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Good Case Practice AIESEC Venezia 2012

Context •We created since end of February LC2LC cooperations with clear projects for each country •Because lessons were done, no physical promo inside the University/ Campus was possible • All the physical promo was moved to places where students went: bars (Uni&Libraries), pubs, cinemas, youth centres, emailed all students through Uni with projects to apply for

Promo • Physical promo – was based on the paper plane idea ( had the partners, countries, OPS date on them) •ATTRACTION - launched a contest to win free internship •INNOVATION – covered the city with PAPER PLANEs (that had on it the countries with Projects, contest explanation, date of info events & date on it and the date of the OPS)

Market segmentation Faculties: • Languages • Economics • Political Science (all years of study for GCDP) *Cooperations setting to offer JUST the 4 projects for the TARGET above (look at the flyer in the slide below)

Promo Material folded into a paper plane

OGX structure 4 PMs: 3 PMs (Ca’ Foscari) + 1 PM (Padua Uni), each with 6/7 people teams = > more than 30 members working just in OGX, all new members LC structure was changed to support reaching the goal: • VP OGX: strategy development, cooperation management, Tracking PMs & Timeline overview • Coordinator OGX: PM education & strategy implementation • PMs: fast operational project delivery

SELECTION • 1° Round of Selection: info event + questionnaie with 5 Qs => call for interview only the ones who are aligned with GCDP programme * a challenge was the high number of applicants

• 2° Round of Selection : individual interview + allocation in the cooperation that were set (ask at the end of interview) *make clear it is a serious process and whoever doesn’t respect DDLs is out, since you have to respect cooperations timeline.

How to make RAISING & MATCHING faster than ever? • Create COUNTRIES Ra&Ma Days - all people that are going in Brazil are going to Raised on Monday & after directly contact Brazil to MATCH them in a maximum of 2 days • Your EPs can buy their tickets in advance &really get prepare for their internship

*The fastest you make it the less problems you will have in EPs disappearing, problems with cooperations, EPs complaining about the professionalism of the process

Timeline Overview

February & March

• Planning • Preparation • Start of promo

April &May

Project Delivery

June & July


Timeline February • Strategy creation • Cooperations setting • TLP election

March • TMP election • PROMO started (airplanes contest unique message of the LC)

• Internal R&R campaigns for members (reach team goal get a free internship)

April • PROMOTE x 1000000000 • EP Selection • Raise EPs • Match EPs • at the end of the month unique OPS

May • RAISE & MATCH before CN2 • Solve eventual cooperations problems • Solve eventual visa problems

June & July • REALIZATIONs & EP management • TMP goes on GCDP • Study for exams

OPS • Unique OPS for everyone • The DAY was transmitted to the EP during selection (one month before it happened) • Promoted as an INTERNATIONAL DAY CONFERENCE • LC partners from abroad present online to explain & promote their TNs

Results 70 TNs reserved through cooperations *around 10 TNs/country 450 Applications collected 88 EPs Raised • 64 GCDP • 24 GIP (even if there was no focus)

Challenges • Processesing so many applications in a fast way • The timeline was really short • More than 20 forms were not Raised because of not reliable cooperations • Problems with VISA’s for India

What made the DIFFERANCE • • • • • • •

Cooperations set from the begining Innovation in promotion : The airplane contest Innovation in the selection process Promoting directly projects Promoting just ONE CLEAR MESSAGE Allocation of Eps in the cooperations since selection OPS delivery involving the LC partners

We did it! So can you!

GCP Venice  

GCP Venice MOVE Sumer

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