project. Complete the grey box if you’re submitting your application as an SLP club.


STEP 3: YOUR PROJECT Answer the following questions specifically and honestly. False information will result in immediate disqualification. Be as detailed as possible to show that this project is thoroughly planned.


STEP 4: SUBMITTING Submit the application via email, fax, or email. Be sure to include all the listed items with your application.


ONCE GRANT IS APPROVED Funds Expenditure Report: Once the PTP Grant is approved, a funds expenditure report must be submitted. List the amount budgeted and actually used for your project. Make sure to keep receipts or bills as proof. Follow-Up Grant Report Once the PTP grant is approved, a follow-up grant report must also be submitted with your funds expenditure report. Be sure to answer the questions to the best of your ability. Don’t forget to include pictures, videos, and/or testimonies which illustrate how the project met its goals.

PROJECT IDEAS »» Fund a local CPR class to teach the community how to be prepared in case of pediatric trauma. »» Make pamphlets, newsletters, and/or booklets that include pediatric trauma prevention techniques and knowledge that can be distributed to your community. »» Run an informational workshop teaching your community about the major causes of pediatric trauma and how they can prevent it. »» Buy car seats or helmets for children and donate them to a family in need or to an elementary school.


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