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SHIXUN CHEN Designer & Engineer

E D U C AT I O N Sep 2016 Jun 2019

Master of Fine Art

ArtCenter College of Design Media Design Practice: Critical thinking and media design projects.

Bachelor of Fine Art Sep 2013 Jun 2016

Tsinghua University Digital Entertainment Design (Academy of Arts & Design, For Second Bachelor Degree): Programming, game structure, game assessment, animation and interaction technic.

Bachelor of Engineering Sep 2012 Jun 2016

Tsinghua University Vehicle Engineering (Body Design): Mechanics, fluid, material, manufacturing, ergonomics, marketing, machine design, transportation system, car styling and product design.


EXPERIENCE RD China – Innovation and Concepts

Mar 2016 Jun 2016

Daimler Great China Ltd.

Jul 2015 Aug 2015

Channel Supporter

Ex-Com Drive China 2016, launch of RD Community China, Media Day 2016. Supported workshops, did desk researches, poster and logo design, department game design.

China Unicom Design of the web portals, Operation and maintaince of WeChat account, department game design and roll-screen design.

Sep 2014 Mar 2015

Exchange Student

Politecnico di Milano Design & Engineering: Modeling, service design and typography.

Initiator, Organizer, Group Leader

Voluntary Teaching in Remote Area

2012 2016

Once a year, teached at a primary school in rural areas of Inner Mongolia for one week, brought 10 children for a study tour in Beijing for one week. Built the library and raised books for the school. Drafted proposal and did visual design; Coordinated teachers and volunteers; Arranged charity bazaar to raise funds;



MAPPING Autumn 2016




RGB Summer 2015






FLEATING Winter 2014


08 HOBBY 2013-2015

WORK Mapping DATE Autumn 2016

Mapping is no longer specifically referred to the geographical map, but visualizing a complicated system and showing the new or potential connections between components. The map should be not only informative but inspiring, which is the core of this project from my perspective. The phone case is to show the globalization of smart phone manufacture — where the different components come from, where they are assembled together, how the product transfers to customers and the hierarchy of postal service system



I choose the postal system, which we see every day but may have something interesting to discover. First, I have the very rough sketch of the history of postal service.

3 I put all the materials on the wall, such as famous postal service companies in China and US, their price and speed, the new but popular O2O postal service, and transportation and management system included in postal service. Each part is fascinating, but a map should choose one specific direction and explore new connections. I’m impressed by the hierarchy of distribution center: there is only one level 1 in a province, and it only sends packages to the level 2s below it. The level 3 is the postman — directly delivering the package to the addressee.

2 4

I read

Operative Cartographies and Behavioral Maps BY Roger Paez i Blanch to learn about mapping.

"The map acts as a filter which directs reality and makes it representable (that is to say, visible). The map constructs reality in a concrete way. "

Postal Service Systm


Smart Phone Manufacture Systm

Then I decided to work on the globalization of smart phone manufacture — how different components transported from different places of origin to be assembled and then posted to the consumer.

PROTOTYPE Product instead of traditional map in paper! PROPOSAL 1 Package of Smart Phone I don’t want to make the mapping project an actual paper map on the wall, I want to make it something practical, useful and special. I choose the solar system to be the form, because the smart phone is to connect users to a broader world, and the solar system is an appropriate metaphor for the larger world. The sun is the user because design is user centered. The planets stand for the distribution centers of provinces and the moons stand for the distribution centers of cities. The planet with yellow halo reflects the biggest distribution center in the country with freight docks — not all countries have that. The silver line shows how the components transfer from the the places of origin to the factory to be assembled, and the golden line shows how the product transferred to the customers.

FINAL MAP: The Phone Case I made a phone case, because it’s more straight forward — the shape infers that the mapping is about the smart phone and the transparent material means the mapping is about the components inside. That’s the affordance, expressing without word. I use illustrator to do the framework for laser cut, I use 0.375 in acrylic for the universe, and 0.375 in ply wood for planets, moons and the sun. The moons locate where each componets inside the phone, There are 3 layers of the phone case, the bottom one shows the names of the componets and each orbit with a country’s name on it. The second layer consists of the planets and halos, the more planets on the same orbit, the more distribution centers are there in the country. The top layer includes the sun, the silver and golden lines, showing the postal service procss.

Nature of Machine

Now, there is a trend that the most advanced robot and the designer-made machine, are supposed to be emotional just as human, and AIs have their onwn personality. But that’s fake, not the truth. Through this project, I want to help the audience thinking what’s nature of the machine.

WORK Installation DATE Summer 2016

The machine is task oriented, logical, following specific sequence, serving people’s need, and without emotion. If it has personality, it is rigorous and cold.

DESIGN PROCESS When you get closer, the machine will give you a commemorative stamp, and you maybe stand there, wondering why it said study me. Then the machine opens itself, to answer your question, showing how the mechanical parts work inside, its like showing trust for the audience, but here’s a trick— you can only touch the mechanical parts as you want, the core and easily broken electronic parts are behind the plastic glass. The machine won’t risk exposing the most important part because it’s task oriented, or else it can’t work. The machine’s showing inside because it’s serving the need of people. And when you stand here longer, the machine will close itself, saying you’re disturbing me! Because it’s supposed to serve other people as well.

1. Sketches

2. Tools and Laser cut

3. Programming

4. Prototype

Auto-Body Design Length * width* height: 2700 * 1560 * 1570 Wheelbase: 1800mm Quality ( kg ): 1500 Wind area ( ㎥ ): 3 Air resistance coefficient: 0.3 Wheel rolling radius ( m ): 0.475 Transmission efficiency ( Ρ ): 0.92 The rolling resistance coefficient: 0.0076 + 0.000056u

Standard model of reference: Smartfortwo (electric version), small commercial electric vehicles. Target users : "Point-to-point" logistics and transportation companies in rural and urban junction areas in China. Basic parameters: Cargo volume capacity: 1.5 cubic meters; Load: 100 kg; Features: Modular (Container cargo can be removable, replacement, for the transport of different types of goods; The container cargos have split layers in side;) Electric vehicles used for point-topoint transportation. Goals: safety, durability, dynamic performance.

WORK Enigneering DATE Spring 2016

Target Groups

Size of the motor

Rural residents and urban low-income groups The electric vehicle is mainly used for small business, pick up children. The background is that rural roads continued to improve and farmers' income gradually increased in China in recent years.

axle shaft


Motor Subframe

Motor Installation & Chasis Layout The motor, the fixed speed ratio reducer and the differential are connected to form a part. The wheels are directly driven by the two axle shafts to shorten the power transmission path, improve the mechanical transmission efficiency, and make the parts more compact.

Motor Parameter Design Ergonomics 1. H Point to determine driving posture 2. Ergsphere Or igin to determine steering wheel and dashboard position 3. Eyellipse to determine driver’s vision

Unibody Construction: Chassis and bodywork have been integrated into one another.

Model of Car Frame and Finite Element Analysis


Good overall bending and torsional rigidity. Sheet-based processing, which can be spot welding. Cheap for mass production. Light weight, energy saving.


Road and engine noise and vibration inside the body. Difficult to transform.

Side Collision

Frontal Collision

Load Transfer Path

Finite Element Simulation of Car Frame

Finite Element Simulation of Shell Deformation

Model in Catia and Check of Driver's Vision Place the 50th percentile Taiwan man template into the Catia model, adjust his sitting position according to the ergonomic parameters

Design of Interior and Dashboard


WORK App Design DATE Autumn 2015

RPG provides tools for primary school students in different areas to get in touch. When becoming good friends, they can stay in each other’s home for one semester, during which RPG help the teachers, parents and students to communicate. While students benefit from this experience, RPG makes their stay safer by exchanging message timely.

Mind Map

Nowadays, people focus too much on the Internet. There too many websites and apps concerning experience, and their themes consist virtual tours of museums, lifestyle in distant areas, etc. I want to encourage people especially children to go out and expose to new things in the real world. For primary school students, they can broaden their views, gaining interest in unexpected fields, which plays a pivotal role in when they grow up. I want to offer the primary school students to spend a comparatively long time in a distant area, learning the culture and lifestyle there. And there must be a system to make sure the child is safe, and to boost the efficiency of communication between both parents and teachers.

Reserach According to recent survey in China, parents place high importance on children’s education beyond. In the pie chart, we can find that almost all the parents interviewed regard traveling a significant part of children’s life, with half of them seeing traveling essential. Meanwhile, in the bar graph reflects that when taking a trip, parents tend to take children with them, either to broaden their views or to enrich their life. Learning from traveling is a Chinese tradition, and it’s universally believed children can gain much knowledge in a different area. And children attend a variety of extra-curricular courses, ranging from art to sports. This not only indicates that parents invest plenty of time and money in education, but also that children have diverse interests and need something specially designed for each of them.

Personas ---- Seleca, tell me about your everyday life! ---- I take subway to school every morning. At 11:30, I have lunch at canteen. School is over at 17:00, and my parents drive me home. We always talk about news during the journey. ---- What do you do in your leisure time? ---- I go to concerts or exhibitions in museums.

Bob’s Family Location: Chifeng, Inner Mongolia (Countryside) Father’s occupation: Farmer Mother’s occupation: Farmer ---- Bob, tell me about your everyday life! ---- I get up and feed the chicken and ducks, then walk to school just next to my house. Class is from 8:00 to 16:30, after that, I usually go to the farmland to help my parents. ---- What do you do in your leisure time? ---- I collect different kinds of insects and plants, because I’m interested in specimen. ---- Would you like to spend a semester in big cities? ---- Yes, I wonder what lifestyle is like there, is it of high technology? And there are stadiums and downtown areas, and there must be a lot of things to do.

---- Would you like to spend a semester in countryside? ---- Of course yes. I love animals but never have a pet, and it must be interesting to look after the livestock. Oh, and I heard the food in countryside is extremely delicious!

Seleca’s Family Location: Beijing (Metropolis) Father’s occupation: Civil servant Mother’s occupation: Lawyer




Seleca studies in School A in metropolis. She wants to go to countryside for a period, she’s curious about the life there. Meanwhile, Bob in School B is willing to stay in a big city.

Seleca and Bob get to know each other’s family on the screen. They chat every day after school, and soon become good friends.



Seleca discusses with her mother and her teacher. They decide where Seleca is going together, using a DLP screen in School A. They agree that School B in the countryside is a good choice.

Seleca and Bob travel to each other’s city and start the one-semester stay with each other’s family!



Seleca’s family get a certificate from the Ministry of Education, indicating they are eligible to receive a child from another family.

Parents check their children’s current status by cell phone. Children is positioned by GPS module in their scarf. (The scarf is a symbol of primary school student in China, children must wear it every day.)



Seleca goes to the farmland to learn about plants.

Every evening, after children’s arriving home, parents inform each other on cell phone.


Seleca watches alpacas grazing the meadowland.


Parents chat about their "new" children, in order to arrange their daily life properly.


Every morning, the two family meet on the school’s DPL screen.

Bob goes to places of interest with Seleca's ,mother.


Seleca's mother sends Bob's father a photo after playing.

Wireframe Version 1 The hierarchy need to be changed, in order to simplify users’ operation. The most used function should be more accessible, while unnecessary ones should be removed.

Version 2

More accurate classification makes sure that user can find the function they want quickly. The limited functions make the software small and easy to get start.

Visual Language


Typography Century Gothic Bold Headers Century Gothic Regular Text used in sentences and paragraphs



The logo combines the landscape of different areas together, reflecting that RPG is for children to stay in a brand new environment. I choose the one using planes instead of lines, because a logo should be conspicuous.

Clean and rational, the cool colors make people feel reliable and steady. Let the parents feel their children are safe.

User Interface LOG IN U s e r s c a n on l y r e g i s t e r w h e n obtaining the certificate from the Ministry of Education. The app only allows users to log in.

Users can find their children’s current location positioned by GPS. And parents can send a message to inform each other after the child arrives home safely every day. At this moment, the icon beside children’s portraits changes from “?” to “√”.



Users can upload photos, videos, audio messages and texts here, getting in touch with their child.

Di fferent colors for d i f fe r e n t f u n c t i on s make the choosing procedure quick and easy, th e color for the funct ion is also the main color for the specific page.



Users can use voice chat or text to discuss.

Detailed information of the exchange d child, including health informat ion and the child’s likes and di sl ikes. Users can add new information themselves.



Activities concerned wi th the family are uploaded here. User can also contact the organization here.

Fleating WORK Product Service Design DATE Winter 2014

It’s commonly shared that the way we consume food and eat our meals has radically changed during the ages, according to the available resources, the local cultures and the social schemes. It’s also clear that in contemporary society food is the common denomina¬tor of a number of problematic situations related to each other that touch different areas, going from economy to psychology. Consuming the right food in the right way is not only an action of love and respect towards ourselves, but also towards everyone and everything that surrounds us. We design Fleating for people to enjoy their meal! This is a group work, in which I participated in every step, did some of the writing, research and drawing.



¡Positioning Map


Design for the FSAE racing car is sponsored by Audi, so the style must be in the clean and elegant Audi language. I just show a brief procedure from the design value to sketches, and focus on my model and rendering skills by 3D MAX and V-ray.


DATE Spring 2015

Design Value


Clay Modeling WORK Car Styling DATE Spring 2014

Using clay model to discuss the dynamic form is common in car styling. In this work, we used curved surface and flat surface to express the same design in different language. Both of them are important because curved surface is considered attractive while flat surface is cheap for manufacturing. This is a group work, in which I participated in the digital and clay modeling making.


Sketches The model consist of curved surface is directly based on the sketches. But there are slight changes to keep the harmonious proportion from different perspectives. And the main feature curve should be conspicuous, sharp, and variegated, which fade in at the beginning and becomes smooth at the end. Other minor feature curve should be plainer or shorter.

When making the model consist of flat surface, first I used digital model to simplify the curved surface, then sculptured. Finally, I smoothed the surface and decided how the Characteristic line looked, and adjusted the flat surface.

HOBBY Seal Cutting The ancient Chinese word on the seal is a name, written 姜润洲 in modern Chinese. The seal is a symbol of status in traditional culture, worth elaborate designing and cutting. The strokes must fill the square and the gap should be even.

New Year Card

Fine Rendering of Car It’s not design work, just a painting of already mass produced car. I was keen on drawing in a period and spend much time to depict details clearly. It’s drawn with chalk, colored pencil and marker pen.

I decided to draw postcards quickly and as many as I could. These cute animals are drawn with marker pen an d s e r v e d a s a g i f t t o celebrate the new year of 2015. The Chinese on the card means happy new year.

T-shirt Design The T-shirt is for a primary school students’ summer camp. The pattern will engage in silk-screen printing, so the less colors I use, the cheaper the T-shirt will be. At last I use 4 colors, making the sponsor happy.

Dynamic Shapes Sculptured with foamed plastic and cardboard respectively.

Ball Joint Doll All girls like dolls and I want to make one myself. It’s a hard process, after sculpturing the external part, I need to dig the foamed plastic inside out – making space for joints. All the parts need polishing by abrasive paper to lacquer. Currently, I haven’t gone to that step.

Oil Painting I just drew a little every day, the whole work took a semester.

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