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'You take delight not in a city's seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question to yours.' Invisible Cities, Italio Calvino

江 俊 雅 Kong Chun Nga, Kitty The Continuous Present: works from 2016 - 2017

Published and written by Kong Chun Nga, Kitty in 2018 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the author.

The Continuous Present: works from 2016 -2017

• Preface


• The Urban Series i. Sketch and Drawings ii. Text iii Works

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• Appendix


• About the artist


- Discoveries Outside The Urban: Spain & Finland - Works




Since my third year study (2016) in Hong Kong Art School, I have been developing my series of work related to the urban. As a result, I have my first catalog Observer as the Observed published in that year. It mainly focuses on the observation of patterns and spaces in the urban - how they shape our behaviours and influence me as an individual. And perhaps, I am also in seek of a certain kind of love in the city, which sometimes we might call it - humanity (but it's just too grand of a word for me to say...). I am glad and excited to have the opportunity to announce my second publication after a year. I do not intend to simply recall the works that I completed in the past two years, but to present my thoughts in a more logical and profound manner - through displaying my paintings alongside with sketches, text and photographs. In addition, I have recently developed an interest in the relationship between images and text. I collect inspirations from different writers such as Calvino, Bachelard and Perec. And I believe this would be my on-going investigation in the future. Nevertheless, in the Appendix, which I find it quite unexpectedly going well with the urban theme - as they are totally opposite ideas, I present my fond memories and discoveries of being an urbanized human in rural and remote places. This book is given the title The Continuous Present is probably because I want myself to continue - painting, writing, taking photos...and the most importantly - thinking. Hence, this is obviously the beginning of everything and it just doesn't make sense to stop here, isn't it? Finally, my special thanks to these wonderful people: Alex Heung and Ivy Ma for their guidance and support as teachers and friends. Please enjoy!




• The Urban Series


i. Sketch and Drawings


Grassland | Highrise 15


Container | In between 17


Tree | Mountain and woods 19


Let's play| Longing 21


Pedestrians | Building 23


After Serban Savu 25


Surveillance | Lost in memory 27

'We have to talk.' 'About what?' 'Anything, please!'


'You shall bow before your King' 'And you are no king unless I bow to you!'







ii. Text

Fitzgerald once wrote in The Great Gatsby, ‘In the city, there are only the pursued, pursuing, the busy and the tired.’ That is what I call the metamorphosis of the people in this city. And in a certain sense, I suddenly see the stagnation of the sculpture as a disruption and desperate protest against the city. Beyond his rigid eyes made of iron and fiberglass, I see a naked existence – a man who does not suffer from working, speaking, listening and moving. He is in the world that we are living in, yet separated by pieces of glass, concrete and metal. He declares his position on top of everything, like a foreigner colonizing the land under his feet. His standing posture represents nothing but everything – the people who are waiting for buses and metros; the salesperson who stands for the whole day accumulating her back pain; the person who is waiting for his food in disposable lunchboxes on the street at noon; and me, I see myself standing as well, naked in front of a glass mirror. What am I? Where am I standing in the city? -Excerpt from my own writing on Event Horizon, 2017

Photo courtesy of Oak Taylor-Smith



I used to see the stars but then all the lights came -the lights that conceal the night


When I was small, I hated waiting for my parents at the mtr during rush hours. To make time flow faster, I counted the number of people who were wearing specific colour of shoes.


I dreamt of having a conversation with a flock of people. They thought they were social workers and started rehabilitating me.


About chickens What fascinates me about chickens is the default setting of their lives. They are born to be givers, victims and short-lived creatures. They cannot flee with their wings. They are constantly in a state of innocence and replacement.



We tried so hard working each day just to make a living - to survive While having our eyes casually closed on a bus, letting death pick us like a lottery...



To display a shark in a glass container Or on a delicate hand-crafted dish To petrify death Or season it with mouth-watering flavours To celebrate death on instagram Or order it on a menu Beauty of death, the humans say When there is no blood to be seen, of course What is a fish anyway? When there are so many fishes in the sea Death is a result of misfortune Being selected out of a billion How unfortunate! Oh forget about it Fishes don’t think They simply swim and die We are definitely not alike



"First thing in the morning, you feel like you own the world," the worker said. "And not in the evening?" Stefania asked. "In the evening you're too sleepy," he said, "and you don't think of anything. If you do, it means trouble..."

Italio Calvino, Difficult Loves


Edward Hopper Summer Evening Oil on canvas 76.2 x 106.7 cm 1947 47

iii. Works (in chronological sequence)

Spectator Acrylic on watercolour paper 28.5 x 38 cm 2016 Private Collection 48

Nature Acrylic on watercolour paper 28.5 x 38 cm 2016 49

Together Acrylic on watercolour paper 28.5 x 38 cm 2016 50

Waiting Acrylic on watercolour paper 28.5 x 38 cm 2016 51

Cargo Acrylic on watercolour paper 37 x 44.5 cm 2015 52

Window Shopping Acrylic on watercolour paper 38 x 43.5 cm 2016 53

Witness Acrylic on watercolour paper 45 x 38 cm 2016 54

Digging a Hole Acrylic on watercolour paper 33 x 43 cm 2015 55

I only see what I want to see Acrylic on watercolour paper 32.5 x 44.5 2016 56

Backstage Acrylic on watercolour paper 60 x 60 cm 2016 57

The Obsessed Acrylic on watercolour paper 56 x 76 cm 2016 58

Window Shopping Acrylic on watercolour paper 38 x 43.5 cm 2016 59

In and Out Acrylic on watercolour paper 78 x 67 cm 2017 60

Up and Down Acrylic on watercolour paper 74.3 x 87.2 cm 2017 61

Bird and Sunset Acrylic on canvas 61 x 51 cm 2017 62

Pond Acrylic on canvas 100 x 120 cm 2017 63


• Appendix Discoveries Outside the Urban: Spain & Finland



The injured girl who cannot control herself from playing with fire; The strong woman who is vulnerable to love; The good guy who is always working for his life. A bit tough, but there are always an abundant supply of girls; And finally, the young girl who has great ambitions with great uncertainties. Yet sometimes, uncertainties could be a very reliable source of power. Together we spent our lives in supermarkets and studio with all sorts of cheap wine and delicious home-made pizzas. (with flies)





'For fuck's sake, we don't actually do things just for good answers and endings. We are fucking human beings!'



To love in a long distance

用黑色聲音唸著我想你 像黑色詩歌一般多細膩 換黑色西裝抱起你才優美 用黑色的燈射著我跟你 用黑色的光不分天與地

節錄《騷靈情歌》 詞 : 周耀輝



Village Utopia ... You'd go through the fields in ankle boots carrying a stick with a ferrule which you'd use to decapitate the long grasses. You'd play cards with the gamekeeper. You'd go and fetch your wood from the communal woodlands. You'd be able to recognize birds by their song. You'd know each one of the trees in your orchard. You'd wait for the seasons to come round. Georges Perec, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces



As if this was my place of origin No landmarks Not even streets but simple roads A sky in dome shape Looking at the little creatures down below



Works completed in Spain

Forbidden Love Acrylic on watercolour paper 40.5 x 29 cm 2017 78

The Sky is a Dome Acrylic on watercolour paper 38 x 28 cm 2017 79

Village Utopia Acrylic on watercolour paper 33.5 x 43.5 cm 2017 80

Gentle Whisper Acrylic on watercolour paper 27 x 38.5 cm 2017 81

K421 Acrylic on watercolour paper 28 x 37.5cm 2017 82

Prelude Acrylic on watercolour paper 28 x 38.5 cm 2017 83

A Static Moment Acrylic on watercolour paper 23 x 32.5 cm 2017 84

41.324898, 1.589003 Acrylic on watercolour paper 28 x 37.5 cm 2017 85

Lapua, Finland

Greetings to this wonderful town (a city to be exact) Still motions from the indoors are always enjoyable to watch But the temperature outside is not as much My face can barely maintain its tenderness and moisture My body turns into a heater I can still walk to anywhere, but obviously not everywhere



Nothing stops humans from fighting, even death Death is the fuel that empowers more death



My lover said he would warm my hands in his pocket on the way to the supermarket. (on the phone) But I said no. It's simply too cold for any romance in the snow!



Branches swaying In muted wind and temperature Leaves migrating With birds wandering in and out Of the birch trees in scarves of uneven stripes The slowly lit up sky Gently reveals the curtains of the eyes



Works completed in Finland

Man and birds Acrylic on watercolour paper 28 x 37.5 cm 2017 94

Shelter Acrylic on watercolour paper 28 x 37.5 cm 2017 95

Sunset Acrylic on watercolour paper 28 x 37.5 cm 2017 96

About Kong Chun Nga, Kitty Born in 1994, Hong Kong.

Education 2017

BAFA, co-pressented by RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School

Solo Exhibition 2016

Parallel Space, "The Art Journey" collaborated by Hong Kong Art

School and Youth Square, 6/F, Youth Square, Chai Wan

Selected Group Exhibition 2018

PROCESSING: on reading art, The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School, 10/F,

Hong Kong Arts Centre


Collective exhibition, Espai B Galeria, Barcelona, Spain


Reverie, Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Graduation Exhibition 2017 co-presented

by RMIT University and HKAS, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre


No-body Discourse, Nagist Group, Art Experience Gallery


《虛無》, HKCAA 10th Anniversary Group Exhibition, JCCAC L1 Gallery


Asia Contemporary Art Show (Spring Edition)

Awards 2017

Scholarship, Reaching Out Award, Education Bureau, HKSAR


Scholarship, Rome Art Program


Championship (alumni group), Maryknoll Convent School 90th

Anniversary Photo Competition

Artist in Residence 2017

Vanha Paukku Artist Residency, Lapua, Finland

_Hannacc, Catalonia, Spain



2016 | 2017 99



Italio Calvino, Invisible Cities, Picador, 1972 Italio Calvino, Difficult Loves, Vintage, 1970 Georges Perec, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, Penguin Classics, 1974

3 46 74

Images Edward Hopper, Summer Evening, oil on canvas, 76.2 x 106.7, 1947, photo courtesy of Oak Taylor-Smith, Event Horizon from designboom


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The Continuous Present: works from 2016 - 2017  
The Continuous Present: works from 2016 - 2017