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Forgiving a cheating boyfriends requires that you listen to what's in your heart as well as what's in your head. Your heart may say one thing (Stay with him) and your head may say another (Kick him in the shin). Your heart wants to stay, because you love him, you've probably shared many wonderful experiences together. Well one thing for certain, forgiving a cheating boyfriend isn't necessarily about taking him back. Forgiveness is for you and not for him. When you forgive it is so you can release negativity attached to the situation. Once the negativity has been released, you can either decide to remain with your boyfriend or move on. What ever you decide, I've listed a forgiveness technique that will help you get started. #1. JOURNAL If you have a journal or diary (not an online blog) WRITE down all of the undesirable memories and circumstances suffered by your mate. Did he forget your birthday due to his cheating behavior? Was he distant when you needed him most? Write it all down. #2. LET IT OUT While you're writing every painful memory from the past and present regarding your boyfriend, really let it out. I mean cry if you have to, get angry, curse him out, stab the paper (so you won't stab him later) and unleash all of your frustration and disappointment on paper. #3. BURN IT After you are done releasing your negative emotions onto the paper, light a candle and burn it. If you're under the age of 18, you can simply tear the paper into little pieces. #4. REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES On another sheet of paper write down all of the good times you've shared with your mate. Hold those memories in your mind and realize that people make mistakes and that it is okay to forgive and love someone unconditionally. #5. MAKE A DECISION After you have forgiven your cheating boyfriend, you will now have a huge decision to make. Should you keep him or kick him? The decision is yours.

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==== ==== Text The Romance Back- Free Preview and 3 Free Text Messages ==== ====

Forgiving a Cheating Boyfriend