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The Kiwanis Family, Foundation, and International Relations Committee Presents:

KIWIN'S Key Club Week November 7th-11th 2016

KIWIN'S Key Club Week 2016 KIWIN'S Key Club Week is derived from Key Club International Week. KIWIN'S Key Club Week consists of five different themed days to promote, advertise, and fund-raise throughout the CNH KIWIN'S District. KIWIN'S Key Club Week gives you the opportunity to truly show your community what CNH KIWIN'S is about: SERVICE. Each day places an emphasis on service, to promote CNH KIWIN'S within our homes, schools and communities. This year KIWIN'S Key Club Week falls on November 7th-11th within the same month as Kiwanis Family Month. So lets kick off Kiwanis Family Month with a bang and get everyone to know what CNH KIWIN'S is all about! For further ideas visit Key Club International website> Serve> Key Club Week> Key Club Week Ideas.


Show Your K in Every Way WHAT IS SHOW YOUR K IN EVERY WAY DAY? Show Your K in Every Way Day is focused on spreading that KIWIN'S spirit and getting your club more active in your school by interacting with people and spreading awareness of our amazing organization!

IDEAS.... Wear your KIWIN'S club's spirit wear. Post flyers around school advertising what KIWIN'S is so people can read all about it! Hand out ribbons, buttons, clips, or flyers anything to advertise KIWIN’S! Do cheers or have a spirit battle during lunch - show off that KIWIN'S spirit!


Kudos to Key Players WHAT IS KUDOS TO KEY PLAYERS DAY? Kudos to Key Players Tuesday is to show your appreciation for the people who have been dedicated, hard workers to the club, whether they’re the advisers, board members, or even club members.

IDEAS... On Tuesday, remind these key players how much you appreciate them by recognizing their hard work in the club and maybe by giving them a little present!

Personalized thank-you cards, handwritten notes, or gift cards to advisors & board members. Bringing a tasty treat for the board members (ex. Starbucks, boba, donuts). Go your club's social medias and give a shout out to KIWIN'S members who go above and beyond.


Dare to Care WHAT IS DARE TO CARE DAY? It's the day to show your support for Key Club’s three Preferred charities: UNICEF, March of Dimes and the Children’s Miracle Network. Take time to support these charities by doing a service event or fundraising to help out the cause while also spreading awareness!

IDEAS... Make support cards for the premature babies and their families in the NICU of your local hospital. Week long coin drive or restaurant fundraiser nights to help raise funds for our preferred charities . Create a presentation to present at club meetings of charities to educate the members. Create and distribute charity buttons to raise awareness .


Random Acts of Kindness WHAT IS RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS DAY? It's a day to spread kindness and joy around your school. Go out of your way to spread kindness to others, whether or not they're club members. As the saying goes, “pay it forward�and help spread some joy.

IDEAS... Leave inspirational post-it notes on lockers, hallways, bathroom mirrors, etc. Host a trash clean up day before or after school to honor janitors. Thank teachers, counselors, and other school staff for all that they do every day! A card or a verbal expression of gratitude will brighten their day. Take 1 Leave 1 - Set up a table durin lunch with compliments and every time someone takes one, they leave a new compliment to pass on to somebody else.


Connect the K’s WHAT IS CONNECT THE K'S DAY? End this week with BANG by connecting with the different branches of the Kiwanis Family! Whether that be with your local Circle K, fellow Key Clubs, Builders Clubs, KKids, Kiwanis, or Aktion Clubs! Make sure to contact them & plan a joint service, fundraiser, or social together!

IDEAS... Contact any of you local Kiwanis Family members and organize a joint picnic social, every branch is in charger of a dish & include desert contest!

Host a tutoring session for the K-Kids or Builders Clubs & include some healthy snacks. Joint bowling fundraiser night! Each branch that can come have a team represent them. Invite them to your meetings or politely ask if you may attend theirs.


Belen Bravo Kiwanis Family and Foundation Chair Erinn Lee Jet Lieutenant Governor

Vivian Yenson Jet Division

Megan Modina Emerald Lieutenant Governor

Mikayla Bisson Diamond Division

KIWIN'S Key Club Week Manual 2016  

CNH KIWIN'S District Presents: KIWIN'S Key Club Week November 7th-11th 2016. KIWIN'S Key Club Week is all about showing your school and comm...

KIWIN'S Key Club Week Manual 2016  

CNH KIWIN'S District Presents: KIWIN'S Key Club Week November 7th-11th 2016. KIWIN'S Key Club Week is all about showing your school and comm...