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Helpful Tips to Successfully Pick Up a Stripper First and foremost, you should be frank and friendly to her and make her feel comfortable with you, so that she can make a healthy conversation with you. In addition to that, follow these tips that can help you impress the exotic dancer Chicago ( ). 1. Get into with right intension. When it comes to get game, you should know you are

more confident and interesting guy than 99% of regular customers who visit here with same mindset. Most of the time in their professional life, strippers spend a lot of her shift in boring conversations with predictable, lame individuals. Be sure to surprise her pleasantly with your conversations. 2. When it comes to step into the club, pretend that you know about the inside

environment. Just keep your head high and walk along with it. Don’t mill or lurk along like you don’t know where to sit. Find a seat around a speaker and sit, instead of sitting in what they say, in front of stage. 3. In case a stripper approaches you, make sure she will not settle in your lap. Let her

sit next to you until you know one another a bit better. Have a healthy conversation going with a playful, cocky attitude inside the club. This way, you can know her ‘game’ and gain more confidence and avoid getting followed to her script. 4. Maintain eye contact and avoid looking at her body. Don’t comment about her body;

just say ‘you’re cute’. If you want, comment on her skills, sense of humor etc. 5. Respect what she does for her life. Instead of telling her profession as “stripping”,

use the term “dancer” for her. Also imply that it’s not your first date with a dancer and you know about her profession. While talking to her, discuss different topics and keep her entertained. All you have to ask questions that can make her keep thinking about and sharing. 6. Also befriend the DJ’s, managers, owner, bouncers, coat check, bus boys and

everyone who is involved in the club of Chicago adult entertainment ( . Make sure staff member can know you and

greet you whenever you visit the club. This way, you can gain high social value among the dancers. 7. Don’t forget that these girls are making money over there. Visit the club when only a

few customers are there. When you and her sit and while talking to her for a while, you can ask her to dance for you, but for a couple of minutes on a song and tell her to sit again and start the conversation again. All in all, you should behave as a friend, not a customer. 8. While talking to her, you can try tactics such as Hypotheticals and Cold Reads that

you would try for a girl at a bar. Keep your conversation going to a deeper level and control the direction of your discussions, rather than passing the time with small, pointless conversation. 9. Make her to showcase her hidden ambition or talent which is one best way to have a

strong bonding with her. Rather than talking about brainless sex chats, help her reveal her talent in your conversation thread.

Helpful Tips to Successfully Pick Up a Stripper